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Full text of "Extracts from the Accounts of the Revels at Court, in the Reigns of Queen Elizabeth and King James I"

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When, by the kindness of the Rt. Hon. Sir Robert 
Peel, I was appointed to a situation in the Audit OflSce, 
Somerset House, one of my first inquiries, unconnected 
with my official duties, was. What old papers there were 
in the place. To this there was a ready reply. I was 
told of Books of Enrolments and of Declared Accounts 
as far back as the reign of Henry VHI. ; but no one 
could tell me of their contents — for few could read 
them ; while some had heard that we were in possession 
of the expenses of building Dover Castle and the Tower 
of London — 

Ye towers of Julius, London's lasting shame — 

signed, it was said, by no less ancient a personage than 
Julius Caesar. Of course I did not confound with these 
very worthy gentlemen, and clever in their way, though 
indifferent antiquaries, honest Sir Julius Caesar, Under- 
Chancellor of the Exchequer in the reigns of Queen 
Elizabeth and King James, with the great historian of 
his own successes, the hero of Pharsalia. 

All this gave no other promise than that the field of 
antiquarian inquiry in the office of the old Auditors of 
the Imprest was still ungleaned, and that, if I was not 
to receive assistance, I was at least to be without a rivaL 


With the hope of finding entries which might throw 
light on our eariy literature, I sought permission 
to examine the Books of Enrolment and Declared Ac- 
counts. This I obtained by the great kindness of the 
chairman of the office, Francis Seymour Larpent, Esq. ; 
with full liberty to transcribe what I liked, and to seek 
for what I thought was there, or ought to be there. I 
first went through that portion of the Declared Ac- 
counts in Rolls that bore upon the reigns of Elizabeth 
and James I. ; and which I thought was likely to con- 
tain information illustratiye of the literary history of 
those reigns. 

In my first day's search I found three rolls of the 
expenses of Prince Henry ; one excessiyely curious, and 
of some importance in our literary history. This 
was " The Accompte of the Money Expended by Sir 
David Murray K* as Reaper of the Privie Purse to the 
late Noble Prynce Henry, Prynce of Wales, from the 
first of October 1610 to the sixth of November 1612 
(the daye of the decease of the said Prynce) as lykewise 
for certaine paymentes made after the deathe of the 
saide Prynce in the monethes of November and Decem- 
ber 1612." I at once saw that Birch knew nothing of 
this roll, and that it contained entries of payments to 
Michael Drayton, Joshua Sylvester, Inigo Jones, and 

One of the first payments recorded in this account 

is for : 


Payde to sondrye persons for the chardges of a Maske presented 

by the Prince before the Kinges ma**® on Newyeres day at night 

beinge the first of Januarie 1610. viz. 


li. zz •. d. 

To Mercers cciiijix viij v 


Sylkemen . . . . . . . cciiijxviij xv vj 

Haberdashers Ixxiiij viij viij 


Embroderers iiijix xvj ix 

'<5irdfelers and others for skarfes, beltes and gloves Ixxiiij viij 

Hosyers for silke stockinges, poyntes and rybbons xlix xyj 

Cutler . vij iiij 

Tyrewoman . . . . . . . xlij yj 

Taylors cxliij xiij vj 

Shoemaker ...:... YJ ^c 

To Inigoe Jones devyser for the saide Maske . xvj 


In all M.iiijxij yj x 

** The Prynces Maske '^ was the work of Ben Jonson 
and Inigo Jones. In Jonson's works it is called " Obe- 
ron, the Fairy Prince ; a Masque of Prince Henry's ;" 
but at what period it was played at court Mr. Gifford 
was unable to determine. The above extract sets the 
matter at rest, and confirms Mr. Collier in his conjec- 
ture that the Masque of " Oberon " was performed on 
New Year's Day 1610.* 

The account seemed to increase in interest as I went 
on; and when I remembered that Sir David Murray 
was himself a poet, I was in expectation that I should 
meet with the name of Shakespeare. The prince 
was a lover of poetry; and not only, says Ben Jon- 
son, did he honour her with his care, but examined 
with his own eye and inquired into all her beauties and 
strengths. His name is, moreover, embalmed in the 
verses of Ben Jonson, the poet Daniel, Michael Dray- 
% ton, Thomas Heywood, Joshua Sylvester, Bishop Hall^ 

* Giffbrd's Jonson^ vol. viii. p. 279. — Collier's Annals^ vol. i. p. 375, 


Webster, the dramatist, Dr. Donne, Bishop Corbet, 
George Chapman, Cyril Tourneur, Davies of Hereford, 
Browne, the Pastoralist, George Wither, Sir William 
Alexander, and Drummond of Hawthomden. But the 
name of Shakespeare was not there. I, however, found 
enough to add to the honour in which Prince Henry's 
name has been held, and I hope to justify the length of 
the extracts that follow. 

The prince, for his years, seems to have been as great 
a gambler as De Roos, or any of his associates. 

li. s. 

Money lost in play at Tennys, Dyce, Gardes, 
and other sportes as in the prticuler booke 
menconinge to and w^^ whom the same was 


lost ....... mrayjlxxj iiij 

Tennys balles spent by his highnes in his play 

in twoe whole yeares and one monethe . " cccxij xiiij 

I find no account of " moneys " won. 
Master Heriot (Jingling Geordie) and his friend 
Davie Ramsay make no mean figure in this account : — 

Jewells bought and made for the prince at seuerall tymes, 


li. i. d. 

Jewells geuen for the pryzes at the Barryers* . cccvij 
A rynge w*^ a fayre dyamonde bought of S"" 


John Spylman iiij 

Jewells brought and made by M"^ Heriott be- 

twene the first of November 1610, and the 

xiiij^ of December 1611 .... mlxj x x 

A chayne and tablett withe dyamondes geuen 


to the Duk of Brunswicke ... vjl 

* For these barriers Ben Jonson wrote the introductory speeches. 


A ringe of nyne pointed dyamondes lost in 
huntinge ...... 

• • . • • a 

One Cabonett of Ebonye wrought w^** siluer 
geuen to the lady Elizabethe for a newe yeres 
guyfte . . ... 

One other Cabonett of Ebonye curiouslie 
wrought . . . 

• • • • • • 

Watches three brought of Mr. Ramsay the 
Clockmaker ...... 

To George Heriott for sundry sorts of jewels 
and rings deliuered between P* January 1611 
and 30 June 1612 

To George Heriott the princes Jeweller for 
Jewells sold made and deliuered to his high- 
ness from the 26 of June 1612 to the 20^^ of 
October following, by bill testified by Sir 
David Murray, Knight, and subscribed by 
the saide Heriott. ..... 



s. d. 




mcxvij xij IX 

Some of the horse, hunting, and hawking expenses, 
are worthy of record. 

Horses, viz. — 
A bay stoned horse bought of The Erie of Cum 

berlandes servaunte .... 
A roane gelding ..... 
A sadle .... 
Ffower horses sent to prynce Jenvile with xxx" 

for transporting them 
Twoe horses for the lantgraye of Hesse 
One horse for Primerose the page 

Hawkes, viz. — 
Twoe fawcons bought of a Duchman 
Three hawkes bought by S' Oliuer Cromwell 
One bought of S^ Horatio Veres man 


i. d. 



• • • 



^ • • • • 



• • • • 


tt. •. d. 

Houndes bought by M"" Pott . . . xxx 

Waterdogges, viz. — 

Fower sent to the Marques of Brandenburghe x 

Twoe sent to Fflorence .... v 

Fower other greate water dogges ... xij 

Shootingpeces ...... xiiij 

Anglinge rodd one yj 

A larkenett xiij iirf 

Powder and shott for b3n'dinge peces . . ^ j ij 

Otes for horses at Richmonde . . . xxv) 

Reaping of Eagles hawkes houndes spaniells 


and sondrie other dogges .... iiijlxiiij xiij x 
Chardges of three Bezar goates ... xl 

Huntinge ffees in twoe yeares ... 1 YJ YJ 

Fferying the houndes in sixe yeares . . iiij 

Dietinge of horses at Roiston ... Iv 

Chardges about the dogwaggon . . . xiij viij v] 

To M' Pott for careinge of dogges to the Kinge 

of Ffraunce yj xiij iiij 

Bringinge a horse out of Scottlande from th' 

Erie of Marre Ix 

For providing coach horses from beyond the 

seas, and charges for transporting horses out 


of Barbary vlxxvj x 

A few of the tilting and incidental expenses are not 

U. ■. d. 

Launces for the prynce w^ guildinge and sil- 

ueringe them . . . . . . iiijij xv vj 

Clubbes xxxvj, balles to them xiiij dozen. Ar- 

rowes headed w*** siluer xiij and a velvett 

quyver richelie laced w"* golde . . . xxxvj 
For boltes and arrowes w*** other neccies bought 

by Henrye Weste viij ij 

Money payde to Pickeringe the Armorer for 

guildinge one Armo' for the Duk of Bruns- 


wicke and for other woorkes . . . iiij 



Makinge of patternes for ffortificacons 
Gloves bought at Oxford and at Woodstocke 
One great Organ bought of M' Hamlet placed 

at S^ James ..... 
Vyolles twoe greate .... 
Twoe lutes ..... 

A lute and vyoll w*** other neccessaries for a 

singinge boye ..... 
Lntestringes and such like neccies 
For songebookes and pryckinge of songes w*** 

a guilded coffer to kepe them 
Mappes and Instrumentes for the princes use 

Wages of the princes Musycons 


• ■ • 


• •• 


s. d. 



xxxiij vj viij 

I • • • • • 


« • • • • * • 

Xlvij XII ij 




Two thousand two hundred pounds are well laid out 


Antiquities of Medall and Coynes* 

Here are the Booke Expenses : — 

To John Bull, Doctor of Musycke for sundry 

sortes of Musicke Bookes 
To £dward Blount, Stationer, for certain books 

by him deliuered towards the furnishinge of 

the princes library at S^ James 
For books deliuered into the princes library at 

seueral times between the 29*** of February 

1608 and his highness deathe 
For books deliuered by the princes comaunde 

for the library at S* Andrews in Scotland . 
Bookes and a case to keepe bookes 

The Cockpit expenses are not large :- 

For makinge readie the Cocke pitt fower seuerall 
tymes for playes by the space of fower dayes 
in the month of December 1610 


«. d> 



ccclxxx xix vij 

Ivij XVIJ lllj 

xxj xyj 

IJ X viij 

• See Dallaway's Walpole, vol. ii., pp. 47 and 143. 




For roakinge readie the Cockepitt for playes twoe 

several! tymes by the space of ffower dayes in 

the monethes of Janaary and February 1611 Ixx viij 

For makeinge readie the Cockepitt for a playe 

by the space of twoe dayes in the month of 

December 1611 xxx iiij 

On the following sum, of £l3. 6s, 8d., I shall make 
no remark. 


To Thomas Wilson the princes Shoemaker dwel- 
ling in the Strande, for keeping a poor boy 
taken up and foand at Woodstock, and by 
his highes comaundement committed to the 
same Wilson his keepinge, and that he shall 
take him for an apprentice 

These extracts will bear testimony to Henry's love 
for the fine arts : — 

XllJ VJ VllJ 

Pictures, viz. — 

To Phillip Jacob for diuerse pictures for the gal- 

lereye at S* James 
Twoe other pictures 
M"^ Isaake for three pictures 
One greate picture 
Three other pictures 
One greate and two litle pictures . 
Vandell Welde [a] Duchman for the pictures of 

xii Emperor" ♦ . . . 
One Clase a Duchman for pictures 
Twoe pictures bought of a Dachman 
A litle Duchman for pictures 
Burlymache for the pictures that came from 

Venyce* ...... 

H. s. d^ 









• • 




•••• ••• •• •••• 


* The name of Philip Burlamachi occurs frequently in the volumi- 
nous and valuable work of Rymer. He was a merchant in Lon- 



11. •. d. 

Phillipp Jacob aforesaide for pictures . . x 

xxx"? Alabaster pictures .... xv x . 

To M' Peake for pictures and frames . . xij 

Twoe great pictures of the prince in Armes at 

lengthe sente beyonde the seas ... 1 

Washinge, scowringe and dressing of pictures 

and makinge of frames . . . . xx iiij 

Fframes for sondrye pictures . . . xxv ij 

Three glasses for a Duchman to drawe the 

. prynces picture vij x 

To Abraham Vander Doort gentleman for a pic- 

. ' ture presented by him to the prince by war- 

'*•. rant under the privy seal and his acquittance 1 

•Martyn Van Benthem for the price of certain 

/•. pictures for the furnishing of the gallery at 

'"• S* James ...... xl 

% * 

Solomon de Cans* for his pencon at c" p'r 

ann by I'res pattentes due for halfe a yeare 

ended at Mychas 1612 .... 1 

' Inigoe Jones, Surveyor of the woorkes for his 

fee at iij". per diem for one whole yeare 

don, and from his agency for Prince Henry found his way^ with 
Inigo Jones, Vanderdort, and others, into the service of the crown. 
I have an account before me of Philip Burlamachi " as His Ma- 
jesty's Agent upon several public employments and occasions," 
between 1622 and 1628, preserving an item and a name meriting 
; preservation : — 

• . " The Accomptaunte is allowed for money paid to Nichas Laneer 
• . His Ma** Servaunte for Provicon of Pictures in the Partes beyond 
the Seas for his Ma** service by Privy Seal and acquittaunce 

m c 
... ••It •.« it 
XVllj Vlj". Vlj*. 

" Laniere, ' says Walpole, " had great share in the purchases 
made for the royal Collection." — Anec, hy Dallaway, vol. ii., p. 270. 
• Solomon de Caus was drawing-master to Prince Henry. 

.' - 1 


J - 

• "^ . , .... 
• • •• • 4 • 




and a halfe and xl"' dayes begonne the 13^ 
Jan nary 1610, and ended at the feast of 
S^ Michael the Archaungel 1612 

Inigoe Jones, Surveyo' of the princes 
woorkes for his fee by Ires pattentes at 
iij*. per diem for xxxvij dayes begonne the 
firste of October 1612 and ended the yj*** of 
November foUowinge .... 

To the paymaster of the Woorkes for money 
due to sundry persons for wages materialls 
and other charges of the works at Rich- 
mond^ S*. James', Woodstocke, and other 
places as appeareath by monthly books sab- 
scribed by Inigoe Jones and Francis Carter, 
Officers of the Works and Moun" de Cans mm viij xxviij 

To Abraham Vander Dorte a drawer of pic- 
tures pension at P. per ann : . . . 1 

•. f 

8. d.' 

Ixxxviij ij vj 


•r •' : 


• •• 


» • 


Of the " Rewardes geven at Christeninges," . • ; 

S' Will" Alexander Knight his child, viz to the nurse 

and Midwiefe iiij^., and for plate geven there xj". xj*. 

In all XV xj 

The Erie of Argyles childe viz to the Nurse and myd- 

wiefe yj^. and for plate geven there xlj". xij*. yj**. 

In all xlvij xij vj 

In the List of " Guyftes and Rewardes," the names 
of Owen, Cotgrave, and Coryatt occur. 

Inigoe Jones the Princes Surveyo^ . 
Moun' du Cans ..... 
M' Owen the latyne poett 

M' Coryatt* 

Rowland Cotgrave presentinge a dictionarye 
A Duche graver sent for . . . 

li. . »u 
XXX *v 

civij ; 

XXX •. 

m ■ ' m 

X . . 

X •. 

• • • .• • • • 


* Tom Coryatt, whose very name calls up a smile. '* 


•. d* 
A Dacbeman presentinge a law booke . . • . zv 

One that presented a great dictionarye . . . . xx 

Dachemen which came from Rotterdam for Buyldinges . xxxv 

James Murrey a shippwrighte . , . . . xxv 

A Ffrencheman that made the frontispece of the Byble . x 

Twoe Ffrenchemen that made sylke .... xyj 

M' Ramsey the Clockemaker ..... xj 

The ADtidoteman clx 

A Grecyan strawnger xv 

Ffrenche musycons xxx 

A Ffrencheman w* balownes and other thinges . . xx 

Counte Manryce his Armorer 3cij 

An Italian Jugler . . • : . . . . xij ij 

Jockye of Hampton Courte xxx 

Redd Andrew xij 

Among the " Anuyties and Penoons, " there are 

three highly honourable to the Prince. 


M** Primerose nurse to the prince at xxx". pr ann. for twoe 

yeares .......... Ix 

M' Silvester* at xx". p' ann. for the same tyme . . • xl 

M' Draytonf a poett for one yeare x 

* Joshua Sylvester, the poet, who lamented his youthful patron in 
a funeral elegie overlaid with black, and faced with the fantastic title 
of Lachryma Lachrymarvm, or the Distillation of Teares shedefor the 
vntymely Death of the Incomparable Prince Panaretus : 


This Losse (alas !) which vnto all belongs. 

But more then most, to Mee, that had no Prop 
But Henry's Hand, and, but in Him, no hope. 

t To Prince Henry the ' golden mouthed* Drayton consecrates his 
Polyolbion, as a return (and it is a noble one) for his royal influ- 
ence on his distressed fortunes. Michael Drayton has a complimentary 
soxinet to his kinde friend Da Murray. 



Henry died in Noyember, 1612, and the pensions for 
the year commencing Michaelmas 1612 were recom- 
mended for payment, to the Lord Privy Seal and the 
Chancellor of the Exchequer, by the heads of the Prince's 
Household and the Auditors of the Accounts. 

Also wee humbly offer unto yo' honorable lo. pleasure and oonside- 
racon the names of sondrye prsons hereonder menconed whoe by the 
comaundem^ of the late prince w'^oat anie graonte in wrytinge were 
allowed yerelie somes by way of Annyties or pencons, oat of the 
privie parse of the said late prince^ viz : Joshoa Silaester poett xz". 
M'. Drayton a poet x". M^ Owen a poet xx*. Af*. Brace a weaninge 
nurse to the prince x^., the wiefe of Docf Martyn xiij". yj*. viij**., 
two gentlemen both called James Murray xx"., Nicholls late keper 
of S*. James' parke xiij". yj*. viij*., Davies housekeeper of Wood- 
stock discharged x**., Harrys, Wardrober at Woodstock discharged 
x'^, and Astanio an Italian preacher x". Makinge in all 

cxxxyj". xiij*. iiij**. by the yeare. 

2>. Murray. Fra : Goston, 

Tho : ChdUmer Ri : Sutton. 

A, Newton. Rich : Connock, 
J. Holies. 

Mr. Collier has valued the money of the reigns of 
Elizabeth and James at five times its present value. 

I was next attracted to the Privy Purse Expenditure 
of the Prince's father, where I met with an item or two 
deserving preservation. 

Vyolles, viz one Sett for the Kinge xl". one other Sett and a base- 
vyoll for the Pry nee xxxij". Ixxij". 

Hawkes four pere at Ix*. the pere xij". 

Sweete bagges for the Kynges lynnen and sweete water and pow- 
der for the bedchamber xxxvj". xiiij'. viij*. 

Necessaryes provyded and bought by y® gromeporter for the privie 


chamber, and chamber of presence, w*** flowers and boughes at sondry 
tymes in the progresse tyme iiij xv", iiij*. viij*. 

A canvas pallette for the kinges bedd ij", x*. 

Strawe for the Kinges bedd xij". xv*. 

Money deliuered to the Kinges Ma** owne handes and by his 
highnes lost at playe on the Twelfth day 1603. vj". 

Also allowed to the sayde Accomptaunte for money by him dis- 
bursed and payde by comaundem* of the Kinges Ma"* to dy verse and 
sondrye p'rsons aswell Englishe and Scottes as Straangers by way 

m c 

of Gayftes and Rewardes xviij vij Ixviij". x*. 

The Deane of the Chappell in gold for p'rsons to be towched for 
the Kinges euill ccij". x*. 

The Knighte Marshall for sendinge away ydle and loyteringe 
p*rsons from the Courte xxviijV 

Whenever the book of ^ Guyftes and Rewardes ' shall 
be discovered, it is but fair to suppose we shall meet 
with the name of Shakespeare. The last item re- 
fers to men like Richie Moniplies, and his noble 

I now turned to the Books of Enrolment and found a 
few documents about the Revels and our old play- 
wrights that had escaped the researches of Malone, of 
Chalmers, and even of Mr. Collier. Here I discovered a 
warrant from Queen Elizabeth to pay to Thomas Pres- 
ton, " o'r Sckoler," a pension of twenty pounds by the 
year. This I saw was no other than King Camhyses 
Preston, " who acted so admirably well," says Oldys, 
" in the tragedy of Dido, before Queen Elizabeth, when 
she was entertained at Cambridge in 1564, and did so 
genteelly and gracefully dispute before her, that she 

b 2 


gave him 20^^- per ann. for so doing."* I copy the war- 
rant to add my testimony to the general accuracy of 
Oldys : 

[Audit Office Enrolments, vol. i., p. 86.] 
Elizabeth R. By the Qaene. 

Trustie and welbeloued we greate you well wheras for the better 
enterteignment of o'r Sckoler Thomas Preston we haae graunted unto 
him A pencon of twenty poondes by yere paiable at yo' handes daring 
o'r pleasuer — Oar Will and comaundement is that of o'r Money and 
Treasoure remayninge and to rema3nie in yo'chardge and custodie ye 
content and paie the saide pencon of twentye poundes by yere daringe 
o'r pleasaer at twoo usuall termes by equall porcons wherof the firste 
payment to begyne at the feaste of S^ MichaeU tharchaengell laste 
paste. And theis o'r Ires shalbe yo'r sufficient warr^ and dis- 
chardge in that behalfe. Geven under o'r Signet at o'r Mannor of 
S^. James' the xviij*** of October the Sixte yere of oure Reigne. 

To oure trustie and welbeloued suante Ex. p'. Honynge, 

John Tamworthe Esquier Keper of 
o'r prie pursse and to the Kep*" of 
the same for the t3nDQe beinge. 

This, though of a later date, is far from devoid of in- 

lAudit Office Enrolments, 1660-1673, p. 707.] 
These are to pray and require you to pay or cause to be paid unto 
Pelham Humphryes Master of the Children of His Ma*" Chapel 
Royal the sum of Thirty Pounds by the year during His Ma** Plea- 
sure for keeping of Thomas Hey wood late a Child of the Chapel 
whose voice is changed and is gone from the Chapel &c. To 
commence from the 25th day of December last past 1672. And 
this shall be your Warrant given under my hand this 12th day of 
April 1673 In the 25th year &c. 

To S' Edward Griffin 5*. Alban. 

Kn* Trea"^ of His M" Chamber. 

The Heywoods for a century and a half were con- 

* MS. Notes on Langbaine. 


nected with the stage. This is the last-remembered of 
the name, and I see little to discountenance the suppo- 
sition that he was a scion of the stock of Thomas Hey- 
wood, the most prolific writer of his age, and one of the 
best and most successful. 

The warrants and orders that follow throw a little 
light on the rewards received by the masters and yeomen 
of the reyels. Some are from the originals, others from 
official copies, and all are curious. 

[Enrolments, vol. ii., p. 108.] 

After Our hearty Commendations — ^Whereas William Running 

and Edward Kvrkham Officers of the ReveHs are by these Lettres 

patent under the great Seale of England to have the use of such houses 

and lodgings as anciently did belong to either of their places. And 

whereas upon his Mat* gift of the house of S*. Johns to the Lord 

Aubigny they have been dispossessed of the houses and lodgings 

formerly appointed to their offices, and by means thereof are forced 

to provide themselves of others at a yearly rent untill some other 

places shall be assigned to them for that purpose^ and thereupon have 

been suitors unto us for some such allowaunce in regard of their said 

houses and lodgings as we in Our discretion should think meet and 

convenient for them : These are therefore to will and require you to 

allow unto either of them fifteen pounds by the year in the Accounts 

of the Master of the Revells to be yearly passed before you in respect 

of their said houses and lodgings so taken from them as aforesaid by 

his Mat' said Grant to the lord Aubigny and according to the same 

rates of fifteen pounds by year to either of them to make allowance 

unto them for two whole years ended at the feast of All Saints now 

last past, and the same to continue hereafter until they shall be 

otherwise provided for by His Highness. And this shall be your 

Warrant and Discharge in that behalf, from Whitehall the 10'** of 

November 1610. 

your very loving friends, 

R, Salisbury 
To Our Loving Friends Francis Goston Jul, Casar* 

and Richard Sutton Esquires, Audi- 
tors of the Trests 


IFrom the OriginaL*"] 

After O* hartie comendacons. Whereas heretofore yoa had had 
Warrant to allow unto S^ George Back k^.. Master of his Mat* Re- 
veils upon his yearely accompt, the somme of Thirty pounds towards 
the charge and rent of a house as well for the office, as for his owne 
dwelling, the house of S^. Johns where the same was formerly kept, 
being otherwise disposed of by his Ma^*®» And forasmuch as we 
understand, that the said S' George Buck, having provided a con- 
venient house for that service, doth pay for the same, twenty pounds 
a yeare, more than his former allowance. We doe therefore hereby 
require you to allow unto him upon his next accompt, the somme of 
Fortie pounds for the surcrease and arrere of two yeares rent ended 
at Michelmas last ; and also, to allow him twenty pounds a yeare, 
over and above the Thirty pounds before menconed, untill such time, 
as you shall have direction for the contrary, or that his Ma**^. shalbe 
pleased to appoint some other place where the said office of Revells 
shalbe kept. And for so doing, this shalbe yo' Warrant. From 
Whitehall the 19'^ of December 1612. 

yo' loving f reinds 

H. Northampton. T. Suffolke. 

E. Zouche, E, Wotton. 

Jul, Casar, 
To O' loving freinds Francis Goston 

and Richard Sutton Esq", his Ma*" 

Auditors for the Imprest. 

[Enrolments, vol. vi., p. 131.] 
After my hearty comendacone whereas upon his Ma" Graunte of 
the house of S*. Johns unto the Lord Obigny there was order giuen 
for Allowance of fifty pounds by the yeare to bee made unto S' George 
Bucke Kn*. dec^. Master of His Ma" Revells to provide himselfe of 
a convenient howse and office to bee paid in his Accompts to bee 

* The official and contemporary copy of this document differs alto- 
gether in its spelling from the original. Nothing can shew the un- 
settled nature of our orthography at that time better than this very 
trivial circumstance. 

• •• 


yearely passed before you, as by warrants to you in that behalfe doth 

appeare. And for asrauch as S** John Ashley Kn^. succeeding in the 

place of S' George Bucke doth as yet provide himselfe of a howse 

and office at a yearely rent untill some other place shalbee assigned 

unto him for that purpose and thereupon hath beene an humble suitor 

unto mee for such allowance as hath been formerly allowed to his 

predecessors these are therefore to will and require you to allow unto 

him the sume of fifty poutids by the yeare in his Accompts to bee 

passed before you for two whole yeares ending at the feast of All 

Saints last past. And the same to continue yearely hereafter untill 

bee shalbee otherwise provided for by his Ma**®. Whitehall this last 

of June 1624. 

Yo' loueing freind 

' Rich: Weston, 

To my very loving freinds the And'* 

of his Ma" Imprests. 

[^Enrolments, vol. iii., p. 750.] 

After my very hartie commendacons. Whereas the Master and 

Officers of the Revells, were commaunded by his Ma'^ to beginne 

theire Attendaunce yearely at the feast of S^. Michaell the Arch- 

aungell which is above a moneth before their usuall tyme of wayting 

and demaund allowaunce for three late yeares begining the last of 

September 1 630 and ending the last of October 1 632 a moneth sooner 

than their ordinary tyme of attendaunce. Theis are therefore to 

pray and require you that for every yeare within the said tyme you 

give allowaunce to the Master of eight shillings per diem which 

cometh to twelve pounds. To the Clark Comptroller, Clerk and 

Yeoman, three pounds sixe shillings and eight pence a yeere which 

comes to tenne poundes, and to the Groome one pound thirteene 

shillings fower pence yearely and to contynue the same from tyme 

to tyme yearely untill you have warraunt to the contrary. And for 

so doing this shalbe your warraunte. Whitehall the xiith of Feb' 


Pembroke Mountgomerie. 
To my very loving friends the Auditors 

of his Mat'. Imprest or any of them 

whome it may concerne. 


[From the Onginal,'] 

Wheras by virtue of his Ma** Letters Patent bearing date the 16th 
of June 1625 made and graunted in confirmation of diners Warrants 
and priuy Scales unto you formerly directed in the time of o'' late 
Soueraigne Lord King James^ you are Authorized (amongst other 
things) to make payment for Playes acted before his Ma*** : Theis 
are to pray and require you out of his Ma** Treasure in your charge 
to pay or cause to bee payd unto John Lowen and Joseph Taylor or 
either of them for themselves and the rest of the Company of his 
Ma* Players the summe of Two hundred and tenne pounds (beeing 
after the usuall and accustomed rate of Tenne pounds for each play) 
for One and Twenty Playes by them acted before his Ma'^ at Hamp- 
ton Court and elsewhere within the space of a yeere ended in Febru- 
ary last : And that you likewise pay unto them the summe of Thirtye 
pounds more for their paynes in studying and acting the new Play 
sent from Oxford called The Royall Slaue which in all amounteth to 
the summe of Two Hundred and Forty Pounds : And thus together 
w*^ their Acquittance for the Receipt therof shall bee your Warr*. 

Whitehall the 12th of March 1636. 

Pembroke and Montgomery. 
To S' William Uvedale Kn^ 

Tr'er of His Mats Chamber. 

[From the OnginaL"] 

Playes acted before the Kinge and Queene 
this present yeare of the Lord 1636. 

1 . Easter munday at the Cockpitt the firste parte of Arviragus.* 

2. Easter tuesday at the Cockpitt the second parte of Arviragus. 

3. The 4th of Aprill at the Cockpitt the Silent Woman. 

4. The 5th of May at the Blackfryers for the Queene and the 
prince Elector — Alfonso .t 

5. The 17th of November at Hampton Courte the Coxcombe. 

6. The 19th of November at Hampton Court Beggers bush 

7 . The 29th of November at Hampton Court the Maides Tragedie 

By Lodowick Carlell. t By Chapman. 


8. The 6th of December at Hampton Court the Lovall Sabiect. 

9. The 8th of December at Hampton Court the Moore of Venice 

10. The 16th of December at Hampton Court Loues Pilgrimage 

11. S'. Stephen's day at Hampton Court the first pte of Arviragus. 

12. S\ Johns day at Hampton Court the second parte of Arviragus. 

13. The first day of January at Hampton Court Loue and Honor.* 

14. The 5th of January at Hampton Court the Elder Brother. 

15. The lOth of January at Hampton Court the Kinge and Noe 

16. The 1 2th of January the new playe from Oxford the Royall 


17. The 17th of January at Hampton Court — Rollo 

18. The 24th of January at Hampton Court — Hamlett. 

19. The 31st of January at S^ James' the tragedie of Caesar 

20. The 9th of February at S'. James' the Wife for a Moneth. 

21. The 16th of February at S'. James' the Governour. 

22. The 21st of February at S'. James' Philaster. 

[_From the Original.'] 
After my very harty Commendacones— Wheras the Officers of the 
Revells haue by my commands attended at Hampton Court about his 
Ma't* Service these Three last yeares beginning the last of October 
1632 and ending the last of October 1635 a month sooner than their 
ordinary time of Attendance — Theis are therefore to pray and re- 
quire you That for euery yeere within the sayd time you giue Allow- 
ance to the M'. of Eight Shillings pr diem which cometh to Twelue 
pounds : To the Clarke Comptroller, Clarke Yeoman Three pounds 
six shillings and eight pence a peece which cometh to Tenne pounds : 
To the Groome One pound thirteene shillings and fower pence which 
cometh in all to Twenty three pounds thirteene shillings and fower 
pence yeerly. And for so doeing This shall bee your Warrant. 
Whitehall the 25th of May 1636. 

To my very loueing friends the Pembroke and Montgomery. 

Auditors of his Ma^" Imprest, 
or any of them, whome it may 

* By Davenant. t By Cartwright. 


[Enrolments, vol. i. p. 131.] 

After my hearty Comendacone forasmuch as upon coDsideracon of 
the warrant of S' Rich'' Weston Kn*. Chancellor and Under Threa'r 
of the Exchequer to the late King James whereof the within written 
is a true Copy : And on perusall of the Accoropts of the office of his 
Ma*' Re veils for severall yeares ended in the yeare 1638 heing the last 
Accompts of that office passed in the time of the late king Charles, It 
appeares unto mee that the Allowance of fifty pounds p' ann : in the 
said warr^ menconed to hee allowed for the rent of a house to he pro- 
vided for the said office was continued : And there being applicacon 
made unto mee by S' Henry Herbert Kn't now Ma"" of his Ma** Re- 
veils for the like Allowance to bee made unto him, there being as yet 
noe house otherwise provided for that purpose. These are therefore 
to will and authorize you to make unto the said S** Henry Herbert from 
time to time the like allowance upon his Ace*' of the said Office in such 
manner as the same hath beene formerly made, untill there shalbee a 
house otherwise provided for the said service. Dated March the 8th 

To my Loueing freinds His Ma*' 

Auditors of the Imprests. 

^Enrolments, vol. i., p. 132.] 

After my hearty comendacone : Whereas the Master and the offi- 
cers of the Revells were comanded by his Ma*' to begin theire atten- 
dance yearely at the feast of S*. Michaell the Archangell which is 
aboue a moneth before theire usuall time of waiteing and demand 
Allowance for sixe late yeares beginning y* last of October 1660 and 
ending the last of October 1666. a moneth sooner than theire ordi- 
nary time of attendance : These are therefore to pray and require 
you, that for every yeare within the said time you give Allowance to 
the Master of Eight Shillings p. diem which comes to twenty foure 
pounds : To the Clerke- Comptroller, Clerke, and Yeoman, Sixe 
poundes thirteene shillings and foure pence a piece which comes to 
Twenty pounds, and to the Groome one pound thirteene shillings 
and fourpence yearely and to continue the same from time to time 


vearely untill you have warrant to the contrary. And for soe doing 

this shalbee yo' warrant. Giuen under ray hand this viij^ day of 

March 1666, in the xix^^ yeare of his M^ Raigne. 

E, Manchester. 
To my very loueing freinds The Aud" 

of his M^ Imprests, 

The extracts that follow are derived from the original 
Office Books of the Treasurers of the Chamber during a 
part of the reign of Queen Elizabeth. It is to be re- 
gretted that the set is very incomplete, while it is right 
to add that a few of the payments for Plays were printed 
before by Chalmers, from the Registers of the Privy 

Payde to Rychard Juggo the Q Ma^ prynter upon her warrunt 
dated at Grenewich the xxij of July A® ij° for certeyn bookes by him 
deluired to those of the Chappell viz for one Byble of the greate 
vollume xxyj'. viij*. for two lesser Bybles xl'. 

Payde upon the Councelles L're dated at Westm** the xxj daye of 
Januarye 1 560 to the L. Robert Duddeleys playors in way of the Q. 
reward yj". xiijV iiij^. And to Sebastyan Westcott M' of the Chil- 
dren of Polls yj". xiij'. iiij*. for playing in Christmas before her grace 

• •« ■•*li *■ *"A 

in all xiij". v)\ viij^ 

Payde upon the Counsell's Warraunt dated at Westm'the ix*** daye 
of March 1561 to Sebastyan Westcot M' of the children of Polls for 
an Entrelude played before the Q. Ma^ vj"- xiij'. iiij**. 

Payde to thentrelude players* viz to John Browne, Edmond 
Stroodewycke, John Smyth and William Reading euery of them at 
iij". vj'. viij''. per Ann and xxiij'. iiij*. for their Lyuery Cotes yerely 
to bee payde quarterly dew unto them for one hole yeare ending at 
Mychas An« iiij<>. xviij". 

* These names are not in Mr. Collier's Anuals. Smith was the 
longest liver, and, as their places were never filled up, they may be 
looked upon as the last of the Court Interlude Players. 


Payde to John Bapta Castiglion grome of the preuy Chamher upon 
the Q. Ma** warraunt dated at Westm' the xxviij**» of March A° iiij® 
to bee by him deliared over in way of the Queenes Ma** reward to 
Alphonso Ferrabosco Italion Musicon the some of xx'*. 

Payde to Alphonso Ferrabosco Italyon upon the Q. Ma^ Warraunt 
dorm dated at Greenwich the xvj"* of June A° iiij® for his Annuytie 
of C marks per ann. pa3rable q'rly during pleasure dew for halfe a 
yere ending at Mychas A® iiij® xxxiij". vj\ viij^. 

Payde upon the Q. Ma** Warraunt dated at Windesor Castle the 
xxYiij*** of August 1663 To S"" Wylliam Cecill knight, principall 
Secretarye to bee by him deliuered by waye of her Ma^ reward to a 
frenchman that brought certeyn books to the Q. Ma^^ from one 
Ronsard a Poet the some of xl french crownes amounting in currant 
money to xij". 

Payde to the Earle of Warwicks players by vertue of the Councells 
Warr dated at Westm' the xviij*^ of January 1564 by waye of her 
Ma** rewarde for ij playes by them played and presented before her 
highnes this Christmas the some of xiij". yj*. viij*. 

Payde uppon the Councells L're dated at Westm' the xviij*^ of 
January 1564 to Sebastian Westcot M' of the children of Pools for 
a playe presented by him before the Q. Ma*** the Christmas A° vij*> 

yj". xnj'. iiij . 

Payd upon the Councells Warrant dated at Westm the ix*^ of 
Marche 1664 to Sebastian Westcot M'of the children of Polls for 
presenting a play before the Q. Ma*'^ on Candelmas day last past by 
waye of her highnes Rewarde yj". xiijV iiij*. 

Payde upon the Counsells Warrant dated at Westm' the x* of 
January 1562 to the players of the Lorde Robt Duddeley and to the 
M of the children of Polls for playing before the Queues Ma^* in 
Christmas. xiij". vj'. viij**. 

Paid upon A bill signed by the lorde Chamberlayne To WiUm 
Hunys M"" of the Children of her M** Chappell for xx*** queares and a 
half of paper royall at ijV the quere xlj*. and for byndinge the same 


into xvij books whereof xiiij at ij*. vj*. the peece and thre at xx*. the 
peece xl'. And for writinge and prickinge ccx sheets in the said xvij 
books at xij^. the sheete x". x*. In all by her Ma^ especiall order 
declared by the said bill xv". xj*. vj*. 

Payde upon a Bill subscribed by M' Secretarye dated at Hampton 
Courte the xix*^ of December 1 568 To Nicholas Delatower a Greeke 
borne w** broughte unto the Qaenes Ma"* certayne Ires and pre- 
sented unto her Ma**® certayne Bookes w*** he hadd written in Greeke 
by waye of her Ma*" rewarde the some of xij". vj*. viij''. 

Payde upon the Counsayles Warranto dated at Hampton Courte 
the xxviij**' of December 1568 To the Lord Riches playors by waye 
&c for presenting of a playe before her highnes on S* Stevens daye 
at night laste paste yj". xiij'. iiij*. 

Payde to Sabastyan Westcott M' of the Childeren of Powles by 
waye of &c for presentinge a playe before her highnes on New yeres 
day at night 1568 vj". xiij'. iiij*. 

Payde upon the Counsayles warrante dated at Westm' the xxv* of 
Februarye 1568 To Richarde Farrant Scole M' to the Childeren of 
W)aidsor for presenting a playe before the Queues M*** on Shrove 
Tewsdaye at nyght laste paste by way of &c vj". xiij\ iiij*. 

Payde upon the Counsayles Warrante dated at Windsor the ij of 
Januarve 1569 To Richarde Ferrante Scolem' to the Childeren of 
Wjmdsor by waye of &c for presentinge a playe before her highnes 
this Christmas upon S* Johns daye at nighte laste paste 

vj". xiij . iny, 

Payde upon the Counsayles Warrante dated at Wyndsor vij® Janu- 
arij 1669 To WiUm Hunnys M' of the Childeren of her Ma*" Chap- 
pell by waye of her M* rewarde for presentinge a Playe before her 
Ma*** on Twelfe daye at nyghte laste paste vj". xiij*. iiij 


Payde upon the Counsayles warrante dated at Hampton Courte the 
vij'"* daye of Februarye 1569 To the Lord Riches playors for pre- 
sentinge of a Playe before the Queues Ma*'* on Shroue Sondaye at 
nyghte laste paste by waye of &c yj". xiij*. iiij*. 


Payde upon a bill signed by M* Secretarye dated at Wyndsor xviij* 
Octobris 1569 To Edmonde Spencer* that brooghte Ires to the 
Quenes Ma*^ from Sir Henrye Norrys knigbte ber Ma^ Embassador 
in Fraance beinge then at Towars in the sayde Realme, for his 
charges the some of vj". xiij'. iiij*. over and besydes ix". prested to 
hym by Sir Henrye Norrys yj*. xiij*. iiij**. 

Payd upon the Counsayles warr^ dated at Wyndsor the xxviij^ of 

November 1569 To Roger Ascham by way of the Quenes Ma** rewarde 

being sente into the northe abowte her highnes afiayres the some of 


Paid upon the Counsaills warrante dated ix° Januar 1574 To Therle 
of Leicesters players for presentinge of a playe before her heighnes 
upon Sancte Stephens daie last past x". 

Paid upon the Counsaills warrante dated ix® Januarij 1574 To 
Therle of Leicester his players for presentinge a playe before her 
Ma"* upon newyeres day at nighte last past. vj." xiij'. iiij**. 

Paid upon the Counsaills Warrante dated xj® Januarij 1574 To 
the L. Clintons players by waye of &c. for presentinge a playe before 
her highnes upon S* Johns day last yj". xiijV iiij**. and for present- 
inge a playe before her Ma"* upon Sonday being the second of 
Januar 1574 vj". xiij-. iiij**. 

Paid upon the Counsaill Warr^ dated at Hampton Courte the 

♦ Spenser, the poet, was entered a sizer of Pembroke Hall, Cam- 
bridge, on the 20th May, 1569, five months before the date of the 
Council's Warrant. As this is the only mention I have found of an 
Edmund Spencer in the different books of account that I have g^ne 
through of the reign of Elizabeth, the name is not a common one, 
and I confess an inclination to believe that I have here discovered 
a notice of our great poet, who is, after Shakespeare, the most 
interesting name in the Elizabethan series, and of whom we know 
even less than we do of Shakespeare : — " How little's that !*' 

There is no difficulty, I presume, in supposing that the poet went 
abroad in a Cambridge vacation, and returned, carrying letters to the 
court from Sir Henry Norrys. 


xxiij^ Januar 1574 to Richard Farrante M' of the Children of the 
Chappell of Windsor for presentinge a play before her Ma**' upon 
Twelfe Nighte last paste xiij". vj'. "viij*. 

Paide upon the Counsaills Warrante dated xvj Feb. 1574 To 
Sebastian Westecote M' of the Children of Powles for presentinge 

a playe before her Ma^* on Candlemes day at night last past 

•••II •■ •••ii 

xiij". vy» yuy. 

Paid upon the Counsaills Warrante dated at Richmond xvj Febr 
1574 To therle of Warwicks players by way of her heighnes rewarde 
for presentinge a playe before her Ma''^ on Shrovemonday last 
past x'*. 

Paid upon the Counsailes Warrante dated at Richemond xvj Febr 
1574 To Willm Hunys M' of the Children of her Ma*» Chappie the 
some of XX*** m*ks as her M'* guifte for presentinge a playe before 
her heighnes upon Shrovesondaye last past xiij". yj'. viij^. 

Paid uppon a warrant signed by M' Secretaire Walsingham dated 
at Hampton Court xxj® Novembr 1 576 to George Gascoigne gent * 
for bringinge of Lr'es in post for her Ma**" affaires frome Andwarpe 
to Hampton Courte. xx". 

Paid uppon a warrant signed by M' Secretarie Walsingham dated 
at Hampton Courte 16 January 1576 To Thomas Churcheyarde gent 
for carying of Lres in post for her Ma**** a^res to M' Edward Horsey 
and M' doctor Wilson in the Lowe Contries thone beinge at Marshe 
in Luxemburghe and the other at Bruxells or els where xviij". 

Paid to Thomas Churcheyarde uppon a Warrante signed by M' 
Secretarie Walsingham dated at Whitehall ij° Aprilis 1577 for bring- 
inge of L'res in post for her Ma** affaires from M' doctor Wilson 

* The poet, who died at Stamford on the 7th of October, 1577. 
In one of Gascoigne's MSS. in the Museum, he says : " Such Italian 
as I have learned in London, and such Latin as I forgatt att Canta- 
bridge, such Frencke as I borrowed in Holland, and such English as 
I stale in Westmerland, even such and no better have I here poured 


presentlie for the like affidres in the Lowe Contries he beinge then 
at Brnxells to the Conrte at Whitehall xij". 

Paid to Lawrance Datton and John Dntton her Ma" players and 
their Companie upon the Coonselb Warr of 7 March 1590 for fower 
senerall Enterladea or playes shewed and presented before her Ma*^ 
at the Conrte on S^ Stenens day, the Sonday after Newyeres daye 
Twelueth day and Shroae Sondaye last zxyj*. xiij*. iiij^. and by waie 
of her Ma^ farther liberalise and rewarde for the said Enterludes 
xiij". yj*. viij*. xl*. 

Paid to John Laneham and his company her Ma" players * apon 
the Counsells Warr^ dated 7 March 1590 for shewinge and present- 
inge one Enterlude or playe before her Ma*** on Newe yeres day last 
past the some of yj". xiij*. iiij^. And by way of her Ma" farther libe- 
ralitie and reward for the said playe the some of Ixr)'. yiij<^. in all x^. 

Paid to John Heming and Thomas Pope f serrannts onto the Lo 
Chamberlein nppon the Conncells Warrant dated at the Conrte at 
Nonesuch ij° die Octobrs 1599 for three interludes or playes played 
before her Ma*** on S^ Stephens daye at night, Newyears daye at 
night, and Shroutewsday at night last past y* tome of xx". and to 
them more by waye of her Ma" rewarde y* some of x". In all xxx". 

Paid to John Heming servaunt to the Lo Chamberlein nppon the 
Councells Warrant dated at the Courte at Richmond 17 Febr 1599 

* It is evident from this and the former entry, that there were 
two distinct companies of •* her Ma**** poor Players.'* Laneham had 
been one of Lord Leicester's servants ; the Duttons were among 
Lord Warwick's servants. 

f In 1596, the order in which the servants of the Lord Chamberlain 
are named is as follows : Pope, fiurbage, Hemingp, Philips, Shake- 
speare — in May 1603, Fletcher, Shakespeare, Burbage, Phillips, 
Hemings, Condell, Sly, Armyn, and Cowley. Pope had previously 
retired, and, as he died in 1603, Shakespeare (to try and account for 
his position), may haye bought his share. Fletcher died in 1608, 
leaving Shakespeare, in all likelihood, at the head of the company. 
Collier (i. 319) supposes that Hemings was at the nead of the company 
in 1600. I believe that he was never at the head, but that he acted 
throughout as treasurer: 


for three interludes or playes played before her Ma"* on S* Stephens 
daye at night, Twelfdaye at night and Shrouesonday at night last 
past xxx". 

To Robert Shaw servaunt to therle of Nottingham upon the 
Councells Warraunt dated at the Courte at Richmond 18 Febr 1599 
for Twoe Enterludes or Playes playd before her Ma"* on SK Johnes 
daye at night and Newyeares daye at night last xx^^ 

To John Heminge and Thomas Pope servaunts unto the Lord 
Chamberleyne upon the Councells Warraunt dated at the Court at 
Nonesuch 2 October 1 699 for three Enterludes or Playes played be- 
fore her Ma'** upon S* Stevens day at night, Newyeares day at night, 
and Shrouetewsday at night last past xx^. and to them more by waye 
of her Ma*" reward x". In all xxx^^ 

To John Hemynges and Richard Cowley servauntes to the lord 
Chamberleyne upon the Councells Warr* dated at Whitehall 31 
March 1601 for three playes showed before her highues on S* Ste- 
phens day at night. Twelfth day at night and Shrovetuesday at 
night xxx". 

To Edwarde Allen servante to the Lord Adm3rrall upon the Coun- 
cells Warraunte dated at Whitehall 31st March 1601 for three playes 
shewed before her Ma"* viz On Innocents day at night. Twelfth day 
at night, and Candelmas day at night last paste'*' xxx". 

To Nathaniell Gyles M' of the Children of the Chappell uppon the 
Councells Warraunte dated at Whitehall 4 May 1601 for a play pre- 
sented before her Ma"* on Shrouesondaye at night x". and for a 
showe w*^ musycke and speciall songes prepared for y* purppse on 
Twelfth day at night c*. in all xv". 

* In Henslowe's Diary is the following entry ; *' Rec. of M. E. 
Alleyn, the 4 of Maye 1601, the somme of twenty eight pounds and 
ten shillings, which he received at the Corte for ther Cort money for 
playing ther at Cryssmas, which was dewe unto the Earle of Noting- 
hames players, 281. lOs." — Collier* s Annals, i., 319. The diflference 
may have been paid by AUeyn for fees, or retained as his own share. 



To John Hemjnges and the rest of his CompaDies servaunts to the 
lorde Chamberleyne uppon the Councells Warraimte dated at White- 
hall the xxth of Aprill 1603 for their paines and ezpences in present- 
inge before the late Queenes Ma**' twoe playes the one uppon S^ Ste- 
phens day at nighte and thother npon Candlemas day at night for 
ech of which they were allowed by way of her Ma^ rewarde tenne 
ponndes amounting in all to xz**. 

To Edwarde Allen serrvaunte to the lorde Admyrall and the rest 
of his Companie upon the Councells warraunte dated at Whitehall 
22nd April 1603 for their paynes and expences in presentinge before 
her late Ma**^ three severall playes viz upon S^ Johns day at night, 

Shrouesonday at night and at nighte last before the date 

aforesaide after x". for ech play by way of her highnes rewarde as 
hath bene accostomed " 

Nothing can paint King James's love for stage per- 
formances and the drama in general better or more ho- 
nourably than the following extracts, which are wholly 
new to our dramatic history. I have interspersed seve- 
ral other payments from the same accounts {Treas: of the 
Chamber)^ which I hope mingle not inappropriately with 
the stage illustrations. The new king saw five times as 
many plays in a year as Queen Elizabeth was accus- 
tomed to see. 

To John Hemyngs one of his Ma"* players uppon the Councells 
warrant dated at the Courte at Wilton 3 December 1 603 for the 
paynes and expences of himselfe and the rest of his Companye in 
comynge from Mortelacke in the Countie of Surrie unto the Courte 
aforesaide and there presentinge before his Ma"* one playe on the 
second of December last by waye of his Ma"** reward xxx".* 

To Nicholas Hyllyard his Ma"* Lymner uppon the Councells war- 

• This is a very interesting entry : the first play that the king 
saw in England was performed by Shakespeare's company, in Lord 
Pembroke's house at Wilton. 


rant dated at the Courte at Hampton Courte 28 December 1 603 for 
his paynes and travell beinge appoynted by direction to make cer- 
tayne pictures of his Ma"" ^** were by his highnes gyven unto the 
Duke of Denmark Embassador xix". x». 

To John Hemynges one of his Ma**" players uppon the Conncells 
Warrant dated at Hampton Courte 18 January 160 3 [4] for the 
paynes and expences of himselfe and the rest of his Company e in 
presentinge of sixe interlude^ or playes before the kings M*** and the 
prince viz on S* Stephens daye at night, S* Johns daye at night. In- 
nocents daye and Newyeres daye at night before the kings ma*** for 
each of the sayde playes twentie nobles apeece and to them by waye 
of his Ma"** rewarde fyve m'rks and for twoe playes before the prince 
on the xxxth of December and the firste of January 1603 twentye 
nobles apeece in all amountinge to the some of liii". 

To Richard Burbadg one of his Ma**** Comedyans uppon the Coun- 
cells Warrant dated at Hampton Courte 8 Febr. 1603[4] for the 
mayntenance and reliefe of himselfe and the reste of his Coropanye 
beinge prohibited to present anie playes publiquelie in or neere Lon- 
don by reason of greate periU that might growe through the extra- 
ordinarie concourse and assemblie of people to a newe increase of 
the plague till it shall please God to settle the Cyttie in a more per- 
fect health : by waye of his Ma**** free gifte xxx". 

To Edward Allen and Edward Jubie twoe of the princes players 
upon the Conncells Warrant dated at the Courte at Whitehall 1 9 
Febr. 1 603[4] for the paynes and expenses of themselves and the rest 
of their companie in presentinge fower playes before his Ma*** and the 
prince viz for. one playe before the kings Ma*** on the xxjth of Janu* 
arie last at night twentie nobles and by Waye of his Ma**** reward 
f3rve marks and for three before the prince on the fourth the fifteenth 
and twoe and twentieth of Januarie twentie nobles for each in all 


To John Duke on of the Queenes M**** players upon the Conncells 
Warrant dated at the Courte at Whitehall 19 Febr 1603[4] for the 
paynes and expences of himselfe and the reste of his companye for 
twoe interludes or playes presented by them before the Prince his 

c 2 


Grace on the Second and xiijth dayes of Janoarie last at night for 
each play twentie nobles — in all xiij**. v}*. viij*. 

To John Hemyng one of his Ma'^ players upon the Councells 
Warrant dated at the Courte at Whitehall ultimo die Februar 1603[4] 
for himselfe and the rest of his Companye for twoe playes presented 
before his Ma*^ viz the one on Candlemas day at night and the other 
on Shrouesonday at night the some of xiij". vj*. viij*. andby wayeof 
his Ma**" rewarde for the same twoe playes yj". xiij*. iiij*. In all xx". 

To John Hemynges one of his Ma** players uppon the Comicells 
Warraunte dated at the Courte at Whitehall 21 January 1604 for the 
paines and expences of himselfe and the reste of his Companie in 
playinge and presentinge of sixe Enterludes or plaies before his 
Ma"* viz on all Saintes day at nighte, the Sonday at nighte follow- 
inge beinge the 4th of November 1604, S* Stephens daie at nighte. 
Innocents day at nighte and on the vijth and viijth daies of January 
for everie of the saide plaies accordinge to the nsuall allowannce of 
vj". xiijV iiijd. the pece xl". and IxvjV viij*. for every plaie by waie of 
his Ma" rewarde xx". in all Ix**. 

To John Duke one of the Queenes Ma^ players by warrant of 19 
Febr. 1604 for presenting one Interlude or Plaie before his Ma*** on 
Sunday night the 30th of December yj". xiij". iiij*. and to them by 
waie of his Ma** rewarde Ixyj*. viij^. in all x". 

To Edward Jubye one of the Princes plaiers upon warrant dated 22 
Febr : 1 604 for presentinge sixe Interludes or plaies before the Prince 
at the Courte these severall nightes viz on the 14th and 19th De- 
cember 1604 the 15th and 22nd January and the 5th and 19th of 
February nexte followiuge after the rate of vj". xiij*. iiij^. for every 
plaie xl". 

To Samuell Danyell and Henry Evans upon the Councells War- 
raunte dated at the Courte at Whitehall 24 February 1604 for twoe 
Enterludes or plaies presented before the Kinges Ma*** by the Queues 
Ma** Children of the Revells the one on Newyeres day at night 1604 
and the other on the thirde day of Januarye at nighte nexte follow- 
inge xiij". vj*. viij^. and by waie of his highnes rewarde vj**. xiij*. iiij^. 
In all xx». 


To John Hemynge one of his Ma^^ players upon warrant dated 
24th February 1604 for himselfe and the reste of his Companie for 4 
Interludes or plaies presented by them before his Ma^ at the Courte 
viz on Candlemas daye at night, on Shrouesunday at night, Shroue- 
monday at night and Shrouetnesday at nighte 1604 at vj". xiij'. iiij^. 
for everie plaie and IxvjV viij*. by waie of his Ma** rewarde for ech 
playe In all xl**. 

To the same John Hemynges upon Warrant dated 28th April 1 605 
for one enterlude or plaie presented before his Ma*** at y" Courte the 
thirde of February 1604 vj". xiij*. iiij*. and to them more by way of 
his Ma" rewarde Ixvj*. viij*. In all x". 

To Edward Jubie to the use of himself and the reste of his Com- 
panie servants to the prince upon the Councells warrant dated at 
Whitehall 17 April 1604 for one Enterlude or playe presented by 
them before his Ma*** on Shrouemondaye at nighte the some of 
twentie nobles and by waye of his Ma**** rewarde fyve marks in all x**. 

To Fhillipp Henslowe upon the Councells Warrant dated at the 
Courte at Whitehall 18 April 1604 by way of his Ma**" reward to 
him and his servaunts in bringinge and presentinge before his Ma*** 
at Whitehall the game of Bearebaytinge upon Shrovetuesday c*. 

To Edward Kirkham M' of the Children of the Queenes Ma**** Re- 
vells upon the Councells Warrant dated at the Courte at Whitehall 
30 April i604 for one Enterlude or play presented by the sayde 
children before his Ma*** uppon Shrouetuesdaye last at night x'*. 

To Alphonson Ferrabosco upon the Councells Warraunte dated at 
the Courte at Whitehall 27 November 1604 to be by him bestowed 
and laide out in buyinge twoe violls w*** cases and one boxe of stringes 
for the use and service of the Prince xx'*. 

To Edward Jubie one of the Princes Plaiers upon the Councells 
Warrant dated at the Courte at Whitehall 10th December 1604 for 
himselfe and the rest of his Companie for presentinge twoe pliaes one 
before the Queenes Ma*** the 23rd November 1604 and the other be- 
fore the Prince the 24th of November xvj**. xiij*. iiij^. 


To John Hemynges one of his Ma^ players apon Warrant dated 
24 March 1605 for presenting tenn severall playes or enterlades be- 
fore his Ma^*^ in the tyme of Christmas laste and since after the rate 
of twentie nobles for everie play and by way of his Ma^ rewarde 
fyve markes in all c^^ 

To Nathaniell Gyles upon his Ma^ Warraonte of 3 July 1605 
beinge monie geuen to himselfe and the rest of the gent of his Ma*" 
Chappie by waie of his Ma^ goifte towardes their feaste as likewise 
hath bein geaen in former yeares ix^ 

To Edwarde Jubye one of the prynces players upon warrant dated 
the 2oth February 1606 for size playes presented by them in De- 
cember, January and February 1606 Ix^'. 

To Edward Kerkham one of the M" of the Children of Pawles 
upon warrant dated 31 March 1606 for bringing the said children 
and presenting by them twoe playes or Enterludes before the prince 
his Grace and the Duke of Yorke after the rate of fyve m*ke8 for ech 
play and by way of his Ma^ reward fyve nobles In all 

xvj". xiij*. inj**. 

To John Duke one of the Queenes Ma^ players upon Warrant 
dated 30 April 1606 for presen tinge one play or Comodie before his 
Ma^ upon SK Johns day at night c". and by way of his highnes re- 
warde lxvj^ viij^. In all viij". yj*. viij**. 

To Edward Jubie one of the Princes players upon Warrant dated 
30 April 1606 for presenting sixe severall playes in the tyme of 
Christmas laste and since^ three before the King and three before 
the prince for everie of the sayde playes c*. the pece and by waye of 
his M** rewarde Ixvj*. viij**. for ech of them in all 1". 

To John Hemynges one of his M** players upon Warrant dated 
18th October 1606 for three playes before his Ma**® and the kinge of 
Denmarke twoe of them at Grenewich and one at Hampton Courte 


To John Hemynges one of his Ma*'** players upon Warrant dated 
8 February 1607 for xiij plaies presented by them before his M**® at 
the Court at Whitehall viz on S* Stephens night, S* Johns night, 
Childermas night, the second of January, Twelfnight two plaies, the 


seaventh of January, the ninth of January, the xvijth of January two 
plaies, the xxvjth of January, Candlemas night, and Shrovesunday 
at night cxxz'^ 

To John Hemynges one of his Ma^ players upon warrant dated 
30th March 1607 for nyne playes presented before his highness the 
26th and 29th of December 1606, the 4th the 6th and the 8th of 

Januarie, the 2nd the 5th the 15th and the 27 February iiij x^^ 

To Edward Juby one of the Princes players upon warrant dated 8 
May 1608 for 4 playes presented before his Ma**® and the Prince at 
Whitehall in November December and January xV*. 

To John Hemynges one of his Ma*" plaiers upon warrant dated 
5th April 1609 for twelue plaies by him and the reste of his company 
presented before the King, Queene, Prince and Duke of Yorke at 
scverall tymes in Christmas 1608 cxx'. 

To Edward Jubye one of the Princes players upon warrant dated 
5th April 1609 for three playes by him and the reste of his Com- 
panie presented before the kings Ma*^® and the prince on severall 
nights xxx^. 

To John Hemynges one of his Ma** players upon the Councells 
Warraunte dated 26th April 1609 in the behalf e of himselfe and the 
reste of his Companie by waie of his Ma** rewarde for their private 
practise in the time of infeccon that thereby they mighte be inhabled 
to perform their service before his Ma**® in Christmas hollydaie 
1609 xR 

To Inico Jones uppon therle of Salisburies warraunte dated 16 
June 1609 for carreinge of Lres for his Ma** servyce into Fraunce 

xiij**. vj*. viij**. 

To Henry Reynoldes upon the Councells Warrant of 10 Nov' 1609 
for chardges disbursed by him for the buriall of S' George Wharton 
and S' James Steward at Islington xxx**. xv*.* 

* See Scott's Minstrelsy for the ballad on the fatal duel fought at 
Islington, between Wharton and Stewart, on the 8th of November, 
1609. The ballad says that they fought near Waltham. It was in 


To John Heminges upon the Councdla Warraunt 10 March 
1609[10l for himselfe and the rest of his companie heing restrained 
from Puhlique playing within the cyttie of London in the tyme of 
infection during the space of sixe weekes in which tyme they prac- 
tised privately for his Ma** service ^^^ 

To John Hemynges one of the kinges players upon the CounccUs 
warr* dated 12 February 1610 for presentinge xv«° playes before the 
kinge the queue and the prynce <^1 ^« 

To Thomas Grene one of the Queues players upon the Councells 
Warrante dated 18th March 1610 for three seuerall playes before the 
Kinges Ma^" and the prince xxx^. 

To Edwarde Jubye one of the princes players upon Warrant dated 
20 March 16lO[il] to fower playes presented before his Ma*** by 
that Companye xl". 

To Alexander Foster upon a Warrant dated 1 April 1612 for him- 
selfe and his fellowes the Lady Elizabeths servauntes and players for 
presenting one play before his Ma*y on Shrovetewsday laste at night 
called the prowde Mayde* viz twenty nobles and five marks for Re- 
ward x^. 

To the said Alexander Foster upon a lyke warrant of a lyke date 
for himself and his said fellowes for presenting twoe severall plaies 
before the Princes grace and the said Lady Elizabeth in January and 
March last past at twenty nobles a play xiij^. vj*. viij**. 

To John Heminges for himselfe and his fellowes upon a Warrant 
dated 1 June 1612 for presenting yj severall Playes before his Ma*^ 
viz one upon the laste of October one upon the first of November 

the fields at Hoxton that Ben Jonson killed in a duel Gabriel Spenser, 
the player. I find entries of several payments made to this Henry 
Reynolds in the accounts of the Treasurer of the Chambers. I be- 
lieve him to be the Henry Reynolds to whom Drayton addresses his 
admirable ** Epistle on Poets and Poesie." 

• That is, " The Maid's Tragedy/' by Beaumont and Fletcher, 
see p. 211. 


one on the 5th of Nov' one on the 26th Dec' one on the 5th of 
January and one other upon Shrovesonday at night heing the 23rd 
of February viz at twenty nobles for every play and five markes for 
a Reward for every play Ix**. 

To the said John Hemynges upon a lyke warrant of a lyke date 
(1 June 1612) for himselfe and his fellowes for presenting twelve 
severall Flaies before the Princes highnes and the Duke of Yorke one 
upon the 9th of Nov' last one upon the 19th of the same one other 
upon the 16th uf December one other upon the last of the same one 
other upon the 7th of January one upon the 15th of the same one 
other upon the 19th of February one upon the 20th of the same one 
upon the 28th of February one upon the 3rd of April and another 

upon the 16th of the same at xx^® nobles a play iiij^^ 

To the said John Hemynges upon a lyke Warrant of a lyke date 
(1 June 1612) for himself and his fellowes for presenting fower 
plaies before the Princes highnes the Lady Eliz and the Duke of 
Yorke viz one on the 9th of February last one other before the Prince 
the 20th of the same one other before the Lady Eliz the 28th of 
Marche and one on the 26th of Aprill after the said rate 

xxvj". xny, my. 

To Thomas Greene for himselfe and his fellowes the Queenes Ma^' 
servauntes upon a Warrant of 18th June 1612 for presenting two 
severall plaies before the Kinge and Queenes Ma^^ viz one upon the 
27th of December last and the other upon the 2nd of February fol- 
lowing at 20 nobles the play and vj^. xiij*. iiij**; in reward xx^*. 

To the said Thomas Greene for himselfe and his fellowes upon a 
Warrant of lyke date for presenting twoe severall plaies before 
the Princes highnes and the Lady Elizabeth viz one 1 6th of January 
laste and the other upon the 23rd of the same at 20 nobles the play 

Xllj". Vj". VUJ**. 

To Edward Juby for himselfe and his fellowes the Princes highnes 
Servants upon a warrant dated 18 June 1612 for presenting twoe 
severall plaies before his Ma^^ upon the 28th and 29th of December 
last at 20 nobles each play and five nobles for a reward for each 
play XX**. 


To the said Edward Juby upon Warrant of lyke date &c. for pre- 
senting twoe severall plaies before the Princes highnes viz upon the 
6th and 29th of February laste at 2© nobles a play xiij". yj». viij**. 

To William Rowley upon the Councells Warraunte dated 20 June 
1612 for himselfe and the rest of his fellows the Duke of Yorkes ser- 
vaunts as players for presenting fower severall plaies before the 
Princes highnes the said duke of Yorke and the Lady Elizabeth yiz 
upon the 12th January 1611 one, upon the 28th of January one, 
upon the 13th of February one, and upon the 18th of the same moneth 
one after the rate of twenty nobles a play xxvj^. xiij*. iiij**. 

To the said William Rowley upon the lyke warraunte dated 20 
January 1012 for himself and the rest of his saide fellowes for pre- 
sentinge fower severall playes before the Princes Highnes the Duke 
of Yorke and the Lady Elizabeth, one upon the 9th of February 
1609, one upon the 12th December 1610, one upon the 20th of the 
same and one upon the xvth of January 1610 xxvj". xiij*. iiij**. 

To Thomas Derry her Ma*» Jester upon a warraunt signed by the 
Lord Chamberleyn dated at Whitehall 16 July 1612 for the dyett of 
the said Thomas Derry and John Mawe his man from the 25th day 
of December 1611 to the 24th of June following being 26 weekes 
at vij". the weeke ix^. ij«. 

To Philip Rosseter upon a warrant dated the 24th of Nov' 1612 for 
presenting a play by the Children of the Chappie before the Prince, 
the lady Elizabeth and the Prince Palatyne vj^. xiij*. iiij^. 

To him more upon a warrant dated the 31st May 1613 for pre- 
senting before them two other playes by the Children of the Chap- 
pell xiijw. vj*. viij^ 

To Edward Jubye upon warrant dated 31 March 1613 for pre- 
senting a play by himself and his fellowes the Prince Palatynes Ser- 
vants before the Lady Elizabeth vj". xiij*. iiij**. 

To John Heminges upon the Lord Chamberle3mes Warraunt dated 
1 9th May 1613 for eighte seuerall playes before his Ma'*' iiij". 

To William Rowley upon the Councells Warr* dated the Tth of 


Jane 16 1 3 for himselfe and the reste of his fellowes the Princes Ser- 
vannts for presenting twoe severall playes hefore his highnes the 
CouiJt Palatyne and the Ladye Elizabeth xiij*'. vj». viij**. 

To Joseph Taylor upon the Councells Warrant dated the 28th of 
June 1613 for himselfe and his fellowes the Lady Elizabeth her ser- 
vantes for presenting twoe Playes before the Prynce the Count Pala- 
tyne and the ladye Elizabeth xiij". vj*, viij**. 

To John Hemynges upon a Warrant dated the 9th of July 1613 
&c. for presentinge a playe before the Duke of Savoyes Ambassadors 
on the 8th of June 1 613 — vj". xiij*. iiij^. To him more upon a war- 
rant dated the 20th May 1613 fo' presentinge fourtene severall playes 
before the Prince^ the ladye Elizabeth and the Prince Palatyne 

iiij xiij**. v]*. viij^. To the said John Heminges upon a warrant of 
the same date for presenting sexe seuerall playes before the Kinges 
Ma^ xl". and by waye of his Ma'* rewarde xx". 

To Cyrill Turner* upon a warraunte signed by the Lord Chamber- 
leyne and M' Chauncellor dated at Whitehall 23rd December 1613 
for his chardges and paines in carrying I'res for his Ma^ service to 
BrusseUs x^. 

To John Hemynges &c upon warrant dated 21 June 1614 for pre- 
sentinge seaven severall playes before the Princes highnes viz on the 
4th of Nov' the 16th of Nov' the 10th of January the 4th of February 
the 8th the 10th and the 18th of the same moneth 1614 xlvj". xiij'« 

To the said John Heminges upon a lyke warraunt of a lyke date 
for presenting before his Ma*y nyne severall playes in Nov' Dec"^ Jan^ 

Feby and March 1614 ilij x". 

To Robte Lee and the reste of his fellowes the Queenes Ma'' Ser- 
vauntes the players upon the Councells Warraunte dated at Whitehall 
21 June 1614 for theire paines in presenting before his Ma^^ twoe 
plaies on the 28th of December and the 5 th of January xx^. 

* Cyril Tourneur, the dramatist, of whom we know nothing more 
than the fact of his writing certain plays, which have come down to 
us with his name upon their title-pages. 


To Joseph Taylor for himselfe and the reste of his fellowes ser- 
vauntes to the Lady £liz her grace upon the Councells Warraont 
dated at Whitehall 21 Jane 1614 for presenting hefore his Ma^^ a 
Comedy called Eastward Howe on the xxvth of January last past— 
vj". xijj*. iiij**. and by way of his Ma** reward Ixvj*. viij**. In all x". 
To him more upon a lyke warraunt of a lyke date for presenting be- 
fore the Princes Highnes a Comedy called the Dutch Curtezan* on 
the 12th of December last paste yj". xiij*. iiij**. 

To Richard Ansell Matteyer to his Ma^^ upon Warrant dated 22 
June 1614 for bis paines and chardges in nayling downe the greene 
clothe in the Banquetting House at severall times for the Maske per- 
formed before his Ma^ at Christmas last past viij". ix'. iiij^« 

To Nichas Hilliarde upon the Lorde Chamberle3nies warraunte dated 
31 Jan^ 1614[15] for a picture of the Prince in lynnen drawen totbe 
waste with a riche christall thereon and deliuered to M' Murray bis 
highnes Tutor viij". 

To Nathan Feilde f in the behalfe of himselfe and the rest of his 
fellows upon the Lord Chamberleynes Warraunt dated 11 June 1615 
for presenting a playe called Bartholomewe Fayre before his Ma*** on 
the first of November last past x". 

To John Townsend and Joseph Moore ^ Stage Players upon the 
Councells warraunte dated at Whitehall 11 July 1617 for acting 
three severall playes before his Ma*y® in his Jomey towardes Scotland 
at the ordinary rates formerly allowed xxx". 

* ByMarston. 

t Ben Jonson's Bartholomew Fair was produced at the Hope 
Theatre, on the 31st of October, 1614, and acted, as the above ex- 
tract now informs us, at the Court on the next day. The players 
were the Lady Elizabeth's servants. There is a compliment paid to 
Field in the play, which this entry serves in some measure to explain. 

t See Colliers •* Annals of the Stage" (i. 407), where a no- 
tice of this payment from the Privy Council Register occurs. The 
above supplies us with the players' names, which Mr. Collier's ex- 
tract is without. 


To John HemiDges &c upon a warrant dated 20 April 1618 for 
presenting two several! Playes before his Ma'^^ on Easter Monday 
Twelfte night the play soe called and on Easter Tuesday the Winter's 
Tale xx". To the said John Heminges upon a Warrant dated 13 
May 1618 for presenting before his Maty the thirde of May the Merry 
Divell of Edmonton x". 

To Inigo Jones upon the Councells Warr* dated 27 June 1619 for 
making two several models the one for the Star Chamber, the other 
for the Banquetting Hoase xxxvij". 

The discovery of these papers sharpened my desire to 
discover more ; and I sought in dry repositories, damp 
cellars, and still damper vaults, for books of account, for 
warrants, and for receipts. I had gone by this time 
through the Rolls of Accounts, from the reign of Henry 
Vin. to the end of that of King Charles I., but found 
little in them to satisfy, but much to provoke inquiry. 
I was told again and again that, if there were any old 
papers in the office of the reigns I sought for that were 
not Declared Accounts, they were there by accident, and 
that no Board ever recognized the existence of official 
vouchers and Books of Account so far back as the reigns 
I referred to ; while a few recollected, and all had heard 
of, the cart-loads of old papers burnt in Tothill Fields 
on the removal of the office from Whitehall to Somerset 

The Rolls of the Revels' Accounts had been made, I 
found, by clerks who had no prophetic feeling of the in- 
terest future ages would take in the books they were so 
elaborately abridging. The number of plays performed 
in the year was always given, but not a title or a dra- 
matic name, or any thing beyond the mere pounds, shil- 


lings, and pence of the matter could I find to gratify 
or repay me. All that had been kept was, comparatively 
speaking, of little use. 

It was at this time I had the good fortune to redeem 
from a destructive oblivion a bundle of the Original 
Accounts of the Masters of the Revels, those that 
Malone had sought so long for, and had seen at last by 
the kindness of Sir William Musgrave, an old com- 
missioner of Audit, and from which he had made the 
extracts that Boswell has printed in his edition of 

These, however, left off at a time the most interesting 
in all our literary annals. There was as yet nothing 
about Shakespeare — nothing to destroy conjectures 
advanced by commentators on the chronology of his 
plays — conjectures that no one believed, yet no one 
could gainsay — the idlest of all kinds of suppositions 
that every fresh fact has only served to upset. 

Malone, with all his industry and unsatisfied thirst for 
research, was very far from an accurate transcriber of 
what he had before him. He seems always to have been 
in a hurry of transcription, and, in this speed, to have 
run too hastily over entries of more importance than 
very many of those he had already extracted. In doing 
much he still left much to do ; and, where a Collier 
would leave little or nothing to glean, Malone has left 
a harvest. His eyes are said to have been weak towards 
the last, and in that rests his excuse. To his industry, 
however, the admirers of Shakespeare are vastly in- 
debted ; and, while we condemn his occasional inaccu- 
racies and his haste, let us imitate him in his honest 


industry and perseverance, and a portion of his success 
will be no bad reward.* 

My last discovery was my most interesting ; and 
alighting as I now did upon two official books of the 
Revels — one of Tylney's and one of Buc's — ^which had 
escaped both Musgrave and Malone, I at last found 
something about Shakespeare — something that was new, 
and something that was definitive. This was my little 
Guanahana, but here I was destined to stop, for no 
other books of the Revels have I as yet succeeded in find- 
ing among the scattered papers of the old Auditors of 
the Imprests. We owe these two to accident, and it is not 
too fanciful to suppose that chance may yet lead to the 
discovery of other books connected with Shakespeare's 
two and twenty years' ' traffic ' with the stage. I am 
not without hope on this subject, and that it may be my 
lot to find them even in the office I am now in. 

" The Office of y* Revells consistethe," says Tylney, 
" of a Wardropp and other several Roomes, for Artif- 
ficers to worke in, viz Taylors, Imbrotherers, Properti- 
makers, Paynters, Wyerdrawers and Carpenters, togea- 
ther with a convenient place for y** Rehearsalls and set- 

* Some of the errors in Malone's extracts, as printed by Bos well, 
are truly absurd. I shall note a few, for the amusement of the gene- 
ral reader. ** Flavor and paste with a pelt for the same " (vol. iii., 
p. 376), turns out to be ** flower and paste with a pott for thesanfie." 
" Holly and Jug for the play of Predor" (p. 377), is, in £bfe'original, 
** Holly and Ivye ;" and ** tutors and x Italian woman," &c. (p. 379), 
is, in the MS.. " an Italian woman." For " x furre poles to make 
nayles," at p. 401, read rayles ; and for ** ix tilles with copartraents" 
(p. 404), read " ix titles." I could point out others, but I have 
perhaps instanced enough. 


tinge forthe of Pkyes and other Showes for those Ser- 

The first Master of the Revels, Sir Thomas Cawerden, 
was made in the year 1546, while William Poulet, Lord 
St. John of Basing, was Lord Chamberlain. Sir Tho- 
mas died on the 20th Augnst, 1560. On the 12th 
January, 1559-60, Sir Thomas Benger was appointed in 
his stead ; and, at Benger's death, in March, 1577, his 
place was temporarily supplied by Thomas Blagrave, till 
Edmund Tylney was nominated as his successor (24th 
July, 1579). Lyly, the poet, had been a petitioner fpr 
the reversion of th^ office on Benger's death, and Mr. 
Collier thinks that his claim might have connection with 
the delay in Tylney's appointment. 

Li October, 1610, Tylney died at Leatherhead in 
Surrey, and Sir George Buc, or Buck, the^ historian^ be- 
came the new master. On the 3rd of April, 1612, Sir 
John Astley obtained a reversionary grant of the office ; 
and on the 5th of October, 1621, a second reversion was 
granted to Ben Jonson. Astley, however, outlived 

On the 22nd May, 1622, Buck, ill and infirm, was 
superseded by Sir John Astley, who held the situation 
for the short space of two years, and, before the death 

* Mr. Tllney's writing touching his ofiBce^ Lansdowne MSS. 136, 
fo. 358. The ofiBce was held and the clothes kept at the old hospital 
of St. John's of Jerusalem, hut, on the gift hy King James in 1611 
of the house to the Lord Aubigny, the Revels Office removed to St. 
Peter's Hill. I have before me an old account, where a charge is 
made of " vj", for glasinge the windowes of St. Johns Hall where 
the Rehersalls be made." — (Revels Account from 1 Nov. 1583 to 
last of October 1684.) 


of Sir George Buck, 20th September, 1623, had ap- 
pointed Sir Henry Herbert his deputy. 

The appointment on Herbert's part was a purchase, 
but the terms of the purchase have hitherto escaped re- 
search. I find the indenture, however, among the enrol- 
ments in the Audit Office, and there it appears that 
Astley constituted Herbert his deputy upon the pay- 
ment of £150 a year, insured upon the conveyance of 
lands to the value of £200 a year. The date of the in- 
denture is 20th July, 1623. This appointment was in 
reality a transfer of the ofiice. 

On the 13th August, 1629, Herbert obtained a re- 
version of the office after Ben Jonson, and, as he out- 
lived both Astley and poor Ben,* he rose, on the demise 
of the longest lives of the two (Sir John Astley), from 
the office of deputy to that of master. 

It was given to Tylney to see the drama in its greatest 
splendour — ^the office of the Revels in its greatest glory* 
Herbert saw several years of its strength, and at his 
death, on the 27th of April, 1673, he had seen his ofiice 
in its decay. As Cawerden was the first, so Sir Henry 

• Among the Drolleries of Dr. Andrews, in the Newcastle volume 
in the British Museum, is an epigram on Jonson. I print it, I be- 
lieve, for the first time. The king, not the parliament, lent Jonson 
a lift. 

" Big Benjamin hath had a cup of sacke 

So often at his mouth that now his backe 

Is almost brooke ; whereas if hee his cup 

In his sack's mouth had closely tyed up : 

Hee might haue had a blessing and haue bin 

As fortunate as little Beniamin — 

Though hee bee broake, and broake, and broke in twaine 

The Parliament hath peiced him againe." 

HarL MSS, ^956 Jo\.8i. 



Herbert may be called the last Master of the Revels, for 
Killigrew, who succeeded him, had long before reduced 
the office to one of little authority and less use. The 
office of Master was still, however, maintained, and the 
reader of Gibber's " Apology" will find that the Master 
of the Revels could be troublesome to the patentee of 
Drury Lane. The only vestige left, not of the office, 
for that is fairly gone, but of the duties of the office, is 
in the Licenser of the stage. 

Among the subordinate officers of the Revels, there is 
no one of mark or note but Joseph Taylor, the original 
stage Hamlet, if we may believe old Downes, the 
prompter. Taylor was appointed to the office of " Yeo- 
man or Keeper of our Vestures or Apparel," by patent 
dated 11th November, 1639,* at a time when poets and 
players both were mixed up with the struggle between 
the king and the parliament. Taylor did not live to wit- 
ness the Restoration, and was an old man on the 4th No- 
vember, 1652, when he was buried at Richmond, in Sur- 
rey. Lyly failed in obtaining the reversion of the office of 
Master ; Ben Jonson obtained the reversion, but did not 
live to enjoy it ; and Joseph Taylor was appointed Yeo- 
man when there was nothing for him to do.f 

* Both Malone and Chalmers say Sep. 1639; but a copy of the 
patent is among the enrolments of the Audit Office, with Uie date I 
have given above. 

t The names of the Yeomen, in the order of their succession, are 
as follows : '* John Holte ; John Arnold ; Walter Fysshe, by Privy 
Seal of 19th January, 1574; Edward Kirkham, by L'rs Pat. 28th 
April, 28th of Elizabeth ; William Hunt. By L'rs Pat. 29tb Oct. 
9th of James I. ; Joseph Taylor. By L'res Pat. 11th Nov. 1639." 

Will Hunt was appointed ** for the good and faithful service here- 
tofore done unto our dear son Henry Prince of Wales.** 


I cannot conclude without expressing a sense of the 
obligations I am under to Francis Seymour Larpent, 
Esq., the Chairman of the Board of Audit, and the Com- 
missioners of the office in general, for their permission to 
make the researches I have made ; nor can I let pass, 
without acknowledgment, the kind attention I have re- 
ceived in directing and furthering those researches from 
Brooking Soady, Esq., the Chief Clerk of the office in 
which I have found so much that is curious. The paths 
of antiquarian inquiry are made doubly pleasant when 
one is assisted, as I have been assisted, in the compila- 
tion of this volume of old, minute, and, I feel, not unin- 
teresting detail. 

P. C. 

27, Lower Belgrave Place, 
February 1, 1842. 

Aniuortli*Oa«aflhaBe»li. Fidb CMnHn'i *■ Api^Dgy." 




^.EVELLs IN One yeare Ending on ShrovetewsdAye 


The whole Chai'ges of Thoffice aforeseide ibre One 
whole yeare : vid3. From Shrove Tewsday in the xiij.**' 
yeare untill Shrovetewsdaie in the xiiij.*** yeare of her 
Ma**®" reaigne. 

Growing aswell by meanes of Wages *\ allowauncf 
due to sundry persons woo'king and attending w4n the 
seide ofEce *\ abowte thaffares therof ; as also by meanes .. 
of sundry Emptions *\ provizions this yeare within the The Con- 
same tyme made T: pvyded by S' Thomas Benger Knighte tentes of this 
(being M' of the seide office) for the apparelling, disgy- 
zyngge, ffumishing, ffitting*, Garnishing 1 orderly setting 
foorthe of men, woomen, % Children ; in sundry Tra- 
gedies, Playes, Maskes, and sportf with theier apte 
bowses of paynted Canvas T: propties incident suche as 
mighte most lively expresse the eflFect of the histories 
plaied *\ devises in Maskf this yeare showen, at the 
Coo'te for her Ma**®" Regall disporte % Recrea^n whose 
tytles 1 numbers w* the tymes wherin they were showen 



Within the 
tyme of ix 

Breefely are sett owte in the ende of this booke. Wherein 
first foloweth the ordinary chardge. 

Ayryng, Repayryng, Layeng abrode. Turning, sowing, 
amending, Tacking, Spunging, wyping. Brushing, Sweep- 
ing, Caryeng, fibwlding, suting, putting in order and 
bestowing of the Garment^ , vestures, Armo' propties ^ 
other stuff, store and Implement^ of the seide office ; for 
the safegarde, Refreshing, % Reddinesse therof at dyvers 
tymes as the necessitie therof required betweene the ende 
of the last Revells being as before is saide on Shrove 
tewsdaie in the xiij*^ yeare of her Ma***" reaigne. And 
the begynnyng of the new woo^es for the next Christmas 
folowing. Which begun the first of December in the 
xiiij*^ yeare of her Ma**«" reaigne. 

vidz) in 

Offycers in 
respect of 
diett as fol- 

Marche, Aprill, May, June, July, August, September, 
October, November. 

Allowed for Taylers ^ attendant^ woorking and at- 
tending on the premisses together with the Travellers 
*\ attendant^ that followed the M' of this office in the 
Progresse on the busynesse ^ afiares of the same office. 

Sm» xxxix". xix". 
Porter at xij<^ the dale Sm» Ix". 

The Master now S' Thomas Benger "i ^es 

Knighte ; at iiij". the dale* j J* 

The Clerkoomptrowler ; now Edward "i 

Buggyn esquier, at ij". the dale j •' ' 

The Gierke ; now Thomas Blagrave i . 

esquier, at ij". the daie J •* ' 

The Yoman 5 now John Holte by W"" ) 

BowU hys deputie at ij". J ^ ' 

Sm* xxx". 


WilHiun Bowll deputie unto John Holte yonian of this 
office for mony by him disbursed for Threade of sundry 
cooUers : for Brushes, rubbers, Broomes, baskettf , Lockf » Necessaries, 
keyes, hookes, Henges, Boordf , Nayles, ffewell lightf % 
suche other things as neede required within this tyme 
(of ix moneths before set owte) to be uzed *\ imploied 
w4n the seide office^ in all Ixxiij*. 

Sm» of all the ordinary allowauncf % Charges of this From 
office together with the wages xiij". xix". % allowaunces Shrove- 

tewsQAic in 

of ix psons laste before mencioned that travelled and ^^o j.^« £]•_ 

attended on the M' in the Progresse abowte thaffares of zabeth xiij'' 

the same office. In all amouting to Ixxvj". xij". ^^^ ^^ S. ^ 

ex' p Edwardum Buggyn. cember in a"* 

T. Blagrave. I'^^I!^^^ 

, , 7 , , tse xiiij 

John Arnold. 


December, January ^ February anno RR»« ESizabeth 
^d. xiiij** ffi)r 

Devyzyng, provydyng, preparing, newmaking Trans- 
lating, Repayring, IFytting, furnishing Garnishing, set- Christmas 
ting foorthe, attending, well ordering. Taking in agayne, Newyeares- 
safebestowing, and safekeeping, of all Thaparell % Im- ^^y^ ^^^ 
plementf of the seide office (of her Ma**" Revells) with Shrovetyde 
the Propertyes, Howses, and Necessaries incident ther- 
unto cheefely for Thapparelling, disguysing, fitting, ffur- 
nishing % setting foorthe of sundry Menn, Women % 
Children in the vj Playes *\ vj Maskes. mencioned more 
at lardge in the ende of this Booke. together with Thim- 
ploymet of suche stuf as the same M' of this office dely- 
vered (unto the yoman) being pcells of themptions ffi^l- 

lowing, after the entrye of the wages. 


For Woorkf doone and Attendaunce geaven within the 

seide office. Betweene the ffirst of December aforeseide ; 

B S 


Wages and on which daie, the new woorkf , ^ preparaSons, ffor 
allowaunces piayes *l Maskes, agaynst the tymes aforeseide, did be- 

gyn : And the aforeseide Shrove Tewsdaye : on whiche 
nighte the Revells for that yeare did ende according to 
the concluzion of this booke. 

To Taylers and attendant^ woo'king attending % tra^ 
yelling in the woo'kf buzinesses ^ aflPares of the seid 
ofBce, daie *\ nighte 

Sm» cxiij". viij". viij*. 
Proptymakers, Imbroders and Habberdashers w* theier 
servauntf w'king uppon thapparell propties *\ heedpecf 
with strange hattf % gamishingf 

Sm» xxxix^*. xiiij*. 

Paynters and theier s'.vauntf that wrowghte *\ attended 
in thofHce % at the Coorte upon the Canvas that made 
all the bowses for the plaies *\ devices for the Maskf 
*\ ppties therto incidente as capisons ^ fumit^ for the 
challenges T: def. w* theier horses *\c ^ upon the tar- 
gettf , weapos, garlonds^ cronettf % sundry other things. 

Sm» xxxv". xviij". ij*. 
Porter Sm* iiij". xv". 

Officers in ^^^ ™^' ^* "^J"* *^^^ ^^^^' ^ ^^^^^ ^^ nights, xix". 

Respect of The Clerkcomptrol' at ) 

theier dyett. ij.« y« daie J 

^'^ The Clerk at ij-. the daie ix«. x». 

.ix". x«. 

The Yoman now John Arnolde 
at ij-. 

ix". x«. 


Sm» xlvij". x». 

From the 

first daye of Sra* of all the Wages for woorkf doone T attendaunce 

til" "^ geven w*in the seide office and abowte thaflFares therof 

Shroveteus- then. 

^a'e in ^" Sm» ccxl". xiij». 


December, Januari, Februari a^ BR"". Elizabeth ^dct. 


Emptions and provizions made agaynst and within the 
same tymes browghte into this office : and dely vered by 
the partyes following unto the handes and custody of the By the M' 
same S' Thom^ Benger Knighte being M' therof, to be o^ thoffice 
employed upon the ffurnishing of the vj playes % the 
newmaking, ^t translating, of the vj maskes now within 
thia tyme sett foprthe (more at lardge appeering in the 
end of this booke) or otherwyse the Remayne then un- 
employed (by him reserved) for the like use, another 
tyme, to be likewise y elded : when the like service, owte 
of this office sholde happen to bee (by her Ma**®) ex- 
pected : or otherwise required. 


John Lacy for dyvers percells of wares by him dely- 
vered unto the seide M' of this office as by a bill therof 
subscribed by the seid S' T. Benger Knighte more at 
lardge appereth. 

Taffita of sundry cooUers and ^^ .^ 

pnces m all cc.lxxuj yardes. * •' 



Sattyns of sundry cullers 1 I 

, . „ ,.. , fc.xxxvni". xuii". 

p*ces m all cclij yerdes J jo 

Sarcenettf of sundry cullers %\ ?? ... .^ 

p*cf m all d.cccc.xmj . yerdf di J 
Cloth of golde of sundry cullers | ^ ^..^^^ 

Ic in all. XXX yardf ) 

Tynsells of sundry cullers T^p^ces) ^^^^^ ..^ .^^ 

in all. cij yardes I 

Velvettf of sundry cullers 1) 

p*ces in all. cxxvij yardes i 
Damaskf of sundry cullers 1 \ j^...u^ ^jjj,^ j^, 

price in all. Ixxiiij yardes i 

;ii 1118 

c.vj". iij 




Sackclothe Btripte w* sylver in 

all. V. yardes 
Chamlet one remn^nte greene) . ;. 

contayning x yardf J J • J • 

Buckerams of sundry coollers vj ) ... .„ 

All w^'^ bis monyamounteth unto^. xvj". x^. 

William Bo. for Cloth of Gowlde by bim delyvered 
unto the seide S' Thorns Benger as by a bill therof by 
him the seide M' subscribed may appeere in all xliiij 
yardf at xxj*. the yarde being of Crimson p'ple ^ greene 
coollor price, xlvj". iiij". 

John Will*mson for sundry percells of his wares dely- 
vered unto the seide S' T. Benger to the use likewise of 
the seide office as by his bill more at lardge appereth. 

Sarcenettf of sundry cullers and ) 

^ XX 

prices in all ciiijxv. ells. 

Velvett xxvij yardes at xvij". le yd xxij". xix'. 

Chaungeable Taffita j . yarde xj*. viij 

Loomeworke liij ells at v". vj^. thelL xiiij**. xj". vj*^. 

«. f Ixj".* xix**. 


AU which his mony amounteth imto. iiijxix". iij" ix^. 

John Browne, for dyvers percells of his wares dely- 
vered unto the seid S' Thorn's Benger to the use above- 
seide as by his bill vidz) 

Cloth of golde of Redd cooll' xvj yardf q^K 

of greene culler, xxiij yardf iij q^^. di- i ..^ 

of Blew culler xiij yardf di 1 di q^*'. * •' * 

In all at xvj« the yarde liij yardf iij qj*". 


• ^ 

XXV". U1J». 

Cloth of Tyssue of White culler xxxix 
yardf di. (of greene culler xxiij yardf • 
di.) in all at viij". the yarde Ixiij yardes 
amouting unto 

All which his mony amounteth unto Ixviij". iiij*. 

William Deme alderman of London for one peece of 


Clothe of golde; xx^. For Canvas d.iiij.vij. ells di. The Draper, 
xxix^. vij" ix<^. And for vandelas Ixvij ells di | Ixvij*. 
vj*^. In all delyvered by his wyfe % s'vauntf unto the 
hands of the seide S' T. Benger to the use aforesaide. 

lij". xv». iij**. 

Philipp Gunter for sundry percells of wares namely 
Buckerams of sundry cullers and sundry pryces by him 
browghte into thofEce and delyvered unto the seide M^ Thupholster 
and others by him appointed to receive the same to be 
employed for lynyngs % pattemes ^c. in all as by his bill 
c.lxj peecf price j xxxij**. v". viij^, 

Jone BowU for sundry percells of ware by her dely- 
vered into this oiEce to the use aforeseide by the com- 
maundement of the seide Master as more at lardge ap- 
pereth by her bill. vidzl 

FryngeofCoppersylverlsilkinaUl^^jj^ ^.^^ .^ 

xxxix ft T; iij %*" of an ounce J * 
Silk flyve ouncf % an halfe .... 
Buttons of Copper Sylver (824») 

Tassells with Calles xij 

Lace flFyve pownde vij ounces ...... iiij". 

Twist iiij ft ij ouncf di iiij**. 

AU w^'* her mony amounteth unto. Ivij**. . xij". ob. g « 










and wares 

— Wever of S*. Martyns for mony to him due for sundry ^^J^^^^ °^ 
percells of his ware, namely of Copper sylver frenge at 



xxiiij*. the tb— fat", xij". For gold yolo oving at xxx». 
the ft iiij. ft X. ouncf . vj". xviij". viij^. And for But- 
tons and lace of greene silke and golde. — xj*. viij*. in all 
as by his bill subscribed by the yoman y* imploied it 
within this office on the matters ensuing appereth. 

XVlj". ly. my. 

M' Buggyn for mony by him disbursed for vj grose of 

Buttons by him browghte unto thoffice. — xij». And for 

fyne Lawne for Mercuries heade. — viij". in all. xx». 

Wylliam BowU deputy to John Holte late yoman of 
this office for mony by him disbursed at sundry tymes at 
the M' comaundem* for sundry things following for the 
use aforeseide : vidz) 

Stones called Sitterines (240.) T; To- 
piasses w^ dyvers enamellings. 

Gylding and setting of the seid stones; *\c 

Canvas. Iv. ells, price in all; 

Vyzardes of the ffinest xviii. p*ce 

Gloves for maskers xij paier 

Raw sattin silke for heare; , 

Threade iij. ft ij bowltf i., 

Tape both fyne and^Coorse 

Pacthreade and buttons togethers 

Orsedue ..* 

Lace of Crowne purle ^, 

Lambeskins for mdores 

Past boordes ix dozen 

Feltf ij dozen *\ ix 

Flowers wrowghte w* needle w'ke 
wherof iij were presented to her 
Ma^® the residue garnished maskers 

Heare for Hozen 

Fewell 1 Rushes 


U. t. 


• • • • 


• • • . 

















• •• . 


• • •• • 

y v»y 

•• • 





^ » • • W 9 


V V V * w 




And for monye by him at sundry tymes disbursed in 
Rewardf T: paymentf by him made at the speciall re- 
quest of the seid S' T. Benger for sundry s'vice by him 
uzed % sundry emptions by him had to his owne p'vate 
imploymet within this yeare in thaffares herof by the 

affirmacon of the seide M^ xviij^. viij^. 

AH w«^ his mony amounteth unto Ij". j**. 

John Arnolde yoman of this office for mony by him Provisions 
disbursed at sundry tymes for sundry things requisit to ^^ sundry 

the use aforesaide, as by his bill vidzl g^uf ^j^^ £x- 

u. ■. d. pences sun- 
Gilt Bugles (m) and Rubies (300) c dry wayes 

Thread of sundry cullers T; sorte ^ij viij disbursed by 

, « , . .. «. •••• the yoman 

Laceofsundrysortf, ij. ft xxxuij of this office 

Fethers of sundry sortf xxiiij and his de- 

Fewell spent in thoffice iiij xvij iiij ^^^'^^^^^^^^^^ 

Pasted paper 'I other pap xxwij j viz. 

Gloves for players nt maskers . Ij 

Pinnes and tape togethers ix ij 

Rushes for the W'kehowses vj viij 

Feltf poy ntf and corde in all ........... . xlij ij 

Curtyn Ringes *\ heare for hoze iiij ij 

Cariages and Reward^ by him paid as 

occazions in s'vioe required; and the 

seide M' comaunded sundry tymes 

in thaffares herof in all together w^ 

necessairs for Carow imploied by 


All w*'*' his mony amounteth together ) , . . 

rxxix XI 1 
unto; J "^ ' 

John Carow for sundry percells of stuff by him bowghte 
and provyded for the use of this office *\ for the plaies 
Maskf % showes sett foorth therof by the seide M'" c6- 
maundement. vidS. Sparres, Rafters, boord^, pun- 

V • « V » • 



mentes for 
sache as 
playes re- 
q*red pro- 
vided and 
employed ' 

by. ' 

chyns, Nayles, viees^ Hookes, Hingf , Horstayles, Hobby 
horses, pitchers, paper, Braunches of sylke and othe' gar- 
nit' for pageantf , fethers, ffagbroches, Tow, Trenchers, 
gloves black, septers, wheate sheaye8,^Bodye8 of men in 
tymber, dishes for devells eyes, devices for heU, ^ hell 
mowthe staves for banners ^c* Bowes, bills, daggs, Tar- 
gettf , swordesi, daggers, fawchins fierw'ke. Bosses for 
bitt^, speares, past, glew, pacthrede, whipcorde^ Holly, 
Ivy, ^ other greene bowes, bayes, *l strewing erbes T; 
such like Implemetf by him employed at the coo'te *\ in 
thoffice to acceptable purposes w^ cariagC 1; Reward^ by 
him paid in all ; xiiij^. xj*. j^. 


Sachary Benett for x dosen of Kyddf skynnes together 
with the woorkmanship by him emd his servauntf doone 
upon the Hobby horses that s'ved the children of West- 
minster in the triumphe (where parris wan the Christall 
sheelde for vienna, at the Tumeye and Barryers) in all ; 

xlij-. yj^ 

William Lyzard for Golde, sylver and sundry other 

The CuUo's Cullers by him spent in paynting the bowses that served 

for the playes T: players at the Coo'te ; w* theier pperties 

*\ necessaries Incident the pticul's wherof appeere at 

lardge in his bill ; xiij^. xvj". j**. 

and his per- 


Thomas Leverett for mony to him due for wyer, plates, 
Lantornes, canstikf staples, snakes pack needls. Ropes, 
bittf ^ suche like trinkettf w^ his attendaunce as more 
at lardge appereth in his bill am**°fi^ to ; vj". xvj». 

Thomas Gyles for mony to him due for xxj ffyne 
vyzardf with long Berdes, Ixx". And for vj Turkf 
vizardf xv". In all as by his bill therof appereth ; 

iiij". V". 


John Tryce for mony to him due for Leashes, 1; dog-» 
hookes, w^ staves, and other necessaries ; by him provyded 
for the hunters that made the crye after the fox (let 
loose in the Coorte) with theier howndf , homes, and Hunters 
hallowing, in the playe of Narscisses. w^^ crye was made^ 
of purpose even as the woordf then in utteraunce, 1; the 
parte then played, did Requier, for the whiche, the same 
S' T. Benger also appointed him to geve certeyne Re- 
wardf the whole amounting to ; xxj". viij^* 

John Izarde for mony to him due for his device in 
oounterfeting Thunder 1; Lightning in the play of Nar- Thunder and 
scisses being requested therunto by the seide M' of this Lightning 
office. And for sundry necessaries by him spent therin 
in all. xxij*. 

Barnard Fabian for mony to him due for sundry per- j^^ Chaun- 
cells of his ware, namely Torches, Linckf other Lightf dler 
Seringcandle Corde ^c in all as by his bill appereth ; 

c.xv". V**. 

Morris Pickering and Will*m Jening for mony by 
them disbursed for the hier of certeine Armo' for the 
playe of Parris "i vienna to furnish the triumphe therin 
and for Reward^ by them geven to the armorers that at- 
tended by thappoyntment of the seide M' Ij*. vj^. j 


Roger Tjmdall for mony to him due for certeyne Arm' J 
by him lent for the same purpose with his s'vauntf 
wages for wayting and attending on the same in all. 

XVIIJ". ij*. 

John Farington for mony to him due for making of 
vij payer of Buskins at his howse 1; for sowling lether in Buskyn- 
all. xj». iiijd. mak' 


Bryan Dodmer for mony by him disbursed for a 
Jomeying Christall sheelde 1; certaine Bumbaste by him delyvered 

charges and j^^^ thoffice T; for his expencf traveU 1 diligence in 

other neces- , , 

sary Ex- thalFares of this office by the speciall appt»yntment of the 

pencesand geide S' T. Benger lx». 


&c. alowed 

by the M' Bycharde Mundaye for mony by him disbursed in Re- 

^* ^ wardf ^ for Bothier, Linckf and other necessary expencf 

at the commaundement of the Clerkcomptrowler of this 

office this yeere in all ; xx'. 

John Drawater for mony by him disbursed in Re- 
wardf T; for Botehier Lynkf % other necessaryeexpencf 
at the commaundement of the Gierke of this office this 
yeareinall xx". 

Thomas Blagrave esquier Gierke of this office for his 
Greene Gloth, with pap, Ink, Cownters T; suche other 
necessaries as to this office appertayneth *\ is incident to 
Greenecloth the devices^ plottf , orders, Bills, Reckonings T; Bookes 
Gierke ^^ ^^^ devysed, framed, sett owte, compiled, conferred, 

cast upp, concluded *\ preferred for this whole yeare 
ending on shrovetewisdaie in the xiiij^^. of our seide 
soveraigne Lady Queene Elizabth. 

Ixvj". viij*^. 

Sm* of all the emptions T; provizions with the other 
expencf before mencyoned amounteth unto : 

mxcxlj". xij". v*^. ob. 

SM* TO'*" of this whole Booke conteyning all the whole 
Gharges of this office any way growen within tliis yeare ; 
vid3. From Shrovetewsdaie in the xiij***. yeare of o'. 
soveraigne Lady Queene Elizabeth untill Shrovetewsdaie 


in the xiiij^^. yeare of Ma^^^ Reaigne as before appeeretk 
amounteth unto : 

m.d.lviij". xvij". v^. ob. 
ex', p DOS T. Blagrave, 

Edwarde Bugg^. 
John Arnold. 

Lady Barbara showen on Saint Johns day at nighte 
by S' Robert Lanes Men. 

EfBginia a Tragedye showen on the Innosentf daie at 
nighte by the Children of Powles. 

Aiax and Ulisses showen on New yeares daie at 
nighte by the Children of Wynsor. 

Narcissf showen on Twelfe daye at nighte by the 
Children of the Chappell. 

Cloridon and Badiamanta showen on Shrovesundaye 
at Nighte by S' Robert Lanes men. 

Paris and Vienna showen on Shrovetewsdaie at nighte piayes yj 
by the Children of Westminster. vidz. of 

All whiche yj. piayes being chosen owte of many and 
ffownde to be the best that then were to be. had; the 
same also beings often pused, % necessarely corrected % 
amended by all thafforeseide officers. Then they being 
so orderly addressed, were lykewise Throwghly appa- 
relled, % ffurnislied, with sundry kindes, and sutes, of 
AppareU nt furniture, ffitted and garnished necessarely 
% answerable to the matter, person, and parte to be 
played. Having also apt bowses, made of Canvasse, 
iFramed, ffashioned 1; paynted accordingly ; as. mighte 
best serve theier severall purposes. Together with 
sundry properties incident : ffashioned, paynted, gar- 
nished, and bestowed as the partyes them selves required 
1; needed. Whereupon, somuche of all manner of the 
Emptions ^ pvisions aforeseide, as was expedient ^ re- 


quizite: was aptly Employed together with pte of the 
woo'kmanshipp *\ attendauncf aforeseide. And the Be- 
sidue of the Emptions not then employed theron : was 
by the 3eid M' of this office % others whome he did put 
in trust reserved for farder service in thoffice the most 
parte wherof was also Employed (together w^ the rest of 
the wkmanshipp done) upon the Maskes ffollowing* 

Clothe of Golde ij. of whiche one maske was yolow 
garded with black velvett garnished with sylver lace % 
fringe vz). vj long gownes having vj hattf of Black vel- 
vett edged with golde laoe % for theier Torchebearers vj 
long Gownes of Changeable Taffata red ^ yolow gar« 
nished with y« lyke lac *l efrenge w^ vj hattf answerable *l 
vizardf y skarfes, ffawchions, buskins, wrestbandf 1; suche 
like necessaries incident. The tother mask was of Crym- 
sen purple 1; greene cloth of golde. vz) • viij Long Gownes 
garnished with silver frenge, 1; lace % buttons, whoset 
torchebearers had viij long gownes of Redd Damask lik&« 
wise garnished nt all furnished with straunge heades (xy)), 
vyzardfy s&arfes, fawchins. Buskins garters! wrestbands 

Loomewoorke white 11 black braunched vj long gownes 
garded w^ black velvett, Imbrodred w^ lace lyned w^ 
Tynsell % edged with ffi'enge ; whose Torchd)earers had 
vj longe Gownes of Changeable Tafiata blew % yolo gar- 
nished w* sylver lace and frenge having likewise xij 
strange heades ! IS vizards w^ skarfes ffawchins bus- 

Maskes vj ^^» "^^V 
vidz. of 

Murre Sattyn one of vj Long Gownes T; for the Torche- 
bearers vj long gownes of Chaunge€d)le Ta£Fata gar- 
nished w^ sylver Lace ! frenge having xij straunge headf 
curiusly decked withvyzardt skarfes, ffachyns buskins, !c. 

fa^«^ ^^XXX/»i->r»M. .^ (>fei^XL 

•''^^^%i«^^XXX'i/-'M'/VV-W-V/i-Vm-l)(-XL-»-»l« t| 


XX i/"// 

' Xu1ii-»\r. 






^ < 

r \ 




% % 

» I 


The other ij maskf were but translated 1 otherwise 
garnished being of the former nuber by meanes wherof 
the Chardge of W'kmanshipp 1; attendaunce is cheefely 
to be respected. 

Itm one of the for^iamed Mask^ had going before it 
a Childe gorgeusly decked for Mercury, who uttered a 
speeche: % presented iij filowers (wroughte in silke 1; 
golde) to the Queenes Msfi^ signefieng victory, peace, % 
plenty, to ensue. He had also ij torchebearers in Long 
gownes of changeable Taffata with him. 

Upon w^^ vj Maskes the Residue of all Themptions 
this yeare broughte into thoffice, for the moste parte was 
Employed. The Bemayne of all the forenamed stuf not 
on theise plaies 1; Mask^ Employed. Resteth in the 
hands of the seid M' of this office ^ suche as he comytted 
the custody therof unto, till farder service Required the 

Edward Buggyn. T. Blagrave^ John Arnold. 

Marche, Aprill T; Maye in anno RR""" Elizabth. xiiij*® 

3(}j(>j;^ Allowaunces 

Due unto 
Ayryng, Repayryng Layeng abrode. Turning, sow- the W'kmen 

ing, amending. Tacking, spunging, wyping Brushing, ^^^^^^^^^ 
sweeping, Caryeng, ffowlding, suting, putting in order lowing for 
and safe bestowing of the Garment^ vestures, Armo' W'kman- 
pperties and other stuf, store 1 1mplement^ of the seide and atten- 
office for the safegarde. Refreshing and Reddynesse dauncege- 
thereof T; Agaynste the Coommyng of Duke Momme- If^r^office^ 
rancie Eknbassado' for Fraunce. In all (Betweene Shrove* Betweene 
tewsdaie in the seide xiiij*^ yere, and the last daye of Shrovetews- 
May in the seide yeare) xx" Dayes wherin the partyes jast daye of 
diUigently wrowghte and attended within the seide office. Maye a° 

^^^ dicte vidz. 



Wages to Taylers and others woorking 1; attending the 
premisses those xx^. daies. vidS. Sm* viij^^ xiij*. iiij^ 

The Porter John Dawncye xx«. 

The officers The M' of thoffice, v3 S' Thomas Benger Knighte at 

^"^4 iiij-. by the daie iuj". 

those xx'* The Clerkcomptrowler^ vz) Edward Buggin esq^uer at 
daies. ii». the daie xK 

The Gierke, v3 ThomS Blagrave esquier at ij". the 
daie xK 

The yoman, v3 John Amolde at ij". the daie xl"« 

Sm* of all theise wages amouteth unto : xix". xiij". liij**. 
Edward Buggyn, T. Blagrave. John Arnold, 

Emptions % pvizions made within the same tyme 


John Dauncy for ffewell by him bowghte of Will»m 
Newman by the appoyntment of the seide S' Thom*s 
Benger % to him delyvered in Marche aforeseide, v3 iiij 
m) 1; an halfe of Billettf at xiij*. the thowsande ; Iviij*. 
Tallwood iiij Lodes at v*. iiij**. the lode ; xxj". iiij*. And 
fagattf iiij Lodes at v*. the Lode xx". In all ; 

iiij". XIX*. x**. 

Henri Callewaye for a Table with a frame T; sundry 
other necessaries by him delyvered into thoffice by the 
comaundement of the seid M' xxx*. 

Sm* of all Themptions vj". ix*. x**. 

From Sm* to"* of all the Charges of this office any way 

Shrovetews- (jj-Qwen from Shrovetewsdaie untill June aforeseide 

dave untill 

June in a« xxvj". lij*. ij^ 

"R B t^Wt wwa«M^ 

dicta xiiii*** Edward Buggyn. T. Blagrave. John Arnold. 




The Booke of Charges growen w*in Thoffice of the One yeare 
Queenes Ma*» Revells aforesaide in One whole jeare lastof^Mave 
scilt. From the Laste daye of Maye (1672) in the xiiij*^ Anno RR"* 
yeare of Matf Reaigne Untill the ffirst daye of June Elyzabeth 
1673 in the xv*** yeare saving the Warderobe stuf which 
is not here mencyoned bycawse it was not bowghte by 
any officer of the seide office^ but dely vered to thoffice by 
John Fortescue esq^er M' of the Queenes Ma**^ great 

There is added also in the ende of this booke the And fiyve 

Charges that grew within v Monethes as afore is saide; xT^?- tu 

vidss/ June, July, August, September, and October in Last daye of 

the saide xv*** yeare ; w*in which tyme there was w'ke T; October a" / 
attendaunces especially against the Progresse into Kent 

as there in thend of this Booke at Lardge appereth. 

• ■ 

Woorkf doone T; attendauncf eeven within the seide June Anno 
Office and on Thaffares therof within the same tyme ^^r^ " 
For *1t upon the devyzing, newmaking, translating, re- 
pay ring, Fyttyng, Furnishing, Garnishing 1 setting 
foorthe of sundry kindf of Apparell, properties and fur- 
niture for One Maske showen at White hall before her 
Msfi^ T; Duke Momerancie Embassador for Fraunce. 
Together w* the Emptions % pvisions bowghte and pro- 
vyded for the same. And all other chargf growen 
by meanes therof within this Office (the Warderobe stuf 
as before is said only excepted) pticulerly ensueth. 


p^a. xiiij'°. 



Officers in 
Respect of 

Taylors 1 others woorking 1 attending upon the pre- 
misses vi3 Sm» Iviij". viij". ij*. 
pptymakers Habberdash'® Imbroderers Ic 

Sm* xviij". x». iiij*. 

The M' at iiij". the daie 80 10 viij 

The Clerkcontrowler at ij". p die ...80 10 iiij 

The Gierke at ij-. p diem ; 80 10 iiij 

The Yoman at ij^ p diem ; ••.... •••80 10.,.,.. iiij 

Sro^ xxH 

June xiiij** Sm» of all tiieise Wages 


• •• • • • 

• ••• ••II *• .^ *A 

mjxvij". vny. yy. 
John Forteseue. 
ffenry Seke/hrde. 
Mdward Buggyn. 
Thmrfis Blagraive. 
John Arnold, 

'Hie silk- 
weaver and 
her percells 

The silk- 

June 1672 xiiij*<>. 

Emptions^ &c. 

Jone Bowll for Copp Sylver Frenge Twist and bone 

Lace. lix. ft 1 x. q3 c^. at xviij**. thounce. Ixxj". xj*. 

iiij<^. Golde Frenge at ij". vj^. thounce ij ft j. oz. <j*. iiij". 

iij". j. ob. Copp silver 1 silkf Buttons and loopes iiij. 


ft xiij. oz. dL at ij". the ounce ; iiij iij". ix*. vj*^. 

Ales Mowntague for Bone Lace wrowghte w^ sylv^ and 
spangells vij ouncf at ix^. thounce, Ixiij". Golde plate, j. 
oz. iij c^ at vij». thounce ; xij'. iij^. Lawne of fine 
white Netwoorke at xij«. the yarde iij yardes di. xlij». 
(Itm delyvered to M'" Swegoo to garnishe ix heades and 
ix skarfes for the ix Muzes owte of thoffice. vidz). Spcu 
nish silke of sundry cullers, w*°« iiij ozc^ iij c^ at ij'. vj^. 
thounce. xj». x^. ob. Heads of beare drest and tymmed 
at xxiij^ iiij*^ the peece in all ix, x". x«. Sisters threade, 
j oz. ij». Lawne for skarfes wliite 1 open xiiij yardf di. 


at lij^. iiij*. the yarde-^xlviij^. liij^. White Sipers for 
skarfes xxvj yardes at ij*. iiij*. the yardej lx». viij*. 
Frenge of golde twisted for the same skarfes xiiij ozcf 
at vij", viij**. the o3. cvij*. iiij^. Bone Lace cheyne 
Frenge '\ edging lace of golde % silv' with spangles xxvij 
o3. di at viij*. the ounce $ xj", Poynting Ribbon of 
golde sylv'f and sylke 10^ yardes at viij*. the yarde-^iij*. 
viij». 1 Ribon of penny brode silke j. oz q^ at iij». thounce ; 
iij". ix*. Parchement Lace of watchett and sylver at vij". 
viij*. the ounce ij oz. q^*' xvij". iij**. Laces of Crymsen 
ij at xvj*. the peece j ij». viij*^. Spanish Lace T; white 
heare laycying v dpozen at ij*. the doozen ) x*. Boxes to 
put the heades ^d skarfes in ij at ij*, the peece : iiij*. 
in all. xliiij". iij« j<^. ob. 

Willm BowU for xxxij long flowers iiij stalkes the Silkwever 
peece at vujd. the stalke ; iiij". v*. iiij*. striggf of bay ^^^^'^ P^'^" 

Leaves for twigg headf at vj*. the peece. xvj*. single 
Roses at ij*. the peece xviij dozen, xxxvj*. Flowers in 
Branches xj doze at viij*. the braunche; iiij*. viij". 
Reedes. ij<^. Canvas x ells at x^. the ell; viij". iiij*. 
Vandelas iiij ells di at xiij*. thell; iiij". x. ob. single 
panc^ iiij dozen; iiij". viij*. Flowers of needlewk 1 
golde xxvij 1 iiij labells p^cej iiij". xij". viij*. Rose 
headeded nayles M ; xx*. in all xvj". xvij". viij*. ob. 

John Rosse (gent) for mony to him due for making of Property- 
a Chariott of xiiij foote long 1 viij foote brode w* a Rock °^®'' 
upon it 1 a fowntayne therin w* the furnishing and gar- 
nishing therof for Apollo and the Nine Muzes,by the com- 
position 1 appoyntment of the aforeseide John Forteskue 
esquier 1 Henri Sackford esquier. lxvj".xiij". iiij*. 

James Macredye for making of a Castell for Lady Property- 
peace to sytt 1 be browghte in before the Queenes Ma«« ^^^^^ 

c S 


T; for dyvers things by him bowghte, and employed on 
the same ; together w^ the wages by him demamided for 
payment of suche as wroughte upon the same^ in all xvj^. 
But alowed only xiij". xv«. 

Fatteme- Robert Trunkye arras for patternes by him made 

maker ^^^ plottf for sundry devices requizite in this office T; at 

this tyme employed in all xxx". 

The Jovner John Carow for vj dozen of golde Lether at ij». viij*. 

and propty- the dooze; xvj». for xviij feltf at xij<*. the peece 5 xviij". 

m&jcer and 

his percells. ^^^ ^"J staves at vj^. the peece ij". for ij feltf for women ; 

xvj**. Nayells. iij*. Feltf at viij**, the peece xij ; viij*. 
One Turky Bowe and iij arrowes; xv*^. Packthred 5 ij*, 
Bannarstaves vj. at iiij*. the peece ; ij*. for making of vj 
yardf of cheyne w* the golde lether; vj". for another 
cheyne of xv yardf ; viij*. for ffyne fflower for past ; ij*. 
Glewj iiij*. for xv feltf more at viij*. the peece ; x". for 
iiij dozen more of golde lether ; ix». ij*. for a Bolte 
shackles T; a coller for discorde, ij". for boordes for the 
floore % shelves in the coutinghowse ; xvj". for Bafbers 
T; grunsells, xiiij". for Wenskot. xiij". For Nayles of 
sundry sortf ; vj*. viij*. for frames for wyndowes; x«. 
for joyntf staples hookf 1 henges for windowes T: doores ; 
ix". viij*. for making of a portall, shelves, dores, boxes 
T; mending the floore T; seeling in the same ; x*. viij*. In 
all as by one of his billf : iiij". iiij*. viij*. And by the 
other entred T; paid by Dodmer the Clerkf appointm* iiij". 

•••11 "••••. '"A 

vuj". mj*. vnj*. 

Fainter &c. Will*m Lyzarde for xviij pencells at viij*. the peece ; 
xij". for Banners iiij at vj*. viij*. the peece; xxvj*. viij*. 
Crownes ij ; v*. for paynting ij Marshalls stavesj ij*. for 
paynting a castell ; x*. the Rock T; churche in the Castle; 
X*. The pillers Arcatrye, fri^e cornish "l the roofe gilt 
w* golde and ffine silver ; c*. The Armes of England 


and Fraunce upon it ; xK the wingf ; iiij". certeyne gar- 
londf : XX*. Ollyff Braunches and snakes; vij*. Avi- 
zard for Argus ; ij*. Candlestick^ likwise by him paynted, 
ij dozen ; iiij". A prison for discord 5 v*. for drawing 
of divers hedpeeces; vj", viij^. for gilding iiij. pillers of 
a waggon, iij«. iiij*. xv". iij*. viij*^. 

Philipp Gunter for xxx**. peeces of Buckferams v3. [Jpholster 
xxvj at xj" the peece } xiiij". vj*. One pee. more of ^^* 
Bridgf Buckeram; xij*. And iij peecf of Rownde 
Buckerams, at iiij*. iiij*. the peece ; xiij*. In all. 

xv". xj*. 

Barnard Fabyan for seering Candell. vj. ft at xvj*. Chaundler 
the ft ; viij*. Weeke and Gotten Candell xij ft 5 ij*. 
ix*. vj peeces of corde and Lyne 5 iij*. viij*. In all . 

xiuj*. v*. 

— Gyles for ij dozen di. of fyne weemens vizardes, at Haberdasher 
xxiiij*. the doozen ; iij". Itm. vj fyne Turkes vizardes 
after xxiiij*. the doozen ; xij*. In all iij doozen vizardf . 


Thomas Greene the Cofer Maker for covering the Coffermaker 
seate of the chariot wheron the muzes sate T: for him '\ 
his ij s'yauntf attendaunce 1 woo'kf doone within this 
tyme in all ; xxij*. vj*. 

John Ogle for Curling of Heare made of Black silk for Property- 

discordf heade (being Ix ouncf ) price of his woerkman- 

shipp theron only is. vij*. viij*. 

Rychard Bryan Ic. for mony by him disbursed T: to Messengers 
him p* by Brian Dodtner for horshier T; expences in tra- 
velling abowte thaflares of this office at this tyme by 



thappoyntment of M' FOrteskue 1 M' Sackforde stindry 

tymes in all> 

XXTJ*. viij* 


John Farrynton for inking yiij payer of white star-^ 
tops of cloth of sylver ^ for th^ier sowlefs: viij'w for 
making % sowling ix paier of sattyn : ix*. Yolow caffa 
xij paier xij* of iij paier of Buskins one being cloth of 
golds for *Allphdnse, the other, ij of Caffa at xx^. the 
paier w^ theier soiling lether. v*^ Bybbon for Laces ij 
otincf c^ : ij*. vj^. And foi^ Tagging of Laces t iiij^. Li 
all : xxxvj*. x*. 

and Re- 

Bryan Dodmer for mony by him disbursed for sundry 
Necessaries at dy vers tymes and for his contynuall at- 
tendaance % s'vice during the tyme aforeseide in this 
office, x>. 



ThomH Leverett for white Rownde plates tumde in 
with a crest for xxiiij braunches eche bearing iiij (for 
lightf ) at viij^. the peece : Ixiiij*. Wyer to hang them 

by vj ft at xvj*, the ft : viij*^ Create Wyei^ that went 
crossei the hall. w. iiij ft the peece at xvj*^. the ft : xxj*. 

iiij^. A lighte for the churche : xij^. Nailes M : xvj*^. 
j ft more of fyne Wyer : xvj^. ij ft of drawen wyer : 
iij". iiijd* — ^iiij ft c^^' greate wyer at xvj*. the ft: v*^ 
viij^.—Doobble plat at viij^. the peece xv peecf : x».— 
C.C. payer of elapses : xij^. And for wagf for vj of hid 
s'vauntf that attended T; wroute at the Coo'te and in 
thoffice this tyme in all : xx". viij*. All which his mony 
for theise perils mnounteth unto : vj". xvij*. viij**< 

Paynter for Haunce Eottf for drawing and paynting of dyvers 1 

sundry patternes : vS . of the Chariott T: tnOwnte (w*^^ 
.Rose made) w^ all the psonages appardl and Insti'umetf 
'\ setting them owte in apte cooUo's 1: such like s'vice by 


him doone in this office at this t^me at the request 1; 
apoyntment of M' Alphotise % thofficei^ as by his bill 
x". Kv'w reduced by thofficers to : iiij^. xix*. 

Petrucio for his travell ^ paynes taken in pparacon Rewardes 

40s. • 

for the same mask % for recompenee to M* Sw^go 1 for *^' 

the Muzisian that towghte the ladies. In all iiij". ij*. 
V*. as by his bill. But alowed for all Oiily. bduj^. v^. 

Thomas Booreman for mony by him disbursed for Necessaries 
Lynkes, Torches, T; other necessaries with Boethier ^ 
Rewardf geven to dyvers porters, Mes^ngers and 
woorke(men by the clerkf appointm^ xi^. 

John Weaver for mony to him due for Buttons of Sylkwever 
greene silke and golde ^ for lace of the same employed 
by John Arholde upon a skarfe for one of the gentle- 
wemen Maskers, price : xj". viij*. 

Edwarde Buggin esquiei^ clerkcomptrowler of this 
Office for mony by him disbursed and taken upon him 
to dyvers psons for sundry pcells of ware It s'vices fol- 
lowing : vid3 

To Pecock for ij peecf of blew and Crimsen Merser. 

Tyncell cont xxxiiij yardes di, at ^ij*. the y'de : xiij". 
xvj". Black Tyncell v yardf . xlj». And for yolo Sattyn 
ij yardes di : xxj". iij^. in all, xvj**. xviij*. iij*. 

John Will*mson for xlj ells white Tyncell at vij*. thell Mercer. 

••••II ••« 
xmj". vij*. 

M" Dane for xlij ells canvasse at xiiij^. thell : xlix". Lynnen- 


To Will*m Rowe for Blew tyncell x yardes at vj». Mercer. 



viiij**. the yarde : lxvj». viij^. Crimsen sattyn iij yardf : 
xxxjs Crimsen Tyncell xx yardes: vj", xiij". iiij^. 
JBlew Tyncell 1 crimsen Ixxvij y'des c^ at v'f, vixj^. 
the yarde : sxv^. xiiij*. x^. In all. xxxvij". v*. x\ 

Sylkwomao. jjrii Wyett for carnacon and sylver Lawne xxj yardf 

iy <jb*' at the yarde : vij". xij". iij^. Sylver Tyncell 
xviij yardes: xlv». Ribbon of Silver /I golde iiij doze 
di at the doze : xj«. iij^. 

x". viij". vj*. 


John Wever of Saint Martins for Copp silver frenge 
xvij oz«« at the ounce : xxv*. silk heare ij ft price : 
1" . Copp silver purled and laced Frenge oz) at 
the ounce viij". vj*. iiij". xiij". vj*^. 

Million'. To the Millioner for one yard <j^ of couterfete cloth 

of golde p*ce : xxij". 



To — Hobson for iij doze gold skines viij", 

To the stacyon' for a lidg' booke T;c. 

v«. ijd. 


To Barnes for v y'ds di tiucell : Ixiij*. 


To Dyrick for gilding 8 hedpeecf xl«. 

Fethermaker To the Fetherraaker for Fethers : 



To John Lacye for di, y'de tyncell : 



To the smith for lockf and keyes, Ic. xij". viij^. 

Basket- To the Basketmaker for viij Moldf for heade peecf : 

maker. ^y^»^ One greate Baskett : ix", for bringing and mend- 

ing the other baskettf in thoffice ; v". xxx». 


To a Bargeman for cariages by waP x". : Cariage 

To John Farrington for ij flFeltf : xx<*. 

To the Porters that watched all nighte at the black Rewarded 
Fryars brydge for the cummyng of the stuf from the 
Coorte : ij". 

To the woo'kmen that wayted on the Mask all nighte Rewardes 
who had no tyme to eate theyer supper xvj of them by 
way of Rewardes in all : vij". 

To Thomas Clatterbooke for billetf for Coles, T; for ffewell 
Nayles for a chariot : x*. ij*. 

For his owne ^ his servauntf expences in botehier Botehierand 
Lynkf T; sundry other necessaries boughte T; reward^ Necessaries, 
geven to Messeng's, w^in this tyme in all : xx"* 

To M'« Amolde Yoman of thoffice for Threade of Necessaries, 
sundry sortf cullers and pricf su in Bowltf *^ su by lb : 
C.X". x*. Tape j ft v». T; iij pecf iij». : viij». past pap : 
xxiij". pack threade : iij<^. Nailes : vj*^. Hookes and eyes : 
vj*. silke: xij*. Corde: ij". Bentf : iij". Gotten to 
makeRowles: yj". Rybbon for poyntyng : ix". Pinnes 
a thowsand: xij*. Gloves: lix". vj*. Sweete water: 
iij", iiij*. Billettf : vj". Rushes : vij". iiij*. Bote hier : 
XX*. Cariages : iij". Seering Candell : iiij*. other lightf : 
vj*. Rewardes : iij". In all : xij". ix". ix*. 

All whicbe mony amounteth unto : ex", xv". iiij*. 

Walter Rippon for a Chariett w* all manner of Neces- Waggon- 
saries therto belonging w°^ s'ved at the Tryumphe in ™a^®r. 
the nighte at Whitehall, T; there broke and spoyled as the . 
clerk was enformed. v". vij". 



June xiiij^. Sm* of all theise Emptions and prorisions for the seide 
Maske w^ all the expencf lb alowauncf (besides the 
^ages afore settowte) amouateth imto 

C,CCC1X»*. UJ*. IJ^. 

ex. John Fdrtestue*, 
Henry Seke/brde. 
Edward Buggyn. 
Thomas Blagrave. 
John Afnoldi 

Jane yet io 
anno RR"» 

Wages to 
and gar- 

The Banketting Howse made at White Hall (then) 
for Thentertaynement of the seide Duke did drawe the 
Charges ensuing for the Covering therof with Canvasse. 
The Decking therof with Birche % Ivie, And the fret- 
ting and garnishing therof with fflowers, % Comparte- 
mentf , w^ pendente % lirmes paynted % gilded for the 
purpose. The £9oore therof being all strewed^ with Roz6 
leaves pickt % sweetned w^ sweete waters Htc. The 
wages for the dooing wherof. Themptios and provi- 
^ons therefore : Together w* Bewardes and alowances 
Incident As also the partyes Names to whome, by 
whom^, % ^herfore the same wa^ payde fl i^ to be 
ak)wed) pttceulerly ensue i 


John Drawater for mony by him pftide unto 30. Bas- 
kettnakers, that made the frettf^ 8 drawers of the pat* 
ternes for them according to the measure of the walls, 
Boofe, T; Windowes, 17 Plasterers 1 others that Lathed 
the howse all the Inside to fasten the birche unto : 66 
Labowrers or rather Deckeris of the howse with Birche 
T; Ivie in all, 116 psons; xxj". xvij». And for Botehier, 
Reward^ to messengers T; expencf in vittelling himselfe 
T; iij of his ffellows ; xxv». vj^. In all 

XXllj". IJ*. VJ**. 



Nychoks StUbbe for )iij viij Lodes of Biifche; xv". Byrche and 
Viij». For flowers; lix"* vj*. Ivye v Lodes with the lowers to 
Cariage; 1". and for Horsbier^ Botehier^ 'Ik Hewardf to 
him selfe 1; others travelling and attending aboute the 
provision afoTeseide : itxxY*. viij^. all : xxij"w xiij"* ij*, 

John 8epeh*ni lor flowers and other necessaries by him fflowers &c. 
pvyded at Kingston 1 browghte to white hall. v3 . Base *^ gamishe. 
Rope % Lyne bounde rOwnde aboixte with filowers 1560 
fiadani; t.iy. Fldwers xij Baskettf full; x»* Pack' 
threade xxx lb} xV*« Ctowne garlandf of Roses^ x^ 
Vj*. viij^. Roses x bushels j viij*. iiij^. Strewing herbes 
nt sweete flowers; xj*. viij^. Torches Lynkf T; other 
Kghtf ; viij». vj^. Reward^ by hirai paid to sundry 
w'kemen % women that wroughte nighte T; daye ; xviij"* 
x^. His owne Rewarde fdr all his paynes ; xl*. Bote 
hier *! other Cariages iri all ; vii)"^ vj*^. all as by his 
booke appereth. p^. by M' Forteskue xj". xiij". vj^. 

John Robinson for flowers broughte in to the Ooekpitt fflcmers &<;. 

at White Hall w* othef necessaries v3 . Flowers of aU l^ gafnish 

together w* 
Bortf taken up by comyssion T: gathered in the feeldes; wages &c. 

ix". xiiij*. iiijd. Base Rope xxx fadora iii ; xx». — sand*- 

wiche corde, packthreade, twyne, bynding threade T; 

needells in all ; lxx». ij^. Flaskettf 1 Baskettf to carry 

the flowers; ii". for Botehier from Brayneforde and 

abowte the sslme prepara^ns ; x"* Wages by him payd 

to 214 Woorkfolkes the most of them being women 

that gathered bowtlde and sorted the flowers w^ reward^ 

by him p**/in all ; xj^. xij*. vj<*. Lynkf and other lightf 

by him bowghte; iiij». And for his owne Rewarde for 

all his payneis travell T; attendaunce ; xxvj". viij*^. In 

all : xxviij". vj*. viij**. 


John Whitwell for Cariage of iiij ix Lodes of Byrche Cariage of 

Birche &c. 



from sundry places browghte to White Hall by sundry 
persons at sundry rates as the p'veior compounded and 
as appereth more Lardgely in his booke ; xj". xv". 

fflowers, &€• Will^m Hunnys for Rozes xlvj Bushells ; xlvj». Pinkf 
and privett fflowers in all; xiij". iiij^. Huny suckells 
vj bushells ; xij^. more Roses xxxiij bushells w* basketf ; 
xxxiiij". x^. privett flowers xix bushells; xij». viij*. 
Strewing herbes xij bushells ; v*. Baskettf ; ij". viij*. 
Glasse Bottells ij of iiij gallons ; iiij". Rose Water iiij 
gallons ; xl», Boteliier T; portage v*. viij^. In all : 

viij". V*. ij*. 


Henri Sackforde esquier for Rewardf by him geven 
upon the necessitie of expedicon emongs the men ^ Wo- 
men w'king all Nighte upo the premissf ^ for making 
kleane the banketting howse T; keeping the dores in all 

xlix*, vj**. 

Cariage &c, Wil>m Boome for mony by him paide for cariage of 
Rewardes ^j j^^j^g ^f j^y^ g.. Scotland to White Hall 1 for flowers 

with tables and tressells 1; his owne paynes ij dales ^ one 
nighte. In all x". 


victualls Bryan Dodmer for Breade and Cheese *^c. to serve the 

horshier and P^^^^^^s that wrowghte all the nighte *! mighte not be 
Rewardes. spared nor trusted to go abrode to supper T; for iij greate 
steanes 1 iij drinking pottf in all; xiiij*. and for his 
owne attendaunce T; service w*** his s'vauntf travell to ^ 
fro abowte the pmissf theier horshyer, Botehier, expencf 
of diet T; for Lynckf T: Rewardf unto messengers run- 
nyng betweene saint James T; the Coorte T;c, sundry 
tymes % for cariage of dyvers necessaries to ^ fro in all. 
xl». paid by M'. Forteskue liiij*. 


Awdryan Awdrianson for Wicker Roddf to make Basket- 
frettf 5 XXXV". the Cariage fro eschepe to White Hall ; "^ ^^' 
xx\ In all. xxxvj". viij*. 

Vander Valloy for mony by him disbursed for Roddf Basket- 
of seasoned wyckers 80 bundeUs ; Ixv". Hoopes, 200 ; "*^®'"- 
viij». Nayles ; xij*. Cariages by water and Land ; ij". 
vj*. Wages for hyra selfe besides viij". before paid by 
F. Drawater ; iiij". vj*. iiij". xij*. 

Will»m Lyzarde for x peecf and pendent^ fastned to Painter and 
them of iiij foote over ; iiij". iiij pendent^ of xiiij inches *"® percells. 
over ; xv". xvj pendente of x Inches ; xxxij"* viij doo- 
zen Roses ; iiij". ij dozen di. of fflowerdeluces ; xv". for 
pattemes x". all paynted gylded T; bestowed on the seide 
howse for the better garnishing T; setting foorth therof. 

xj". xij". 

Thomas Mathew for Nayles of all sortC dd to M' For- Ironmonger, 
tescue then % there employed and for ij peececes of base 
Rope in all. Ixxviij". x\ 

John Capp T, Richard Warmingh»ra for theier service Rewardes 
daye T; nighte whiles the birche was browghte in untill ^g^i^^ 
it was employed ^ for mony by them disbursed for iiij 
greate knyves to cutt the Birche T, vj Linck^, iij canvas 
baggs to conteyne % carry the Nailes T certeyne pack^ 
threde to the deckers, T; for kepping the by'che from 
sealing, T, serving the birchers T; lathers T:c. in all. xx». 

M*** Dane for xx** peecf of Vandelas to cover the Ban* Lynen dra- 
kettinghowse conteyning in the whole 1006 ells, at xiij**. ^'* 
thell ; liiij". ix". x**. Itm more for xvij ells of the same 
rate v3. xiij**. ; xviij*. v*. And for 130 ells Canvas at 
xijd. the ell J vj". x". In all Ixj". xviij*. iij**. 


Wages of Robert Welton for his owne wages ^ the wages of 

Tamers ^^jj "Paylers by \dm paid for W'kmanshipp doone 

upon the same Canvas to Coover the howse in alL 

xlij». xjd. 

Wages or Thom^ Hales for cutting owte of the Canvas 1 fitting 

Rewardes. the same for the howse T; for his attendaunce T; ordering 

therof, xx^ 

fflowers ne- John Forteskue esquier for mony by his owne hand^ dis- 
^saries ana b^^ dyvers T; sundry waies for thexpedicon furnishing 
Botehier&c. ^ garnishing tberof. Tq John B^ber for flowers; Ixx*. 
To W'" Rowden and Rowlande for flowery T. rewarde for 
s!^vice done, Ivj". John Trice for fflowers T; Rose water ; 
cxj". vj*. To Robert Jones for Ivie 5 xviij«. for Candel- 
stickf w* lightf ; xxvj". viij**. for Thred T, Iyer 5 xvj". 
Yiy4. Gariages sundry tymes of sundry things incident 
to the pmissf ; xxiij". iiij**. Botehier ; xxvj". viij**. To 
gregory Glazier for flowers % w'kf ; iiij". To John 
Browne for setting up % taking downe the canvas ; xij*. 
And to sundry other psons by hun uzed in the seide 
8<vice as the necessitie of and aid therin required ; Ixvj". 
viij^. In all as by his notes therof appeereth. 

xxv", vij". vj**. 

Sm* of theise Charge for the Bankettinghowse made 
in June aforesaide. ccxxiiij". vj», %\ 

p'd. xiiij^ 

June anno Sm* of all theise Charges growen w*in the tyme afore^ 

^^"*.?)^^' saide Bothe for the Maske and also for the Banketting- 
howse amountetb together unto D^^*, xviij*, vj**. 

John Forteacue. 
Henry Sekeforde, 
Edward Buggyn. 
Thomas Blagrave. 
John u4rnold. 


Ayryng Repayiyng, Layeng abrade Turning sewing, July, Au- 

amending, Tacking, Spunginge, wyping, Brushing, fj^^il^f ®P*i 

Making Cleane, £Pbwlding, suting, putting in order^ October 

Layeng up and safe Bestowing of the Garment^, Ves- Anno RR""^ 

C n'd xiiii^ 
tures T; ffumiture w* the stuf, store and Impiementf of ^^^ Novem- 

the saide 0£Sce for the safegarde, Refreshing, and Redy- ber anno 

nesse therof, Doone at sundry tymes as the Necessitie w^"^ ^ " 

therof Required* Betwene the first of July and the last zv^. 

of November af(»resaide wroughte 1; attended upon by 

the parties ffoUpwinge as theier Nuber of daies severail 

wages ^ alowaunc^ here after appere. vid3 

Taylers and others wooing and attending the pre^ 
naiss^. Sm* xxix^. ^•. viij*. 

dales U. 

The M" at iiij'. by the daye ., .,. 40 ...... viij Officers for 

The Clerkcomptrowler at ij>. p die 40 ...... iiij theier diett. 

The Clerk at ij", by the dale 40 iiij 

The Yoman at ij'. by the daie ...•• ». 40 •••.•• iiij 

Sm» of all theise Wages, xlix". vj". viij*. 

John Amolde Yoman of this Office for mony by bim Necessaries, 
disbursed for Thredd of sundry cullers; vj", viij*. 
Brushes of sundry sortf redd Ti white j v». iiij**. Fewell i 
xxvj*. viij*. Nayles, Hamers, Pincers % other neces^ 
saryes from the Ironmunger; vj\ Lygbtf, Corde, T; 
other chaundry ware; vij". Glew ^ a melting pott; 
xiiij*. a hatchett; xvj*. Dust baskettf ; xvj*. A 
shovell; viij*. Broomes; xij*. Boordes, Rafters, T; 
Waynskott to mend the small presfses % to make shelves 
T; pticions; xx". Bowltf, Hookes, Henges, Lockf T; 
Keyes; viij». Rubbers T; spunges; ij*. Rushes; vj". ^ 

viiij*. Sm» iiij", xiij". ^i^*. 


July August Sm» of all the Chargf growen w*in the same v 

anTo'SXr ^onethes. liiij". vj-. 

anno RR^^ John Forteacue, 

^.11?- P'*^- Edward Bvggyn. 

xuij"' and 

November TJwmf's Blagrave. 

xv*°. John Arnold. 

December New making. Translating, Repayring, fluting, ffur- 

Febraarv^" nishing. Garnishing and attending the wares, apparell, 
RRo* Eliz. properties, stuf, store, and Implement^ of the seide 



Office for the apte setting foorthe of Sundry Playes and 
Maskf w* other sportf T, pastymes for her Ma*« Recrea- 
ffin showen this yeare in Christmas % Shrovetyde at 
Hampto Coorte and at Greenewiche the Chargf wherof 
growen aswell by meanes of Wages as Emptions \ pro- 
vizions over and besides the warderob stuf hereafter pti- 
culerly ensuetb - 

Taylers T, others working T; attending the premisses 

the first at xx^. the p die, and all the rest at xij^. 

••11 • • ••••J 

c.xvij". IX", mj**. 

Paynters xxij", iiij". iiij**, 

Will»m Lyzard for gilding T; paynting sundry thingf 
at his howse vid3 . Patternes for psonages of Men \ 
Women in strange attyer, hedepeec^, dishes for frutes 
% ffishes in all : xx". iiij*^. 

Bryan Dodmer for his Attendaunce T; service doone 
in the seid Office dyvers and sundry waies within the 
same tyme ^ in full satisfaffin for all his disbursement^ 
for necessaries imployed in the seide office ^ expencf in 
the afiares therof for, c", by him demaunded. In the 
whole alowed but ; Ixvj". viij*^. 


Proptymakers, Imbroderers, Habberdasherf and thder 
s'vauntf T; attendant^ by the daye at ; xlv". viij*. x<*. 

dales nightg H. ■. 

The M' at iiij*. p diem ; ... 80 .•• 17 xix viij Offycers for 

Clerkcomptrowler at ij«. ; ... 80 ... 17 ix xiiij theierdiett 

The Gierke at ij 80 ... 17 ix xiiij ^''^^' 

The Yomen at ij 80 ... 17 ix xiiij 

xlviij X 

Sm» of all the Wages in December, January, and 
February aP RR°« Eliz. ^d. xv*«- cc.xxxvij". xix", vj*. 

ex'. John Fortescue. 
Henry Sekeforde. 
Edward Buggyn. 
Thomf^a Blagrave. 
John Arnold. 

Emptions 1; provizione for Christmas T;c* as before a** 
RR°- Eli3. xv*« vid3 

Philipp Gunter for iiij iiij peecf of Buckeram at iiij". thupholster. 
the peece amounting unto ; xvj". xyj". 

John Amolde for iiij lb Redd Thred ; xiij". iiij*. for Necessaries, 
iij ft) Blew Thred ; x". for ij ft di. of gold thred ; viij". 
iiij<*. iij ft di. of greene thred xj", viij*. iij ft Black 
Thred ; vj". x ft di. White thriedd ; xxxiij". iiij*. For 
Cariage of Rubbish owte of the bowses; xij<*. For 
flower to make paste ; vj*. Pap ; iiij*. ij oz. di. of sylke 
V". Tape iij %*■ of ft iij", Bumbast to make snoballs ; 
V". vj*. Lynnen cloth to lyne a Jerken T; slops for Far- 
rantC soon ; ij". iiij*. For Glew T; paste ; xij*. Cruell 
to cut for frozen headf ; vj". Arsedue to cut for the 
same headf ; ij". Bumbast to stuf Rowles for the 
Turkf headej ij". vj*. Gotten to lyne the Jerken T: 




maker and 
his percells. 

slopps aforeseide; ij*. ij<^. Gloves for the Children of 
Eaten^ ij ^^^ x«. Gloves for Maskers, vj paier ; iiij". 
Gloves for Torchebearers vj paier $ iij*. Pinnes. M; 
xij<*. Tape. di. ft; ij«. Cariage of Basket^ to T, fro 
the water syde; ij*. Rewards to the Taylers; iij*. 
Horshyer % charges at Hampton Coo^ in the ChristmH ; 
X". For Bentf for fardngales ; v«. iiij*. Red thred. j 
ft ; iij". iiij<*. Blew thred. j ft j iij*. iiij*. White thred 
iiij ft di. XV*. Gotten * ^**^ to lyne ij pe of hoze for 
Mukesters playe 5 ij". Yolow It greene thred ij ft vj*. 

viij<*. Feltf for Women T; felt^ for men, xx*. More 
bentf 5 iij*. iiij^. Gloves for the children of Wynsor, ij 
doze, T; for maskers xvj pe xx*. iiij*^. Black thred j bolte ; 
iiij*. pinnes T; tape ; xv<*. Flowers T, past ; vj*^. Re- 
wardf to the Taylers T; Habberdashers ; iiij*. White 
thred iij ft; x*. Botehier T; chargf at Kingston on 
newyeres dale, v*. The chargf there on twelf dale w* 
bothyer; vij*. ij<^. Billetf M; xiij*. iiij*. Coles for 
thimbroderer ; vj**. Bumbast to stuf the Rowles of the 
hatt^ for the wemen maskers, ij*. viij*. Coles xij*. 
Shethes for maryners; xij**. White Thred ij ft; vj*. 
viijd. Pynnes % Tape ; xiij*. Redd Thred ; xx*. j ft 
blew thred ; iij*. iiij*. more Red Threde j ft di ; v*. 
other cooUerd thred ; ij*. vj**. Gloves for Munkesters 
boyes ij do3 . x*. Black gloves xij paier ; iij*. Pinnes 
T, tape; iiij*. vj**. Gloves (1 dozen) for the Ladye 
Maskers; x*. for the Lordf gloves; vj*. vj\ for the 
Torcheberers gloves; iij*. Past pap; iiij*. cariage 1 
recarriage of basketf ij*. xvij**. xij*. 

John Carow for sparres to make frames for the players 
bowses ; ix*. vj**. Canvas, at x*. thell for a monster vij 
ells ; V*. X**. A nett for the Fishers maskers ; x*. vj**. 

3 lb. 

for wooU to stuf the fishes ; xij**. ij speares for the play 
of Cariclia; xvj**. A tree of Holly for the Duttons 


playej iij". iiijd. other Holly for the forest; xij**. A 
Traye for Fishermen; vij<^. A mace; xij<*. Turky 
bowes ; ij*. Arrowes ; xij^. sparres caryed to hampton 
coote ; ij«. packthred ; iiij<*. A planke ; x\j\ A new 
fawchyn, iij». iiijd. the mending of v ffawchins ; v». A 
Palmers staf; xij<^. A Desk for farrantf playe iij«. 
Boordes to brace the scaffoldf ; yj<*. A vyzarde for an 
apes face ; iij" iiij^. Glew j ft ; iij<*. A keye for Janus ; 
ij". A Monster; xx«. An awlter for theagines; iij*. 
iiij<^. Dishes ; iiij'*. Eggf couterfet vij doozen ; xiiij*. 
Roches couterfet vj». Whitings xxiiij ; vj". Knyves 
for marryn's; xij*. Thomebackf; iiij*. Smeltf iij 
doze; iij*. Mackerells; iij". Flownders; iij«. An 
Image of canvas stuft ; iij". Boord^ to beare lightf for 
the hall; iiij". — cariage of the Awlter from the Warde- 
robe to Powles wharf; iiij<*. A Ladder; xviij**. A 
flEbotepace of iij stepps w* Jointf x". Nayles v.c. of 

C. ^^ 900 

single tenns; iiij". ij*. Dubble tens; xviij** — syxpeny 
nayles; xviij*. — three peny nayles; ix<^. — twopeny 
nayles ; viij*^. Tackf vj**. Hoopes for the monster ; x<*. 
In alL vij". xj». iij**. 

Robert Moorer for suger plate; xij». viij*. Musk Thappoti- 

OAi*v his 

kumfettf j ft ; ij". iiij*. Corianders prepared j ft ; xx*. pgrcells 
Clove Cufett^ j ft ij". iiij*. Synamon kufettf ; iij". 
Rose water j quarte % j pynte of spike water ; iij". iiij** 
Gynger Cufettf j ft ; ij". All whiche served for fflakes 
of yse 1; hayle stones in the Maske of Jemus, the Rose 
water sweetened the balls made for snowballf psented to 
her Ma**« by Janus. xxvij". iiij*. 

John Arnolde yoman of thoffice for mony by him paid Pay^^ting 
to Arnolde the paynter for the picture of Andromadas ; 
X". T; To Anthony the basketmaker for patternes ; x". 
iaall. XX". 




frutes neceS" 

and Re- 

Thomas Blagrave esquier for mony by him disbursed 
in Rewarde to Muzitians that plaide at the proofe of 
Duttons play ; ij". vj**. To Robert Baker for drawing of 
pattemes for the playe of fortune ^ altering the same ; 
vj*. viij**. For suger for Marchepane stuf at xiij**. ob, 
the lb viij ft) ; ix". Almons. v ft v", flEyne Cakes iij 
doozen ; vij". vj*, Gu Dragacanth ; iiij<*. Rose water 
1 pynte : xiiij**. Baskett^ ix T; a mace wickerd by van- 
dervaloy 5 x". Go wide leaves to gilde the Marchepane 
stuf; xij<*. Almonds againe, iij ft di. iij". vj'*. Baskettf 
boughte of Adrianson ij ij". Frut^ for Banketting ; ij". 
ix<*. Lynkf It botehier; xx*^. Portage to T; fro the 
wat' syde ; xiiij*. Banketting frutes iij ft di at iij". 
iiij<*. the ft xj". viij**. Dishes of suger vj ; xij". For 


Marmellad ; xij**. Cloves T; safeme ; ij<*. Quincf j ft ; ij". 
viij**. Cloves ; iiij<*. Botehier to the Coort« w* T, for 
M' Forteskue ; xviij**. the hier of a Bardge for a Maske; 
vij". for portage p<*. to Lam ; iij". vj<*. A Whirey to 1 
fro grenewiche ; ij". pap for the baskettf of flFrute ; xiiij**. 
jCariage of a Hamp to T; fro Billingsgate ; iiij<*. To 
Thomas Booreman for spicf by him pvided; iij". To 
Boorne for lending his skales T; weighty ; iiij<*. Botehier 
to T; fro grenewiche ; ij". vj*. Eggf . c. ; ij". ix<*. syna- 
mon % gynger ; xxij**. to M' Buggyn for mony by him 
pd, for botehier T; barge hier to the Coo'te on shrove- 
tewsdaie; x". Frutf couterfete bowghte of Brayne 
thappoticary ; x". To W™ Huston for his Bardge iij 
Nightf at shrovtide ; xxvj". horshyer ^ Waggonhier w* 
chargf at Hampton Coorte ; liiij". Lynkf T^ torches 
there ; iiij". iiij**. Reward^ there ; iiij". x**. Billettf ij 
Thowsand di. bowghte of Newman ; xxxiij". iiij*. A 
Table ; v". Wyer T; hookes ; ij" vj*. Rewardf to boyes ; 
viij*. lb Benbow for playeng in the Monster : ij". vj*. 
And to Robinson for W^'kemanship % neccies ; vj". viij*. 


xiij". vj". X' 


Thomas Leverett for small Candelstickf iiij doze; Wier- 
viij-. For xij high Candelstickf ; vj-. vice candelstickf J^^jJ®''® P®"^" 
xij ; xij". Dubble plate (ix) candelstickf ; ij». viij*. Bel- 


lowes ij payer ; vj". viij**. Lanthornes of middle syze ; x". 
One greate Lanthorne; v". Bastard wyer, ij ft; ij«. 
Lattyn wyer, j ft ; xx^. Come brushes to dresse the 
heares; ij". Lattyn Rings; xij**. one q^*'. of Lattyn; 
vj<*. Rose Nayles ; viij<*. Spanish Needells ; xx<*. Ano- 
ther greate lanthorne ; v". A chayne % hooke to hang 
it by in an entery ; xiiij<*. long Spanish nedells ij ; iiij<*. 
Packneedells ; ij*. square packneedells ; viij**. One shipp 
for frankensens ; iij». iiij**. One greate rownde plate ; 
xij**. Fyne wyer di. ft viij**. Keye cheyne xij yerds ; 
viij". Rownde plates for sockettf ; xxxij". Wyer to 

di. lb« 

hang them by; iij". Nayles M.; xx**. Bynding wyer; 
xij**. c.xvij". X*. 

Thom"s Blagrave esquier for more mony by him payde Mouldes for 
for Mowldes to cast the frutes 1 ffishes in 1 to the ^^^ ^^^^^^ 
weeme that tempred the stuf T, made up the same ; xx". 

William Pilkington for ij peecf of greene garding for Thimbro- 
ij patternes ; iij". iiij**. The patteme of a heade peece derer. 
with leaves of Cloth of golde ; vj». viij**. Thimbrodering 
of iiij yardf di of yolow garding Imployed on the mores 
headf ; xv". pasting ^ tyting of sattyn for vj head peecf ; 
iij". iiij**. for iiij yardf garding for ij Myters ; xiij". iiij**. 
A patteme for a hed peece with comptemtf ; vj". viiij*. 
for making of a yarde di more of yolo garding to pforme 
the Fyshers capps ; v". Iiij". iiij**. 

Thomas Clatterbooke for Nayles; iiij**^. Browne Necessaries 

Thredd for the paynters; ij". Lockf for the basketf Cariages 
vj ; ij". pchement for Meazures ; ij*. Buttons for Bus- and Re- 
kins 1 Jerkyns; iij". Botehier to Kingsto on twelfe ^*^"®s 


Nighte ; ij*. Thred at Kingsto ; xvj<^. Cariage of stuf 
from Kingston to the Coo>te % back agajme; iij*. A 
Bardge to cary all the stuf fro Kingsto to Brydewell ; 
xij". vj<*. fro Bridewell to saint Jones; xvj*. vyzardf 
vj ; xv«. Buttos j groce ; xij*. foyle for vyzardf ; viij*. 
Billetf 1 Coles ; x*. xlv. ij*. 

Bus^kin- John Farrington for making of vj. payer of w*« velvett 

maker. Buskins at xx*. the payer fynding lether him selfe for 

the sowles ; x*. for making of iij payer more of Rone 

lether % w** velvett at xvj<*. the payer: iiij". for one 
Roneskin ; xx*. for Buckels ; ij*. And for making of 
iij payer of crymsen satin Buskins i iiij*. xix". x*. 

Habber- John Owgle senior for viij long white Berdf at xx*. 

Belrdes ^d ^^® P^®^ ^ ^"J"' "y**' A^®^°® ^^^^^ y "^ J Blackfy- 
heare &c. zicians bearde ; xiiij*. viij<*. Berds White T; Black yj ; 

viij". Heares for palm's ij ; ij". viij**. Berdf for fyshers 

vj ix". Curled heare for fyshers Capps; xij**. Redd, 

Berdf vj ; ix". Ivij". viij**. 

Silkwaver. Will»m BowU pveyo' of ffrenge T; Lace T;c. for mony 
by him disbursed for Frenge T; bone Lace T,c of fyne 

copp sylver at xviij**. the o3. M. iiij oz. ; Ixxv". 

vij". iiij**. ob Freng of cullerd sylk T; thred at xij the 

I. R. y.R. 

oz. XV ozcf . XV". Pap Riall T, other pap for pattemes 
Ic. xxxij". Spangles at xij**. the M 8 M ; viiij". But- 
tons 1 tassells of Copp silver at ij". the o3. c.c.lxiij oz. 
di. qrt' ; xxvj". vj". iij**. Spanggles at viij**. the M 10000 j 
vj". viiij**. Buttons at 8^. the doze ij doze dL; xx**. 
Flowers j xiij". iiij**. Fyne white Lam to make snoballs 
8 skinnes at v**. the peece ; iij". iiij<*, Fethers for hattf 
at xvj**. the pece 4 ; v". iiij**. Boxes Lardge iiij • iiij". 
iiij**. Lace at xx**. tho2. clxxviij oz. di.; xiiij**. xvij". 
viij**. Buttons fyne wroght of Copp sylver for head^ 1 


deepe frenge at S". 6^. the 08. xxv oz. %rs. j Ixiij". j^. 
ob. One Tassell | xxij<*. ob. Tyncell Ribbon at iij». 
iiijd. the doze v doze; xyj». vuj\ Aglettf 600; iij«. 
Stones at ix«*. the peece 48; xxxvj". for setting the 
seide stones in Leade at iiij the pece ; xvj". An Irish 
hedpece of Crimsen velvett all garnished w^ frenge % 
lace ; xiij'. iiij^. A greate hanging lock w^ a keye to it; 
ij** vj**. A payer of Ballans with ij ft q^*' of Brazen 
waightf ; iiij". viij**. A dozen of Buttons. viij<*. In all : 

cxxviij", xviij". ix\ ob. 

Wyll»m Lyzarde for syze ; xxyj". vj<^. Blacky xv". Painter &c. 
viij<*. Redd; xv". iiij**. Vert; v". vj^. Sapp; iij". viij*. 
Crymsen; v". White; xwK Browne xij*. Yolow; iiij». 
Smalt ; xlij". Pottf % Nayles ; viij*. ij**. spruce yolow ; 
xxij**. Gowlde; xv". x**. Silver; iiij". ix**. Oker de 
Rowse; ij». Glew; iij". iiij**. flfoyle; vij". vj**. fflor- 
rey ; iiij". Copp culler ; xx**. shave russet to smoothe 
the egg^ : viij**. A Fedew ; iij". iiij**. Cullers for the 
sugerw'ke; xij**. the bier of a horse v daies It his 
meate by the waye to Hampton Coo'te T:c ; xiiij". vj*. 
Reduced by the Clerk Comptrowler in all to viij**. 

Henri Sekeforde esquier for mony by him disbursed Reparacons 

for Rushes in the hall T; in the greate chambere where ^^ the 

Leades &c 
the w'kf were doone T, the playes Rezited ; xx». for ij 

greate tables in the hall ; xxviij". iiij**. for hanging up 
Tentf to keepe away the wynde T; snow from dry ving 
into the hall It taking downe the same agayne ; vj". viij**. 
Two long peecc of Tymber of xx foote appeece to make 
a frame for the paynters ; x". and for ij of Billettf T; 
Coles where the playes were rezited in the greate cham- 
ber ; xxvj". viij**. Itm more for w'kf doone by Rowland 
Robynson for the w*^*' were bowghte ; di. of Boordes 
to cloze upp the hall 1; other necessary plac^ aboute the 


aame am**? « to 5 xxvj». vj<*. One dubble Rafter 5 viij'^. 
di — M of vj*. nailes; iij". — di. c of dubble x"»; xvj'^. 
Two mennes woo'ke x dales in boording up the hall 1 
doing of other necessary things ; xx». for setting up of 
Tables T; Boording upp of Wyndowes aboute the bowse 
wher the Taylers wrawghte ; iij». iiij<*. Three quarters 
of a hundred of Boordes for the windos 5 iij". iiij*. A 
ffootepace to sett before the chimney wher the Taylers 
wrowghte; xij*. for iiij woorkemen on saint Stevens 
daie % iiij w'kmen the same nighte ^ the Morrow after 
^ for ij men going to tlie Coote to sett up frames for 
the seide B.evells at ij sundry Tymes amownteth in all 
to the su of; xxx". To Rowland Robynson for vj daies 
at xk\ the daie^ x*. and for ij of his men xv daies at 
xiiij** the daie ; xxxv*. Itm more for Leade bowghte of 
S' Xpopher Drap j xviij" and for bestowing the same 
upon the Roofe of the howse adjoyning to the greate 
hall T; for sowdering T; mending dyvers other places; 
xlvj". In all as by iij severall Bills subscribed only by 
the seide Henri Sekeforde amouteth unto ; 

xxxj". xvj". x*. 

Chaundeler Barnarde Fabyan for Seering candle at xvj^. the lb. 
9 it) ; xij". Gotten Candle 182 ft at 8^. le ft ; Ixx". vj**. 
Corde and Lyne xv peecf ; viij". iiij*. staf Torches x ; 
xij". Lynkes 18. vj^. and for ij pannes and a pott; 
xij**. in all : c.ix". x*. 

Itm more to him for iij dozen lightf of cotten 1 
weeke : viij». vj*. 

Thomas Masters for Imbrodring of vj velvett hattf at 
his owne howse ; xxx". 

John Davyson for glasse ; ij". the tother glasier for his 
glasse; iiij", in all for them bothe; vj". 


Edward Buggin Clerkcomptrowler for mony by him Necessaries 

disbursed yid3— for Botehier 1 other charge coomyng ^otehier 

to the Coo'te at hampton at the begynnyng of the woo'k and Re- 

by thappoyntment of M' Fortescue; x". for ehargf % wardes. 

wages of Thomas Lamber for going to Wynsor abowte 

M' ffarrantf playe by M' Forteskues appointment ; iiij*. 

vj<*. for xx**«, sack of Coles ; x*. iiij*. for iij M of Bil- 

lettf 5 xl". One doze of Childrens jSFeltf j viij". flFeltf 

for Maskf Q ; vj". Past paper lardge iiij doze ; xij». A 

waggen for the first playe of my L of Leisters men ; 

xviij'. Reward^ to the headpeecemakers w'king on 

Christmas Nighte ; ij». ffir powles ; xvj T; the cariage of 

them ; vj". viij**. Itin more xxiiij". furr powles T; for 

the cariage of them ; xj". To Henri Cellaweye for pro*. 

vizion T, cariage of trees T; other things to the Coo'te for 

a wildernesse in a playe ; viij". vj**. Rewarde more to 

Lam ; vj**. To clatterbooke for iij doze greene Lace for 

a Jerken; iij". The hier of a Waggon for cariage to 

the Coo^ at the second play of my L of Leicesters men ; 

xviij". Vyzardf with black Berdf v ; xv". Vizardf with 

4 Redd Berdf ; xij". In ernest for vyzardf for Turkf 

vj xij**. To John Bett % his wyfe for one daye % one 

nighte spangling of the headpeecf ; iij". Itm more to 

ij Maides ; ij». To Pilkington for xij fet^ for hedpeecf 5 

X". To Anthony the Basketmaker for vj hedpeec^ for 

Turkf 5 xij". Reward^ to the payoters; iij". Lynkf 

for the paynter ; xij**. ij Squirtf for the playe of the 

children of powles ; viij". To the Waggenn) for cariage 

of the stuf to Hampton Coo>^te the sunday next after 

xpistm"s daie; xviij". A lock, a keye 1 a staple for 

the hall doore next the stayer foote j xx**. ij M* Billettf ; 

xxvj". viij**. To lambe for spunges for snoballs ; v". iiij**. 

To Robynson for vj quarters T^ a plank of iiij yeardf 

longe ; iij". Tymber for the forest 5 ij". vj**. flFur powles 

caried to the Coo'te ; ij". ix*. Boordes ; ij". Baskettf 



to s've for the Maske on New yeres daye ; ix". To Cd- 
lewaye for one that gathered Mosse; xij<^. Coles ij 
bushells; ix^. To PUkington foriiij doze lace; iiij^ 
Aglettf for tlie topps of headpeecf ; yii]<^. Muskovie 
glasse ^ M^ bugles ; iiij". viij^. To the Waggenner for 
cariage on New yeres daie ; xviij*. Coles x sackf ; vj". 
viij*. To Pilkington for ix doze T; x yardf of silke Lace 
for headpeec^; ix". iiij<*. To Henri Kellewaye to go to 
the Coorte abowte the dubble Mask ; iij'* To pilkeng- 
ton for turned pynnes for hedpeeces y doze ; xvj^. To 
Pilkington for vij dozen lace more for hedpec^ ; vij*. To 
Clatterbook^ dawghter for cloth for Ruffs apomes, neck- 
erchers % Rayles for Eldertons playe ; xj'» vj\ for making 
them ; xij*^. Rewardf to the hedpeece makers ij». viij**. 
Itih for V Tuffes of Bugles to sett on the Janizes hattf 
bowghte of W" Pilkington 5 iij». iiij*. To M' Arnolde 
for his Botehier % cariage to the Coo^^te at hampton on 
twelf daie viij". fflower for past ; yj\ Nayles of sundry 
sortf at sundry tymes ; yj*. Gloves for Maskers % chil- 
dren ij dozen di. $ xij*. Pinnes 1 Tape ; ij". 

xix"« xix", X*. 


Itih more for mony by him paide to Arnolde the 

. paynter for 1 in full paym^ for Andramadas picture ; 

xx". ^ To haunce Eottf for painting of pattemes for 

Maskf 5 xiij". iiij*. In all 

xxxnj". uij**. 

&c. or Ne- 

January, and 
anno RR""- 

The Clerke of thoffice for his ordinary greenecloth. 
Paper, Inck, and suche other necessaryes as to the same 
Office is Incident for the devices plottf, bills T; Bookes of 
this yeare, lxvj». viij**. 

Sm» of all theise Emptions cclxxiiij**. xvij". 6b. 

Sm*^ of all the Charges growen in the said Office w^n 



the saide tyme aswell of Wages as Emptions, amounteth 
unto v^. xij". xvj". vj**. ob. 

John Fortescue, 
Henry Sekeforde, 
Edwarde Buggyn. 
Thomas Blagrave. 
John Arnold. 

Ayryngf 1 prepara^ns made against the Progresse Marche, 

into Kent w* Translatyng, Repayring, jBurnishing, gar- j J^^^ JulT^' 

nishing, setting foorth, Cariage, conduction ^ attending August. Sep- 

of the best and most ffyttest furniture of the same office q^^^^' ^°^ 

to Cawnterbury T, ther Remayning by the space of vij anno Regni 

daies ^ then Returning with the same stuf to Saint Reginae Ely- 

zabeth xv***« 
Johns % there safely bestowing therof as apptayned. 

The whole Charges whereof together w* the Ordinary 
Charges and^ alowauncf of the officers T; what soever ells 
w% the same tyme of viij Moneths ending the last of 
October in the yeare aforesaide together with the par- 
ties Names to whome any mony is due hereafter perty- 
culerly ensueth : vidz), 

Taylers and others w'king % attending the premissf 
at sundry tymes w^n the saide viij. Monethes. 

xxix". XV", 

Proptymakers Haberdashers T; others w*in that tyme 
against the Progresse vj'^ xvj*^. 

dayei nighti lu ■. 

The M' at iiij*. p diem 40 ... 5 ... ix Thoflycers 

The Clerkcomptrowler at ij- 40 ... 6 ... iiij 3C ^^p^^^^^ 

The Gierke at ij». p die 40 ... 6 ... iiij x nethestheier 

The yoman at ij". p diem 40 ... 5 ... iiij x diett, and 

f. .. washes. 

Sm» xxij x ° 

Sm» of all these wages Iviij". vj». iiij*. 




Emptions ^ provizions against the Progresse aforesaide. 

Edward Buggin esquier clerkcomptrowler of this 

bot"h^ d ^®^® ^^^ mony by him disbursed for a lock 'X a staple, 
Rewardes. xxij^. ; ffor ffoyle for vyzardf 1 ffawchins, xx<*. ; another 
Padlock, xij^. 5 ffethers for hedpeeces viij, ij*. iiij*^. A 
Dosen of very good wash gloves for the Ladyes, xvj*. 
Three dozen of Spanish gloves, xviij*. flTor Cranage of 
stuf at Billingsgate, vj^. the portage of stufe that fol- 
lowed the progresse, iiij**. the hyer of a Bardge from 
London to gravesende w^ the same stuf, v". for the 
w'kmens breakefast at Billingsgate after theier nighty 
watching, ij». ffor one Thowsand of pynnes^ xij*. in 
Rewarde, xij^. for Horshyer sundry tymes within the 
same viij Monethes, xx». lxx». iij^. 

Silkweaver. Will»m BowU for vij dosen di. of Lardge sylke fflowers 
at viij^. the peece, lx», for xiiij ouncf iij quarters of 
tassells ^ frenge greate 'X small of Copp sylver at xviij^. 
the ounce xxij*. j**. ob. And for his Botehier ^ horshier 
to and fro caunterbury, xiij*. iiij<*. In all iiij^. xv». v^. 

Wyerdrawer Thom*s Leveret for wyer, xij**. Spanish needells ij 
dosen, xx*^. Long Quilting Needells, xij**. Chaynes for 
the Marriners knives, iij*. iiij*. ij dozen of Redd Ringf , 
xvj**. And for his owne dales travell, xx**. In all x». 

botehier and 
expeoces in 

John Davyes for mony by him disbursed for Tape j 
lb iiij". A quarterne of CuUred thredd, x**, di. B5 of 
white thredd, xx*. a nother quarter of tape, xij*. A 
quarter of CuUored thredd, x^. ffagott, viij^. Bumbast^ 
xij*. halfe a ft more of cuUered thredd, xx**. Cranage 
of stuf, iiij**. for Cariage from the waterside at graves- 
ende to the wagon, viij^. the hier of ij hackneies fro 
gravesende to R«x;hester to overtake the Carte 1 gett 


another for speede, ij». for horsemeate ^ victualls at Ro- 
chester for the carters % theier horses, xvj*^. for horse- 
meate and the cart's meate at Cittingborne, iij*. for ij 
hackneies from Rochester to Cittingborne, iiij". the 
Carters wages fro gravesende to caunterbury, vij". vj**. 
the hier of ij hackneies from sittingborne to caunterbury, 
iiij". for Rushes at Caunterbury, ij». vj*^. flPuell to ayer 
the howse % the stuf ^ to serve during viij daies there, 
ij*. Lyghtf there that tyme, vj*^. the Rent of the howse 
1 hier of Necessaries there then, x\ Cariage from 
Caunterbury to Cittingborne, ij*. from Cyttingborne to 
gravesende, ij". vj^. the hier of ij hackneies from caun- 
terbury to Gravesend, x*. portage at gravesende to the 
bote, vj^. Cariage by Water to London, iiij". Cariage 
from the water syde to saint Johns^ vj*^. Ixix". 

PhiKp Gunter for iiij peecf of Buckeram, x^". thupholster. 

Thpm*s Gyles for xij vyzardf for women % vij Turkf Habber- 
vyzardf at xxiiij". the dozen. In all amounting unto dasher. 


Bryan Dodmer for his attendaunce % s'vice doone Necessaries 

\rithin the office w*in those viii monethes aforesaide % for po^^hier 

•^ . horshier and 

his horshyer botehier and attendaunce m the progresse Rewardes 

with sundry necessaries by him emploied : Ixx". 

John Arnolde yoman of this Office for mony by him Necessaries 
disbursed w*in the tyme aforesaide for yolow Cotton to 
lyne the Monarkf Gowne at viij*^. the yarde xij yardf , 
viij". To lyne his gerkin iiij yardf, ij". viij^. To lyne 
his hose iij yardf, ij". Canvasse for his gerkin, xvj\ 
Cursy Lyning % hoUon for his hosen, iij". sylke to sett 
on the gardf , v". Thredd to sowe those iij garmentf , 
iij". the wages of iij men iiij daies, iiij". for cariage of 


certeyne peecf of the wagon ^ mownte from the Warde- 
rob to saint Jones, ij". The Wages of a Joyner % his 
Man w^ iiij others that tooke downe the greate press^ 1 
saving the wainskott, xiiij*. for caryeng foorth the Rub- 
Insh nt making cleane the bowse, ij". for Rushes, iiij". 
ffewell, vj". Thredd ^ other small Necessaries, v*. 

Sm* of all theise Emptions xxj^. x*. viij^. 

March, Aprill, Maye, June, July, August, September, 1 

Sm» of all the chargf growen w*in those viij monethes : 

Ixxix". xvij". 

John Fortescue. 
Henry Sekeforde, 
Edwarde Buggyn. 
Thomf^s Blagrave. 
John Arnold. 

The Joyners Itm more for new Presses to be made thorowowte the 

for Presses, whole storehowse for that the olde were so Rotten that 

they coulde by no meanes be Repayred or made any 

waye to serve agayne. The Queenes Ma^^ store lyeng 
now on the ffloore in the store-bowse w^^ of necessitie 
must preasently be provyded for before other w'kf can 
well Begin. Whiche press being made as is desyred by 
the Officers wilbe a greate safegarde to the store prea- 
sently remayning and lykewise of the store to coom 
whereby many thiugs may be preserved that otherwyse 
wilbe utterly lost ^ spoyled contynually encreasing her 
Ma**" charge. 

Sm* 1". 

not allowed for so moch as the same 

presses are not bpgon. 


Sm» To"* of this whole volume contay^ing all the 
Charges growen w^ this Office Betweene the last of 
Maye in the xiiijth. yeare of the Reaigne of o' Soveraigne 
Lady Queene Elizabeth. And the last of October in the 
xv**' yeare of her Ma***" Reaigne. Being One whole yeare 
and ffy ve Monethes amouteth unto : 

m^ccccxxvij". xij». yj*. 6b. 

John Fortescue. 

Henry Sek^orde. 

Edward Buggyn. 

Thovn^s Blagrave. 

John Arnold. 




ffirom the 
Last of Oct. 
1 573, xvto 
until! the 
ffvrst of 

The Booke of all the Charges growen within Thoffice 
of her Ma***" Revells aforesaide within the same Tyme 
being iiij Monethes including Christmas, Twelftyde 
Candellm*s 1 Shrovetyde. During all which tyme Tho* 
mas Blagrave esquier, served therin as Master, accord- 
ing to her Ma^ pleasure signefyed by the right honorable 
L. Chamberlaine. Towardf thexecution wherof the saide 
Blagrave herein also Chargeth him self with all suche 
her Ma^ Monye as to the use of the same Office hath cu 
to his handf . 


Monye Received by the saide Blagrave owte of her 
Ma*«" Exchequer at the handf of Tayler one of the Tel- 
lers there by vertue of a prive seale dated the xxiij*** of 
December in the saide xvj*^ yeare of her Ma**" Reaigne. 



the laste of 
Oct. afore- 
saide xv*o 
and the xx^ 

of Dec.1673 

Woorkes doone ^ attendaunce geven by the partyes 
hereunder named abowte the Traslating, fFytting, ffur- 
nishing, garnishing, setting foorthe and Taking in agayne 
of ij Sutes of Apparell ^ furniture for Choyce of a mask 
showen at Greenewiche after the Mariage of Willyam 
Drurye esquier And lykewyse for the Ayring, Repayring, 
spungying, wyping, Brushing, sorting, suting, putting 
in order and safe bestowing both of thapparell afore- 
saide, and also of all the residue of thapparell, propertyes, 
fFumiture % necessaries incident to the same. 

Itiii for perusing the whole store of thoffice pertycu- 


lerly after the death of John Arnolde late yoman therof, 
comparying the Inventoryes % likewise orderly % safe be- 
stowing therof againe. 

Itm agayne Lykewise perusing the store pertyculerly 
and delyvering therof by Inventory in chardge to Walter 
fiysh yoma of the same now remayning. 

Itm sundry other tymes for calling together of sundry 
Players, and for perusing, fitting, % Reformyng theier 
matters otherwise not convenient to be showen before 
her Ma**«. 

And finally upon the entraunce of the saide Blagrave 
into the execu^n of the Masters office, for Colleccon ^ 
showe of eche thinge prepared for her Ma**» Regall dis- 
porte % Recrea^n as also the store wherewith to ffur- 
nish, garnish and sett forth the same ; wherof, as also of 
the whole state of thoffice the L. Chamberlayne according 
to his bono" appointment was throughly advertised. 

The Charges wherof together w* the parties names that 
wroughte % attended therupon, eche mannes nuber of 
dayes ; % ptyculer dett due for the same ensueth vid3 

Taylers* % others the first at xx^. the daye %c the 
residue at xij*^. the daye % the like for the nighte : 

Sm* xv". iiij^. viij^. 

Proptymakers % Habberdashers Sm» xliiij*. 

dayes. nights. li. s. 

The M' at iiij-. by the daie ^ ... 2 iiij viij 

Clerkcomptrowler at ij« £0 ... 2 xliiij Offycers 

The Gierke at ij- 20 ... 2 xliiij 

The Yoman at ij» 20 ... 2 xliiij 

Sm» xj". 

Emptions and other charges incident, vida Necessaries 

Edward Buggin Clerkcomptrowler of this office for Callages 
mony by him disbursed for Gloves for the Maskers 1 2d Re-'°''^ 

£ wardes 



Torchebearers at M' Druries wedding, ix*. And for 
Cariagf, lightf , Botehier, expencf, % Rewardf then 1 
sundry other tymes upon sundry occasions incident, xxxj*. 
In all w4n the tyme aforesaide xl*. 

John Dawncy for mony by him disbursed for tyling % 
Reparacons mending the stable and other plac^ incident to the Clerk 

of this office : xlviij*. ij^. 

charges and 

the last of 
Oct. 1673, 
and the xx*^ 
of Dec. 1573 

the xx*^ of 
Dec. and the 
xj*** of Jan. 
anno RR"*' 
E. p'd. 

Bryan Dodmer for mony by him disbursed for fetch- 
ing and bringing by water from Greenewiche certeine 
gilt Fillers % fframes, iiij*. Horshier and Ryding 
Chardges for ij men that Rode post into Wilshere % 
somersetshere for M' Blagrave by the comaundement of 
my L. Chamberleyne and in recompence for his owen 
s'vice this tyme together alowed by thofficers, Ix*. In 
all Ixiiij*. 

Sm» vij". xij». ijd. 

^ Wages of Artiffic's 'Ic. xvij". viij«. viij**. 


Of Officers 



Sm* xxviij". viij*. viij^. 



Emptions and other chargf incident % alowed 
for that tyme araouteth to vij^. xij*. ij^. 

The whole charges aforesaide is Sm* xxxvj". x^. 

T. Blagrave, 
Edwarde Buggyn. 
Walter fysshe. 

Christmas Newyeares tyde 1 Twelfe tyde. 

Woorkf doone 1 attendaunce geven abowte the new 
making, Translating, ffytting, ffumishing, garnishing, 
setting owte % Taking in againe, making cleane 1 
safe bestowing of sundry kyndf of Apparell, pperties, 
ffurniture % Implement^ for the playes and Maskf ffial- 
lowing set foorthe % showen before her Ma*** w*in the 
tyme aforesaide for her Regall disporte % Recreaoon. 


The Charges wberof together with the partyes names to 
whome any mony is due or hath bene paid for the same 
pticulerly ensueth. 

Predor % Lucia played by Therle of Leicesters ser- Playes 
vauntf upon Saint stevens daye at nighte at Whitehall ®^i?J!^P^^ 
aforesaide. vidz. 

Alkmeon, playde by the children of Powles on Saint 
Johns Daye at nighte there. 

Mamillia, playde by therle of Leicester^ servauntf on 
Innosent^ daye at nighte there. 

Truth, ffaythfulnesse 1 Mercye playde by the Chil- 
dren of Westminster for Elderton upon Newyeares daye 
at nighte there. 

Herpetulus the blew knighte 1 pobia playde by my 
Lorde Klintons servaunt^ the third of January being the 
Sunday after newyeares daye there. 

Quint ffabi playd by the Children of Wynsor ffor M' 
ffarrant on Twelfe daye at nighte lykewise at Whitehall. 

vj all fytted and ffumyshed with the store of thoffice 
and w^ the woorkmanshipp and prpvisions herein exr 
pressed as followeth hereafter orderly fErst the wages and 
then the Emptions with the other charge incident. 

Lanceknighte vj in Blew sattyn gaskon cotes % slopps 

Torchebearers vj in Black 1 yolo Taffata"^ showen on 
Saint Johns daie at nighte. 

fforesters or hunters vj in Greene sattyn gasko cotes 1; 
slopps ^. 

Torchebearers vj attyred in Mosse T; Ivye T«. showe on 
New yeres daye at nighte. 

Sages vj in long gownes of Cownterfet cloth of 
golde %c. 

£ 2 

ehowen at 
white Hall 
wHn the 
tyme afore- 
saide, vidz. 

The Wier- 



Torchebearers yj in Long gownes of Redd damask 
showen on Twlfe daye at Niglite. In all iij all fytted % 
thoroughly fFumyshed with all mann' of proj^ties ^ neces- 
saryes incident % garnished and sett foorth accordingly. 

Christmas Newyeares tyde T; Twdfe tyde. 

Taylers ^ others the first at xx<*. the residue at xij*. 

the dale and the like for the nighte. 

Sm* Ivj". X-. ijd. 

Paynters at xx<*., xviij**., xvj<*., 1 xij*^. the daye. 

Sm» xxiij". xyj«. x^. 

Proptymakers. Sm» ix". xiiij*. 

Basketmakers. Sm^ x*. 

Joyners at xvj*. the daye Sm* Ixxviij*. viij^. 

Carpenters at xyj^. the daye Sm* c.x«. iiij*. 

Imbroders % Habberdashers Sm» xiiij". iiij«. 

Thomas Leveret the Wyerdrawer and his servants that 
attended sundry tymes and wrowght upon sundry pro- 
pertyes % specially to hang upp the lights in the hall at 
xij*** tyde x*. 

dayes. nights. li •. 

The M^ at iiij the daye 21 ... 14 ... vij 

Clerkcomptrowler at !]• 21 ... 14 ... Ixx 

The Clerk at the like 21 ... 14 ... Ixx 

The Yoman at ij» 21 ... 14 ... Ixx 

Sm» xvij". xK 
All the Wages aforesaide am***^ to : 

cxxxj^. xiiij". ex'. 
T, Blagrave 
Edwarde Buggyn, 
Walter fysaJie. 


Christmas Newyeares tyde ^ Twelftyde 

Emptions pvizions, Cariages ^ other Charges inci- 
dent to the AfFares of the said Office. 

Mark Jarard for Crimsen sarcenet branchte all over The Mercer, 
with silver at iiij*. the yarde Ixvj yardf boughte cheefely 
to make Clokes for the foresters mask. xiij". iiij*. 

Will*m Bowll for mony to him due for sundry pcells, The Sylk- 

., weaver 


Bonelace of Copp sylver, xxvij 16 viij ozcf di. at xviij**. 

the ownce xxxiij^. ix.\ 

ffrenge of like stuf at the lyke rate ^8 lb 12 ocf |, 

••••11 m '*'*A 

xxxiuj". x». inj**. 

ffrenge at ij«. viij**. the ownce ij^*'. v. ocf . iiij". xviij*. viij**. 

Frenge at xvj<*. thounce, vj ozcf . di. xv". iiij**. 

Twist % Tassells of like stuf ij ft ix®"<* q' at xviij**. the 

ownce, Ixj". x**. ob. 

Boxes to contayne the premissf % for the £Pethers ; 

•••- ••••#! 

nj». uij**. 
Pap for pattemes T; for leaves of trees % other garnish- 
ing^ iiij Reames xxiiij". 
Ballence 1 Wayghtf for thoffice vj*. x*. 
Past Boordes x doozen price xxxvj". 


fFeltf at viij*. the peece. viij*. 

Sylke at xviij**. thounce 8 ouncf . xij«. 

Tables to wryte in ij". vj**. 

ffethers white 1 Longe : 7. xxiij". iiij**. 


ffethers Curled. xv*. 

A standish for the yoman w* coikters T;c. iiij". v**. 

Buttons of Copper sylver x ouncf di. at xviij**. the ownce 

XV". ix*. 
A Chest w* a trebble Lock xxx». 

In all as by his bill T^c. appereth amouting to 

•••• II •••• '*A 

nijv". vnj*. ij**. 


Lynnen M**. Dane for CaDvas to peynte for howtes for the 

draper players 1 for other properties as Monsters, great hollow 

trees ^ suche other xij ells, at xij<^« the ell. xij^. 

Theyomana Walter fiysh for mony by him disburced for vidz. 
provision of Buckeranas 42 peec^ Redd, yolo, % Russet, viij». viy». 
kindes of Greene at iiij*. iiij^. the peece xiiij peeces, lx«« mij\ 
wares. Black at v*. the peece, v». And one peece of very fyne 

Buckeram, xiiij*. in all xij^ vij». viij<*. 

Tyncell sarcenett Blew xj yds iij quarters at xij«. the 
yarde ; vij". xij<*. | iij yerdf quarter of white tincell at 
xij». the yarde ; xxxix«. | Gowlde Tyncell for vj bandf 
for Maskers j xv«. in all am**»« unto ix". xv". 

Thred of sundry Cullers, V2 . | white vj* c^t' at iiij*. 
the lb ; xxv«. | flyner white di. ft ; ij». viij*. | Blew at 
lij«. iiij*. the B5 iy^ di. ; viij". iiij<*. Red at like rate ij lb 
di. pkie ; viij«. iiij<*. | Greene at iij*. iiij* the ft, iij ft di. ; 
xj». viij<*. Yolo at like rate ij ft di. ; viij*. iiij^. | Browne 
at ij«. viij**. the ft iij ft ; viij*. | Black j bowlte % iij 
quarters : viij». ij*. iiij^. vj*. 

ffeltf XXX** , xxiiij*. 

Pastpaj^ xij*. 

Sarcenett white iij yds. iij <^*»» for a shirte ; xv». 
Gloves washt % poynted for Maskers xij paier ; xij«. | 
for Torchebearers xij payer ; viij". ffor Children v dozen ; 
xxviij*. vj*. Itm more for Maskers vij payer; ix». 
iiij*. I for Torchebearers xij payer j vij«. Ixiiij* x*. 

•• *• 
Hear for hosen iij ft xv 


Tape and Buttons xiij vj 

Coles and Billettf , xij iiij 

Flannell viij yardes at ix*. the yerde vj 

fflockf to stuf hattbandf xij 


s. d. 

fflower and paste xx 

Spangells Ivj thowsand at vj*. the thowsand xxviij 

Lockf, Keyes, and Bowltf vij viij 

Corde to trusse the Baskettf xiiij 

Urinalls to use at the Coo^ 1 one Ink glasse xv 

Dryeng of Mosse 1 Rose water for it iij ij 

Rushes; xx». x*. Nayles; xj«. x* ..•. xxxij viij * 

CariagesTi Reward^ viij vj 

Brushes ^ Rubbers T; a coleshovell viij j 

In all as by his bill 'Ic appereth xxxix". iij«. iij*. 

John Robynson for iij yardf iij quarters of Narow f he Mercer 
Tyncell at iij«. the yarde xj«. iij<*. 

Robert Moorer for djrvers pcells of his wares^ vi3. The Grocer 

Suger xluij lb j ounce at xmj*. the IB j •, Ij ^ in the 

Rosewater three pyntf iij vj Mask of 

Gu tragachant ij ouncf xij Wyldemen 

Almons xx lb at xiiij*. the lb xxiij iiij 

Quincf preservde ij lb %'■ ix 

Wallnuttf reddy made ij lb vj 

Cloves to stick in the Peares xij 

Synamon and gynger 3 ocf xiiij 

Peares reddy made of Marchpane stuf j lb iij 

Apples % Lemans of Like stuf di. 95 xvj 

Marmilade to temj^ wHhe suger ij 

A pott for the Quincf iij 

the hyer of a Cearce iiij 

In all amounting unto ; » ciij iiij 

for the Mowldes 1 for Mowlding the frutes made of Rewardes 
the stuf aforesaide w*in this office in the preasence of fj^rver °nd^ 
the saide Blagrave vidz) Apples, peares, peaches, peas- others* 
codd^, Mulberies ffilberdf , Plummes, Akomes Cherries, 
Ic. xl». 

The Basket- 

Beardes and 



John Ollyf for iij small Baskettf made for pattemes 
^ for iij Bundells of Roddf to make vj more for the 
Maskers to cary the frute in ; viij*. for iij Hampers to 
carry thapparell; xiiij*. One Baskett with iiij Eares to 
bang dylligence in in the play of pobia % for ij other 
Browne Baskett^ for thoffice ; ij». vj<*. xxiiij*. vj*. 

John Owgle for vij Long aberne beardf at xvj**. the 
peece ; ix». iiij<*. | vij other berdf at xiiij*. the peece 
for the hanncf Mask at xvj**. the peece; viij*. ij*. | 
xij beardf Black ^ Redd for the fforesters Mask at like 
rate ; xvj". | Heare for the Wylde men at xvj*. the lb 
iij B5 J iiij". One Long white Bearde ; ij*. viij*. xl». ij*. 

Henri Calleway for mony by him disbursed for 

Mosse and yong Okes for Wylde me; vj 

Poles ^ Wandf for the Lictors ; ij 

Bayes for the prologgf T; ppties ; iij viij 

Ivy for the Wylde men T; tharbo*;., v x 

Armes of Okes for the hollo tree; xij 

Expencf at Higate one nighte 1 ij daies for 

pvision hereof; ij 

In all as by his bill amounting unto ; xx vj 

John Rosse for poles ^ shyvers for draft of the 

Curtins before the senat howse ; ij 

CurtynRingf; viij 

Edging the Curtins w* ffrenge ; xij 

Tape and Corde for the same : x 

fflower ^ past w* a pott for the same ; vij 

A Jebbett to hang up diligence ; iij iiij 

In all amounting unto ; viij v 

Necessaries John Lam for j dozen of past boorde ; iij*. iiij*. 
Pynnes % Nayles ; ij". iiij*. 1 for a porter y* brought 
Canvas ; iij*. all : v». xj*. 


Barnard ffabyan for sundry pcells of his ware ; The 

li. s d Chauodler. 

Sering candells j lb xvj 

White lightf at iij*. vj*^. the doze xxvj 

dose; nij xj 

Lynkf at iiij^. the peece Ixxij xxiiij 

Corde iiij peeces .., iiij 

Lyne viij peeef v iiij 

Packthred v j 

In all amounting w* Torches viij". unto j vj xviij ix 

Will*m Lyzard for mony by him disburced for Paynters 

•. d. percells 

Syze % pottf for the same; xxxviij vj 

Nayles to strayne the canvas; xxij 

Browne Culler at xviij^. the lb ^^ , iij ix 

Synop di flS price ; xviij 

White nij xuj Id at uj^. the in ; xxnj iij 

Lamp black xj flS at xvj*^. the 16 ; xiiij viij 

Masticote j flS; iij vj 

Smalt XV lb at iij*. vj**. the lb ; Iij vj 

Dark sinop j lb iiij 

XT a. •••• a&. .... 

Vert nij lb; x mj 

Redd xiij lb at vj**. the lb vj vj 

Vermillion di lb ; iiij 

fflurry at vij". the lb j flS iij q^*'* xij iij 

ffyne Black j lb ij 

Gowlde v.c. at ij". viij*. the c. ; xiij iiij 

Sylver at xviij**. the cm. viij*^ xxvij 

Glew iiij B5; xvj 

Gotten to gilde with iij c^*" of B5 xij 

Tyn fFoyle ij 

Assedue atiij*. the flS vj**» iij %*" xx iij 

Past and fflower; viij 

Yolo coorse and Oker de Rooce iiij vj 

Past pap iiij dozen for pendentf to the lightf viij 


The Wyer- 


0}pper cullor ; iiij 

Knopps of wood Tumde xij 

Vertagayne; iij ig 

Sinoper paper ; xij 

fiyne Black more j lb iiij 

Pencells % other necessaries ij x 

«apejft; yj viij 

In all as by bis bill appereth amouting unto; xiiij^ 

John ffarrington fer the making ^ soiling of vj paier 
of Startopps ; viij*. | vj paier of Mossy buskins ; viij". 
And vj payer of paynted buskins all for Maskers ; xij*. 
in all I xxviij*. 

Thorns Leverett for sundry pecellf vidz) 

li. 1. d. 

Wyer xxvj lb to hang the lightf ; xxvij iiij 

CandeUstickf at ij". the dozen iiij dose ; viij 

\^ce Candellstick^ at xij^. the peece ; . . . xij 

High Candelstickf at vj^. the peece 6 ; iij 

Plates for small Canstickf ; xij 

Plates for walls % for hattf ; ••• viij 

fiunnells for hattf with long pypes; ... iij 

Rownde duble plates for the branches 
that hunge in tlie hall ^ bare lightf 

viij doozen at x^. the peece ; iiij 

Launthomesiiij at vj'.the peece; xxiiij*. 

1 ij at xvj**. the pece; ij*. viij**. ; ... xxvj viij 

for plating iiij ffawchyns ; x 

staples vj price ^c 

Lyne xxxvj yardf xij 

Ringf for Curtyns ,.. viij 

Pack Needells greate % longe ij ; viij 

Bodky ns 1 dowtf for lightf xiij 

Nay les of sundry sortf ij ij 


li. I. d. 

A greate hart Lock xij 

In all amownting unto ; viij xvij iij 

Roger Tyndall for Lending his Armor and for bis Tharmerer 
s'v^ntf attendaunc^ to arme ^ unarme the children in 
the play of Q. Fabius ; xlvj». viij* 

Will*m Elom for vj homes garnisht with sylver by Hanters 
him dely vered into thoffice for the hunters Mask on New homes 
yeres Nighte, which homes the Maskers detayned ^ yet 
dooth kepe them against the will of all the officers ; 


John Caro for mony to him due for sundry pcells Property- 


s.^ d. 

Holly T; I vye for the play of predor ; iiij 

ffyshes Cownterfete for the same vz), ) 

Whiting, Playce, Mackerell Ic 3 ^^^^ 

A payle for the castell topp; vij 

Bayes for sundry p'poses; iiij 

Lathes for the Hollo tree; xvj 

Hoopes for tharbo' ^ topp of an bowse ; iiij xj 

A Mace for the sargeant at armes; ..., xij 

A Trunchin for the dictator xx 

Past ^ paper for the Dragons head ; xviij 

Deale boordes for the senat bowse ; ij viij 

Glew 1 glew pott ; iiij 

ffagbroches for the knobbf of the tree ; ij 

A long staf to reache up and downf y« lightf ; viij 

flFawchions for fiarrantf play e iiij ; iiij 

Pynnes styf 1 greate for paynted clothes ; . . . ix 

NaylesvS. | tenpeny nayle c.di. ; xv*. | syxpenynayle 
vij.c di. ; iiij". ix^.; fowerpeny Nayles v.c xx^ | three- 
peny Nayles vij.c; xxj^. | twopeny Nailes M; xx^. | 


Tackf vj.c; ix^. | Itih more sixpeny Nayle cc; xij<*. | 
flTowerpeny Nailes iiij ; xvj*. In all xiij". ij**. 

£Foormes ij ^ stooles xij in all ; xix iiij 

knobbs for the senat bowse xvj 

Itfh more for Nayles of sundry sortf by him ) 

browght in 1 imployed in thoffice i ''"•' 

In all as by his bill appereth j Ixix ix 

The Car- Rowland Robinson for stuf by him pvided v3 

P '' Rafters at xiiij^. the peece Iviij ; Ixvij viij 

Dubble Quarters at vj<>. the peece. 13. vj 

singell quarters at ij^. ; the peece. '®. ix vj 

Boordes iiij.c di. at vj". the C xxvij 

Seeling Boorde j.c price ; vj viij 

Nayles by him employed ; xj 

ffur Poles Ix price ; xxx 

Plank ij price; ij 

Cariages to '^ fro ; iij vj 

•••11 ••• •••• 

vuf. iij mj 

Patternes Will»m Pilkington thimbroderer for cutting of Ixxij 

and leaves leaves w*^^ were cutt iij tymes duble vidS ij tymes in 

pap T; ones in satin ; xviij". for making of vj patternes 

% for cutting therof for samples for the gownes of Cloth 

ofgolde; iij". In all; xxj". 

Cariaffes Richard Gryme T; others for cariage of the £Frames for 

&c. the bowses that served in the playes T; other stuf T; ap- 

parell for the play's T; Maskers, w* theier attendance 
daye T; nighte sundry tymes at Set Johns T; at the 
Coorte betweene Christmas and the Munday after twelfe 
daye ; xxvj". | Richard Tayler T; Roger Atkenson ; ij". | 
Geordge Haukinson T; sundry others ; vj". xxxiiij". 

keyeshaspes John Collins for hingf to the Colehowse- dore in 
and henges. 


thoffice ; xij4. | T; to others for Lockf keyes, haspes, T; 
henges for dores ^ windos ; xiij". iiij^. in all w* nailes ; 
ly, xvj". iiij<*. 

John Drawater for Lynke T; botehier betweene the be- Botehier 
ginnyng ^ end of the w'kf ; xvij". viij^. One Lode of Lynkes 
Coles ; xxij*. | in Rewardf by the speciall appointmt of ^j^^jgg ^^ 
M' J. Forteskue to be geven to M"* Nicholas Nudigate ; 
xl". And by thappointmt of the M"*; xij". And for 
Taynterhookes ^ other necessaries j iij". vj'^. 

iiij". XV". ij<*. 

Bryan Dodmer for Botehier ^ charges in suyng owte Rewardes 
the privie seale, w* sundry Rewardf by him geven for 
expedi^n in obtayning the cc^^ afore charged as prest, 
and for his owne travell ^ attendaunce in sundry a£Fares 
of this ofHce to him comitted at this tyme before men- 
cioned ; in all ; Ix". 

Will»m Newman for vj M^ Billettf ; Ixxij". and for ffuell 
yj.c ffagottf ; xxx». And to W°* Wood for ij Lodes of 
Coles; xl». in all; vij". ij». 

John Okes for a close stoole for the Maskers T; Players Necessaries 
T;c to use at the Coo'te ; viij*. for Lyer to strengthen 
the hangings w* w'kef done by him T; his serv»ntf at the 
Coo'te ^ sundry other Necessaries by him there used ; 
xij». x^. xx». x^. 

All Themptions for Christmas, New yeres tyde Betweene 
% Twelftyde w* the other chargf , besides the wages is ^® ^573 

ccxxviij". vijd. And the x]^ 

ex' T. Blagrave. of Jan. 1573. 

„ , ^ T, AnnoRR"" 

Edwards Buggyn. Eliz. pM. 

Walter ffysshe. xvj*®. 


ffor Candell- Woorkes doone % Attendaunce geven upon the 
"*** Be- jjg^ making. Translating, fifyttiiig, ffurnishing. Gar- 
xj^ of Jan. nisbing setting foorth and taking in agayne of sundry 
aforesaide kindes of Apparell proptyes and Necessaries Incident 

and the ffjSt TlBocllft U the tte of Tbebes by Alezander 

of ffehr. foi* One Playe showen at Hampton Coorte before her 

RR^ p^^T ^^^ ^^ ^^ Munkesters Children. And one Mask of 
xyj*®. " * Ladies w* Ughtf being vj vertues, likewise prepared T; 
brought thither in Redynesse but not showen for the 
Tediusnesse of the playe that nighte. The Charges 
of all which with the parties Names to whome any 
mony is due or hath been payde for the same perty- 
culerly ensueth. vidz) 

Taylers ^ others the first at jlk^. and all the rest at 
xvj^. the daye % the like for the nighte. 

Sm» xxx^. xvj». iiij*. 

Propty Makers, Imbroderers '\ Habberdashers ; 

Sm» ix". XX*. 

Paynters Sm» xj". xxij*. 

dayet nights li. s. 

Officers The M' at iiij-. the daie 20 ... 10 yj 

Clerkcomptrowler at ij» 20 ... 10 Ix 

The Clerk at ij» 20 ... 10 Ix 

The Yoman at ij« 20 ... 10 Ix 

Sm» XV 

All the wages ) Artiffic" T;c. 1". xix». ) , ^ . ^ ^ 
for Candellm»s is J X*. Officers, xv". i * ' ' 

T. Blagrave. Edward Buggyn. 

Walter fysshe. 

Candellm*s Emptions and provisions w* other charges 


Walter ffish for mony by him disbursed for ; vidz) The yomans 

lu 8,^^ d. provisions 
Buckerams vj peecf at iiij^. the peece ; xxiiij 

Gloves for the Ladyes Maskers vj paier ; xij 

Glooves for the torchebearers, vj paier 5 viij 

Itm ij dozen for children; xij 

Thredd of sundry sortf ; xvij ix 

Tape di. ft; ij 

ffeltf for Boyes hatf vj. iiij». vj<*. fori 

womens hattf vj. iiij*. vj*^. | and for > xiij vj 

Men vj. iiij». vj*. in all for feltf J 

Hookes '\ eies w^ thackbroches ix 

Keyes for the entry dore iij ; xviij 

Coles one Lode; xxij 

Cariages by Land; xvj 

Barge T; Botehier to ^ fro Hamto co1» ; xxviij 

Rewardf to the w'kmen to buy vit- \ 

tell at Hampton Coo'te, j 
In all as by his bill, T;c vij vij x 

Richard Sharp for the wax and woorkmanshipp of vj The Wex- 
personages with the rest of the propties on vj candell- chaundler 
stickf at viij\ the peece ; xlviij*. | vj sweete lightf of 
white wex for the same ; vij". In all with ij*. towardf 
his expencf at the Coorte ; Ivij*. 

John Ollyf for vij Baskettf made of purpose to cary The Basket- 

Qi. TiQd. maker 

the candellstickf ^ ppties 1; for certeine small Baskettf 

^ iij greate hampers in all; xxvj*. iiij*. 

Robert Moorer for perfumes to burne at thende of Matches and 
the Matches ; vj». | '\ for sweete powder made of Musk Po^<ler 
1; Amber ; xj». viij^. | in all ; xvij*. viij^. 

Hawnce Eottf for simdry petternes by him made ; vj». Pattemesfor 



The Turner for vj Candellstdckf of wood specially framed T; turned 

for the p'pose to beare the ppties ^ lightf in the Ladyes 
Mask ; xvj». iiij^*. 

The Habber- for sylver paper for the Maskers sleeves iiij doze di. at 
dasher jjjj.^ |.jjg d^zen ; xviij*. 

Silkwoman for Buttons and flowers for Maskers heddf vij % one 
silk tree for a device in one of the Candellstickf T; a box 
to put them in ; xvj". | A Border of edging for a wo- 
mans bed ; viij*. xxiiij*. 

Upholster for pendente of burnished golde for the Maskers gar- 

mentf vij dozen ; xiiij". silk for tassells % setting them 
on ; ij". Itin mor iij doze ; vj». xxij*. 

The skri- for writing in fayer Text the speches dd to her Ma**®; 

^^^^'^ vij-.xd. 

Cariages to for Cariage of £Frames for the players hows % brynging 

Hampton them back from the Cote to saint Jones ^ for a tilt bote 

besides ; in all ; xx*. viij^. 

Rewardes To the paynters T; others that went to Hampton Co'te 

and Ex- cj. gt^yed there that nighte as also the fellow that kept 

pences ac ri • ^ , , , _ , 

Coorte the stuff iij dales ; xx«. 

8. d, 

•• • 1 m\ 

Property John Caro for viij bills xvj 

percells Targettf vj x 

Gunnes vj ; xij 

6 6 

fflasks 1; tuchboxes x 

Armyng swordes vj ix 

Truncheons xj ; iij viij 

Bowes vj; vj 

Arrowes xij; xx 


8. d. 

Boordf for the lightf ij viij 

Long Poles to hang them ij ^iy 

Daggers; iij- iij 

In all amounting unto ; Ixxvj viij 

Barnard ffabian for di. lb seering candells ; viij^. | xiiij TheChaund- 
doze of Candells at iij». vj^. the dozen; xlix». | Pack 
thread j ft xij^. | Lyne one peece ; x^. a greate corde ; 
xij^. Lynks ij». In all liij". x*. 

Thom*s Booreman for horshier iij daies to hampton Horshyer 
Coo't w* expencf there, xiij*. iiij*. 


Willln Lyzarde for mony to him due for sundry Paynters 
cullers, vz) perceUs 

>. d. 

Syze 1 pott^ vij 

White X lb at iij*. the lb v 

Black iij lb at xvj*. the lb iiij 

Nayles; viij 

Smalt iij lb at iij». vjd. the lb x vj 

Masticote j lb ; iij 

Endedi. lb; ij viij 

sinop j lb; ij 

Browne di. lb; ix 

Vert j lb ij viij 

sape j qj*«"»e xx 

Gold culler iij 

Glew viij 

Wex; vj 

Golde V 

sylver - vj 

ffynegolde vj viij 

Vermillion ij 

Byce 8 ozcf iij 

A canstick of wood xij 



li. s. d. ■' 

fflower 1; past viij 

shells of golde ij ij iriij 

shells of Sylver iij 

fyne cullers for wex w'ke vj 

In all as by his bill appereth amounting to ; iiij j 

Silk weaver Will»m Bowll for mony to him due for ffrenge of fine 
copp silver at xviij*^. vj lb xix owncf viij". xij" vj'^. 

Past boorde lardge iij dozen di xiiij». 

Bawderickf T; Tassells of ffyne copp sylver *\ black silk 
xij for the flaskf ^ tucheboxes price ; iiij". iiij". 

Tassells more vj ounc^; ix". 

In all amoimting as by his bill; xiij". xix". yj^. 

Thimbro- Will»m Pilkington for Tufting vj lardge kirtells of 

derer greene Sattin w* golde sarcenet all over wrought iiij". | 

iij samples wrought ; xiij". iiij^. A felt xij^. | vij sylver 

buttons for hattf ; v". x^. A paier of Joyned tressells ; 

ij". in all ; cij". ij<>. 

The Buskin- John ffarrington for making ij paier of painted Bus- 
maker ^jjjg . yjjs^ ^ pjjgj. Qf yQjQ rj. B,e(j J velvett ; xx^. A 

paier of Russet ta£Fata startopps ; xvj<*. vij*. 

The Wex- John Izard for a proofe of pfumed lightf ij". vj**. 


Property John Carow for seeling boorde C ; vj". viij*. 

percells Itm for Nayles by him dd to the Clerkf custody x". in 

all J xj". viij**. 

Perles and Martyn Hardrett for perles sett upon silver bonelace 

flowers for the Ladys Maskers headf ccc T; odd ; xxx". 

Itm for vj gr^ate Roses at xij^, the peece ; vj". | a smaler 

sorte xviij at viij^. the peece j xij". 1 for vij doze di. at 

ij<*. the peece ; xv". in all xxxiij". 


John Carowe for c plancheborde 5 iij", iiij*. and for vj Plancbe 
sparres ; iij". iiij^, in all 5 vj*. viij^. ^^^^^^ ^^^ 

John Lam for spangles for the Ladyes Mask ; t". | Spangles 
1 for pynns dd to Caro for the Clothes 5 x^. v». x*. ^nd pinnes 

Granger the Bargeman for his Bardge T;c w<^^ caried Cariages by 

the fframes 1 su of the stuf to Hampto Coorte ; xij-. ^*°^ ^^^ ^, 

vuj*. T; for Land cariage paid to J. Hutten by M' Bug- Coo'te 
gins appointm^ j iij«. xv". viij*. 

Bryan Dodmer for the chargf of him selfe T; others ; Joumeyeng 
y8 . M' Nudigate T; the Wexchandler %c before can- charges and 
dellm*s, whiles the chamber for the Revells was prepared jj q^t^^ ^j^^ 
1; the stuf bestowed ; vj*. And farder lykewyse re- Kingston w* 
mayning there till the Revells of candellm»s was past T; Rewardes 
things safe Returned againe; x*. | And for his owne 
s'vice during the tyme of the w'kf aforesaide ; xl* in 
all ; Ivj*. 

To Thomas Lam for his T; the wexchandlers Botehier Botehier 
to Hamton Coo'te in post w* the white lightf ; v*. | theier 
Returne; iiij*. ix*. 

Geordge Arnolde for his expencf at the Coo'te T; at expences at 
Kingston during all the tyme that the stuf Remayned at H- Coo'te 
the Coo'te in the chamber till her Ma**« came thorow 
that the same was bestowed in the clozet T;c. and for 
sundry necessaries by him bowghte ; all x*. iiij<*. 

Will*m Newman for ij M Billettf ; xxvj*. viij<*, ^^^Yi 

Itin more to Will*m Wood for a lode of Coles ; xxij*. 

xlviij*. viii^. 

Edward Buggin Clerkcomptrowler of thofEce for Bote- Bothier Ri- 
hier and horshier w* other expencf at Hampton Coo'te and^Ex-*^^^^ 
T; at Kingston ^c. at this tyme ; xx". peaces 



the v*« of 

Bryan Dodmer for botehier to ^ fro hamptonco'te 
afler CaDdellm*s to know my L Chambleyne his pleasure 
for moDy dae by this booke *\ likewise his pleasure for 
preparacons to be made against. Shrovety; iriij'. and for 
his expencf at the Coo'te 1, at Kingston during that at- 

ly driea sad iij Bifklca 

tendaunce for that matt'; vj". xiiij". 

AU Themptions ^ j^jj^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^, y Blagrave. 
Ic at CandeUm^ j j^^^^^ ^^^^ 

Walter fysshe. 

ffor Shrovetyde at Hampton Coo'te 

Woorkf doone T; attendaunce geven % provi- 
sions made for the players and Maskf showen at 
tbeFvrsteof ^^"^ * shrovetide aforesaide New making, Translating, 
Marche a** Repayring, fitting, ffumishing ; Garnishing T; set- 

' ^ ' ting foorth of sundry kindes of Apparell ppties furniture 
^ necessaries Incident thereunto. And Ukewise the 
Taking in againe making cleane ^ safe bestowing therof 
^ of the whole store of The Office. The charges wherof 
as also for all other Business thereunto belonging % w^in 
that tyme issued T; due to the parties hereunder written 
pticulerly ensueth, vida 

playde at 
Coo'te as 

showen at 

Philemon ^ philecia play by the Erie of Lecesters 
men on Shrove Mundaye nighte. 

Percius ^ Anthomiris playde by Munkest's Children 
on Shrovetewsdaye at Nighte ; 

ij. I Throughly furnished garnished T: fytted with the 
store of thoffice and pvisions following ', 

Warriers vij w* one shippm' that uttered speches 
Torchebearers vj the warriers had hargabusss 
Ladyes vij w* one that uttered a speeche 
Torchebearers vj. both w''^ Masks were showene on 
Shrovetewsdaye nighte. 


ij I furnished % garnished w* the store of thoffice 1 
provisions following. 

flFor Shrovetyde aforesaide 

Taylers and others the ffirst at xx^, the residue at 
xijd. the daie T; asmuche for the nighte. 

Sm» xxxj^^ ij". iiij^. 

Carpenters at xiiij*. p diem. Sm* xvj". iiij^. 

Paynters at xx*. xviij^. xyj*. ^ xij*. p diem. 

Sm» xvj". viij". vj*. 

Proptymakers, Imbroderers Habberdashers T; Wyer- Property- 
drawers. Sm» viij". vj". iiij*. "takers Im- 

dayes nights li. t. 

The M' at iiij». per diem ... £3 ... 10 vj xij Officers 

Clerkcomptrowler at ij* 23 ... 10 Ixvj 

The Clerk at ij- 23 ... 10 Ixvj 

The Yoraan at ij- 23 ... 10 Ixvj 

Sm* xvj X 

Artifficers Ic. lvj». xiij-. vjd. Offi-1ixxiii» in- vi^ ^" ^*^« 
cers ; xvj^*. x-. J J ' J * J ' Wages for 

ex' T. Blagrave, ^ 

Edward Buggyn, 

Walter fysshe, 

flFor Shrovetyde aforesaide Emptions provisions T; other 

charges incident 

Walter ffysh for mony by him disburced; vidz) for ,p, y 

Buckerams xij peeces at iiij-. the peece ... xl.viij provision 

Bladders xvj 

ffeltevj.... vj 

Thread of sundry cullers % prices ; xij viij 

Golde Sarcenett for one odd head \ \ c^ .,, iij ij 


Glooves washte vj paier for Maskers ; x*. Torchebearers 
vj pe viij*. T; ij dozen di. for Children ; xv». xxxiij*. 

11. I. d.^^ 

Buttons j groce xij 

Callea at viij<*. the peece vij iiij viij 

Bandf and Rufff for children all span- 
gled 8 xxvj viij 

A Booke of Riall paper for y« yoman ; ... vj 

Tape jib; iiij 

A Whissell of Sylv' for a shipp M' hiered j ij vj 

Ink for the Yoman 5 vj 

Coles j lode; xxij 

Reward^ T; expencf at Hampton Co'te ; vij viij 

Barge ^ Botehier to % fro Hampton 

Coo'te; xxij 

Carrages by Land ; xxij 

Horshier for him selfe 1; his man ; vj viij 

In all as by his bill, w^ iiij fardngalls ; ... xij 

xj xnij 

The Wyer- Thom»s Leverett for sundry pcells of his wares, vidz 

drawer and pj^tes for the Braunches that bare the "• ■ ^' 

his percells 

hghtf in the hall at Hampton Coo'te 

ex at x^. the peece, in all; iiij xj viij 

94 lb. at xd. the lb. 

Wyer to strayne crosse the hall '\ to 
hang the braunches with the lightf 

viij lb at xijd. the lb price; xxviij 

Nayles M ; xx 

Candellsticks of dubble plate xij. price ; iij 

Plates with holes for hattf ; iij 

In all as by his bill appereth amounting 

unto vj vij iiij 

Svlk Weaver Will*m BowU for sundry pcells of ware, vz). 
Bone Lace of fyne Copp silver x lbs. at 
xviij^. the ownce; xij 


flFrenge 1 Buttons of like stuf Ti Rate ijib. *' xlviij 

Ollyff branches 1 trees of silk 5 viij ij 

A Box to contayne the p'miss ; ijl^ 

In Reward for speciall s'vic^ by him done ; xx 

All which amounteth unto ; xv xvj ij 

Will»m Lyzfiurd for sundry Cullers by him pvided ; vid3 

_^ li. «. d. 

Syzej vj 

smalt; x vi 

Byce; iiij 

Ende ; , xvi 

Masticot; -. iij 

sinop; ij 

vert; ij viij 

sape; xx 

white; xij 

Black; xvj 

Vermillion; ij 

Sylver | 2200; xxxiij 

fFyne golde 200 : xiij iiij 

Glew; xij 

Syze; vj 

Vermillion; ij 

sinop. jffidi, iij 

ffyne white j lb xvj 

ffyne Black j lb ; ij viij 

xij shells of silv'; xij 

viij shells of sinop pap ; ij viij 

Goulde iiij«. at ij». viij le c ; x viij 

Past pap v dozen; x 

Glew; xij 

Assedue, iiij lb ; xij viij 

Golde culler j ft di; vj 

The Grinding of iiij pe of sheeres ; ... viij 

Yron cullers; ,.,., xvj 

In all as by his bill; vij xiiij x 

percells for 
the clotes 
and pro- 

ffor Mask- 
heades Wea- 
pons gunnes 
flaskes tucb- 
boxes and 
branches for 


Baskin- John ffarrington for making and selling of vj paier of 

"*^®^ purple Buskins w* Males painted on them ; xij». Redd 

paynted Buskins ij paier ; iiij». Yolow gold Taffita, 8 

paier ; xiij». iiij<*. xxix*. iiij*^. 

The Mil- Martin Hardrett '^c. for iiij Braunches of OUyffs made 

loner ^^ greeue sylk ; iiij". | ffor the Tronchwomans heade 1 

for vij Hatbandf for the men Maskers T;c. xlvj". viij**. 

In all K viij**. 

ffuell Will»m Newman for iij M» billettf ; xl». % to Dawncy 

for j lode of Coles ; xxij". - Ixij". 

The ffether- for vj bandf of ffethers for the Men Maskers T: one for 
maker- ^j^^ Tronchewoman in all vij price ; Iiij'. iiij**. 

The Car- Rowland Robynson for iij Elme boordes 'X vij Ledges 

penter ff^^ ^^^^ fframes for the players T; for Nayles T;c. 

iij". vm**. 

Itih for vyces to wrestf to draw the wyers tighte wheron 

the lightf did hang crosse the hall iiij*. 

Horshier Thom*s Booreman for mony by him layd owte sundry 

and Jorney- tymes for the hier of Horses and for theier meate wliiles 
° they travelled T: remayned at Kingston T:c. fiirst the 
xx^ of ffebruary for ij Gelding to osterly % to Hampton 
Coo'te to know my L. Chamberlens Pleasure % back 
againe to saint Jones ^ likewise to the Coo'te againe Ht 
there remayning vij dales at xx**. the daye % theier 
chargf at Kingston T;c. together. xxxix". iiij**. 

^ . , John Drawater for CariaG:e of fframes T; painted 

Cariages by *-& r 

land and by Clothes for the players howses to hampton Co'te attend- 

Water jjjg ^^e same tliere till service therw* was past and so 

returning the same. In all w* the Carters and Car- 


penters expencf there whiles thay wayted T; the Carmens 
wages ^ horshier for him selfe ; xxxv", iiij^. And for 
Boote and Bardgehier to '\ fro the Coo'te w* certayne 
other stuf J xvj». 8^. In all w* his botehier sundry 
tymes to Westminster for the children that served the 
Mask. lj». iiij*. 

Itm for the diett^ T; Lodging of dyvers childre at Diettfor 

saint Jones whiles thay Learned theier ptf 1; Jestures Children 

,,-.,. . . /. , 1. 1 ^ Maskers be- 

meete for the Mask in w^** ix of them did serve at fQ^e Shrov«- 

Hampton Coo'te; xxxiij*. iiij^. tide. 

John Owgle for xiiij Beardf Marquesotted at xvj**. the The vyzard- 
peece ; xviij". viij*. ^ for eggf to make cleane vizard^ : °^^''®''- 

curinjT beam, &c. 

iij^. And for his wages or reward for his s'vice at this 
tyme before omitted 5 x". viij*^. In all ; xxix». viij*. 

Thom»s Lamb for the Carmen T;c that caried certayne Land 
of the stuf in hamps to the water T;c w* iiij^. by him paid Cariages 
for bladders in all ; xx^. 

To Bruton of Powles wharfe for a Bardge ^ vj ores Bardgehier 
with ij Tylt Whirreyes that caryed the Masking geare and Botehier 
T; Children w* theier tuto's and an Italian Woman T;c to co^te 
Dresse theier headf as also the Taylers ppty makers ^ 
haberdashers ; xxiiij*. 

To W™ Skarboro for ffyer T; vittells for the Children Expences at 
% theier attendant^ whiles they wayted to know whether g^jj^^^g'^^ °^ 
her Mefi^ wolde have the Maske that nighte ; ix". vj*. Mundaye. 

Lodging, flyer, ^ vittells for the children ^ Women y* Expenses at 

wayted tattyer them w* others y* were appointed to stay Kingston on 

till the Mask were showen and for theier dynners the next Njghte' 

daye being Shrovetewsdaye there ; xiiij". viij*. aforesaide 


The Barber for trymmyng the Children on Shrovetuisdaye ; xij^. 

Expenses at To Skarboro for the Childrens siipffi % the Womens 

the Coo^te on g^p ^t the Rest of thattendantf : ix«. x*. 

onrovetwis- **^ ' 


Expenses at To Mother sparo for the childrens lodgings w^ £fyer 1 

Kingston on ffo^^ that nighte 1 in the Morning whiles thay staled 

daie nighte ^^^ botes j xij*. 

Bardge and To Bruton for his Bardge ^ ij whirreyes to cary the 
f ^^ th*" children T; stuff back to Londo and for his wayting daie 
Coo^te ^ nighte to cary the Children betwene the Coo'te T; 

kington ; xxv". vj*^. 

Expenses at To Thomas Totnall for ffyer T; vittells for the Children 

the black ^ij^n they landed su of them being sick T; colde 1 
ffryerson -^ - -a 

ashWednes- hungry; vij». v/. 


Rewardes To the Nine Children that served at y« Coo^ ; ix". | 

and hier of To the Italian Woman 1 her dawght' for Lending the 

heares for heares Ic. T^ for theier s'vice T; attendauncf ; xxxiij". iiij<*. 

the Children To N. Nudigate by thappointmt % at the request of 

M' Fortescue in respect of his s'vice T^ paines w* the 

childre and otherwise, xl". And to Bryan Dodmer for 

his paynes sundry waies imployed } xl". vj". ij", iiij**. 

Horshier Edward Buggin clerkcomptrowler for mony by him 

and Botehier Jisburced for the hier of Horses to Hampton Coo^te 

theier expencf there % at Kingston ^ likewise for his 

Botehier sundry tymes w* rewardf geven *\ other ex- 

pencf in thaffares of this office ; xx". 

Necessaries The Clerk for his ordinari Greene cloth, pap Ink, 
^^^ Cownters T^ other Necessaries incident to his office : 

Ixvj*. viij**. 
Sm* iiiji^ vj". viij**. 


All Themptions Ic \, ....„ _ ..... 

T. Blagrave. 
Edwarde Buggyn 
Walter fysshe. 

The Totall su of this whole volume according to the 
devision therof ; vidz). 

wages f ArtifEcers T^c. xvij". viij«. viij*. i "• ... ■•... *;. . 
oft Officers xj". } xxviy vi.j vuj 

Emptions T; other charges y* tyme ; vij xi j ij 

Sm* xxxvj X M' Dniryes 


waees f Artificers T^c. cxiiij". iiij». vj*. \ 

of 1 Offycers : xvij". x'. i "^'^^^J ^"^ "^ 

Emp tions T; other charges then cc.xx viij vij 

Sm» ccc.lix XV j Christmas. 

wages f Artifficers ; T^c. ... 1". xix". x^. ) 

i I Ixv XI 

of I Officers 3 xv". ^ 

XIX x 

Emptions T^ other charges then Ixiij iiij vij 

Sm» c.xxix iiij v Candellm»s 

wages J Artifficers ; T;c. Ivj". xiij». vj**. ) . 

. ofl Officers J xvj". x*. J ^^^'J "J ^J 

Emptions and other charges then ; Ixxiiij x iiij 

Sm* c.xlvij xiij x Shrovetyde 
In all as more pticculerly by the same booke appereth 

amounting unto d.clxxij". xiiij". ij*. 

as followeth more breefely. 



Sm<^ of all the whole Booke as is before so here more 
Breefely. November, December January T; £februari 
anno R.R"*- Elizabeth xvj*°. p'd. 

Wages ) Artificers : Ic ; ij xxxix yj vj 1 «-. .« y. ••. *•. ' 
ofJOffycer8,lc Ix jy'^J^^vjvj 

Emptions T^ all other charges; ccciijxiij". vij«. viij^. 

vj«. Ixxij". xiiij*. vj*. 
r. Blagrave. 
Edwarde Buggyn. 
Walter Fysshe. 

Canvas at 

Hereunto is to be added a peece of Canvas cont. xl ells 
which was browght into thoffice by M" Danes s'v»nt at 
xij*. the ell it was for the bowses made for the players 
then; xl". 



Revells in One Yeare. vidz!. 

The Booke of all Charges growen w*j|n the said Office ffrom the 

and by meanes of thaffares thereunto belonffins: for that fff 1 ^^' 

rw^^ Ti, • , . i 1573 aono 

tyme Thom»s Blagrave esquier being appoynted Master rr"« Eliza- 

of the same {as by sundry Letters from the Lorde Cham- hthe xvj^ 
berlaye maye appeare) He proceded therein Geving at- j^^^^ q£ Yq\) 
tendaunce, and making preparacon with other service 1574 anno 
Incident thereunto, as occasion required : for her Ma- rir* ?, 
gestyes Begall Disporte and Recreacion, at tymes con- xvij™<> 
venyent. Wherein the charges arose, and did grow as 
£followeth. As well for him selfe; as also for others 
hereafter ensuing. 

flfor the Progresse to Beading T;*^. And Lykewyze ffor Betweene 
the Ayryng, Repayryngs, Translatyngf , preparing, ffyt- ^® '^^^ o^ 
ting, ffurnishing, Garnishing, Attending and setting ^^[^^ J573 
foorth of sundry kyndf of Apparell propertyes T; ffurny- And the ffirst 
ture for the Italyan Players that flTollowed the progresse ^the^I^dd ^' 
and made pastyme fyrst at Wynsor and afterward^ at yere anno 
Beading. As also for the whole charges of those viij ??"* ^Ij^*" 
Moneths any waye Byzing by the saide Office and thaf- 
fares therto belonging ptycculerly ensueth. vid3 

Taylers T^ others working T; attending the premiss the 
first at XX**. the Best at xij**. the daie T^ asmuche for 
the nyghte : 

Sm* xiy'. xj". viijd. 





John Carow T; others 

Sm* iiij". xij". vj*. 

dayes. nights. li. t. 

The M' at iiij« the daye : 40 ... 6 ix 

Clerkcomptrowler at ij" , 40 ... 5 iiij x 

The Clarke at ij« 40 ... 6 iiij x 

The Yoman at ij« 40 ... 6 iiij x 

Sm* xxij X 

Sm<^ of all the Wages those viij Monethf ending the 
last of October 1674 anno RR°» Eliz! xvj*«. 

^"^yfi^'^J xlvj". iiij-. ijd. 1 

Offic'sj xxij". x-.i ^"""""J • ""'"J • 'J • 

Emptions provizions and Expences within the viij 
Monethes aforesaide ; yid3 • 


and Ex- 
pences in 
the Pro- 
gresse for 
the Italyan 
Players at 
Wynsor and 

M'*" Dane for fforty ells of Canvas at xij*. the ell 
whiche shoulde have bene alowed in the last booke (be- 
fore this) according to the entry there ; but bycause it 
was entred after the Totall soom ; and not subscribed by 
any Officer. Therfore the Auditor wolde not alow it 
there ; Neverthelesse she was paide for that among the 
residue of her soommes in that booke due as by her ac- 
quittance remayning w* Bryan Dodmer maye appere so 
y^ now her dett for this must be payd to the said Dodm). 


Thom»s Blagrave esquier for mony by him disburced 
for sundry Implement^ ^ occazions vid3 

To John Carow for a plank of flFyrr T; other peeces of 
sawen wood ; xvj-. viij*^. 

Itm for Iron woorke for a frame for a seate in a 
pageant \ xv«. 

Itm for the woorkmanshipp of the Seate or Chayer, 
TiC xviij". iiij*^. 

Itm for a hamp to carye the same together and for 


cariage of it from Suthwarke w* Rewarde to carowes 
man in all j vij". 

In all by him paid to Carowe then ; Ivij". 

Itm for Ladles T; Dishes to beare the Hghtf at Wynsor 
for the Italyans and for payntyng T; garnishing of them 
w* Rewardf geven to dyvers whose Necessaryes and 
s'vicf were then used 3 xj". vj**. 

Itm for preparacons T;c. at Reading the xv**^ of July 
1574 a** RR°«. E. xvj^. 

s. d. 

Golde Lether for cronetf iij iiij 

ThredT; sheperdf hookes; xiiij 

Horshyer vj daies. 3 xxxiij 

Horsemeate at Reculing xj vj 

The Viteller at Reading for tlie dyett of 

sudry psons ; xv 


Lamskynnes for Shepperds ; iiij 

Horstayles for the wylde mannes garment... iiij viij 

Arrowes for Nymphes 5 vj 

Lights and shepperdf staves; • vij 

Hoopes for Garlandf ; iiij 

pottf for the Paynter ij 

ijd. UJd. ii^d. ijd. ilijd. 

Packthredd, Glew, Lyne, Tackf , wyer, T^ 



Plates for the Candelstickf ; iiij 

Boordes for the plates ; xv 

Wyer to hang the lightf ; xv 

Baye Leaves T; flowers ; xi 

for paynting sundry device 

Rewardf to vj Taylers there ; 

Howsero^me for the stuf 5 

The hyer of a Syth for Satume ; 

Cariage of stuf fro Reding; 

The hier of a Trunk; 





••• • 

• • 



• • 



«. d. 

sundry necessaries ^ Rewardf disburced by 

John Drawat*^ there ; v 

In all for his disburcem^ at Reading c.vj x 

In all by him the said T. Blagrave disburced wMn 
those viij Monethf aforesaide amouteth unto ; 

viiji»» XV". mj*. 

ffewell and Walter ffish Yoman of the saide Office for mony by 

Necessaries j^j^ disburced for fewell ; xxvi". viii**. ffor Thredd of 

w* Botehier J J 

^c. sundry Cullers ^ sundry other small necessaries ; xiij*. 

iiij*. And for Botehier horshier T^ Riding charges w* 

other expencf xx". ; Ix". 

Jomeying Eldward Buggin gent Clerkcomptrowler of this Office 

charges {q^ his Botehier, Horshier, Riding chargf and other ex- 

pencf w* that tyme in all ; xx". 

Jomeying Brjran Dodmer for his Botehier, horshier. Riding 

^arges and charges and expencf w*in this tyme of viij moneths as 

also for his owne s'vice and attendaunce upon theise 
matters T; Reconyngf untill thaccoute thereof be past, 

Ixvj". viij*^. 
The hyer of Thom*s Clatterbooke for hier of iij devells cotes and 
appareU headf T; one olde mannes fries cote for the Italian prayers 

at Wynsor v". 

Sm* of all the Emptions pvisios and Expencf for the 
Progresse T; those viij Monethf ending the last of Octob. 
qo KRua Eliz. xvj*<* pi a. xviiji*. vij». 

Sm* of those viij Monethf Ending the Last of Octo- 
ber 1674i Anno RR**® Elizabthe xvj*« Amounteth to 
Wages f Artifficers; Ic. xlvj". iiij». ijd. 1 , . ^, 

of I OflFyc's ; xxij". x-. /«» • J^- ^ • 


Emptions ; T^c. xviij". vij«. 


In all amouting to ; iiij vij". xiiij*. 

T. Blagrave. 
Edward Buggyn. 
Walter fysshe. 

Woork doone and attendaunce geaven Betweene the ^^ Christ- 
flyrst of November (1674) Anno RR°» EUzabthe xvj*». T^lft/de 
And The last of flfebruary (1674) Anno RR«« E pldict Candellmas 
xvij°»«. By meanes of Preparing, Newmaking, Trans- ^^ ^\^^Y' 
lating, Repayring, flpytting, ffumishing, Qamishing, and Anno RR°* 
attending of the Playes, Maskes, Apparell, flfumiture, Elyzabthe 
Wares ppertyes, Stuf store and Implement^ of the saide 
Office for the apt setting foorthe of the same at the tymes 
aforesaide. The whole charges wherof aswell for the 
wages as for wares, Cariages, Jomeyeng charges % all 
other expencf thereunto incident hereafter ptyculery 
ensueth. vid^« 

Taylers 1 others. The fyrst at xx*. T^ all the residue 
at xij^* the daye and asmuche for the nighte \ 

Sm» of the Taylers Ic. iiij xiiij viij 

Paynters at xx*. the daye 1 xx*. the nighte. 

Sm* of the Paynters ; xxxvij". lij". iiij*. 

Proptymakers, Habberdasherf , Joyners and Car- 

Sm» of the pptymakers Ic. Ij". iiij**. 

dayet nightet li. 

The M' at iiij*. p diem 81 ... 19 xx Ofiycers 

Clerkcomptrowler, ij» 81 ... 19 x 

The Clerk at ij« 81 ... 19 x 

The Yoman at ij« 81 ... 19 x 

Sm» of Thoffic's 1«. 

derers per- 

makers per- 



Sm* of those Wages for November, December, Janu- 
ary, *\ February v3. ffor preparacon of Playes T: Maskf 
and for Woork doone at Christm*s, Twelftyde, Can- 
dellmas T^ Shrovetyde, Anno RR°» Elizabthe xvij"« 
Amoutetb to ccxxxij". iiij". iiij**. 

Emptions provizions and Expencf with all other 
Charges for Chrystmas, Twelftyde Candellmas and 
Shrovetyde Anno RR°» E. xvij"** ^dict. vidS. 

Will*m Pylkyngton for woork by him doone and mony 
by hym disbursed flPbr Stytching a Cote and a payer of 
Buskyns with a hatt mcule all over with sylver coyne and 
for sylk for the same ; xy*. — A patteme for a Bande ; 
ij". — The Imbrodering of vj bandf forhattf for Maskers 
ritchly wroughte with venys sylv' and for sylk and sylver 
for the same : iiij". — and for his fferriage at Putneye. 
uij*. mj". xvij". uij*». 

Richard Rowknde for mony by him disburced. 

IL s. d. 

for Nayles of sundry sortf ; xxxvij vj 

Skynnes to cover horses : xxj 

Glew and Hoopes ; iiij viij 

Horstayles T^ Manes; xij 

Corde and a Halter for an asse ; xij 

Turning of pyllers ; iiij 

Leaves and Mosse ; v 

Cyzers T; Taynterhookes j xix 

ffir Poles 12 at iiij*. the peece : iiij 

Hunters staves ; iij 

Cariages; ij ij 

In all Amownting unto; iiij iiij xj 

Barnard ffabyan for sundry percells of his wares. 

lb. ^^^^ 
fyrst for white lightf 416 at iiij**. lb ... vj xviij viij 

Seering Candell iij ft) at xvj*. the ft>... iiij 



Packthread iij ft at xij^. the ft 

Corde T; Lyne of severall sortf 

Lynkes xxx at iiij^. the peece ; 

In all as by his bill more at lardge ap- 
pereth; , 

Henri Devenish for mony to him due : 

for iiij plates for the Rock; 

Postf at xiiij^. the peece iiij price ; 

Upper peeces for the topp iiij ; 

Quarters forthedoreij price; 

Eves boorde 159 foote price; 

Elme Boorde 76 foote price ; 

seeling Boorde 113 foote price; 

Nayles of sundry sortf ; 

Lightf by him bowght T; spent there ; 

Eves boorde more 47 foote, price; 

seeling Boord more 17 foote; 

Transoms ij price : 

In all by him dd T^ Imployed in thoffice ; ..• 


■. d. 

• • • 

• • • ••• 

XllJ VllJ 


• • • 

• •••• 


ij X Property. 
makers per- 




mj VllJ 

•• • 


••• • 


••• ••• • 

"J uy 


1 • •• • 

xlj "J 

Will*m Tayler for mony to him due for 

Oken Inche boorde 200 foote ^ ; 

Dubble Quarters xxiiij ; .. 

syngle Quarters 1 at iij*^. the peece ; 

Itm more xxiiij single quarters; 

A planck T; Beeche for a ladder ; 

Itm more for oke Inche boorde 100 foote T; iij 
quarters of a hundred and x foote in all 
am*^8 to; 

syngle boorde di c T; v foote ; ..*. 

In all amownting together unto ; 


• • 


viij Carpenters 


• • • 


» ■ » " • 


••• •• • 

UJ VllJ 

^ • • • • • 


Will»m Hardinge for xxvj ells iij q>*" of yolow Sarcenet Mercers 

Q percells 

kvndes of 
wares pro- 
vyded by 
the voman 
and his ex- 
pences at 
this tyme. 


at v«. the ell ; vj". xiij«. ix*. And for Russett Sarcenett 
xxxix ells at v«. the ell ; ix". x v«. In fdl xvj". viij". ix**. 

Richard Same for cxlxj elle %^ s'cenett of sundry 
Cullers at y*. the ell Ixv". yj", iij*. Greene velvet iij 
quarters of a yard ; xij". ix<*. Whit sarcenett xxv ells 
at v«. the ell ; vj". y*. Black velvett xvij yardf iij q^*" 
at 15". ; xiij". vj». iij**. Itm more for j yarde di of the 
same ; xxij". vj**. Black Buckeram of the fynest pece j ; 

xiij". iiijd. In all iiij vij". vj«. j**. 

Walter ffyshe for him disburced, vid3 

li. ■; d; 

for Rushes, Brushes, and Rubbers xxiij iiij 

Thredd of sundry cullers T^ prices ; liiij ij 

Paper for patterns T^c iij q uiers ; xij 

Tyncell, ffeltf 1 stockf xix 

Damask iiij yardf (^^ di. being greene; xliij ix 

Taffata orengecuUer of levant 5 ylds; xj viij 

Copper lace ij ft xv ouncf ; Ixij viij 

Gloves for Players *\ Maskers ; c .ix iiij 

Tape for tyengf and strengthing ;. vij 

£furres of woolveringf for pedlers capps ; xxxiij 

Pastboorde; iij iiij 

flfewell by him provyded ; xxviij ij 

Lightf besides the chaundlers pcells ; ... ij iiij 

Bggf to trym the vizard^ ; ij 

Sylk and Needells ; xvj 

Breade to make cleane headpeecf ; vj 

Cutting of Gardf ; ••• xij 

Beardes; x 

Lynnen Lynyngf ; v x 

Gotten Lynyngf xj viij 

Vizardf 27 price ; iiij x 

The hyer of a Marryners whissell ; iij iiij 


li. t. d. 

A sack for the players ; ij iiij 

Heare to stuff bootes for the horses } 

and for ij payer of spurres ; iij iiij 

Bottells for Pilgrymes, ij ; xij 

Styckf ij Bundells viij 

Barge hyer and Botehier ; ciiij x 

Cariages by Land ; Ixiiij vj 

Ryding charges; xvj 

Reward^ ; • viij 

Buckerams of sundry prices, 30 peecf ; vj vij 

In all amowntyng unto; • • xlij vj vij 

John Hill for Ten Thowsand of Billettf by him de- ffewell 
lyvered into the said Office at xij". viij*. the thowsand 
paid by Bryan Dodmer at thappoyntment of M*^ Bla- 
grave. Therefore up<»i payment of this Booke the said 
Dodmer is to receive his mony againe namely ; 

vj". V]». viij**. 

Thomas Leverett for mony to him due for Wares and Wyer- 
for service done by him ^ his s'vntf ; drawers 

ffirst at Christmas % Twelftyde aforesaide for and tbeier 

Stock Candellstickf iiij doosen ; x vj jj^^^^j^g 

Vyce Candellstickf vj price; vj 

Bodkyns halfe a doozyn price ; xij 

Cases halfe a doosyn price ; ij 

Wyer xli ft di. andij ft xliij vj 

Curtyn Ringf iij dozen; xij 

A greate. Lanthorne ; «..<... ij 

Rownd plates for the Branclies at x*. the 
peece viij dozen and ij greate plates 
for pillers at iij". iiij*. the pece in all ; iiij vj viij 

Small spykers j dozen T;c. ; ij ij 

Tackf one Thowsand price ; xx 

Botehier to Hampton coorte ; iiij 


U. •• d. 

Reward^ or wages for him T; his s'v'ntf 
Namely for John CoUarde, Edmund 
Birchall, JohnWillm*s 1 W» Dawson 
for all theier attendaunces % s'vice 
this Christmas T; Twelftyde aswell at 
Hampton coorte as in thoffice ; xlvj viij 

At Candellm*s for 

Bittf w* bosses for the Hobby Horses ; iiij 

Cownters to cast awaye by players ; ... iij 

Buckles with penners vj paier ; iiij 

Bello wes one payer price ; iij iiij 

Wyer for the Horses leggf iiij"** iiij 

Clavant wyer ij lb price ; iij 

Two peny Nayles j m ; xx 

Wyer ix ft price; ix 

Plates ij price ; xij 

Rewardf or wagf for him selfe T; ij other 

then; xxiiij vj 

At Shrovetyde for 

xix branches to beare the lightf ; iij iij iiij 

Wyer of the greate sorte to hang or to 

stra^ne crosse the hall at H . C. ; ... xxv 

Clavant wyer viij ft ; viij 

Nayles vij c ,,, xiiij 

Reward^ or Wagf for him T^ his iij 

s'vantf woo'king and attending then ; xx 

In all amownting unto ; ,..,,,....,....... xviij xviij vj 

Thomas Blagrave esquier for mony by him disburced 
upon sundry occazions concerning this Office and Thaf- 
fares therof as foloweth ; vidz! 

26°. Novembris 1574. 
Jorneyeng Horshyer and charges by the waye at Wynsor stayeng 


there ij dayes in November iiij dales for puzing T; Re- 
formyng of ffarrantf playe Ic xlij». vj*^. 

5® Decembrf 1674. 


Ho'sehyer to Hampton Coorte to confer w* my L. 
Chamberlayne the L. Haward, T^ M'. Knevett upo cer- 
tayne devices 1; to puze ifarrantf playe there againe iij 
daies the chargf wherof w^ horsemeate at Kingston is; 

xxvij". viij**. 
13« Decerabr 1574 
Coles j Lode Ti v sackf xxiij*. iiij*. ffewell 

for a keye T; mending of a Lock 3 xij**. Necessaries 


Lynkf ij viij*. T^ to Rosse for a patterne j ij». 

14, Decembr. 

The expencf T^ chargf where my L. Chamberlens P®*?^^*"? 
_, Ti , 11'^ /. Tfc, T i^ -w^i ' and Reform- 

Players did show the history of Phedrastus T^ Phigon ingofplaies. 

and Lucia together amouteth unto; ix'. iiij^, 

15. Decembrf 

Coles j Lode and vj sackf ; xxiiij". ffewell 

18 Decembrf 

The expencf and chargf wheare my L. of Leicesters peruziug 

V 1 . , . I.A. c • « ^^^ Retorm- 

men showed theier matter ot panecia ; x*. in^ofolave' 

Itm for a dozen of Lether poyntf ; iij*^. 

Itih for iij Torches that nighte ; iij". 

23° Decembrf 

Coles XX sackf at viij*^. the sack; xiij". iiij^. ffewell 

Mirors or lookingglasses for the pedlers Mask xij Habberdash 
small at ij». the peece and vj greater at iiij». the peece ®°^ ware. 

and for flFrenche pynnes in all ; xlviij^. viij*^. 

26** December 
The hyer of j Wagon T; syx horses from London to Cariage. 
Hampton coorte the mony was p* to Thomas Smyth, xl». 

20 Die 
The chargf and expencf where my L. Clyntons perusing and 
players rehearsed a matter called pretestus ; xiij». Reforming 


SI Die 

The Charge and expencf where the showed ij other 

playes with iij". for torches % iiij^. for an howerglasse ; 

• • •_ •••• • 

Xllj". lUJ*. 

27 Decembr 
Habberdash T^^^ same ThomHt Blagrave for mony by him dis- 
small ware bursed for Gloves for my L of Lesters boyes y* plaied at 
the Coorte ; ij». 

for Cariage of theier stuf ^ for the Carters attendaunce 
that nighte ; xvj^« 

Reward^ to the Carpenters T; painters 5 ij». vj^. 

29 Decembrf 
JomeycDg Horshyer and expencf iiij daies from London to Hamp- 

charges ton Coorte ^ and the Remaynyng w* the Revells ; 

xxxj". V}**. 

t. d. 

H hh d h ^'^^^^^ Pynnes % greate pynnesi ix 

small ware Sylk poyntf Brayded 18 dozen ; xxj 

for the Fed- White T; sweete Inglish balls j dozen ; vj 

Gloves perfumed ij dozen price ; xx viij 

sylk Twyst to tye the papers; xij 

Laces of sylke iiij doozen price; xij 

Venis Balls sweete j doozen; xvj 

Staves bowght of Carow j dozen; ij vj 

ffayer wry ting of pozies for the Mask ; vj viij 

1® Januarij 1674 


Jomeyeng Horshier on New yeares daie to Hampton Co^)rte T; 

charges theier chargf there at Kingston iiij daies; xxxij". 

. fHowers vj dozen at ij**. the pece ; xij«. 

percells fflowers at iij^. the peece iij dozen ; ix». 

Long poles with brushes for chymney sweepers in my L. 
of Leycesters mennes Playe T; for Mosse T; styckf and 
other implement^ for them ; ij*. vj**. 


6 Januarii 
Horshyer 'I expenc^ iij daies Resting at JourneyeDg 

Kingston; xxv vj ^*'«'"&^* 

To Ulrick Netsley for vyces viij doozen and Yron woorke 

V price together ; xxxiij viij for fframes 

«!«••• • • aDQ advices 

for keyes for vices xv) price; ij x 

Hinges xviij price together; vj 

The mending of vicf 1 nuttf ; iij 

Plates 13 at iij^. the peece; iij iij 

A greate plate for the Rock; ij vj 

The mending of wyers % staples; x 

ij Barrs of Iron ix foote longe ; xviij 

sheepe hookes 'I other hookes ; • ij xj 

Haspes^ henges for the stockf ; xij 

New nuttf *\ plates; xviij 

V Balls at xvj the peece; vj viij 

viij stepps % xvj pynnes; iij iiij 

Itih more to him for mending of vicf and 

nuttf w* other Iron woorke ; vj ij 

To Roger Tyndall tharmerer for Lending of Armor Hier of Ar- 
for flFarrantf playe and for attending the same ; xj». iiij*. «io' 

To John OUyf for a hamper to pack the vardngales r l t- 

in; ij». maker. 

A nother greate hamper to carry a flFrame in ; viij". 

ix little hampers at xx^. the peece for the Pedlers 
Mask ; xv«. 

X Browne Baskettf ; iij". iiij^. 

Roddf for Lictos Bundells in y« playe; xvj<*. 

To Will*m Davyson for viij square peces of glasse for fjij^g Glazier 
the Rock ; viij". for iiij other peecf at xvj^. the peece for 
the same Rock ; v". iiij^. for ij peec(* to make shildf ; 
iij". iiij**. Other glasse for other placf ; ij». And for 



his owne paynes T; his s'v*ntf ij daies T; ij nightf ; vij'. in 
all ; xxV. viij**. 

Wex- Wax for a Cake in flFarrantf playe ; 





Coles j Lode bowght of T. Daye ; 


To John Rosse for vj branches of flowers made of 
£Pethers; vj".— fflowersj for Garlandf iiij dozen; viij". 
Long boordes for the stere of a clowde ; vj«. PuUeyes 
for the Clowdf and curteynes ; iiij'. Botehier to T: fro 
theCoorte; viij*. Lynkf to rec the stuf ; viij*. Dubble 
gyrtf to hange the soon in the Clowde ; xij*. for sowing 
the curtyns T setting on the frenge for the same ; iij'. 
Wyer to hang the Curtyns; vj*. vyces for the PuUeyes 
T:c iiij'. xlj'. ij*^. 

To Rowland Robynson for Elme Boordes cc ; xiiij'. | 
Oken boordes vj« ; xl'. | One Elme boorde ; xx**. Oken 

boorde Ixx foote; iiij'. iiij*. Oken Rafters of xiiij foote 
long at xvj*. the peece ; xx'. Beechen Rafters at xiiij*. 
the peece vj pkse ; vij'. Itm more iiij Beechen Rafters ; 
iiij'. viij*. Cariage of Rafters ; viij*. single quarters 
xxiiij at iij*. the pece ; vj'. ij more Rafters of beeche ; 
ij'. iiij*. A peece of Tymber xiiij foote ; iij'. Nayles 
of Sundry sortf ; xij'. vij*. A peece of Elme boorde for 
the clowde ; xviij*. fyrr poles xij at vj*. the pece ; vj'. 
Itm more to W°* Barker for xviij firr poles ; ix', Ca- 
riage of Poles T:c. xij*. vj**. xiij'. ix*. 

The Proper- 

To John Carow in his lyfe tyme not long before his 
death ; vj". And to his Wyfe after his deathe in full 
satisfaccon for all the wares by him delyvered this yeare 
into the said office or is to be by him the saide Carow his 
executors or admynistrators demawnded for any dett due 


before the third of ffebr 1574 or not entred in this booke ; 
vj". xiiij". iiij*. as w^^ grew by propertyes, vid3 Mon- 
sters, Moutaynes, flForrestf , Beastf , Serpentf , Weapons 
for warr as gunnes, daggf , Bowes, Arowes, Bills, Hol- 
berdf , borespeares, fawchions, daggers, Targettf , Pol- 
laxes, clubbes, headdf ^ headpeeces, Annor couterfet, 
Mosse, holly, Ivye, Bayes, flowers, quarters, glew, past, 
pap and suche lyke w* Nayles, Hoopes, Horstailes, 
dishes for devells eyes, heaven, hell, *\ the devell T: all 
the Devell I should sale but not all, xij^. xiiij". iiij*^. 

To Thom*s Garlyk for iiij dozen of Coony skynnes at The furryer 
uj\ the peece ; xij». 

2 februarij 

Horshier for iij daies to H. Coo'te with theier chargf jomeyeng 
at Kingston T:c. xxvj». ij*. charges 

Barge hier p* to T. White for ij flares of Tymber fro Waterca- 
H. Coorte to London at x". the peece ; xx». ^^^^ 

Land Cariage from the waterside j xij^. 

A Cote, a hatt T; Buskins all ov) covered with Fethers The fether- 

of cullers for vanytie in sabastians playe with xij^. geven ™*^6r 

in Rewarde to y« bringer ; xxvj*. 

13° febr being shrove sundaye 
® . ... 
Horshier iiij dayes w* theier chargf at Kingston in the Jornevenff 

meane tyme ; xxxiiij*. charges 

To Ulrick Netsleye for vices % nuttf ; xv». j^.^^ ^oorke 

To Lam for the french womans dyn' that went with expences 
the heares to dresse childrens headf in M' Hunyes his f"^ Bote- 
playe '\ for pynnes T: Botehier. ij«. ij^. 



The hyer of To the french woman for her paynes and her dawghters 

Heares for paynes that went to Bichemond 1 there attended upon M' 
headdes and . . ^ 

Rewardes Hunyes his Children T; dressed theier headf Ic : when 

they played before her Magestye ; 

xxnj«. V) 



To John fiarrington for making of fiyve payer of Bos- 
kyns and one payer of Startopps w^ the Lether that 
sowled them in all ; xj«. viij^. 

The Plum- 

To Dunstone Braye for Leade and sowlder w^ woork- 
manshipp by him bestowed over the Cowntynghowse at 
saynt Johns where it rayned in ; xlvj». j^. 

The Mil- 

Martyn Hardrett for iij Borders; vj". for iij part- 
lettf ; x«. vj chaines } iiij*. ij heares ; iiij". flSowers ix 
dozen i xxj«. in all : xlv^ 

Iron woork ^^ John Rosse for Longe vices to Joyne fframes to- 
gether iij dozen T; viij ; xvj". 5 for his Botehier ^c j xx^. 



xviij". mj°. 

Rewardf geven by the prop handf of the saide M' 
Blagrave to sundry persons at sundry tymes for sundry 
occazions concerning the premiss in all : Ix". 

In all amownting unto 5 Ixxj^. iiij". ix*^. 

To for his paynes in pusing and Reformyng 

of playes sundry tymes as neede required for her Ma*®* 
Lyking p* by Dodmer by the speciall appoyntm* of the 
saide M' Blagrave : xl». 

and his per- 

Will»m Bowll for mony to him due for 

25« Decembe 1574. 
Past paper halfe a Dozen ; 




Paper for Pattemes Leaves of trees % suche other ne- 
cessary vzsag in thoffice one Reame and one Quier 
price ; . vj", iiij«*. 

Past Boorde of the largest syze j doze ; iiij". 

27 Die 
Buttons of Copper sylver ij dozen ; wayeng ix 

ouncf at xviij**. thounce xiij vj 

Lace of Copp sylver v ouncf di at 18^ viij iij 

Brayded Lace of Sylver '\ black silk vij ouncf 

di. at 18 the ounce] xj iij 

80 die 
Frenge 1 twyst ij oc^ xl vj 

31 Die 

Fringe 1 Twist j lb xiiij oc^ c^*' at 18* xlv iiij 

Paned sylk at 16*. the ounce ij ocf c^*' p'ce ; iij 

frenge of Red silk 1 copp sylver v ocf ; vij yj 

Fringe 1 Tassells of copp sylver, xvj ocf ;... xxiiij 

sylk frenge at xvj*, thouce xiij ouncf : xvij iiij 

j/Die Januarij 1574 
Fringe of Copper sylver and silk v ouncf at 

xviij*. the ounce; vij vj 

A lardge Box for the premiss; xviij 

Frenge of Copper sylver vij ocf di ; xj iij 

2 Die 

Frenge of sylver and sylk iij ocf di at 18*. ... v iij 

Bone Lace of Copp sylv % silk j^^ ij °««» ; . . . xxvij 
Brayded Lace at 18*. iij^^ j °"" di price;... Ixxxiiij iij 

4 Die. 

Pasted paper of the largest sorte ij doze ;... viij 

Brayded Lace j *^ iiij *»"«« di. at 18*. thouce ; xxx ix 

5 Die. 

Brayded Tassells 'I frenge iji^ ix °«« iij cb*" ; Ixij vij ob. 
Lace at xviij*. 16 oc^ c^^ price at 18*. thouc ; xxij x ob. 


Frenge aud Lace ij lb vij ocf at xviij^. Iviij*. vj*^. 

Topp Buttons 1 frenge Lace at 18^. j lb j ounce quarter ; 

XXV*. X*. ob. 

30 Die 

Crymsen Sylk T: sylver frenge at ij'. vj*. thouce x 

ouncf di ; xxvj*. iij**. 

Black sylk T; sylver frenge at xviij*. the ownce j ft <r 

ouncf (^^; xxxj\ X*. ob. 

81 Die 
Past boorde ij dozen of the Largest sorte ; viij*. 

j die februarij 1574. 
Crimsen silk % sylver frenge ij ft vj ocf at ij'. vj^. the 
ownce 5 iiij". xv". 

Black sylver ffrenge xviij ocf c^^ at 18*^. ; xxj'. iiij^. ob. 

IQo Die, % 14° die. 
Crimsen silk frenge j ft v ocf di. at 2". 6^. ; liij*. ix^. 
Black sylk "X sylver frenge at 18*^. v ocf di ; viiij*. iij**. 
Black sylk T; silver frenge viij ocf at 18*. ; xij'. 

In all amownting unto ; xxxviij". xiij". iiij<*. 

Canvas Henri Sekford esquier for Canvas by him delyvered 

into the saide Office ; cl** ells at xviij*. the ell Imployed 
upo the bowses % propertyes made for players at Christ- 
mas, Twelftyde, Candellm'^s, and shrovetyde aforesaide 
in All am**°» unto ; viij". xv'. 

Edward Buggyn gent, clerkcomptrowler of Thoffice 
for mony by him disburced. vid3 

25 Decembris. 

Cariage of iiij Lodes of Tymber for the Rock (w*^^ M' 
Rosse made for my L. of Leicesters menus playe) 1 for 
other frames for plaers bowses ; ij'. iiij*. 

Cariage of one Hundred seeling boorde to make 
Branches to beare lyghtf ; iiij*. 


27 Decembris 
The hier of a Wagon to carry a Lode of stuf to the 
Coorte for the Duttons playe; xx«. 

Itm for a standish couters % Ink ; vj". vj*. 

j die Januarij 
for Spangles xxiiij Thowsand ; xiy, 

Cariage of one hundred of Boorde from saint pulkers 
to thoffice ; vj**. 

xj Januarij 

for a perwigg of Heare for King Xerxces syster in 

f&rrantf playe ; iiij*. viij^. 

for Cariage of iij Lode of stuf for the playe '^c on 

twelfe nighte to the watersyde at the Blackfryers iij*. 

xviij die. 
ffor ffeltf one Doozen at vj*. the pece ; vj". 

1 Februarij 1574. 
for ij ells of Canvas to make frenge for the Players 
howse in fFarrantf play 5 xx**. 

Cariage of StuflF for Candellm*s Nighte to the Water- 
syde 5 ij». ijd. 
Barge hier to Hampton Coorte then xiiij*». 
Skynnes to furr the hoode in sabastians playe ; ij". 
ffor making of ij sarcenett hoodd^ for Cyttyzens in the 
same playe ; ij». 
Holly, Ivye, fur poles 1 Mosse for the Rock in M' 
Hunnyes playe ; x». 
Homes iij. Collars iij. Leashes iij. % dogghookes 
iij I w* Bawdrickf for the homes in hunnyes playe ; x». 

13 februarij. 
Cariage of Tymber woork for the same M' Hunnyes 
his playe downe to the water syde ; ij». vj^^ 

To John Tuke for going to the Coo'te in a Message ; 

14 Die 
for a Lode of Coles 5 xix*. 


A flFelt y* was covered w* mony ; vj*^. 

Itm more for mony by him disborced for Sylver 
Lawne xliiij yerdf di. xliiij*. 

Bote bier for him selfe ^ others smidry tymes w^ Re- 
wardf by him geven to smidry psons not before men- 
cioned xxj". ix". v". ij^. 

Payntera Will*m Lyzarde for mony to him due for v3. 


20 die Decembris. 

li. 8. A. 

White XXX tt at iij*. the It J vij vj 

Syze ; vj 

Nayles; xij 

Pott^ iij doozen; ij 

Black xij lb; xij 

Smalt; xxiij iiij 

Masticot; iij iiij 

Inde j tbj vj viij 

Synaper jib; ij 

Browne j ib; xviij 

Vermillion di. fb ; iiij 

Sape di. lb J uj mj 

Vert j Ibj iiij 

Dark synap j lb ; iij 

Redd iiij lb; ij viij 

Yollow, iij ft; iij 

Sm» uij V inj 

84. Die. 

Wliite XXX ft at iij^. the lb vij vj 

Black^xij ft ; xij 

smalt iij ft; x 

Syze; vj 

Synaper Dark di. ft xviij 

sylver c.c iij 

ffoyle; xvj 


Pottfj xij 

Past J iij 

xhj vij 
26o. Die. 

Fynegowlde; vj viij 

Golde 200; vj vij 

Byse c^*' of lb; iij 

for shells of fyne sylver ; xv ij 

White Lead grownde 5 ij vj 

Fyne Black for the lottf ; v 

Vert; iiij 


Glew; viij 

V 1 ••• ...» 

Inde; uj uij 

Fyne yolow to wryte upon the Mirrors j ... ij 

Sylver 300 iiij vj 

Iij V 
29. Decembr 1574. 

Syze; iiij 

fllb. t .. 

Smalt ; vj viij 

Stayning cullers for s'cenet j vj 

Past Boordes iij doozen ; vj vj 

Synaper; iij 

Culler for iij dozen lightf vj 

Assedue iiij lb ; xij 

Glew; xvj 

Golde ; ij viij 

Grynding of Sheeres to clypp the assedue ; viij 

xlviij X 
15 Januarij 1574. 

Syze; iiij 

Assedue; * xviij 

Gowlde; iij iiij 

sylver paper to make mony ; vij 




28. Januarij 

White; , iiij vj 

Black iij 

Growlde; vj 

MasticQt iij iiij 

Assedue j lb di. ; iiij yj 

Sylver to wryte names ^ xviij 

XXlj X 

12. die ffebruarij. 

Syze; /. .. v 

White; ij 

sylver ; iiij vj 

Patternes; vj 

xvij vj 
13. Februarij 

Assedue iiij lb ; xij 

Past paper iij dozen; yj yj 

Golde; vj 

Glew V ft ; xx 

Patternes for lightf ij .,•... v 

A pattern for a Helmett v 

xxxvj ij 
xvj". xviij**. 

Rewardes Bryan Dodmer for his Botehier, horshier, Jomeyeng 

enff charffea ^^^^S^ ^^^ expencf betweene the saide first of Novem- 
ber in the xvj^^ yeare and the Last of February in the 
xvijth yere specially. To Hampton Coorte and there 
attending upon the Lorde Chamberlayne, the Lorde 
Treasurer and M' Secretary Wal8ingh»m for mony in 
prest to be Imployed upon the premiss being after longe 
attendaunce (and that none of the aforenamed couldeget 
the Queenes Ma**®» to resolve therin) dryven to trouble 
her Ma**® himselfe ^ by speciall peticion obtayned aswell 
the grawnt for cc". in prest as the dettf to be p*. In 
consideracon wherof, as also for the Rest of his s'vice 

eng charges 


done in this office 'I to be doone abowte theise Beck- 
onyngf nntill thaccoute herof be past. In all for xx 
marh^ demaunded alowed but vj". xiij". iiij*^. 

The Clerk of thoffice for his ordinary Greene cloth. Necessaries 
Paper, Ink, Cownters, Tooles, and necessary Implement^ ® ^^ 

for the Making of Bills Bookes, Plott^, T; Modells : 

Ixvj". viij^. 

Sm» of all the Emptions and pvyzions for Christmas 
Twelftyde, Candellraas, and Shrovetyde aforesaide ; 

cccxlix". xvj*. x^. 

Sm» for Christmas Twelfe Tyde, Candellm*s, 1 Shrove- 
tyde 1574. Anno RR"» Elizabthe xvij'"*'. 


V^**«» ••If ••••< 

Diuj ij". xmj<*. 
T. Blagrave. 
Edward Buggyn. 
Walter fysshe. 

H 2 


[BOOK v.] 

Revelles 1676. Anno RR»« Elizabeth xix». The 
Lidgeard or Perticuler Booke of all the Charges rysing 
and growing w*'*in the Office of the Quenes Ma**«" Re- 
vellf aforsaid. Betweene the xj*^ of March 1575. And 
the xxj»* of Februarie 1576. A° RR»» Eli3 predict 
xix® w*hin w«^ tyme. There were workf and atten- 
daunces geven as foloweth. vidz) 

Betweene the xj^ of Marche 1676 A® RR"* Eli3 pre- 
diet xviijo. And the xx*^ of December Anno Regni Re- 
gine Eli3 xix®. The Charges of Tliis Office grew by 
nieanes of Ayringe, Repayringe, perusing, amending, 
Brushing, Spunging, Rubbing, wyping, sweeping, making 
cleane putting in order, and safebestowinge of the gar- 
ment^, vestures, apparell, disguisinges. Properties and 
furniture of the same from tyme to tyme (w*^in those ix 
monethes) as the necessitie therof from tyme to tyme 
requyred, to keepe the same in Redynes for service, w*^ 
els wold be mowldy, mustie, motheten, and rotten by 
meanes of the dankenes of the bowse, and want of con- 
venyent Presses and places requysite. The parties who 
Comonlie attende the saide Office for the same purpose 
w^ their severall names (allowed for this tyme) parti- 
culerlie hereafter ensueth ; vidS 

Taylours and others workinge and attendinge the 
premiss at thofficers comaundement the first at xx^. the 
daie, and all the rest at xij^. as in the former president^ ; 

vj". xuj». mj*. 


dayet li. a. 

The M^ at iiij". the daie ^ iiij Thofficers 

The Clerkcomptrowler 90 xl 

The Clarke at ij» 20 xl 

The yoman at ij» 20 xl 

Sm* of all the wages betweene the xj^ of Marche 
1575. Anno RR~ Eli3 xviij°»o And the xx«^ of De- 
cember 1576. Anno Begni Regine Elizabeth xix®. 

• xvj**. xiij». iiij*. 

Walt"^ Fysshe gent, for 80 sackf of coales by him Fewell 
pvided for the said Ayringf xxij». vj*. 

Sm» totlis of the whole Ayringes, xvij". xv*. x*. 

71 Blagrave. 
Edward Buggin. 
Walter fysshe. 

The Charges of those tymes vidzl. Betweene the Chrystmas 
xx«> of December 1676. Anno Regni Regine EU2 Jff'^yf''^; 
predict xix° at w<^^ tyme the woorkes began for the pro- ti^e and 
viding, apting, preparing, furnishing, and setting fourth Candlemas 
of divers plaies or showes of Histories, and other Inven- ^j. ^^ ^^^ 
tions and devyces folowinge. And the iiij*** of Februarie xix° 1576. 
1676 in the said xix*** yere of Ma*«» Reigne, at w*'** tyme 
the woorkes and attendaunces did ende, together w^ all 
Themptions and Provisions of stuff and Necessaries, Ca- 
riadges, and other Incident^ , bought, pvided, done and 
attended by divers psons whose sev)all names and wages 
w^ their Rewardes and allowaunces do pticulerlie in 
their apt places ensue ; 

The Paynters daughter shewen at Hampton Court on 
S* Stevens dale at night, enacted by therle of warwickf 
s'v*nt^ : 


Toolie showen at Hampton Court on S^ Johns daie at 
night enacted by the L. Howardf s'v'ntf . 

The historie of the CoUyer showen at Hampton Court 

on Sundaie folowing enacted by therle of Leicesters men. 

Histories The historie of Error showen at Hampton Court on 


inven- Jjewyeres daie at night, enacted by the Children of 
showen w^in Powles. 

the tyme The historye of Mutius Sceuola showen at Hampton 

aforesaid • . . 

vj viz Court on Twelf daie at mght enacted by the Children of 

Windsore and the ChappelL 

The historye of the Cenofallf showen at Hampto 

Court on Candlemas day at nighty enacted by the L. 

Cbamberleyn his men. 

Taylours and others working and attending the pre- 
miss the first at xx^. the daie, and asmuch for the night, 
the Residue at xij^. 9&\ 1 1«. 4*. 

The Porter and other Attendaunt^ at xij^. the daie 
ech one and as much for the night 6^. 14^. 

Paynters and others working and attending the pre- 
miss daie and night at sundrie Rates 18M. ig«. 8^. 

Habdashers and propertymakers at sundrie rates ; 

6M. ». 44. 

Joyners, Carvers and Propertymakers at sundrie 
rates ; /P*. 

Carpenters at xvj^. the daie and asmuch the night ; 

ff*. 6». 8d. 

Wyerdrawers at simdrie rates 3 18^. 


The M' at iiij«. the daie; ... 28 ... 14 ... vij viij Thoffycers. 
The Clerk Comptroller at ij«. 23 ... 14 ... Ixxiiij 

The Gierke at ij« 28 ... 14 ... Ixxiiij 

The Yeoman at ij«. 28 ... 14 ... ixxiiij 

18". 10-. 

Sm* of all the Wages due in this Office for workeman* 

ship and attendaunces don therin and upon the Affaires 

therof for Christmas and Candlem^ ending the iiij^ of 

Februarie 1576. A« RR™" Elizabeth xix«. Ixxvij". viij». 

T. Blagrave. 
Edward Buggin, 
Waiter fyishe. 

Emptions Provisions T: Cariadges w"* Reward^ and 
other charges Incident. 

Willm Roe for Sarcenettf by him delivered into the The Mercer 
Office vz). 6® die Januarii one peece of yelow sarcenett 
eonteigning 30 elles at vj'. the ell and one pece of red 
sarcenett eonteigning 25 elles at the same rate ; xvj". x*. 

Guillaime Tien for x)". xv ounces of copp silver lace Sylkwevers 
at xviij^. the ounce ; xiiij". vj". vj^. percells 

Richard Busshe for Canvas by him delivered into The Lynnen 
thoffice at sundrie tymes v8 j 26® Decembr 1576. one l^^aper 
pece of Canvas eonteigning 86 elles iij q^rters at xij^. the 
ell; xxxvj*. ix^. 81® Decembr 25 elles iij q^rters at 
xij^. the ell ; xxv'* ix<^. In the whole 62 ellf \ 

iij". ij". vjd. 

John Okes for buckram by him delivered into the 'phe Up- 
Office at sundrie tymes v3. 30 Decembr 6 peeces of holster 
purple buckram at iiij». the peece; xxiiij". and 4® 
Januarii 6 peeces of yelow buckram at iiij". the peece ; 
xxiiij". amounting unto ; xlviij". 


Paynters \^lliam Lyzard for colo>* and Necessaries folowinge ; 

percelk Foure gallons of Size ; iiij 

White 16". atiij^. the pound; iij ix 

Black 3". at xij<^. the pound ; iij 

Syneper jM.; ij 

Browne j".; xviij 

Vert dimid pound ; ij iiij 

Smalt iij". at iiij*. the li. ; xij 

Inde dimid pound v 

Red ij". at viij**. the li. ; xvj 

Pottes for coloures xij 

Nayles; xij 

Clue j" iiij 

Gold 100; ij viij 

Sylver^OO; iij 

Syze; iiij 

Masticott j". ; iij iiij 

Gold 100; ij viij 

Size;.. iij 

White xij". at iij<*. the li. ; iij 

Fyne white ij". at xij^. the li ij 

Syze; iij 

Mastieott j". ; iij iiij 

Syneper j". dimid at xvj<*. the li ; ij 

Byce iij oz3 at xij^. the o3 ; iij 

Vermelyon iiij o3 at yj**. the o3 ; ij 

Pottes for coloures; vj 

Vert dimid pound ij iiij 

Gold 100;.., ij viij 

Arsidew 4 lb. at iij«. vj**. the pound; idiij 

Glue ij". at iiij**. the li. ; viij 

Tynfoyle; xij 

Syze; xviij 

White; ix 

Black; — ij 


_ U« •• d* 

Gold; xvj 

Vertaq*rtofali; xiiij 

Byceij oz8 ij 

Yelow a q^rt of a pound ; x 

V V 

Woolrick Netesley for xiiij vices at vj^. the peece ; Smythes 

^j, percelles 

Nyneteene nuttes w*^ plates under them at iij<*. the 

pece ; iiij«. ix**. 

Five keyes to them at ij the peece ; x^« 

Rve pynnes and a plate : ij«. 

xmj». Yiy. 

t. d. 
Bichard Rowland for j«. of plaster of Paris ; . . . iij Propertye 

Browne paper; xij makers per- 

Flowre to make past; xij ^^^^ 

Allomij" *.... viij 

Glue ij" , vj 

Lynnen Ragges ; xij 

Claye to mowlde w^hall ; viij 

A bowle to beat browne paper in ; vj 

Foure penie nailes vj«. at iiij*. y* c. ; ij 

Two peny nailes. j® ij 

Waynscott to make blades for rapio>* ^ ; ••• iiij 

One dozen of pasteboordes 3 iiij 

xmj X 

Barnard ffabyan for xv dozen pound dimid of candellf Lightes and 
at iiij«. the dozen ; bdj*. other neces- 

Item xxiiij staffetorches at xiiij^. the pece xxviij*. 
Item foure dozen of lynkes at iiij*. the dozen xyj*. 
Item two pound of packthreed at xij^. the pound ij*. 
Item iij". of glew at iiij*^. the li. xij<*. 

Item iiij peces of great cord at ij*. the pece ; viij*. 
Item ix peces of small cord ; iiij'. 

Nailes and 
other Nec- 

The Baskyn- 

The Hab- 


Item foure peeces of whipcord at iiij^. y* pece ; xvj*. 
In the whole amounting unto ; wj^. iy. m]\ 

Rowland Robynson for 

. U. ■. d. ^ 

xiij doble q^rters at vj**. the pece; vj vj 

Plench boorde ij«. dimid at vij». y* c ; xviij \j 

Single q*ters 32 at iij^. the pece ; viij 

Seelinge boorde a qrtem; xx 

Firre poles ten at vij^. the pece ; v x 

for Cariadge of them ; vj 

Rafters xj at xvj^« the peece ; •• xiiij viij 

Beechen plankes ij at viij^. the pece; xvj 

Vyces xij and wynches ij ; v 

For the turnyng of foure postes and for xx^ 

foote of tymber w<^^ made them; xviij 

Elme boorde cc dimid at vj*. viij**. y* c xvj viij 

For Tymber to make a frame ; v 

Sixpenie nailes 1900 at vj^. the c ix vj 

Tenpenie nailes cc at viij**. the c ; xvj 

Doble tenpenie nailes cc at xiiij^. y^ c ij iiij 

Two penie nailes cccc dimid; ix 

Threepenie nailes cc r yj 

Single X**. nailes one c; •••••. ••..... •••• vij 

Sixpenie nailes one c vj 

In all to the said Bx^bynson v xvj ij 

John Farrington for xij sheepe skynnes at vj^. the 
pece ; vj*. 

For paring and russeting of them ; ij*. 

For the soles and making of vj paire of buskins of 
those skynnes ; xij*. 


Richard Moorer for two hangers w*** girdles of black 

freesed lether vj*. iiij**. 

For V wastes of the same ; v*. 


For the making of 8 cappes of tyncell sarcenett ; iij'. 
For a yard dimid of buckram to lyne the same Cappes 

For 2 pwickf at iij*. iiij*^. the pece ; yj*. viij^. 

For dimid yard of cotton j x<*. 

For dimid thousand of great gold spangles viij^. 

xxij". ix**. 

Thomas Leverett for Wver- 

One dozen dimid of candelstickf ; iiij vj ^^^^ 

TJ vicecandelstickf at xij<^. the peece ; ... vj 

One hundreth of Claspes ; •• iiij 

V pulleys iij iiij 

XV hundreth of ij^« nayles ; ij vj 

Dimid c of spykers; xvj 

An hundreth of yj nayles; vj 

Three dozen of rownde plates ; xviij 

viij dozen of sockettf ; xvj 

For Repairing of two braunches ; v 

For XXX pound of wyer; xxx 

For a great Lanteme; iiij 

Forbotehier; ij 

•••• ••• • 


Willm Humfrey for xlv sackf of coales at ix**. the sack ; Pewell, &c. 

xxxiij*. ix<*. 

Willm Jurdane for xxvj sackf of coales afber the same 
rate ; xix*. vj^. 

Willm Kynge for one thowsande of billettf xiij». iiij**. 
For an hundretii of ffaggottf ; V. iiij**. xviij". viij**. 

John Ogle for curlyng of heare ; viij*. vj**. Necessaries 

For V cow tailes to curie ; i^^. 

For egges to tryme vyzerdes ; ij**- 

Willm Lyzard for a Whirrey to cary stuff to the 
Court and 4 men j iij". viij**. 

For lether for 8. shieldes, v*. 


Necessaries Thomas Wright for viij paire of gloves for Torche- 

bearers at viij*. the paire ; y. iiij'*. 

For mending of two lockes and setting them on 

againe ; vii]<^. 

For openyng of a lock ; ij<^. 

vj». ij'*. 

John Davys for money by him disbursed as foloweth 

8. d. 

For mosse; yj 

for a pound of threed of divers colo" iij 

for a dozen of round trenchers w^ a box for 

them; , « xij 

for a quyer of pap ; v 

for pynnes; ix 

for glue 5 ij 

for small tackf; ij 

for foure pasteboordes ; xij 

for tape •».. x 

for a dozen of Childrens gloves ; vj 

for pastpaper ; • iiij 

for dimid pound of threede; • xiiij 

for 9 horsetayles and 85 cowtailes ; v xj 

for Cariadge of them ; iij 

for pynnes; ij 

for broomes; ij 

for a pound dimid of threed of sundry coloures 

atiij*. iiij<*. theli.; v 

for browne paper; ..• ij ij 

for a dozen of gloves j v 

for a quyer of paper vj 

for heare to John Ogle ., ij yj 

for a qrtern dimid of tape ; x^ 

for dimid pound of coloured threede j xx 

for 4. dozen of pasteboordes ; xvj 


for two pound of white threede at iij«. viij*. 

the pound; vij iiij 

for two shepe skynnes for flayles; viij 

for a q*rtem of black threede ; vij 

for dimid li. of red threede; xx 

for allom; iij 

for past; j 

for a quyer of paper ; v 

for 4. dozen of white buttons; iiij 

for dimid pound of coloured threede ; xvj 

for iij dozen of gloves; xvj 

for a dozen of gloves for Maskers ; viij 

for drinke for players ; vij 

for a Car to cary stuff for the Earle of licices- 

tersmen; viij 

For a Carr to cary stuff to the waterside on 

Christmas daie at nighte ; xvj 

for dimid pound of coloured threede ; xv 

for a Panyer ; xiii 

for a Calves skynne; xii 

for dimid pound of tape ; xxi 

for Pomgranettf orenges, and pipens ; iij 

forbayes; : 

for qrtem of black threede ; vi 

for black tape; iii 

for 4. dozen of poyntes; 

for nailes ; 

for caiidellf ; 

for threede ; 

for buttons; 

for a whirrey to Hampton Court ; ij 

In all amounting unto ; v xj 



Willm Maye for holie and Ivie ; 

Rowland Allen for vj feltes for the Cenofalles heade- 

peeces ; ^'"^ 


The Mowldeman for a houndes heade mowlded for a 
Cenofall ; ij>. 

The Tumo' for a boxe for Myrre ; iiij'*. 

Wydow leafe for two dozen of russhes w*** yj*. for the 
Cariadge ; v. x\ 

John Davys for lynkes at sundrie nightes for cariadges 
of the fframes from the Bevellf to the waterside and to 
and from the Court ; xvj^. 

Edward Buggyn gent for Ynke paper wexe quilles 
pindust Rewardes and other Nec^cies ; xx*. 

Thomas Blagrave Esquyer for a Reahne of wryting 
paper ; viij^. 

For two quyer of Royall paper ; ij». 

Thomas Wright for drynking at Branford going to 
the Court and from the Court for the Waggener and 
others : xiiij*. 

Cariadges Edward Buggyn gent for money by him disbursed as 

w*»»hor8hier foloweth : vid3 

charges* ^^^ ^ barge to cary stufFe to the Court 26 Decembr 

for therle of Warwick his mens plaie ; xij*. 

For 2 Waggons 27 Decembr for the Cariadge of stuff 
for the L. Howardf s'v^ntf at xviij*. the waggcHi ; 


For Cari»dge by water of a paynted cloth and two 
frames for the Earle of Leicesters to the Court 28 De- 
cembr ; v». 

For one waggon 26® Decembr to carry stuff to the 
Court of the Earle of Warwick his mens plaie ; xviij*. 

For a waggon to the Court two or three daies after 
(for that theier plaie was deferred untill the Sundaie 
folowing) to bring their stuff to the Revellf ; x*. 

For a bardge to cary two fframes to the Court for the 
Children of Windsors plaie on Twelf dale ; xj*. 

For two Waggons to carie stuff for the mask and to 


cane the Children that shold have s'ved in the Maske 
and to carie some other stuffe to serve in the Children of 
Windso" playe 6® Januarii ; xxxvj". 

For a bote to bring certein stuff that came back from 
the Court concerning the Lightes for the hall 8® Januan ; 


For a waggon to cary stuffe to Hampton Court for 
the L. Cbamblyn his mens plaie on Candlemas daie ; 

vij". yiy. vny. 

Thomas Blagrave Esquyer for money by him disbursed 
as foloweth vidz) 

For the Iiier of a horse and a man from London to 
Bedwyn for that M' Blagrave was sent for upon my L. 
Chambleyn his Comaundement going and retorning by 
the space of 4. dales and at xx^. the daie for the horse- 
hier, and for his horsemeate and his owne meate at ij". 
the daie and night w*** vj<*. for horshowinge being the 
4. 6. 6. and 7 of November 1576 ; xv". ij**. 

18 19 90 ^ 91 

Tewsdaie, Wednesdaie, Thursdaie and Frydaye of 
December for the hier of 3 horses at xx^. the daie a 
peece from London to Hampton Court and tarying there 
about conference for the Charges in the office and 
and retorning that while ; xx*. and for the hier of one 
horse to Hampton Court and back againe to London S 
dales at xviij^. the daie : iij*. about the warrant and order 
for the Prest. And for y« meate of those horses that 
tyme at xij**. daie and night a horse ; xiiij". xxxvij*. 

For the hier of a horse from London to Hampton 
Court the xxiiij*^ of December for the warrant and 
carying a note to the Chambleyn of altera^n of the 
plaies and retomyng on the morow, at xx^. the daie ; 
iij«. iiijd. and for horsemeate ij«. ; in all v». iiij**. 

For the hier of 3. horses from London to Hamptoni 
Court on S*. Johns daie and retorne on the morowe to 
London being the 27 ; and 28. of Decemb 1576. at xx^. 


the daie apece ; x*. And for their meate at xij^. daie 
and night a pece for those two daies ; \j*, xvj'. 

For the hier of a horse the xxix^ of December for 4. 
daies last before at xx^. the daie; vj*. viij^, the same 
horses meate those foure daies ; iiij*. in all ; x*. yiij^. 

For the hier of a horse the S9^ of December for 2. daies 
last before at xx^. the daie, to the Court and back for 
the plaie of Powles on Newyeres daie ; iij*. iiij^. and 
the horsemeate ; ij». v*. iiij**. 

For the hier of a horse to the Court the third of 
Januarie 1676 ; and for two daies last before w**» gar- 
mentf for a Maske to my L. Chamblyn for 8 daies at 
xx<^. the daie ; v*. and for the horsemeate ; iij*. at xij<^. 
the daie viij*. 

For the hier of a horse for 4 daies vz). the 5, 6, 7. and 
8. daies of Januarie at xx^. the daie ; vj*. viij^« and his 
mtete for that tyme iiij». x*. viij**. 

For the liier of 8. horses the 6^ of Janucm for 8. daies 
vzl . the 6, 7, and 8 of Januarie at x3l\ the daie ; xv*. 1 
their meate ; ix*. xxiiij*. 

For Cariadge of the new frames to Paules Wharf by 
Carr the 4 of Jan. xij**. 

For the hier of 8 horses for 2 daies v3 the 2. and 8 of 
Februarie at xviij^. the daie, a horse from London to 
Hampton Court ; ix*. and for their meate ; vj*. xv*. 

For the Cariadge of all the fframes 1; stuff from 

Hampt5 Court to London by barge 9* Februar. 

• •• _ ••• • • 
xnj«. mj'*. 

For Cariadge of the same from the water side to S^ 

Johns ; ijS 

Thomas Tyler for the Cariadge of stuff for Ferrantf 
playe, and furnyture for the lightes to Hampton Court 
on Twelf daie by Tilt bote j v». 


To Nichas Newdigate gent, for his paynes in hearing Rewardes 


and trayninge of the boyes that should have spoken the 
speeches in the Mask, and for their Charges and Cariadge 
back againe ; xliij". viij**. 

To those boyes vzl. to everie one of them for their 
paynes ; ij«. vj<*. ; xvij«. vj^. 

To the Taylo" in Reward to drinke because they 
should not go from their woorke ; xij**, 


To Stafferton the 4 of Januar for his botehire to 

and ffo Westm xij**. 

To the Paynters in Reward to keepe their woorke 
that night ; xij<*. 

To Groome of the chamber comyng w*** a letter 

from my L, Treasauro' from the Court in Reward on 
Christmas even at night the 24>*^ of December 1576 j ij". 

To M' Taylors man for the doble Quyttaunce the 25*^ 
of Cecember 1576. xij*. 

To M' Giles his man for brynging vyzerdes to the 
Office twise in Reward ; vj**. 

To John Kelsey for using of his Drome in the Dut- 
tons plaie ; ij". vj**. 

For openyng the Chamber dore of the Revellf house 
at Hampton Court the 5*** of Januar. vj<*. 

To John Ragats for divers and sundrie t*nscriptes and 
billes of deliverie by him written and for other paynes 
by him taken in deliverie *1 Induccione of pcellf of stuff 
caried out and brought into the office at sundrie tjrmes to 
him in Reward ; xiij". iiijd. 

Sm* of all the Emptions Provisions Cariadges Re- 
wardes and other Charges beside the wages aforesaid, 
for Christmas, Ne^yeres tide, Twelftide and Candlemas 
1576, Anno% Regin. Regine Eliz. xix^ 

mj xuij". xinj". ix**, 



Sm* of all the Wages together w*** the Emptions Pro- 
visions^ Cariadges Rewardes and other charges for 
Christm^ Newyeres tide Twelftide and Candlemas A"" 
rr. pld xix°. clxxij". ij". ix'*. 

T. Blagrave. 

Edward Buggin. 

Walter Jysshe. 

Anno RR°* 
Eliz. pM. 
xix« 1676. 

and Inven- 
cons shouen 
w*i»in the 
tyrae afore- 
said iij viz. 


es j 

Preparacons made and woorkes don Betweene xij^^ of 
Februarie 1576. Anno Regni Regine Elizabeth xix° 
pdict. at w*^** tyme the woorkes began for pvidinge, pre- 
paring, hearing furnyshinge and setting foorth of divers 
playes or showes of histories and other Invenrans and 
devyces folowinge. And the xxj^ of the same moneth 
1576. Anno RR°" xix® pred at wc^ tyme the woorkes 
and attendaunces did ende, and the garmentes, vestures, 
Properties and other fumyture, w*** the stuffe store and 
other Implementes of the said Office, were suted put in 
order, laid up, and safebestowed for the view and preser- 
vacon thereof. The Charges wherof together w"* all the 
Emptions and Provisions of stuff and Nece*ies Incident 
w^ the Cariadges and all other expences for in and 
about the same particulerlie ensue ; vidzj 

The Historie of the Solitarie Knight showen at white 
hall on Shrovesundaie at night, enacted by the L. 
Howardes s'v*ntf 

The Irisshe Knyght showen at Whitehall on Shrove- 
mundaie at night enacted by the Earle of Warwick his 

The Historye of Titus and Gisippus showen at white - 
hall on Shrovetuysdaie at night, enacted by the Children 
of Pawles. 

A longe Maske of murrey satten crossed all over w*** 


silver lace w*^ sieves of gold tyncell, w*^ headpeeces full 
of pipes of white silver lawne laid bias very rich, pre- 
pared for Twelf night, w**» a device of 7. speeches 
framed correspondent to the daie. Their Torchebearers 
vj had gownes of crymsen Damask and headepeeces new 
furnished, showen on Shrovetuysdaie night w^ut anie 

Taylours *1 others working and attending the premissf 
the first at xx<^. the daie and asmuch for the night, the 
residew at xij«*. T*. 13». 4«*. 

The Porter and other attendauncf at xij'*. the daie 
ech one and asmuch for the night 54', 

Paynters and others at sundrie rates ; ff*. 18**. 

Habdashers and Propertymakers at sundrie rates ; 

Wyerdrawers at sundrie Rates j 24". 2^. 

Carvers Joyners and Propertymakers at sundrie Rates. 

K 4d. 
Carpenters at xvj*. the daie ; 29*. 4*. 

dayea nighttf ■. 

The M' at iiij*. the daie ; 10 ... 6 Ixiiij 

The ClerkComptroUer at ij- 10 ... 6 xxxij Thoffycers 

The Gierke at ij» 10 ... 6 xxxij 

The Yeoman at ij* 10 ... 6 xxxij 

Sm* of all the Wages due in this Office for workman- 
ship and attendaunces done therein and upon the affaires 
therof for Shrovetide ending the xxj daie of Februarie 
1376 anno% RR»" Elizabth xix* xxx«. xij». 

T. Blagrave. 
Edward Buggin. 
TValter fysshe. 


Emptions Provisions ^ Cariadges w^^ Rewai'df and 
other Charges Incident* 

Tlie Mercer Willm Roe for silkes by him delivered into thoffice v2 . 

18® Februar one ell dimid of crymsen Taffita at xiiij'. the 
ell 5 xxj«. and 19° Februarij one peece of yelow sarcenett 
cont. 16. elles and iij q*rters at vj*. thell ; v". vj'*. 

vj". xviij*^. 
The lynnen- Richard Busshe for 20 elles of Canvas 12** die Februar, 
^'•^P^'' at xijd. the ell xx-. 

The up- John Okes for one peece of grene buckram by him de- 

holster jj^g^g^ jj^^ ^j^^ Q^^^ . yjj,^ ^jd^ andl8*> Februar for one 

pece of red buckram ; iiij". and the same daie a close 
stoole w*** a large tynne panne ; x". in all, xviij". vj*^. 

Paynters William Lyzard for coloures and necc^ies folowing ; 
parcelles gj^ . '^ ^• 

Black V B5 at xij^. the li v 

White SO", at iijd. the li 5 vij vj 

Smalt ij^. at iiij*. the li viij 

Masticott j". ; iij iiij 

Red,jH.. viij 

Browne j".; ..» xviij 

Size; , vj 

Sneper j** ij 

Sapeaq^rtern x 

Bysse iij ozl iij 

Vermelyon iiij o3 ij 

Vert j". ; iiij viij 

Pottes for coloures; x 

White xxx". at iij<*. the li. ; vij vj 

Copper colo'; , » iiij 

Arsidew iij". for the great braunches at iij". 

vj^. theli. ; x vj 



Arsidew ij". dimid for the xxiiij small lightes w**» v 
pendentes to everie light at iij". vj^. the li. viij*. ix**. 

•. d. 
Lewis Lyzard for Size 5 iiij Paynters 

White ij« vj Percelles 

•^ *: and other 

■*®d, , ,.,, VJ DC^ciesoccu- 

Rosett; V pied at the 

T>i 1 .... Court. 

Black; Jiij 

Packthreede; iiij 

Browne threede; « iiij 

AFierpanne; iiij 

Coales; vj 

Botehier; vj 

In all; ...•. iiij j 

Richard Rowland for plaister of Parrys ; ... iij Property- 

Flower to make paste vj j^ercelles 

Browne paper; vj 

Ragges to mowlde w^ all ; vj 

Two penie nailes cc iiij 

Clay to mowlde w*^ all ; iiij 

Allom j" xij 

In all vj ij 

Barnard Fabyan 8. dozen of candellf at iiij*. the Lightes 

dozen xij». «^°d other 

•* nc*cies 
Two dozen of lynkes at iiij"^ the dozen ; viij". 

Small corde 4 peeces at vj**. y« peece ; ij«. 

Packthreede j". xij**. 

Great cord 4 peeces at xvj^. the pece ; v". iiij**. 

xxxviij". iiij**. 

Thomas Leverett for the furnishing of ix small Wyer- 
braunches w**» rownde plates and wyer ; xxiiij*. ^''^^^''s per- 

For the furnishing of two great braunches w*^ wyer 
and plate ; xxvj». viij**. 


li. •. d. 

Ten pound of wyer for the Coming up of 

the small lightes at xij^, the IL ; x 

Foure quilting needles at iij^. the pece ; . . . ^j 

Foure bodkyns at ij^. the pece; viij 

Three dartes headesat viij^. the pece ; ... ij 

Haifa hundreth of spikers ; ^vj 

Two penie nailesD...; x 

Threepenie nailes, j C iij 

Two Ropes at xvj^. the pece ; ij viij 

For a Carr to the Court to carie stuff for 

lightes xij 

iij X V 

Boordes Rowland Robynson for xj single q^rters at 

quarters and :::d fu^ ^^^^ . :; j^ 

othernc^;ies "J-^n^P^ce^ y ^ 

Doble q^rters five at vj*. the peece ; ij vj 

Elme boorde one hundreth ; vij 

Seeling boorde xxxvj fbote ij vj 

Doble x^. nailes j C. ; xvj 

Sixpenie ix c. dimid ; iiij ix 

Treepenienailesiijc; ix 

Two penie nailes dimid thowsand ; viij 

Doble englishe x^« nailes j C. ; xx 

Single x^. Nailes j C. ; x 

v<*.nailesj C.j v 

Tackf cec; vj 

For cariadge of boordes and q^rters at 

sundrie tymes ; , xij 

In all to the said R. Robynson ; xxvj viij 

The Hab- Richard Moorer for the making of vj Se- 

dasher nato" Cappes of Crymsen Taffita ; vj 

For the making of a large Frenche Cappe 

of blue tyncell sarcenett; xij 

In all vij 

The Armorer John Edwyn for the lone of certeine Ar- 


■. d. 

mour w*^ a base and Targettf w«^ the L 
Howardes srv*ntf used in their plaie of 

the Solytarye knyght; vij 

For Cariadge of the same; •.... xij 

Richard Rowland for one dozen of small Necessaries 

pasteboorde ij 

For ij C. of ij*. nailes j , iiij 

John Drawater for money by him dis- 
bursed as foloweth ; viz). 

For two glasse voyallf for the L. Howard^ 

s^rvntf on Shrovesunday ; ij 

For a lyne to draw a curteyne ; iiij 

Richard Moorer for vj paire of syzsars at 
vj*. the paire for the clipping of arsidew 
ISoFebruar.: iij 

Robt Collyer for 80 sackf of coales at ix*^. Fewell, &c. 

the sack the 14*^ of Februarie; xxij 

John Davys for money by him disbursed as foloweth ; Necessaries 

For a whirrey to Whitehall; xij 

For dimid li. of greene threede ; xx 

For a quyer of paper; vj 

For a dozen of small pasteboord ; ij 

For VJ Lambes skynnes ij 

For dimid q»rtern of black threede ; iiij 

For white threede ; vj 

For Moores Dartes and Irishe Dartes ; ... ij 

For pynnes ; ij 

For a q^rtern of tape ; x 

For Ynckle; iij 

For two dozen of small pastboorde ; iiij 

For dimid pound of coloured threede J ... xx 

For Holy and Ivie; ij 


Foregges; j-. 

For two foimes for the Senato" in the historie of 
Titus and Gisippus ; vj*. 

For the Cariadge of the same ; ij^. 

For the Cariadge of the Maske from S^ Johns to the 
Courte ; xij<>. 

For pynnes ; vj**. 

For tape ; iiij 

For a dozen of Childrens gloves ; v". 

For vj paire of gloves for Maskers ; iiij*. 

For vj paire of gloves for Torchebearers ; ij". ij**» 

For the mending and spangling of 4 fethers ; viij**. 

For breade w*^ was uzed in the Histoirie of the Soli- 
tarie Knight ; j**. 

For a Car from the Revellf to the waterside to cary 
stuff for the L. Howardf servants ; xij**. 

For a Carr to cary stuff for the Erie of Warwick his 
men ; xij**. 

For two Carres to cary stuff for the Mask and for the 
Children of Powles from the Courte to S*. Johns ; iiij". 

In all to the said John Davis ; xliiij". xj<*. 

John Drawater for mony by him disbursed as fo- 
loweth ; viS. 

For the Cariadge of the Earle of Warwick his mens 
stuffe from the Revellf to Whitehall and back agaiue to 
recyte before my L. Chambleyn j ij". 

For the hier of a bardge the 14*** of Febr. for the 
Cariadge of the Earle of Warwick his men and stuff for 
them to the Court and back againe for the 14 and 16 of 
Februar. for recytall of playes, and the 17 and 18 for the 
playes before y® Queue ; xxij". 

For the Cariadge of the partes of y« well coimterfeit 
from the Bell in gracious strete to S*. Johns to be 
pformed for the play of Cutwell ; x<*. 

xxiiij". X**. 


Thomas Blagrave Esquyer for botehier to the Court Botehire 
and from the Court at sundrie tymes ; v». liij**. 

For the repayringe of the nether Roome of the Clerkf Nec^cies 
Office beside next the yard as by the bill of the pcellf 
appeereth ; xj», vj*^. 

The Clerke for his grene Cloth, and pap, Inke, 
Count's, Deskes, standishes and Tooles, for the making, 
compiling and cons'vinge of the Billes, Plottf, Pat- 
ternes and Modellf T:c. for and concerninge this Office ; 

lxvj». viij*^. 

To the Paynters and other woorkemen for victuallf Rewardes 
because they shold not go from their woork in Reward ; 
ij", and to the Porters at the gate attending at sundrie 
tymes xviij*^, ; iij", vj*^. 

For myne owne charges coming from Bedwyn the 13 
of November 1576 up to the Court and from thence to 
London and there Remayninge till the workes began 
being the xxxj*^ of December v3. by the space of 5 
wekes and 3 daies w^** everie waie standes me in 3 

5». ij». IQd. 

Sm* of all the Emptions provisions, Cariadges Re- 
wardes and charges beside wages for Shrovetide vid3 
from the xij*^ of Februarie 1576 untiU the xxj**» of 
JFebruarie 1676 Anno R.R Eliz. pred xix°. 

xxviij^*. xvj». x^. 
T. Blagrave. 
Edwarde Buggin. 
Walter fysshe. 

Sm* of all the whole woorkes for Shrovetide 1576. 
Ap TV pd. xix°. hx". viij». x«*. 

The Totall Sm» of this whole Booke; vidS xj'*^ 



of March Anno RR"" Elizabeth xviij"** untill the xxj*^ 

Anno<^ RR°" Elizabeth predict xix^ hereafter en- 


Ayringes Wages f Artificers : vR xiij-. iiij". 1 .„ , 

from the r I run u I ^^J ' ^"J'' "^ ' 

xjth Qf of i Officers x". J 

March 1575 

S^"of Dec Emptions, Provisions Ic xxij-. vj^. xvij". xV. x*. 

1576. A<> 
RR"" Eliz. 

Christmas Wages f Artificers ; Iviij". xviij-. \ ]^^^:n ^j •, 

Newyeres of I Officers; xviiR x«. ) •' ' ^' 

tideTwelf. ' •* 

tide and 

Candelm»8 Emotions Provisions "IE. iiij xiiij", xiiij*. ix*. 

VIZ. from the ^ » ^ ^ ^ ^ 

xx^ of Dec. clxxij»*. 1J-. ix^ 

1576 untill 

the iiij* of 

Feb. 1576. 

Shrovetide Wages ( Artificers j xxij^*. xij". ) u "s 

vz from the of I Officers; viij«. i *^^ * "^^ ' 

x\}^ day of ' •* 

Feb. 1576 

untHl^the Emptions Provisions Ic, xxviij". xvj». x^. 

]^b. nre. li^"- viij". x<*- 

A*> rr. Eliz. Sm» ccxlix". vij», v*^. 


John Drawater for money by him disbursed aswell 
about the Charges of makinge thaccomptes of the Audito?^ 
of the prestes, and declaracon of the same before my L. 
Tref and S' Walter Mildmay as also for the Charges of 
the Quenes Warrant the privie seale, direcffin of the 
payment of the money and Receipt of the same ; 

viij". X*. 

Sm* totlis of the whole wages Emptions, Provisions, 
Cariadges Rewardes and other Chardges for the severall 
tymes aforesaid. cc.lvij". xvij". 

T. Blagrave, 



Revellf 1578. Anno Regni Regine Elizabethe xxj® the 
Lidgerd pticuler JBooke of all the Chardgf Rising and 
growing w*^in the said office Betweene the xiiij*^ of 
Februarie 1577, And the y^^ of March 1578. A*» Regni 
R«» Eli3 pred. viz) 



Betweene the xiiij**» of Februafie 1577. Anno regni 
regine Elizabeth xx""*> And the xx**» of December 1518. 
Anno regni regine Elizabeth xxj^ The chardges of this 
office grewe by raeanes of Ayring, Repairing, pusing 
amending, brushing, Spunging, Rubbing, wiping. Sweep- 
ing, making cleane, Putting in order^ folding laying upp, 
and safebestowing of the garment^ , vestures, apparell, 
disguysingf , propties and furnyture of the same from 
tyme to tyme (w*Mn those monethes) as the necessitie 
therof from tyme to tyme Required to keepe the same in 
Readiness for service, which ells would be mowldie, 
mustie, motheaten and Rotten by meanes of the dank- 
ness of the howse and wante of convenient presses and 
placf requisite. The pties whoe comonly attend the said 
office for the said purpose w*^ theier severall names 
allowed for this tyme pticulerly hereafter ensueth. 


Taylors and others working % attending the ^misses at 
the Officers commandm* the first at xx**. the dale and the 
rest at xij^. as in form"^ p'^sidentf ; r ix". iiij*. 


dayes li. ■. 

The Officers The M"^ at iiij-. the dale; 24 ... iiij xvj 

The Clerk comptroUe' at ij», the daie ; 24 ... xlviij 

The Clerk at ij». the daie ; 24 ... xlviij 

The Yoman at ij». the daie; 24 ... xlviij 


Fewell and John Lucas for Fewell and other necessaries by him 
sar'es °^^*" bought provided and brought into the office and used at 

sundrey tjrmes in the said Ayringf amending *lc w***iQ 
the tyme aforesaid ; viz) . 

Coales XXX sackes ; xxij vj 

Browne thred di. li xiiij 

as- lod. as. 4d. 

White thred one pound, black thred one li. v ij 

CuUered thred, 8 (]^»ters of a pounde ; ij viij 

Tape one pound; iij viij 

81. z d. 

Brushes iiij. Rubbing brushes ; iij; ......... viij x 

Whitebrushes Longe and shorte for Cob- 

webbes 4; , ij 

Billettf one Thowsand xij viij 

Iviij VllJ 

Sm* totalis of all the whole Ayringf w*^in the tyme 
aforesaid ; xxiiij^. ij». viij**. 

E. Tyllney. 71 Blagrave. 

Edward Buggyn. fFalter Fysshe, 

Christmas '^^^ Chardges of those tymes vi2 . Betwene the xx**» of 

Newyeares December 1578. Anno Regni Regine Elizabeth pd xxj® 

tide and the ^* ^'*^^ tymes the workf beganne for tlie providing pre- 
Sonday fo- paring hearing devising, furnishing, and setting forth of 
i^TJT^ div'se plaies or showes of histories and other speciall In- 

vencons devises, and showes for that tyme incidente. 
And the xv*** of Januarie in the said xxj*** yeare of her 
Ma**» Raigne at w^** tyme the workf and attendauncf 
did end. Together with all themptions, provisions of 


stuffe, and necessaries, caryage and other incident^ 
bought provided done and attended by div^se psons 
whose severall names ratf and wagf w*^ their Rewardf 
and allowauncf doe pticulerly in theier apte placf ensue. 

An Inventyon or playe of the three Systers of Mantua 

shewen at Richmond on S* Stephens daie at night enacted ,^. 

, , , . . Histories 

by thearle of Warwick his s'vntf | furnished in this office and Inven- 

with sundrey thinges as was requisite for the same. cons shewen 

The Historic of, shewen at Richmond on S* Johns ^ afore- 

daie at night enacted by the Children of the Quenes saidvj. viz. 
Ma*** chappell furnished in this Office w*^ verie manie 
thingf aptly fitted for the same. 

An history of the creweltie of a Stepmother shewen 
at Richmond on Innocent^ daie at night enacted by the 
Lord Chamberlaynes s'vauntf ^ furnished in this office 
w*** sondrey thingf . 

A Morrall of the marryage of Mynde and Measure 
shewen at Richmond on the sondaie next after New* 
yeres daie enacted by the children of Pawles furnished 
with something^ in this office ; 

A Pastorell or historic of a Greeke Maide showen at 
Richmond on the sondaie next after Newyeares daie en- 
acted by the Earle of Leicester his servaimtf furnished 
w*** something^ in this office. 

The historic of the Rape of the second Helene shewen 
at Richmond on Twelf daie at night well furnished in 
this office w*^ manie things for them. 

A Maske of Amasones in all Armore compleate pcell 
gilte gilded w*Mn this Office w*^ Counterfett Mur- 
ryons silvered ov' and pcell guylte (besides their head- 
peecf belonging to their Armoure) and a creste on the 
toppe of every of them having longe heare hanging 
downe behind them, their kirtles were of Crymson cloth 
of gold being indented at the skirte and Laied w*^ silver 



shewen be- 
fore Her 
Ma*** the 
French Im- 
bassado' be- 
ing present 
the Sonday 
night after 
wherof one 

Lace and frindge w^^ pendauntf of golde Tassells gold 
knobbes and set on with Broches of golde plated uppon 
the skirte w*^ plates of silver lawne w*** tassells of gold 
Laid under belowe in steed of petticotf w^ white silver 
rich tincle fringed w*** golde fringe, Buskins of oringe 
cuUor velvet Antick Fawcheons and shield^ w^ a devise 
painted theron and Javelingf in their handf one w^ a 
speach to the Queues Ma^ delivering a Table w*^ 
writing^ unto her highnet comyng in w*^ musitions 
playing on Comettf apparelled in longe white taffeta 
sarcenett, garment^ torche bearers w*^ the troocheman 
wearing longe gownes of white taffeta w*^ sleaves of the 
same and uppon them had longe crymson taffeta gownes 
w*^)ut sleaves, Indented at the skirte and frindged Laced 
and tasseled w*'' silver and gold tucked upp w^ tiie gird- 
ing almoste to the knee, bowes in their handf and qui- 
vers of Arrowes at theier girdles head peecf of gold 
Lawne and woemens heare wrethed verie faire and after 
the Amasons had dawnced w^ Lordf in her Ma**« pre- 
sence in came, 

An other Maske of Knightf all likewise in Armoure 
compleate pcell guilte also guilte w*^in this office w*** 
like counterfett Murryons uppon their headf silvered 
and pcell guylte w*^ plomes of Feathers in the toppes of 
every of them, w**» bases of Rich gold Tyncell frindged 
w*** gold frindge garded w*^ riche purple silver Tyncell, 
Lardge Bawdrickf about their neckf of black gold Tyn- 
cell having Truncheons in their handf guylte and 
guylded sheildf w*^ a posey written on every of them, 
their showes of gold Lawne tyncell and comyng in w*^ 
one before them, w*^ a speach unto her highnes and de- 
livering a table written, their torch bearers being Ruttefi^ 
apparrelled in greene satten Jerkines payned Laid w*^ 
silver Laice and drawne owte w^ Tincell sarcenet their 


hoee being verie longe paned of rased velvet, ground 
yealowe and rasing greene likewise Laid w^ silver Lace 
and drawn owte w*** tincell sarcenett their hattf of crym- 
son silk and sylver thromed and wreythed bandf w*^ 
Feathers the Amasons and the Knightf after the Knight^ 
had dawnced a while w*^ Ladies before her Ma***, Did 
then in her Ma^ absence fight at Barriars 

Taylors % others attendauntf working and attending 
the ^misses the first at xx^. the dale and as much the 
night, and the reste at xij'^. xxx". iiij», viij^. 

Paynters and others working and attending uppon the 
pmisses the daie 1 night at sondrey ratf. viz) . 

Xj". XJ». VJd. 

The Porter and other Attendauntf at xij^. the daie ; 

iv". xniy. 

Wyerdrawers at sondrey ratf ; xxvij". 

Proptyniakers ; lij*. 

Carpenters at xvj^. the daie and as much the night ; 

iij". ix*. iiijd. 

dayes nights 1!. s. 

The M' at iiij». the daie 27 ..- 11 vij xij 

The clerk comptroller at ij». 27 ... 11 iij xvj 

The Clerk at ij» 27 ..• 11 iij xvj 

The Yoman at ij» 27 ... 11 iij xvj 

Sm^ of all the wages due w^^in this office aswell for 
workmanship and attendauncf done there in and uppon 
thaffaires therof for Xrmas Newyeares tide and Twelftyde 




as uppon the ij Maskes shewen before her Ma^^ the Im- 
bassado'" being there on sondaie night the xj*^ of Janu- 
ary 1578 ending the xv*^ of the same January in the 
xxj*^ yere of her Ma*«« raigne ; Ixxij". xviij". vj*. 

The Mer- Willm Roe for taffeta sarcenet by hym delivered into 

cars percells this office viz. the 11^ of January 1578 blewe taffetie 
Sarcenet at viij». the ell 16 ellf q»rter ; vj". x". Yealowe 
taffeta sarcenet at viij*. the ell, ellf 17 q*ter ; vj^*. xviij". 
Crymson taffieita sarcenet at ix». the ell vij ellf di ; Ixvij". 
vj<*. White taffeta sarcenet at viij". the ell iij ellf 
Quarter ; xxvj". in all ; xviij". j». vj**. 

Walter Fyshe for money by him disbursed as foloweth. 
For viij ellf of taffata sarcenet white at ix". the ell; 
Ixxij*. for an ell di. of white taffata at sarcenet at xij». 
the ell xviij". And for ij yardf of white Buekerome ij». 
All for the musitions of the Amasons and xiij yardf 
Quarter of Copper silver white tincell byrdf eyes at xK 
the yard ; vj". xij». vj^. In all ; xj". iiij«. vj*. 

Willm Bowell for xxj yardf Quarter of blewe tyncell 
sarcenet at viij*. the yard brought into the office the ix**^ 
of Januarie, 1578 in the whole amounting to; viij". x». 


for vj dozen of guylte Belles for the Ama- 
sons, vj». for vj peecf of Buckromes at iiij«. viij^. the 
peece ; xxviij». for a close stoole ; x». for one peece of 
verie good Buckrome v». xlix». 


Trott for ij". quart' of silk to make heares for 

the Amasons at xxij*. the pownd. xlix». vj*. 

Walter Fysshe for mony by him paid for a yard of 
gold Tyncell of the Narrowest sorte ; ij». And for a 
yard three quarters di. of silv' Lawne tyncell of the Nar- 
rowest sorte ; v», in all ; yj js^ 


Gyllam Tyen for pcells by him brought into the ofEce. 

Silver copper frindge at xviij*^. v o3 . di ; viij». iij'^. 

Longe frindge of golde copp at xx'^. the o3. xiij o3. 
di. ; xxij». vj*. Frindge and Tassells of gold copp v o3. 
viij*. iiij^. deepe gold copper frindge xij ouncf ; xx". 
For iiij® di. of copp gold frindg at ij». iiij*^. y« o3 . x». vj'^. 

Ixix". vij**. 

Willm Bowie for sundrey pcells brought into the saide 
office; via. 

Deepe frindge of copper gold at ij". the o3. v oz).; 

x». vj*'. 

Frindge of copp silver at xviij*^. the oz). 14 o3. di. 

xxj», ix*. 

Tassells of copp silver ix oz). di xiiij*. iij*^. 

Deepe Frindge and tassells of copp gold, xj o3. j xxij». 

Frindge and tassells of copp silver, x ouncf Quarter; 

XV". 4*. ob. 

Deepe Frindge, Copp gold, iij o3 di. vij". 

Frindge of Copp silv! viij o3. xij". 

Frindge of cop sylver viij o3 (]^"ter; xij". iiij<*. ob. 

Deepe Frindge and tassells of copp gold 16 o3. xxxij". 

xij tassells for Javelynes of Crymson silk and copp 
silver xij ouncf Quarter ; xviij", iiij*. ob. 

Deepe Frindge and tassells of gold, xij o3 c^»t' 

xxmj". vj° 

Frindge of copp silver, xiij o3 . xix". vj**. 

Deepe Frindge and tassells of copp gold xxxij ouncf ; 

Frindge of copp silver vj o3. di. ix". ix*. 

Frindge of crymson silk and silv' xiij o3 ; xix", vj**. 
Tassells of copp gold vj o8. Quarter ; xij". \j^. 

Frindge and tassells of crymson silk and silver xiij 
ouncf ; xix". vj**. 



Deepe frindge and taseells of copp gold viij ouncf 
Quarter ; xvj". yj*. 

Small tassells of copf sQv' vij ozS x". vj^. 

Deepe Frindge of copp gold, iij ozl . ; vj«. 

Calles for tasttells of copp golde one oz) . q^^ter ; ij'. vj^. 

Hugh Fayreclough for sundrey pceUs by him brought 
into the office ; videlicet, 

Gold Lawne Tlncell at iij». viij*. the yard 31 yardf 
di. ; cxv*. vj*, 

Sylver tyncell at ij». vj*^, the yard, iij yardf ; vij". vj<*. 
Frindge of copp silv' at x vj<*. the o2 . 13 oz) • ; 

xvij". mj°. 
Sylv) Lawne tyncell at ij». vj*^. the yarde xiij yardf ; 

xxxij". vj'*. 

viij". xij". x**. 

Property- Pawle Sytolyn for vij head peecf of silver and gold 

makers per- Lawne and Woomens heare at xiij". iiij**. the peece for 

^® * torch bearers for the Araasous ; iiij^^ xiij". iiij*. 

John Ogle for the cuUering the yealow heare and 
stuffe to curie it, iiij". and for vj beardes for the vizardf 
for the Knightf , x". ; xiiij". 

George Joyner for xij Fawchions for the Amasons ; 

xxvj", VllJ*. Vj". Xllj". 

Willyam Lyzarde for sondrey pcells by him brought 
into the office 3 vi8 . ; 

For xij Murryons counterfeite mowlded and guilt at 
vj". viij*. the peece ; iiij". 

For xij Lyons headf counterfeite moulded and guylt 
at ij" vj*. the peece 5 xxx". 

For XXX**® dozen of Roases mowlded and guylded at 
xvj*. the dozen j xl". 

vij". X". 


Willyam Carpe for sondrey pcells brought into the 
office; vi3. 

For xij shieldf at xvij'^. the peece ; xvij". 

vij Turkie Bowes at xij*^. the peece vij'. vj speares at 
vij<*. the peece; iij». vj*^. for fitting of vj trunchions xij*. 
For translating of vj sheildf ; xij^. and for glewing a 
Fawchion vj^. in the whole ; xxx". 


Bamarde Fabyan for sondrey pcells by him provided 
and brought into thoffice at sondrey tymes in mann^ and 
Forme foUowing, vi3. 

li. 8, d. 

The xxj*^ of December, 1578 a pound 

of Gearing Candle ; xij 

For vj linckf at iiij*^. the peece ; ij 

A peece of greate cord; xvj 

A peece of small cord ; vj 

Gotten Gandles at iiij*. the pound ; xij". iiij 

The xxv*^ of December 1578. A dozen 

of cotten candles at iiij*^. the pound xij", iiij 

A pownd of Packethread ; xij 

The xx^ij**» of the same December, ij 

dozen cotten candles ; • viij 

A pound of Gearing candle ; xij 

A peece of small corde ; vj 

A pound of Packthread ; xij 

The iiij*^ of Januarie 1578, two dozen 

cotten candles ; viij 

A pound of glewe; iiij 

A peece of greate corde ; xvj 

A peece of small cord ; vj 

A pound of cearing candle; xij 

The vj*^ of Januarie 1578, for a dozen". 

of cotten candles ; iiij 

The viij*^ of Januarie a dozen pound of 

• •. • 

Cotten candles ; •.*•. uij 


The x*^ of Januarie, a dozen pound of Cot- 
ten candles; iiij 

The xj*^ of Januarie two dozen of cotten 

Candles; riij 

The xiij**» of Januarie 1578, for three powndf 

of Cowtten candles; xij 

In all; Ivj yj 

Paynters Willyara Lyzarde for cullers and Necessaries by him 

percells pvided and brought into this office videlt ; 

ForSise; xiij vj 

For pottf and nayles ; ij 

For redd two pound; xvj 

For vermyllion viij o3 ; ij vj 

For Synep; iij 

For Smalt iij". di. at iij». the pound, x vj 

Black three pound at xvj^. the li. ; iiij 

White xxxij*^ at iij<*. the pound ; viij 

Yealowe ; xvj 

Verte a pownd; iiij 

Masticott j". ; iij 

Sape greene (]^»ter li. ; ij 

Blowing cjj^ter li.; iij 

Browne; xviij 

Assidue iij li.; x vj 

Shells of gold at xvj*. the peece; ix ; xij 

Shells of silv' at x*. the pece, vij ; ix ; v x 

Fine cuUors for paterns and for the shieldf ; x 

Bisse 111] oz). ; viij 

Fyre pannes, ij. ; yj 

Gilte Belles iij dozen ; iij yj 

Fatt oyle and fine gold size for the Armors 

and Swordf ; vj viij 

Fine gold for the Armor and Swordf ; ... Ixxviii 

ptie gold for sheildf trunchions % fawchions; xxx 


Syl V' for the Bowes and Fawchions iiij». vj*^. dymme black ; 

In all xj". ix». x*. wherof the M' and ClerkcomptroUer 
have abated for excessive prices, xxxij». iiij**. And so 
remayneth : ix^. xvij". vj**. 

zzxm8.iaj(L xxxi^s. Uljd. 

To John White, and Boswell for the pcell gilding 

of two Armors compleat for M' Tresham and M' Knowles 
being two of the Knightes in the Amasons maske ; 

lxvj». viij*^. 

Rowland Robinson for xvj furre poles ; viij". Carpenters 

Rafters at xiiij**. the peece viij ; ix». iiij*. percells 

Bordf at vij». vj^. the c. v. c. di; xlj». 

Single (]^Hers for Rayles at iij**. the peece ix ; ij*. iij^. 

For a dore and dore postes hookes hyngf Bolte and 

staple to the same for the Leadf in the M' his Lodging ; 

xvj». viij^. 

Ixxvij". vj^. 

Richard Warby for sondrey pcells by him brought Iron- 

into this office : vi2. mongers 

One Tliowsand of vj^. nayles ; v". 

«• Tlijd. ^ is.Sd. 

Doble X*. nayles iiij c. j single x^. nailes. v c. x*. x^. 
For great spikes to straine the Wiers in the hall 5 xvj**. 
For mending two Lockes for a cheste in the office ; 

* * * *^ 


1 • •_ •• • ( 

xviij". iiij^. 
Walter Fysshe for money by him disbursed, viz). 

For the washing and glacing of vj sarcenet shirtf ; Necessaries 



For halfe a yard of cotton ; v^. 

Tiyd. ^ ijd. 

For ij linckf and his mans supp when he wente to my 
Lo : Chamberleynes being sente for ; xiiij*. 

To iiij®' men for making garment^ at the courte for 
the musitions of the Amasons ; iiij'. 

xuy, y\y 



Edwarde Buggyn gent for mony by him pd. 

For half a Reame of fine Lardge paj^ ; v*. 

• • ••• * 


For half a Reame of courser sorte ; iij". luj 

For a hundred of choice quills ; V^- 

For a bottle and a pinte of Inck ; xij^. 

For ij lardge paj^ bokes to remayne in the office ; V. 

xnij". IX*. 
Thomas Wright for money by him disbursed ; vi3. 
For thread ; xij". x*. 

Tape ; vij«. xj\ 

P&ste horde iij dozen and one ; vij*. 

Rushes ij dozen Bundles HL the cariage ; vij* ij^. 

Holly and Ivie ; xij*. 

Three yardf of gray cloth to make my Lo : of Leices- 

ters men a fishermans coat ; y*. 

Bromes, small nayles, a brushe ; ij". xj*. 

For ij peecf of cord and a chalk lyne ; xix<*. 

xlv«. V*. 

John Davyes for sundrey thingf by him brought into 
thoffice ; vi3 . 

For tape occupied when the children of the chappell 
plaid before the Queene ; x*'. 

For thred T: silk and a dozen of past bordf ; ij*. 

For iiij*>' pullies ij yard^ of cotten to make RoUes for 
the headpeecf j ij". viij**. 

vj". vj**. 

John Drawater for money by him disbursed ; vi3, 
For ij lynes to drawe curtens w*^ ; xi\^. 

XTJd. TlUd. Us. 

For a rope, a pulley, as basket, to serve in the Earle 
of Warwick^ men plaie ; iiij". 


For iiij quire of Royall pap and a Reame of small 

Tji. Tiiyd. 

pap x». viij^. 

For a standishe iij". iiij**. Inck, ij**. quills, ij^. pennes. 


ij*. Waxe, iiij*. counters, xvj<*. pindust, vj*. and pen- 
knife, xijd. vij". 
For ij peecf of small cord for pendauntf at the Courte 
being verie fine and lardg for the purpose ; iiij". vj*. 

For a little cheste w**» Lock and key to put paps and 
paterns for div'se causes in the office and ij paire of 
compasses xvj**. ; vj». iiij*. 

A dozen and a half of gloves for maskers at xvj^. the 
paire xxiiij". T: a dozen and a half of gloves for torche- 
bearers at viij^. s'ving the Doble maske shewing at the 
courte the Imbassado' being there xij». ; xxxvj». 

To Greene the cofie'maker for lynnyng a cheste w*^ 
Buckrome for thoffice ; ij*. 

Ixxj". ij*. 

Roger Tyndall for the making of xij Skabordf to be Armorers 
used in the Amasons maske ; viij«. P^''^®^ 

For xij chapes guylte for the same scaberdf ; ij". 

For covering of xij handles and garnishing them w*^ 
nayles : ij». 


To Bastyan for the hier of vj plomes of feathers for Fether- 
Knightes in the Amasons maske and iiij". geven to take ^^^^^ 
agayne iiij of the fiilles of the same feathers w^^ other- 
wise by composition should have cost, viij*. Because 
they were dropte w*^ torches and vj*. for iij hearons 
toppes w*'^ were burnte w*^ Torches. In all ; xvj». vj*. 

xvj». vj*. 

Thomas Wrighte for mony by him disbursed, vizi. Cariage by 

The Cariage of a basket from Barmesey to the Rev- ^^^ ^^ 

vellf when the stuffe were shewen to my L. Chamberlen, hors®hier 

XX*. A^d riding 

For the cariage of a hamper w*^ stuffe to Whitehall T: 
back againe ; ij". 

nj». vnj*. 


John Davyes for money by him laid owt ; vi2 • 

Boate hier to and from the Courte to carry the stuffe 
for the children of the chappell to Recite before ray 
Lord Chamberleyne ; xij**. 

Boate hier iij tymes to Barmesey and back agayne to 
waight my Lo. Chamberlaines comyng thither ; xij<*. 

Boate hier to the courte to carry my Lo. Chamber- 
leyne Patoms of the Maske ; vj**. 

Two Carres to carry the Mask from Pawles wharfe to 
S*. Johns ; xviij*, 


Walter Fysshe for mony by him disbursed ; vi3. 

For Boate hier to Barmesey to speake w^ my Lo. 
Chamberleyne ; iiij**. 

For a Carre the next daie to carry ij Baskettf of 
stuffe to Barmesey to shewe my Lo. Chamberleyne ; ij". 

For his owne boate hyer the same day ; iiij**. 

Boat hier to M'^ Brydemans to see what stuffe was 
there ; viij*. 

For a Carre to fetche home the same stuffe ; ij*. 

For his boate hier when he wente to fetche awaie the 
same stuffe ; viij**. 

For his boate hier to and from the courte when he 
wente to make the garment^ for the Amasons Musi- 
tions ; iiij". 

* ** 'A 

X". mj^ 

Thomas Blagrave esquier for money by him dis- 
bursed ; videlt. 

For his chardges w*^ ij men the 20 and 2 P^ of Decem- 
ber 1578. from Bedwin in wiltes to London xx«. The 
chardge of iij horses in London and backe x". ; xxx*. 

For his boate hier from London to Richmond the 
xxij*^ of the same December, 1578. to speake w*** my 
Lo. Chamberlayne and back agayne; x«. xxx*. 

For his boate hier from London to Richmond to speake 


w**» my Lo. Chainberleyne and back agayne, v»., his boate 
hier the 28*** of December 1678 to the court to shew my 
Lo. Chamberlaine a patorne for a maske and back againe, 
v". his boate hier from London to the courte the second 
of Januarie, 1678, ij*. vj*. For ij wherries from London 
to the Courte the xj^ of Januarie for him self and others 
that wente to sett forth the maske ; v*. And for boat 
hier to Whitehall For choice of Stuffe to Barmesey for 
choice of plaies and conference about maskf and div'se 
other placf in London, and sondrey tymes as occasion 
served ; v". viij**. in all ; xxiiij*. ij**. 

liiij». ijd. 

John Drawater for money by him disbursed as fo- 
loweth, videlt 

The xxiiij*^ of December 1678. for his bote hier to 
the courte and back againe to get the Warrante signed ; 
iij«. iiij<*. 26 of December for ij Carres to carry the 
Frames to the Water side ; xx^. his own botehier and ij 
wheries to carry the frames to the courte ; vij*. for 
eariadge of the stuiFe from the courte by water the 27*^ 
of December that served in my Lo. Chamberleynes men 
plaie J iij*. vj<*. The same daie for cariage of the stufTe 
that served the plaie for the children of the chappell to 
the courte and back agayne; vj», viij^. The 29*** of 
December for his boate hier when he carried the privie 
seale to M' Peeter from the Courte ; xx*. 30 of De- 
cember for his bote hier w*** others from Powles Wharf 
to M' Brydemans from thence to Lambeth and so to the 
courte when my Lo. Chamberleyne toke a viewe of the 
stuffe at M' Brydemans ; iij*. The Firste of Januarie 
for cariage of a frame for master Sabastian to the courte ; 
iij". vj*. For his Bote hier to the courte the same daie ; 
xvj<*. ij»» Januarie 1678. when I came to M' Peeter to 
have receaved the money But could nott w***out further 
order from my Lo. Treasorer ; xvj^. 4 of Januarie 1678. 
For the hier of a horsse ij dales to the courte to Furnishe 


my L. of Leicesters players the Frost being so greate no 
bote could goe and come back againe at xij^. the daie iij*. 
iiij^. for his meate those Two daies ; ij". viij^. For holly 
and Ivie for my Lio. of Leicesters servauntf ; xij^. 5 of 
January for my bote hier to and from Westmester to re- 
ceave the money ; xij^. The Sixte of Januarie for M' 
Blagraves bote liier to and from the courte being sent 
for by my Lord Chamberlayne ; v*. For boate hier of 
div^se workemen that wente to conferre w^ my Lord 
aboute the maske to the Courte and back agayne w^ xij^. 
bestowed on them at Mortlack the same daie ; v". 6. 
Januarie for cari"ge of the Revells stuffe to the courte 
and back agayne that served my L. Chamberleynes 
players second plaie ; vij". 7. of Januarie for the cariage 
of the ij frames from the courte to London in a carte ; 
vij«. 8. of Januarie For M' Blagrave and M' Buggins 
botehier to and from Whitehall when they fetched the 
cloth of gold and silkes from M' Brydemans ; xij^. 11. 
of January to John Garret and Dwaryns Martyn for 
carryage of the Armoure from Greenewitch to S*. Johnes 

to be guylded, and from S*. Johns to the Water side, 

And from thence to Richmond in iij wherries ; xij". iiij<*. 
The same daie iij carres to carry the hampers w*^ can- 
dlesticks and the mastf to the water side ; ij*. vj^. For 
a wherrey to carry the candlestick^ to the courte ; iiij*. 


The same daie for a Bardge to carry the maskf to the 
courte by water and back agayne ; And xij**. to the 
Water men for expedi^n ; viij*. bestowed uppon them 
in drinck and vj*. to carry them to the courte from Mort- 
lack on mens showlders Because tyme would not serve to 
go by water ; xix*. 13. of Januarie for ij wherryes to 
carry the greate cheste and the two hamps w"* candle- 
stickf from the courte to London ; v". And from the 
waterside to Sainte Johnes ; viij^. ; v". viij**. The same 
daie For M' Blagrave his botehier from the courte w"* 


ij**. bestowed in bread and drinck uppon the Watermen ; 
ij". viijd. 9, of Januarie 1578. to Willm Lyzard for his 
boate hier to the courte to shew certen patterns to my 
L. Chamberleyne ; ij*. vj*. 29 of December 1578 for the 
carriage of a greate chest and a close stoole by water to 
the court ; ij". viij^. cxvij*. iiij**. 

Rychard Merer for sondrey pcells brought into the Hahber- 
office vi3 dashers 

.. . . , perceUs 

For xij Armyng girdles vj of gold tyncle and vj of red 

tissue all w^ guylte Buccles and harnesse at ij". viij^. 
the peece ; xxxij". 

Feltf to Lyne the counterfeete head peecf in the Ama- 
zons maske yj at vj^. the peece ; iij*. 


Thomas Wright for money by him disbursed Fewell. 

for a loade of coales ; xxij 

Fagottf ij« xj iiij 

Billettf one thowsand and a half xix iiij 

ly viij 

Thomas Stronge for money by him paid ; 

For a Load of Coales; xxij 

Fagotte ij«.; xj iiij 

Billettf ij thowsand J xxv iiij 

^ • • . • • • 
Ivuj VllJ 

Edmond ByrchoU for sondrey pcells by him Wyerdrawer 

brought into the office ; viz) . 

Stocke candlestick^ ij dozen ; iiij 

Pricke candlestick^ ; vj.; xij 

Compasses one paire; iiij 

Quylting needles, ij ; iiij 

Heades for the Javelins, sixe ; iij 

A great braunche for lightf j xl 

Fyne wyer one pound ; xij 

Greate wier xij poundf; x 

Plate one dozen; iiij 


8. d. 

Lanthornes ij ; iiij 

Wyer yj yardf J vj 

In the whole ; Ixviij". ij*^. whereout abate vj». viij*. 
by the M' and Clerk comptroller for excessive prices^ and 
so remayneth ; Ixj". \j\ 

Rewardea John Drawater for money by him disbursed as fol- 

loweth; vi3. 

To M' Nichasius for the prive scale and the signet for 
the Revells money ; x». 

To Harris a grome of the chamber for bringing a Lre 
to the M' the SI of December 1678 j ij«. 

To M' Peter for making the orders for my Treasorer 
should signe for the paym* of the Revells money ; x». 

To M' Stonely for paym* of S44i*. 9". x». 

To his men for their paine for paym* ij«. vj**. 

To the Keep of the gardeyne at Whitehall when the 
M' viewed the stufie to serve this tome for his attend- 
aunce at sondrey tymes ; xij*. 

To the Porter of Thexchequo* at the receipte of the 
money j xij*. 

To Willm Bowles man for going on Errandf at the 
M' his comaundem* j xij*^. 

To the Painters to buy victualls for that they should 
not go from their work ; xij*^. 

To Patruchius Ubaldinas by the comaundm^ of the 
Lord Chamberleyne for the translating of certen speaches 
into Italian to be used in the maske the making the 
tables for them the writing faire in the same Tables and 
for his chardges in travelling about the same ; xlij». ij<^. 

••••II •••*! 

mj". vuj<*. 

Thomas Blagrave esquier for mony by him disbursed ; 

The xix*^ of December to ... . Harris groome of 



the chamber comyng from Richmond to Bedwin by the 
Lo. Chamberleyne his comaund«m* iij*. iiij^. 

To the proptie makers working on the head peecf , for 
the Amasons torche Bearers to send for victuals because 
they should not goe from their woorke ; ij". 

To the painters at Will»m Lyzardf working on the 
murryons headf to send for victualls for that they should 
not goe from their worke ; ij«. 

To M' Skynn' my L. Treasorers clerk for newe making 
the orders sent by M' Peeter and his furtheraunce 
therin ; x". 

To Pawle Sytolons his mayde ; vj*. 

xvij*. x*. 

The Clerk for his ordynary grene cloth pap Incke, 
counters^ deskes, standishes and tooles for the making 
compiling and conserving of the Billes, plottf , patornes, 
and modells for and concemyng this office ; lxvj». viij*. 

Sm» totlis of the emptions pvisions cariagf Reward f 
T;c. besides the wagf aforesaid; c.xlvij". vj». ij^* 

Sm» totlis of all the emptions pvisions cariagf Re- 
ward^ together w*^ the wages and attendauncf of worke- 
men and Attendaunt^ wrought and attended w*Mn the 
tyme aforesaid. ccxliiij^. vij". iiij<*. 

* E, Tyllney T. Blagrave. 

Edward Buggyn* 
Walter Fysshe. 

The totall some of the whole booke, viz), from the 
xiiji? of Februarie 1577. A° RR°» Elizabeth xx° untill 
the xiiij*»^ of Januarie. 1678. A° RR«»» Elizabeth pred 

from the 14 
of Feb. 1577 
nntill the 20 
of Dec. 1578. 

tide twelf 
tide and the 
Bonday after 
when the 
maskea were 

Anno Reg^i 
Reginae £li- 
xxj"»« 1578. 




f Artificers ; ix". iiij". 

Officers : xij". I xxiiij". ij«. viij* 

ions, and pvisions ; Iviij". viij^. J 

and Inven- 
cons pre- 
pared for 
and fur- 
shewen and 
to be shewen 
w^in the 
tyroe afore- 
said iiij viz. 

Wages J Artificers ; Iiij". xviij*. vj**. 1 

of I Officers; xix", 1 

T* ^ • • Ti j^. • rccjcx>*. iiij*. viij* 

Emptions pvisions Reward^ canage ; j j 


S» ccxliiij". vij*. iiij*^. 

The chardges of those tymes ; vida . Betwene the 
first of February 1578. Anno Kegni Reginae Elizabeth 
pred xxj<*. At w<^^ tyme the workf beganne for the 
pviding, apting, Sparing furnishing and setting furth of 
divlseplaies comodies or shewes of histories and Inven- 
tions and devises incident. And the vj*^ of Marche, 
1678. Anno Regni Regine pred xxj<*. At w*^^ tyme the 
workf and attendauncf did end. Together w*^ all the 
emptions, pvisions of stuSe and necessaries cariagf and 
other incident^ bought, pvided done and attended by 
div'^se psons whose sev^all names ratf and wages w^^ their 
Reward^ and allowauncf do pticulerlyin their apt placf 

The history of provided to have ben shewen 

at Whitehall on candlemas daie at nighte by the Earle of 
Warwickf servauntf furnished in this office w"* sondrey 
garments and propties. Being in redines at y« place to 
have enacted the same. But the Queues Ma^® wold not 
come to heare the same and therefore put of. 

The history of the Knight in the Burnyng Rock showen 
at Whitehall on shrovesondaie at night enacted by the 
Earle of Warwick^ s'vauntf , furnished in this office w*^. 
sondrey garmen*®" and ppties. 

The history of Loyaltie and bewtie shewen at White- 
hall on Shrove Monday at night enacted by the children 


of the Quenes ma^ chappell furnished in this office w*^ 
verie manie Riche garment®" and pretties aptly fitted for 
the same. 

The history of murderous Michael shewen at Whitehall 
on Shrovetuesdaie at night enacted by the L. Chamber- 
leynes s'vauntf, furnished in this office w*^ sondrey 

Taylors and others working and attending the p'misss 
the first at xx^. the daie, and as much the night, the 
reste at xij<*. ix". xij^. 

Paynters and others working and attending uppon 

the p'misses the day and night at sondrey ratf ; 

••••II •• 
iiiyK vij". 

The Porter John Dawncey 1 Attendauntf at, xij*. the 

daie ; xlv\ 

Wyerdrawers at sondrey ratf ; xxviij*. iiij*. 

Proj^tymakers, one at ij*. p diem, the rest at xvj*. the 
daie ; xlviij". 

Carpenters at xvj^. the daie, asmouch the night ; xl*. 

Joyners at sondrey ratf ; xlv*. viij<*. 

dayes. nights* s. 

The M' at iiij>. the daie 12 6 ••• Ixxij Thofficers 

The Clerk comptrollo' at ij«. ... 12 6 ... xxxvj 

The Clerk at ij» 12 6 ••. xxxvj 

The Yoman, at ij* 12 6 ... xxxvj 

Sm» of all the wagf due w*^in this office aswell for 
workemenship ^ attendauncf done in and upon thafFaires 
therof for Candlem*s and shrovetyde ending the Sixte of 
March 1578 in the xxj**^ yere of her Ma**' Raigne. 

xxxij". x\*. 

The L jnen 





Emptions Providons aud cariages w^ Rewardf and 
other chardgf iocident. 

M**" Dane for canvas by her deliv'ed into this office at 
sondrey tymes; vizj. the xxvj* of February, 1578. one 
peece of canvas cont. xxxix ells, at xiiij<^. the eU ; xlv. 
vj^. And the second of Marche 1578. one peece of can- 
vas cont. xxxix ells at xiiij<^. the ell ; xlv". vj^^. the 
whole amounting unto Ixxviij ells ; iiij^. xj'. 

for one peece of yealowe Buckeram ; vj". 

white Buckram, ij yardf dL iij*. iiij^. Black buckram 

iiij yardf ; v*. iiij**. in all. xiiij". viij^. 

Barnard Fabyan for sondrey pcells by him brought 

into the office ; vi3. 

Greate cord, vj peecf ; v iiij 

Gotten candles at iiij<^. the li. iiij dozen ; xvj 

Glewe one pownd; iiij 

LjTickf at iiij^. the peece, xiiij ; iiij viij 

Pack thred, iij li; iij 

Seering candles one pound ; xij 

Small cord y peecf ; ij vj 

StafTe bromes iij ; vj 

xxxuj". Ulj*. 

John Rose senyor for certeyne pcells by him bestowed 
in and about a rock at the Courte for a plaie enacted by 
the Earle of Warwickf servauntf ; vi3. 

Longe sparre poles of Furre ; vj". x*. 1 ^ ^ 

peecf of Elme cutt compasse ; iiij". i 

Rowland Robynson for sondrey thingf by him brought 
into the office; vi3. 

Oken bord three hundred; xxj". Elme bourd xxj 
foote ; xviij*^. Furre poles xxj wherof xiiij for altering 


the lightes on Shrovetuesdaie and the rest for the frames j 
x». vjd. single quarters x T; for cariage of them and the 
rest to the court ; iij*. ; in all xxxvj*. 

Gybsonne for certeyn pcells by him bestowed 

about the rock at the court for a play enacted by the 
Earle of Warwick^ s'vantf j viS . 

Dobble quarters, iiij ; ij". single quarters ij ; vj^. 
deale bourdf xxxij ; xxxij*. Elme bordf, 163. foote, 
xij«. ; in all J xlvj». vj**. 

lUj". XUJ«. U1J<*. 

Ulryck Netsley for certeyne pcells by him wrought Iron- 

and dely vered into the office : viz) . mongers or 

, bmythes 

For an Iron for the wagon that s'ved in the plaie of percells 

Loyaltie and bewtie ; ij**. vj^. and for mending a scall- 

ing ladder that s'ved at the Rock ; viij^. In all ; iij«. ij*, 

Rychard Warby for sondrey pcells by him brought 
into the office ; vi3. 

Doble x*. nayles to alter the lightf in the hall on 
shrovetuesdaie and to have lightes in the p'sence and for 
setting upp of the frames 426. vij*. j**. Single x«*. nayles 
for the same cause iiij« ; iij*. iiij*. vj*. nayles for the 
same cause v«; ij». vj*. iij*. nayles one c. j iij*. In 
all; xuj». ij 


George Joyner for sondrey pcells by him boughte and 

brought into the office to be spente about the rock, vi3. 

Dobble X*. nayles 426.; vij». j*. single x*. nayles 

xd. ^^ xijd. 

800. vj«. viij*. Two penny nayles 500. T; iij*. nayles 

xirj d. 

400., for the same cause and for the wagon of Loyaltie 
and bewtie; iij«. ij*. vj*. nayles, 400.; ij*. Sparres 
viij, iiij*. hoopes and packthread ; xiiij*. In all ; 

xxinj". j*. 


John Rose senio' for nayles of sondry sortf used 
about the Clowde and drawing it upp and downe ; 

VJ". vuj*. 
xlvij". j*. 

Pewell Thomas Stronge for mony by him disbursed for a 

Load of Coales ; xxij*. vj**. 

John Davyes for money by him disbursed ; viz). 
For coales at the Courte to drie the Painters worke on 
the Rock ; vj<'. 


Necessaries Thomas Wright for sondrey thingf by him pvided and 
brought into the ofEce 3 viz). 

Paste bordf iiij dozen; xij«. Tape ij". quarter di. ; 
xj». ij<*. Thred of sondrey Cullers ij". iij q^Hers di. ; xj». 
vj*. Browne thread j". Quarte' ; iij*. iiij*. Ivie ij bun- 
dies; ij". A painted cheste for my Lo. Chamb'layns 
men ; xvj<^. for the hier of foure feathers ij». In all ; 

xliij*. iiij''. 

John Rose senio* for mony by him disbursed ; viz). 

For lead for the chaire of the bumyng Knight ; ij». 
vj**. Candlestick^ to work by at the court, ij». for a 
coard ^ pullies to drawe upp the clowde ; iij". in all ; 

vij». vjd. 

John Davyes for certeyne things by him pvided and 
brought into the office ; viz). 

Ivie and holly for the Rock in the play enacted by the 
Earle of Warwick^ s'vauntf ; iiij*. ij<*. Aquavite to 
burne in the same Rock ; iij*. Rosewater to alay the 
smell therof ; xij<*. Glasses to carry the same and other 
for the use therof; xij*. thred expended at the courte ; 
ij<*. Bladders, j*. and Beares feete ; xviij*. x*. xj*'. 


John Drawater for sondry thingf by him provided 
and brought into the office ; viz). 

Gloves for the cliildren of the chappell xviij**" paire; 
X'. A garland of grapes and leaves for Baccus and other 

of roses for used in the play of Loyaltie and Bewtie ; 

ij*. iiijd. for ij". of Sises to have served in the play that 
should have ben showed on Candlem*s daie at night; ij«. 
iiij^. for the hire of iij vizars that should have served 
that night; xviij^. For a hoope and blewe Lynnen 
cloth to mend the clowde that was Borrowed and cut to 
serve the rock in the plaie of the burnyng Knight and 
for the hire therof and setting upp the same where it 
was borowed ; x". iiij^^ vij». xj**. 

Willyam Lyzard for cuUors and other necessaries by Paynters 
him pvided and brought into the office ; viz! . perceJls 

Three masking coatf made of doble pap three hattf 
covered w*^ the same iij broomes painted v staves and a 
Quinten painted w* a fooles head ; xx». 

For Fyne Cullers gold and silv' for patorns for the 
mores maske that should have served on Shrovetuesday, 


Syse xiiij gallons ; xiiij". 

Copper culler for the Lightf in the hall ; iij». iiij*. 

Masticott, j". ; iij". 

Browne, j". : xviij**. 

Blewe di.". ; iiij». 

Verte, iiij". xvj*. 

Smalt iiij". ; xvj«. 

White R ; xvij*. vj<*. 

Assidewe, v". ; xvj». viij*. 

Red ij". xvj^. Sape, di.". xx^. ; iij». 

Black, v^. : v». glewe ij^*. viij^. ; v\ viij*. 

Trashe nayle, xiiij<*. Pottf , vj*. the botehyer at son- 
drey tymes ; ij". viij<^. 



In all; yj". vij«. iiij*. Wherof the M' and clerk 
comptroller have abated for excessive pricf • xij". And 
so resteth ; c.xv». liij*. 

Wyer- Edmond Burcholl for sondrey pcells by him provided 

ue^^^s ^^^ brought into the office ; viz), 

Doble X**. nayles to strayne wyers, c xiiij**. 

Packnedles vj. iij^. pullies, ij.; viij^. ; xj**. 

Fyne Wyer j". ; xiiij**. great wyer ; xxij". ; xxij*. 

XXllj". lj<*. 

Small braunches, iij ; newe; xxxij*. 

Newe mending of xiiij old bramiches of the same ; 

IX". mj<». 

For iij great braunches ; vj". 

For his going by water, iiij tymes ; xvj**. 

In all ; ix". vij». xj^. wherof abated by the M' and 

clerk comptroller xvj*. viij**. T; so resteth ; viij^. xj", iij<*. 

Botehierand John Davyes for money by him disbursed; vid. 
cariage by Boatehier to the courte the xxvij**^ of February 1678 

Land and ^ ^^ ^PP ^^® candelstickf ; iiij*^. 

Rewardes. Cariage of the rock from Bridewell to the court the 

first of March, 1578 xiiij<*. his owne botehier agayne ; iij**. 

George Joyn' for money by him disbursed; viS, 
For his botehier from Southwark to the courte and 

8d. lOd. 13d. 

back agayne ; on sonday, Monday and tuesday the first 
of March, 1678 ; ij». vj^. 

John Rose senio' for money by him disbursed ; vi3. 
For his botehier to the Courte to take measure of the 
bignes of the Rock, and back agayne and after into 
London for provision of stufFe ; xx**. 

Thomas Stronge for money by him disbursed, vi3. 
For botehier for the M' to and from the courte the 


23rd of February 1578. being sent for by M' Threasorer, 
viij<*. For botehier for the M' to the court and back 
agayne the 26 and 26 of February 1678 being sent for 
by the Lo. Chamberleyne about patomes of maske, 
xviij**. For the M' his botehier to and from the courts 
the firste, second^ third, and Fourth of March, iiij*. 
From the courte to Leicester howse to speake with my 
L. Chamb'leyn; viij*, geven to the Porters for Late 
comyng owte at the Water gate the said First, second, 
and third of Marche ; ij«. In all ; viij«. x<*. 

John Drawater for mony by him disbursed; vi3. 
For his botehier to and from the courte sondrey tjrmes 
at the making readie and setting upp the frames^ Rockf , 
and lightes in the hall against Shrovesondaie, and to and 
from the court, the first, second, third and fowrth of 
March, 1678. for the safe bestowing of the furnyture in 
the hall for the players their enacted ; v". vj**. — ^geven 
to the Porter for late comyng owte the gate, xij<*. — to 
the painters on Shrove tuesdaie to send for victualls, be- 
cause they should not go from their work; vj**. For 
caryage a hamp w*^ stuffe to shewe my Lo. Chamberleyne 
to the courte, and back agayne ; xviij*. For cariage of 
two Frames to the courte the 28 of February, 1578. xx<*. 
For cariage of them and the rock from the court in two 
Carres ; iij*, viij**. To Roger Atkinson for carying Stuffe 
at two sev'all tymes that served the children of the 
Quenes chappell and my Lo. Chamberleynes men to the 
court and back agayne ; iiij*. In all ; xvij". iiij**. 

Edmond Tyllney Esquier M' of the said office having Howse rent 
by graunte from her Ma*** by her Lres patentf dated the 

of Julie in the xxj*** yeare of her Ma*«« Raigne the 

office of the mastership of the said office, and a mansion 
howse w**» thappn*ncf . The same office being specially 


appointed continued and used w^in the howling and 
^incte of St. Johnes where all the store and furniture 
of the said office have bene and is kept and remaynyng. 
The howsing and romes there appteynyng to him being 
Imploied that he cimnot yet convenyently have the same, 
But is driven to hire an other. He is to be allowed for the 
rent wherof from Christmas, 1578. A« 21*» RRegine pred 
untill mydsom' 1579 A? R.R~ ^d 21« by the space of 
one half yeare after [the rate] of xiij**. vj». viij*. p annii ; 

xj . xiij". mj*. 

Item for money disbursed and to be disbursed aswell 
about the chardgf for making the account^ to the Au- 
dito' of themprestf and declara^n of the same befor my 
Lo' Treasorer and S' Walter Myldmey. As also for 
the chardgf in suying furthe the Queues warrante the 
privie scale order for the money and receipt of the same ; 


Sm» of all the Emptions provisions cariagf rewardf 
and other necessaries besides the wagf aforesaid for Can- 
dlemas and Shrovetyde, Anno RR°* Elizabeth pred, 
xxj™». F. ij«. mj*. 

Sm» totlis of the whole boke ; vi3 from the xiiij*^ of 
February 1577. Anno regni Regine Elizab. xx^. At 
w<^^ tyme the boke of the Laste yeare ended untill the 
vj**^ of March, 1578. Anno^ RR"* Elizabeth pred xxj"« ; 

ccc.xxvij". v«. ij*. 
Ed. Tyllney. Edward Buggyn. T. Blagrave. 

fFaiter Fysshe. 

The Totall Sm* of the whole booke; viz], from the 
xiiij*^» of February, 1577, Anno RR^» Elizabeth xx°>«> 
untill the xj*>» of Marche, 1578. Anno RR°« Elizabeth 
pred, xxj' 



Wages f Artificers ; ix". iiij-. 
of I Officers ; xij". 

from the 

••••II ••- •••J 14th of Feb., 
xxuij". y. vujd. 1577 untiU 

Emptions and provisions ; I the xx**> of 


Iviij-. viijd. j ^^^- ^^^^ 

•^ ** next. 

Wages f Artificers ; Iiij". xviij*. vj*. ' 
of I Officers ; xix". 

Emptions T: pvisions ; 

cxliiij", vj«. ij«*. , 

••••••it ••- ••••«» and Shrove* 

uij ij". xvij«. mj<*» ^"7 *^*""^^ 


• 11 ••••. -.^ tidetwelf- 

r ccxxw, ny. vnjd. tide and the 

Eonday after 
when the 
masked were 

Wages /Artificers ;.., xxiij", xv«. 

of i Officers; ix". 

Emptions and provisions ; 

P. ij», iiij*. 

ccc.xxvij". Y*. ijd. 

Betwene the vj**» of Marche, 1678, A" xxj™© RR°« Eli- 
zabethe, and the Firste of November 1679. A** xxj°»° 
RR°" Eli3 . being viij monethes. The chardges of tliis 
office grewe by meanes of Ayringf , Repairing, Laying 
abroad, Tumyng, tackyng sowing brushing rubbing 
spunging folding laying upp and safe bestowing of the 
garment^ , vestures, apparell, disguysing^, propties and 
furnyture of the same from tyme to tyme w*Mn those 
monethes as the necessitie therof required to keepe the 
sanie in redines for service, w*^^ ells wold decay and be 
Rotten by meanes of the Dauknes of the howse and want 
of convenient presses and placf requisite to bestowe the 
same in the pti^s names who attended the office for the 
same purpose hereafter Ensueth, viz). 

Taylors and others working and attending the ^misses 
at thofficers comaundem* the first at xx<^. the day, the 
rest at xij*^, as in form' ^cedentf ; vij^^ xiij". iiij**. 


dsyM U. 1. 

Thoflkere The M' at iiij*. the day ; 80 iiij 

The clerk comptroller, atij*. the daie; 20 xl 

The Clark at jj». the day ; 20 xl 

The yeoman at ij*. the day ; 20 xl 


Fewell and Henry Dyson, For sondrey Fewell and other neces- 
other necea- garies by him bought and brought into the office and 
used at sondrey tymes in the said Ayringf yf^in the 
tyme aforeseid ; viz), 

Coles XXX sackf ; xxv». Billettf one M. ; xiij». iiij**. 
Fagotf one hundred; v«. iiij*. Browne thread d?*. ; xiiij*. 
White thred, j". ; ij«. x*. Black thread j". ; ij». iiij*. cul- 
lered thred, iij (^•rt' li. ij». viij*. Tape j". iij». viij*. 
Brushes iiij.; viij». Rubbing brushes iij; x*. White 
brushes Longe and shorte for cobwebbes, iiij ; ij*. 

Ixvij*. ij*. 

Sm» to^ of all the whole Ayringf w*'»in the tyme 

aforesaid ; xxj". vj*. 

Sm* to"* of the whole booke, vi3, from the xiiij*>» of 
February 1677. A« <i RR»« Eli3 xx«> (At w^^ tyme the 
booke of the Last yeare ended) untill the First of 
November, 1679. Anno% RR°« Elizabeth, pred xxj""° 

ccc.xlviij" V* viij**. 
Ed. Tyllney. T. Blagrave. 

Edward Buggyn. Walter Fysshe. 



Revelles, 1680. Anno R.R'*^ Elizabeth xxij^o The 
Lydgeard or Pertyculer Booke of the Chardges rysinge 
and growinge w*^in the saide Oflfyce Betwene the Firste 
of November 1679. A** xxj« RR°« pred T; the Firste of 
November 1680. Anno xxij<*° RR'** pred w**»in w<*^ 
tyme there were workes done ^ Attendaunc^ geven as 
followeth; videlt 

The Chardges of theis tymes ; viz, Prom the firste Christmas 
daie of November, 1679. Anno xxjo RR°« Elizabeth (at J^^^Jj^^"^^ 
whiche tyme the Booke for the last yeare ended) The and Shrove- 

begynnynge was of makinge choise of sondrye playes tyde and 

^ makinsre 

comodies and inventions at div's and sondrye tjrmes for choyse of 

the tyme aforesaid, untill the xix**» daie of December playes 
then next followinge at whiche tymes the workes began 
aswell for fumyshinge T; setting forthe of sondrye of the 
said playes comodies and Inventions. As also in Emp- 
tions and provisions made, togeather w*** the Workes 
done and Attendauncf geven by div's Artyficers worke- 
men and Attendant^ workinge and attendinge the same 
at sondry tymes from the said xix*^ of December, untill 
the xx«" of February 1679. Anno xxij*» RR°« pred. At 
whiche tymes the workes and Attendant^ for those 
tymes did end for the newe makinge, translatinge, Re- 
pairinge, fyttinge fumyshinge, settinge forth of son- 
drye payntinges bowses, vestures, garmentf utencells 
and propties incydent and requysite for the showe of the 
said playes comoilies pastjnnes Inventions and devises 
prepared made sett forthe and shewen before her Ma^^ 


for her Regall disporte and pastyme w^in the tyme 
aforesaid. The whole chardges wherof togeather w^ 
the pties oames to whome and wherefore the same is due 
hereafter ensueth, 


A History of the Duke of Millayn and the Marques of 
Mantua shewed at Wliitehall on S^. Stephens daie at 
nighte enacted hy the Lord Chamberlaynes srv^ntf wholie 
fumyshed in this ofiyce some newe made and moche 
altered whereon was Imployed for iiij®' newe head attyers 
with traynes Scarfes, garters and other Attyers, xiij 
ells of Sarcenett a Cowntrie howse a Cyttye and vij 
paire of gloves. 

A history of Alucius shewed at Whitehall on 

S^ Johns deue at nighte enacted by the Children of her 
Ma**®« Chappelly wholly fumyshed in this oflFyce with 
many garment^ newe made^ manye altered and trans- 
lated wheron was Imployed for head Attyers sleeves, 
Canyons Cases for hoase Skarfes garters and other re- 
pacons tenne Ells of Sarcenett, A. Cittie, a Battlement, 
and xviij paire of gloves. 

A Historye of provided to have bene shewen 

at Whitehall on Innocent^ daie at nighte by the Earle 
of Lieicesters srv^ntf being in Readynes in the place to 
have enacted the same, whoUye fumyshed w*^ sondrye 
thinges in this ofiyce. But the Queenes Ma^® could 
not come forth to heare the same, therefore put of. 

A History of the foure sonnes of Fabyous shewed at 
Whithall on Newe yeares daie at nighte, enacted by the 
Earle of Warwick^ s'v*nts wholie fumyshed in this of- 
fyce w*^ garment^ some newe some altered and repaired, 
whereon was Imployed for new lynynge, translatinge, 


and alteringe of the Senato'" gownes, iij head Attyres 

w*^ traynes for womens skarfes and girdles xiij ells of 

Sarcenett, a Cytie, a Mounte % vj paire of gloves. Histories 

and Inven- 
tions shewen 
The History of Cipio African shewen at Whitehall the w*^in the 

sondaye night after newe yeares daie, enacted by the ^y^^ afore- 

Children of Pawles furnyshed in this OflFyce w*^ sondrey ' 

garment^ and triumphant ensignes '\ bann's newe made 

and their head peec^ of white sarcenett, scarfes and 

garters whereon was ymployed ells of Sarcenett, a 

Citie a Battlem* and xviij^« payre of gloves. 

The History of shewen at Whitehall on 

Twelvedaye at nighte by the Earle of Leicesters serv»ntf 
furnished in this oflFyce w*** many garment^ , utensells, 
and propties, some made newe some translated and made 
fitt, whereon was ymployed for head Attyers, scarfes 

and garters ells of Sarcenett, A Citie a Countrye 

house and vij paire of gloves. 

The history of Portio and Demorantes shewen at 
Whitehall on Candlemas daie at nighte enacted by the 
Lord Chambleynes serv»nt^ wholly furnyshed in this 
offyce, whereon was ymployed for scarfes garters, head 
Attyers for women % Lynynges for hattf vj ells of Sarce- 
nett, a cytie, a towne, and vj payre of gloves. 

The History of the Soldan and the Duke of 

shewen at Whitehall on Shrovesondaye at nighte, 
enacted by the Earle of Derby his serv*ntf wholly fur- 
nyshed in this ofFyce whereon was ymployed for two 

Robes of blacke sarcenett, head attyers and sctu'fes 

ells of Sarcenett, a citie, and xij payre of gloves. 

The History of Serpedon shewen at Whitehall on 


Shrovetwesdaye at nighte enacted by the Lord Cham- 
bleyns 8erv»ntf wholly furayshed in this ofEce wheron 
was jrmployed for head attyers for women and Scarfes 
xj ells of Sarcenett, a greate Citie, a wood, a castell and 
vj payre of gloves. 

Taylors and other Attendant^ workinge and attend- 
inge the p'miss the first at xx.^. the daie and asmoche 
the night and the rest at xij<^. 

Pajmt's the first at ij". the dale asmoche the nighte, 
the second at xx<^. the rest xviij*^. the daye *\ asmuch the 

Wyerdrawers the first at xx\ the daye and as moche 
the nighte, the rest at xvj^. 

Carpent's at xvj*^. the daye and asmoche the nighte, 
The Porter at xij<*. the daye and asmoche the nighte. 

dayes, nights. li. 

Toffycersthe The Master; 39 ... 21 xij 

first at iiij*. The Clarke comptroller ; 39 ... 21 vj 

loSrhe The Clarke; 39 ... 21 vj 

nighte, the The Yeoman ; 39 ... 21 vj 

rest at ij*. 

asmoche the Sum* of all the wages due within this offyce for work- 
nighte manshipp and attendauncf in the same within the tjrme 

aforesaid 5 c.viij". xvj«. x^. 

Ed, Tyllney. 
Edwarde Buggyn, 
Walter Fysshe. 

Emptions T; provisions. 
John digges for sondrye thinges by him bought pro- 
vided and brought into the said ofiyce j viz). 


White sarcenet xxvj ells, at vj*, the elle 5 vij". xvj". 
Canvas fower peec^ contayninge in the whole elles 
142. at xijd. the ell ; vij". ij-. 

Paste hordes one dosen ; iiij>. 

A standishe brought into the store howse of the office ; 

Firre poles yj ; iij«. 

Coales one loade ; xxvj*. 

Faggottf one hundred 5 viij". Mercers and 

^®'' ^* Lvnen dr&~ 

Billettf one thowsand and the Carryage thereof; p^^g percells 

XX". and other 
Carryage of stuflFe to the Court at sondry tymes ; ij«. ^ecessaryes. 
Hoopes to make a Mounte ; iij«. 


Nailes of sondry sortes^ ix hundred, and 4 pillers ; 

ix*. ix**. 

Bote hier to and from the Court at sondry tymes ; 

• • •«• • . 
ij». nijd. 

CouUers used at; xij**. 

Ropes three Bundells 5 vj". 

Holly, Ivy, and Baies ; xx^. 

Russett Jeyne Fustian, xviij yardf ; xviij*. 

XX^*. V". j*^. 

Barnard Fabyan for sondrie pcells by him broughte 
into the offyce ; viz]. 

Cotton Candells at iiij*. the li. vj dosen, di ; xxvj". 
Packthread iiij". at xij*. the li. iiij". Chaundelors 

Glewj»i.; vjd. P^'^^^^" 

Searinge candell ij". di. ; ij". vj**. 

Great cord v peecf at xvjd. the peece ; vj". viij<*. 

Small cord at vj*. the peece vij peecf ; iij". vj**. 

Lynckf yj ; ij". 

xlv". ij*. 

Thomas Wright for sondry thinges by him bought Necessaries 
provided % brought into the office ; viz) , 


Fy ne collored thread at iiij*. the pound iij*'. iij quarters ; 


Past bordf of sondry sortf , ij dosen di, : ix«. 

Fyne white thread at vj". the pounds iij quarters of a 
pound I iiij«. vj*. 

Browne threade, at ij". viij*. the pound one pound and 
one Quarter ; iij«. iiij*. 

Tape of sondry cuUo" and prizes three poundf ; 

xij". x*^. 

Gloves at vij". the dozen vij dozen, di, ; Iij", vj**. 

Tainter Hookes at viij**. the c. ij«. ; xvj*. 

Nayles at iiij**. the c. cc. ; viij*. 

Carryage and recaryage to and from the courte, 
sortf of stuffe and garm*** at sondry tymes ; xvij". vj**. 

Baskett^ ij ; xij*. glasse Bottells, ij ; x**. xxij**. 

Silke one ounce 5 ij». 

Mendinge a locke for the store howse dore ; xvj*. 

Pynduste one pound ; xij**. 


Black thread of sondry sortf iij quarters ; ij". j*. 

Hoppes one pound ; xij**. 

Bromes Rubbing Brushe ; v**. 

Milke and Butter ; vj**. 

vj". vj". X**. 

John Sherborne for sondrye thinges by hira boughte 
provided, used, expended, % brought into the Masters 
Lodginge for the rehearsall of sondrie playes to make 
choise of div's of them for her Ma**«. viz) ; 

Cotton candells at sondry pricf xv dozen ; iij". j". iij*. 

Plates for to hange upon Walles to sett v Candles, 
in vij; vj". 

Torches ij*» dozen at xiiij". the dozen ; xxviij". 

Billettf iiij thowsand at xvj*. the thowsand ; Ixiiij". 

Coales ij loades at xxvj". the Loade ; Iij". 

Rushes, yncke, and paper ij° Lockf , and the amend- 


▼Jd. Tjd. 18d. 16d. 

inge of one Locke, Hookes, nayles, iiij°' Wheeles, and 

19d. tJ s. 

Flowers, paterns fpr head attyers ; xxviij". iiij«*. 

Lawne Ruffes for head attyres, vj 5 vj«. 

xij", v». vij*** 

Edmonde Tylney esquier M' of the said Offyce for 
dyver provisions by him made and his chardges in the 
service of the said Offyce at sondrye tymes ; viS, 

For his Attendaunce, botehyer and other chardges to 
and from the Court at Greenewiche by the space of ij 
monethes and more by Comaundem^ for settinge downe 
of dy verse devises to Receave the Freenche ; c*. 

For his botehier and other Chardg^ to and from thence 
about the declaracon of the laste yeares accompte to my 
Lord Treasorer and my Lord Chamberleyne ; xxx". 

For his Chardges w*'' the Chardges of the players, the 
Carriage and recariage of their stufie, for examynynge 
and Rehersinge of dyv^s plaies and Choise makinge of 
X of them to be showen before her Ma*** at Christmas, 
twelfetide. Candlemas and Shrovetyde, and their sondry 
rehersalls afterwardf till to be p'sented before her Ma**« ; 


To one Porter and iij other Attend*®^ at severall tymes 
after the rate of xij**. a pece A day for their attendaunce 
and service at the rehersalls, and Choise makinge of the 
said X plaies ; x*^ 

For V yard^ of greene clothe at viij*. the yarde, and 
for a deske ; xlix«. 

For his Attendaunce at the Court xij weekes after 
Ashewedensday to sue out the warrant and for horse hier 
and Ridinge Chardges dyv'rse tymes to Nonesuche to 
Satisfie her Ma**«, my Lo. Treasorer, and my Lo. Cham- 
berleyne in matters concernynge the offyce ; c". 

xxxiij". xix«. 

Willin Barker for sondry thingf by him provided and 
browght into this offyce to be used at shrovetyde : viS. 


Rafters, iiij*>' Flrre poles, iiij Bordf one 

hunoreth; xiiij iiij 

Doble Quarters fower; ij 

Doble X*. nayles one hundred, single^ x**. 


nayles ij hondread ; six peny nayles three 

hundread^ two peny nayles one hundred ; v 

For Carriage of the thingf abovesaid to the 

Court; xvj 

xxij viij 

John Davyes for sondry thingf by him provided and 
used in the said office ; vi:^, 

▼iijd. iyd. IL s. d. 

For Ivy, nayles, Collored thred and tape 
vj*,; Browne thred Cary»ge of StufFe 

y d« 

into the M" Chamber ; ij vij 

For Carryage of a Load of tymber from the 
Court to S* Johns bote hier for the 

straunger that Brought Cawles ; xvj 

• • • • 

Edmonde Bircholl for sondry thingf by him bought 
provided and browght into the oflFyce ; viz], 

Hande Candelstyckes, iiij dozen ; viij 

Stocke Candelstiekc, one dozen, for 

painters, vj bodkins ; ij vj 

Plate Candelstickf one dozen ; ij 

Dowtf for Candells, vj snuffers vj paire ; ij vj 

Tjt. Tt^d. Td. 

Lantomes vj, one paile, hookes and eyes 


onethowsand; xiij ix 

A hoUowe knife of plate, head^ of wier, iiij ; v 

xyd. ^ ^ Tjd. 

Bowles for a speare, iiij"' white wandes, 


Soder two pound ; ij viij 

Botehier to the Court w*** the stuffetwise ; viij 

xxxU«. Illjd. yd. viyd. 

Wier xxxij". A Pole, Rosin, Bayes ; ... xxxuj y 
Lightes of Plate in Braunches, xxiiij. ... vj 


x^jd. ^^^ xd. ^ ^ Ijd. H. i^ d. 

White Plates iij, navies, quiltinge needles ; ij 

Rubbinge Brushes ij, Heath Brushe one ; iij viij 

Lightf of Plate in Braunches more, ij® ; x 

Red Incke and a Bottell; v 

• •• • • 


John Drawater for money by him disbursed for sondry 
thingf; vizi, 


Nayles at yj'*. the hundred, iiij« doble x^. nayles, iij 

xxd. ^j^*,, 

single x<*. nayles, cc, fower peny nayles ij*^ iij**. nailes iij<*. ; 

2^ hordes j<^ ; xvj*. vij*. 

Furre poles to make Rayles for the battlem*®" and to 
make the prison for my L. of Weu'wickf men at vj**. the 
peece, w*. ; single Quarters to enlardge the Scaffolde in 
the hall one Twelfenight, vj«. ; xviij doble quarters for 
the same Cause ; ij. xij<*. ; vij*. vj**. 

For a Reame of pap to make Counterfeit flowers 
patterns and otherwise used in the Offyce for foldinge of 
sondry things ; vj». viij**. 

For his bote hier to and from the Court at sondry 
tymes during Christmas, Twelfetyde, Candellmas, and 
Shrove and many tymes in the night after the plaies 
were ended ; vj». viij<*. 

xxxvij". v**. 

The Clerke for his Ordynarye Greenecloth, pap, incke, 
Quilles, waxe Counters, Deskes^ Standishes, and tooles, 
for the makynge compilings and conservinge of the 
Bookes, bylles, plot^, paternes, and models Htc for and 
concemynge this OfFyce ; Ixvj', viij**. 

Thomas Skynn' for sondry parcells by him deliv'ed 
into the offyce ; viz) , 

Chaungeable sarsenett at vj«. viij**. the ell xxxj ells ; 

x". vj". viij**. 



White sarsenett at vj*. viij^. the ell, iij elles di; 

•••_ ••••' 

xxiij*. liij*. 

Yelowe sarsenett at vj». viij*. the ell, j ell, and a 

quarter ; viij». ui)\ 

Blacke sarsenett, at vj«. viij<*. the ell, vj ells ; xl«, 

Greene sarcenett, at vj». viij'*. the ell, iij ells ; xx«. 

xmj". xvuj«, uij^ 
Willfn Lyzarde for sondry things by him browght 
into the oflFyce 

Syse, cullers, pottes, nayles and pensills used and occu- 
pyed upon the payntinge of vij Cities, one villadge one 
Countrey howse, one battlement, iiij axes, a Braunche, 
lillyes and a mount for Christmas iij Holidaies ; 

mj". xw*. vuj*. 

Syse, cullers, pottf , Assydewe, golde, and silver used 
and occupied for the Garnyshinge of xiiij titles iiij 
facynges of sarsenett powdered with Ermjms A Backe of 
Anno' a paier of wyngf , a banner a pendaunt, and foure 
guilte balls againste newyeares day the sonday after 
Twelfeday and Candelmas ; lij». iiij**. 

Syse, cullers, Assidew and other necessaries used and 
occupied about the Furnyshinge and garnyshinge of 
three greate braunches of Leights in the hall, fower and 
Twenty small braunches all twise gamyshed for Twelfe- 
tyde and Shrovetyde ; Iiij*. iiij*. 

x". xvj<*. 

Edwarde Buggyn gent, for money by him disbursed 
for standyshe, pap, wax, Quilles Bookes Counters bote- 
hier and in Rewardf at sondry tymes duringe the 
workes ; xx«. 

Sm* of the Emptions provisions and Carrjrages, T;c ; 

••II •••_ ••••J 

CXVlj". XVIIJ". uij*^. 

Sm» total of all the Emptions, provisions, carryages 


and rewardf w*** the wages % attendant^ w**»in the tyme 
aforesaid 5 ccxxvj". xv*, ij*. 

Walter Fysshe. Ed. Tyllney. 

Edward Buggyn. 

Betwene the twentith of February, 1679. Anno 
Regni Regine Elizabeth xxij<*o at w«** tyme the workes 
for the tymes aforesaid did end. And the first of October 
1580^ Anno Regni Regine Elizabeth pd. The Chardges 
of this ofiyce grewe at sondry tymes by meanes of 
Ayringe repayringe, amendinge, Brushinge, spungeinge, 
Rubbynge, wypinge, swepinge, Cleane puttinge in order 
foldinge^ layinge upp, and safe bestowinge of the gar- 
mentf vestures apparell, dysguisinges, propties, furniture 
of the same from tyme to tyme w^in the tyme aforesaid, 
as the necessitie thereof at sondry tymes required to kepe 
the same in redynes for service, w<^^ ells wolde be mowldy 
musty, mothe eaten and rotten by meanes of the danck- 
ness of the howse and wante of Convenient presses % 
places requier, togeathe w^^ the oldnes of the stuffe and 
store within the saide offyice. The pties who comonly 
attend att the said ofiice for the purpose w^ theier seve- 
rall names allowed for this tyme, togeather w*^ suche 
Emptions ^ necessaries as was expended at and aboute 
the same pticulerlie hereafter ensueth ; 

Taylors and others workinge and attendinge the 
^mysses the first at xx^. the daye, the rest at xij<^. ; 

vij". xuj". my. 

dayea li. s. 

The M' at iiij*. the day ; «) iiij 

The Gierke comptroller at ij». the day 5 20 xl 

The Gierke at ij». the day ; 20 xl 

The Yeoman at ij«. the day ; 20 xl 


M 2 



Fewell and John Lucas for fewell and other necessaries by him 

other neces- bought and browghte into the offyce T; used at sondry 

tymes in the said Ayringes '^Ic w^Mn the tyme aforesaid ; 

Coales twenty sackf , xx". ; Byllettf one thowsand ; 
xvj», 8**. Faggottf one hundreth; v\ viij**. Browne 
thredd di". ; xvj«*. White thred three quarters of a 
lb ; ij». ; Blacke thred a ft ; ij». iiij**. ; Thred of sondry 
Collo" three quarters of a ft ; ij». vj<^. Tape j lb, iij«. 
iiij**. Brushes iij ; vj». Rubbinge Brushes, iij ; x<*. 
White Brushes longe and shorte for Cobwebbes, iiij ; ij*. 
in all ; Ixij*. viij*. 

Edmond Tilney Esquier, for money by him dysbursed 
and to be disbursed aswell about the Charges for ma* 
kynge the accomptf to the Audito' of themprest and 
declaracon of the same before my Lo. Treasourer and & 
Walter Myldmay, As also for the Chardges in suynge 
on the Queues Warraunte the privy seale order for the 
payment of the money and receipte of the same ; viij^. 

Sm* total of the Chardges last aforesaid; 

xxviij". xvj«. 

October . ^y-g« -l>"^«' tumynge, mending, brushing, spung- 
1580 A° ii^gCy Rubbinge and puttinge in order and redynes of the 
xxij Kegni Maskf vestures, players garm*«", propties stuffe, store 
beth ^^^ ymplementf of this offyce for the shewe thereof to 

T; before Thomas Sackford Esquier M' of the Request^ 
and S^ Owen Hopton Knight liefe Ten»nte of her 
Ma**«* Tower of London especially appointed and auc- 
thorised to viewe and devide the store theire Remayn- 
ynge with the waitinge, workynge and attendaunce of 
the offycers of the same office and others workinge, fra- 
inynge, Compillinge and declarynge the state ymple- 
mentf and remayne untill the full puse and determy- 


na^n of the same, by vertue of a warrante under six of 
the Counsells handf beneath menconed. The Chardges 
from the said first of October untill the first of Novem- 
ber Anno pd, as here under the psons names w*^ their 
sevlall duetyes and wherfore pticularly ensueth, vz) . 

After o' harty, Comendacons ; Whereas the Queenes To o' lo- 
hath lately by her Ires Patentf bestowed the Office of the J^^f^^g ^r 
M' of the Revells theis are to signify unto you her high- Seckford M' 
nes pleeisure is That you doe Repaire unto the said Office °^ *^® ^^' 
% theire to take a view and puse the stufie which re- Owyn Hop- 
mayneth theire in what estate it is in and so takinge suf- ton Knight 
ficient Inventory of suche of the same stuffe as shalbe ^^^ Ma**«» 
found remayninge, making a dyvision in the same In- Tower of 
ventory of suche of the same stuffe as shall seeme service- ^^^o"* 
able from the rest not serviceable and deliver the same 
by Indenture to Edmond Tylney nowe M' of the saide 
Offyce. And so fare you well, from the Co'te at Oteland 
this eighte day of Awgust. 

Thomas Bromley Cane. Willm Burleiffhe. Thomas 
Sussex. R. Leicester, Fra Walsinghflm, John Wylson. 

Taylo" T; others workinge and attendinge the pmysses 
the first at xx^. the daye, the rest at xij^. ; 

uj". xiij". my. 

dayes. li. ■. d. 

TheM' 5 XX Thoffycers 

The Clerk Comptroller ; 5 x the Firste at 

TheClerk, 5 x "•i;^;;^^ 

The yeoman; 5 x restatij". 

Sm» of the wages ; c jcviij iiij 

John Digges for Fewel and sondrye other necessaryes Emptions 

by him bought brought and used in thoffyce for the tyme and Pro- 

f^ .o visions 

1; purpose; viz), 


Rushes; v». Cooles xxx sackes; xxvj*. viij*. Bil- 
lettf one thowsand ; xvj". Lockf and keyes of Ulricke, 
Netsey for the store howse. Chesty and presses and for 
hinges and staples for the same Chestf % pressf for tiie 
safe kepinge and bestowinge of the stuffe menconed 
in the Inventoryes; xxxiij". iiij«*. Paper pchement. 
Counters, Standishe pyndust, pens, quylls wax % tolas 
for makinge compilinge % examynynge the same Inven- 
toryes; xiij*. iiij**, Thred Tape bodkyns brushes 1 
Rubbers, for settinge thbges in Readynes for the tyme 
and purpose aforesaid ; xvj". x^. in all; v^. xij". 

For the Ingrossinge of three paire of Indented In- 
ventories ; xl*. 

Sm* Total of the Chardges aforesaid ; xiij". x*. iiij^. 

The Totall of this booke ; vi3, from the first daye of 
November, 1579. Anno xxj RR''* Elizabeth, untill the 
first of Novemb 1680. Anno xxij<*° RR°« pred, 

cc.lxix*^. j». vj*. 
Chrystmas J Artyficers ; Ixxviij". vj\ 

Candlemas ^^^ ^^t QfFvcers • xxx" x^ 

and Shrove. . ^ ^^J^^^ ' ^^* • ^ • 

tyde Emptions 1; provisions; 

• •II •••- ••••J 


Eyringes Wages f Artyfycers ; vij". xiij«. iiij*. ' 

from the oft Ofiycers ; x". 

xx*^ of Feb 

1 579. untilf Emptions and provi- 1 

the firste of sions with the Chardges f ^J"' y"- ^y*- 
Oct. 1680. oftheAccompte; •' 

The Waffes of I ^^^y^^^^ > Ixviij-. iiijd 

Chardges of ^ ' ^^ 

the Survey jj^p^ 

cclxix". x*^. 

Ed. Tyllney. 
Edward Buggyn, 
WMeir Fysshe. 

U. ^ ■. d.^ 

ccxxvj XV ij 

► ' xxvuj xvj 

wages of ^ ^^^^^^ J «vuj-. mj". ^ 
Chardge«of ^ lOflFycersj K [• xiij ix viij 

tionf'\ provisions J vj".xj».iiij*. ^ 



Bevellf • 1580. Anno^ Regni Regine Elizabeth, xxiij°. 

Attendaunce geven and worke done betwene the firste Christmas 

of November, 1580. Anno regni Regine Elizabethe, xxij°. X^^l?*^® 

and the laste of October 1581. Anno regni Regine Eliza- and Shrove- 

bethe pred xxiij°. By meanes of choise making reform- ^^® *^^ 

yng and attending of suche plaies comodies and inven- ^^^ ^j^^ 

ffins as were presented and set furth before her Ma*^« at choise ma- 

the tymes aforesaid. The whole chardges wherof aswell i^^ . 
^ ^ o playes. An- 

for wages as for wares Journing chardges and expencf no regni Re- 
therunto belonging hereafter pticulerly ensueth. p^® Eliza- 

D6til6 XXllJ . 

A, Comodie called delighte, shewed at Whitehall on The Earle of 
S*. Stephens dale at night wheron was ymploied newe, Leicesters 
one cittie, one battlement and xij paire of gloves, 

A Storie of enacted on S^. Johns dale at night The Earle of 

wheron was Imploied newe one howse, one battlement ^^^^^ ^^"^ 
and thirtene paire of gloves. 

A Storie of shewed at Whitehall on Newe The Earl of 

yeres daye at nyght wheron was ymployed newe one ^^rbies men 
cittie, one battlement and xiij paire of gloves. 

A storie of Pompey, enacted in the hall on twelfnighte The children 
whereon was ymploied newe, one great citty, a senate ^^ Pawles 


bowse, and eight ells of dobble sarcenet for curtens, and 
xviij paire of gloves. 

A.chal- A challendge at the Tilte proclaymed on Twelf nighte 

lendge. and performed by therle of Anindle the xxij^ of January 

following during all w*^** tyme the M' of the Revells at- 
tended for the p'senting of diverse devises, w** happened 
in that meane season. 

The earle of A storie of shewed on Candlemas daie at night 

bussex men. ^hei-gon was ymploied newe, one cittie, one battlement, 

and xij paire of gloves besides other furniture out of 


The children A Storie of enacted on Shrovesondaie night 

of the wheron was ymployed, xvij newe sutes of apparell ; ij 

Ma** chap- ^®^ ^^^^ °^ velvet; xx**« Ells of single sarcenet for 
pell. facingf , bandf scarfes and girdles, one citty, one pallace, 

and xviij paire of gloves. 

The Earle of A Storie of shewed on Shrovetuesdaie at night 

Leicesters in the hall wheron was ymploied one great citty and xij 

men. . /. , 

paire of gloves. 


The Yeoman, Porter T; certen taylors for worke doing ; 

••••II • 
xmj". xvj«. 

The Maister The maister of the Revells aswell for his attendaunce 
one porter ^t the tymes aforesaid, as also for the choise making of 
servitors playes at iiij". the daie from All Hollan Eve untill Ash- 

for Atten- wednesdaie ; xxij". 


geven in the John Hilton during the said tyme at xij^. the day ; c.x'. 

John Sherborne at xij* the daie ; c.x«. 

Robert Reaklidge, at xij**. the daie ; c.x». 

Thomas Rewklidge, at xij*. the daie ; ex". 


Edmond Burchall and his ij men, himself at xx^. the Wier 
daie asmuch the night and his men at xyj*. the day a ^^J^^^ ^\ 

peece ; vj daies and viij nightes : iij". vuj*** the day and 

the reste at 
Carpenters at xvj^. the day and as much the night ; 

iiij". xv». 

Sum* of all the wages due w*Mn this office for worke 
manship and Attendaunce at the tymes aforesaid; 

Ixv". xvij^. iiij**. 
Ed. Tyllney. 
Walter fysshe. 

Emptions and Provisions. 
Willia Lizard, paynting by greate of vj raynrers 

small citties 1; three battlementf ; ... ix 
Paynting by great of twoe great clothes, 

at iij^. x». the peece ; vij 

Syl vering of one Heraultf coate j x 

Painting and working the braunches in 

the hall by greate; Iv 

Painting of ix titles w*** coptmentf 5 • • • xv 


Candelstickf iiij dozen : viij Wier- 

Stock candelstickf , ij dozen ; ij drawers and 

w,, , J n . Ironmongers 

Wyer greate and small; xxxvj percells 

Lanterns, iij ; vj 

Small lightes of plate in braunches, xxvj 

at V". the peece ; vj x 

One great newe lighte ; xl 

For mending the old great lightes; xij 

Pulleys; xij 

Ropes sixe great and other small cord ; xij 
For mending agayne the iij greate lightes 

and vj small; • x 


U. a. d. 

Bodkyns; xij 

Small lightes three for them w*^ were 

stoUen at twelftide ; xv 

An Iron cradle to [make fire in for the 

players; xx 

Onelocke; xij 

Nayles and hookes of all sortf ; xx 

Arsedewe xij". at iiij*. the pomid ; xlviij 

Mercers xviij ij^ 

percells j^q Skiner, Orendge taffeta sarcenet at 

X*. the ell, viij ells ; iiij 

Single sarcenet of div'se cullors at vj*. 

viij*^. the ell ; xxells; vj xiij iiij 

Buckeram red at xij^. the yard, xxj^ 

yardf ; xxj 

Haber- xj xuij mj 

d^erspei- Twoebroadcopherbondf forhatf atiij". 

iiij^. the peece ; vj viij 

Fethers ij, at V". the peece ; x 

The making of ij velvet hatf ; vj 

Carpenters xxij viij 

percells -q^^^ ^y ^^ ^^ ^^^ hundred; xlij 

Rafters; xij 

FirrepoUes; x 

Dobble quarters ; viij 

Single quarters ; vij 

Cariage; iij 

•• •• •• 

John Sherbourne for div'se thinges by him brought 

and provided for the office, used and expended aswell for 

the rehersalls of playes as at the courte, in the hall and 

other placf ; vi3. 

Lightes Gotten candle at sondrey pricf , xvj dozen ; lxv». iiij*- 

Torches, iij dozen at xiiij*. the dozen ; xlij". 

Linckf ij dozen at iiij". the dozen ; viij 



Billettf , iiij thowsand at xvj*. the thousand ; Ixiiij*. Fewell 
Coles iiij load at xxvj*. the load ; v^. iiij*. 

Fagotti twoe hundred at vj*. the hundred; xij*. 

Rushes 5 viij*. Pastebordes j xij*. Glewe ; ij». Tape ; Necessaries 
x». Thred of div'se cullers and prices j xxv*. Bote- 
hier ; v". cariage and Becariage of stufiPe, xv*. and for 
a close stoole ; x». iiij". vij". 

Edmond Tylney esquiere M' of the said oiEce for 
div^se thinges and provisions by him made and his 
chardges in the service of the said office at sondrey 
tymes; yi3. 

Jho Digges, Canvas cxl ells at xij*^. the ell 5 vij". Canvas 
Gloves viij dozen at vij". the dozen 5 Ivj". Cloves 

Two yardf of velvet dying 5 v». 

Botehier at sondrey tymes ; xxvj*. 

For his ordinarie grene cloth, standishe Inck and Ordinary 
paper; iiji^. allowances 

For his attendaunce and chardges at the courte after 
Ashewednesdaie, vij weekf to sue out her Ma*«" war- 
ranto ; vj". 

For the examynyng, compiling and twice writing of 
this booke ; iii". xxiij". vij". 

Sm* of the emptions provisions ^ cariage ; 


uij xvij". x». mj*. 

Sum* tot"" of all the emptions provisions and cariages 
w^ the wages and Attendauntf w*Mn the tyme afore- 
said, c.lxij". xix». iiij**. 

Ed. Tyllney. 

ffaUer Fysshe. 

Attendaunce geven and worke done betwixt the xviij*^ 


daie of Marche and the firste of Aprill Anno pred at the 
Comaundement of the Lord Chamberleyne for setting 
downe of patems for maskes and making up of some of 
the same for the Receaving of the French Comissioners 
w^ the provision of certeyne stuffe propties and making 
of modells for a mownte and for the edifying of a greate 
pte of the saide Mounte. The pticularities wherof, 
^hereafter ensueth ; viz). 

Tailors and other attendauntf the firste at xx^. the 
daie the reste at xij^. 

Sm» viij**. V*. iiij<*. 

Painter Wilhn Lizard at ij". the day ; xxiiij*. 

dfties a. 

The Officers' TheMaister; 12 xlviij 

[Jf.^*^** TheclerkcomptroUerj 12 xxiiij 

reste at ij». TheClerke; 12 xxiiij 

The Yeoman; 12 xxiiij 

Sm* yj\ 

Tymberlent. John Rose for the tymber and workmanship of a 
Mounte^ to take it agayne into his owne handf because 
it was not used ; xlvj". viij«*. 

John Bowles for copper lace frindge tassells and but- 
tons deliv'ed into the officf for the workes w«** should 
liave ben done for paterns ; x^. x". 

Wilim Lyzard for cuUors gold and silv' for painting 
of paterns and such like ; xxxvj*. 

Edward Buggen clerk comptroller of the said office 
for certen paterns of maskes brought into the office ; xl". 


John Sherborne for ij loadf of billetf i xxvij". threed 
v». tape, v». paper for patems ; ij". xxxix*. 

Edmond Tyllney esquier M' of the Revells for his 
chardges and certen provision; viS. 

For his attendaunce at the proclaymyng of the chal- 
lendge and the ij daies of the triumphe himself and his 
men ; xxiiij". 

For botehier for himself and his men at div'se tymes 
during the laste workf of the Revells unto the Lord 
Chamberleyne and the Lord of Leicester for showing of 
patems ; x". 

For a head attire for a woman, of Lawne florished w*^ 
gold and silver w*^ longe pendente ; xx". 

For a paire of winges of Estrichfeathers to have ben 
used in the maske ; xxx". 

Sum* xxxviij". xv*. 

Betwene the firste of ApriU, 1681. Anno regni Re- 
gine Elizabethe xxiij® at w*'^ tyme the workf and atten- 
dant^ for the tymes aforesaid did end. And the firste 
of October 1581. Anno regni Regine Eliz. xxiij° the 
chardges of this office grewe at sondry tymes by meanes 
of ayring, repairing, brushing, spunging, rubbing, 
sweeping, putting in order laying up, and safe bestow- 
ing of the garmentf vestures, disguising^ properties, 
and furniture of the same from tyme to tyme w^'^in the 
tyme aforesaid as the necessity therof at sondrey tymes 
required to kepe the same in redines for her Ma*«" ser- 
vice. The whole chardges wherof aswell for wages as 
for other necessaries herafter pticulerly ensueth; vi3. 

Taylors and other workmen T; attending the p^^misses 
one at xx«*. the day and the reste at xij*. the day. 

vuj". xuj«. mj°. 


dayes U. t. 

Officers The M' at iiij». the day IH) iiij 

The comptroller at ij\ the daye ; 80 xl 

The clerke at ij". the day ; 20 xl 

The yeoman at ij». y« day ; 20 xl 


Fewell and Jo^ Sherbomme for fewell and other necessaries 

other neces- used at sondrey tymes in the said Aireing. 

^^^^^ Coles XX sackf xx». Billettf one thousand xvj*. 

threed and tape of all sortf ; vij". bushes and Bushes, 

v». xlviij". 

Edmond Tylney esquire for money by him disbursed 
and to be disbursed aswell about the chardges for 
making the accomptes to the audito' of the Imprest and 
declaracon of the same before the Lord Treasorer and 
S' Walter Myldmey. And also for the chardges of the 
privie scale order for payment of the mony, and receipt 
of the same w*** certificate j viij". 

Sum* of the chardges leiste aforesaid; xxix^. xvj^. 

The totall of this booke ; viz, from the firste of No- 
vember, 1580. Anno, xxij^ Begni Begine Eli3. untill 
the firste of November, 1581. Anno xxiij^ Begni Be- 

Christmas ^ ^ 

^Vmls ^ ^^^^f Artificers! attendant^ I xxxviij»^ xvjsviijd. 
and Shrove- ^ l Officers ; J xxvij". 

cbdirnd °°^ Emptions 1 provisions j Ixxxxviij". vj». iiij^. 

rpjjg >j c.lxuij". xnij». 

chardges of 
the workes 
begonne and 
lefle unfy- 
nished for 
the receav- 
ing of the 

( Artificers and attendantf ) ix^. xix*. iiij<*. 

Wages of I g-^a» I ••H •••.. 

, ^ i Officers ; J vij". inj*. 

Emptions *1t provisions ; xxj". xj». viij*. 

xxxviij". xv». 


f Artificers 1 attendant^ I viij". 
W«g«« °n Officers ; X x". 

J Artificers 1 attendant^ ^^ viij". xiij*. iiij*. Ayringes 

from the 
firste of 
Aprill 1581 • 
Emptions T; provisions w*^ the chardges of the ac- untillthe 

xxix".iiij». nextfoUow- 
ccc.xxxj**. iiij*. ing« 
Ed. Tyllney. 
Walter Fysshe. 



Christmas The Chardges of those tymes ; vi3, Betwene the daie 

and Shrove- ^^ 1681. Anno xx. Regni Regine Elizabethe, 

tide and and the xiiij**^ of February 1682. Annoq^ RR°e EliS. 

makemg xxv*<» did rise aswell by meanes of makeins: choise re- 

choise of IT . . 

playes. An- formyng and attending of such plaies, Comodies, maskf 

no RR"« and Inventions as were prepared set furth and presented 
1682. * before her Ma**« at the tymes aforesaid. As also of 
wages, workemenship, Translations, Attendaunc^, wares 
delivered, Jurneying chardges and expencf thereunto 
belonging. The pticularities wherof together w*^ the 
pties names to whom and wherfore the same is due, 
hereafter at lardge ensueth ; vizi . 

A Comodie or Morrall devised on a game of the Cardf 
shewed on S^ Stephens daie at night before her Ma^^ at 
Wyndesor Enacted by the Children of her Ma*** Chap- 
pie, furnished w*** many thingf w*^in this Office, whereof 
some were translated, and some newe made, and Im- 
ploied therein j viz, Twoe clothes of ccmvas xx**« Ells of 
sarcenet for iiij°' pavilions and girdles for the Boyes and 
viij paire of gloves. 

A Comodie of Bewtie and huswyfery shewed before 
her Ma**« at Wyndesor on S* Johns daie at night enacted 
by the Lord of Hundesdons servauntf , for w«** was pre- 
pared newe one Cloth and one Battlement of Canvas, iij 
Ells of sarcenet and Eight paire of gloves w*^ sondrey 
other thingC out of this office. 

A Historic of Loue and Fortune shewed before her 
Ma*** at Wyndesor on the sondaie at night next before 


newe yeares daie Enacted by the Earle of Derbies ser- 
vauntf . For w*^^ newe provision was made of one Citty 
and one Battlement of Canvas, iij Ells of sarcenet, a 

of canvas, and viij paire of gloves w*^ sondrey 

other furniture in this office. 

Sundrey feates of Tumbling and activitie were shewed 
before her Ma*** on Newe yeares daie at night by the 
Lord Straunge his servauntf . For w*^^ was bought and 
Imploied xxj**« yardf of cotten for the Matachins iij ells 
of sarcenet and viij paire of gloves. 

A Maske of Ladies presented themselves before her 
Ma**® at Wyndesor at Twelf Eve night whereunto was 
prepared and Imployed (beside the stuflF of this office) 
XV yardf of black and white Lawne or Cipres for head 
attires T; vizardf xj ells of Sarcenet, viij paire of gloves 
for boyes and Torchbearers, and one paire of white 

A Historie of Ferrar shewed before her Ma*»® at 
Wyndesor on Twelfdaie at night Enacted by the Lord 
Chamberleynes servauntf furnished in this office w*^ 
diverse newe thingf, as one Citty, one Battlement of 
canvas, iij Ells of sarcenet and x paire of gloves, and 
sondrey other thingf in this office whereof some were 
translated for fitting of the psons. 

A historie of Telomo shewed before her Ma**® at Rich- 
mond on Shrovesundaie at night, Enacted by the Earle 
of Leicesters servauntf , for w®^ was prepared and Im- 
ployed one Citty one Battlement of canvas, iij Ells of 
sarcenet and viij paire of gloves. And furnished w*** 
sondrey other garmentf of the store of the office. 

A Historie of Ariodante and Geneuora shewed before 
her Matie on Shrovetuesdaie at night enacted by M' 
Mulcasters children. For w^^ was newe prepared and 
Imployed, one Citty, one battlem* of Canvas vij Ells of 
sarcenet and ij dozen of gloves. The whole furniture 


for the reste was of the store of this office^ whereof son- 
drey garment^ for fytting of the Children were altered 
% translated. 

A Maske of Sixe Seamen prepared to have ben shewed, 
but not used, made of sondrey garment^ and store w^in 
the office into yj Cassockf of Carna^n cloth of silver 
garded w*^ greene cloth of gold laid w*** copper silv lace 
and tassells w^ hanging sieves of Russet cloth of silv^ 
vj paire of Venetians of Russet gold tyncell w*** flowres, 
Buskins of crymsen cloth of gold, and Caps of black 
gold tyncell playne lyned w*** white silv' tincell birdf 
eyes, and counterfecte pearles upon them. The Torche 
bearers sixe. Three in Ccissock^ and hanging sleeves 
of crymsen damaske garded w*^ yeallowe damaske and 
three paire of Venetians of yeallowe damaske garded w*** 
crymsen damaske. And three Cassockf w*^ hanging 
sleeves of yealowe damaske garded w**» crymsen da- 
maske. And three paire of Venetians of crymsen da- 
maske garded w*** yeallowe damaske wearing sleeves for 
all the said sixe Torchebearers of purple satten striped 
^th gjiyt^ ^mj gjx cappes for the same Torchbearers of 
oringe cullo' damaske laide w*** silv* lace. 

Taylors and others working and attending the p'misses 

the firste at xx^. the daie and as much the night the 

reste at xij*^. 

Sm» xlvij". xiiij". viij*. 

Carpenters at xvj^. the daie and as much the night ; 

Sm* iiij". xviij*. viij*. 

Propertymakers, being Paynters the firste at ij». the 
day and as much the night and the reste at xviij^. 

Sni» vj^*. vij». vj^. 

Wierdrawers the firste at xx**. the dale and as much 
the night the rest at xvj^. Sm* Ixiij". iiij'*. 


The Porter at xij^. the daie and asmuch the night, Ix". 

The Yeoman; vj". The Officers 

The Gierke; vjii. ^J!^.^,'^* 

' \ iiij*. the 

The Gierke GomptroUer; vj". daie and as 

much the 

The M' of the Revells for his attendaunce from the ^^e reste at 
laste of October, 1582. untill Ashewednesdaie, aswell ij*. 
for the choise makeing of playes, as for his wages at 
Christmas and Shrovetide conteynyng in all cvj daies 
and xvj nighty at iiij'. the daie and as much the night ; 

XXlUjU. V11J-. 

To one dore keep and iij other Attendaunt^ for pte of 
the said tyme and during the Behersalls at xij^. the 
daie ; xij". xij". 

Sm» Iv". 

William Stone for sondrey pcells of silke by him de- Mercers 
Uv) ed into the office, vi3 , P^"*^^"^ 

U. 8. d. 

Orindge cuUo' taffeta sarcenet at ix". 

thelldi. ell; iij vj 

Watchet sarcenet at vj*. viij^. thell xx*^« 

ells; vj xuj luj 

Yeallowe sarcenet at vj". viij^. the ell, 

vj ells; xl 

Russet sarcenet at vj". viij^. the ell, one 

ell di; x 

ix vij X 

for sondrey pcells by him wrought Ti brought Habdashers 

into the office; vi3, percells 

li. s. d. 

The makeing of sixe Cappes of cloth 

of gold at iij". iiij^. the peece ; xx 

For ij yard^ of buccram to stiffen them ; ij 





Fuell and 
other neces- 


s. d. 

For sixe white feathers at ij*. vj*. y« 

pece; xv 

For an ell and q^t' of white sarcenet for 

to lyne them at vj». thell; vij vj 

1 •••• • 

Xluij VJ 

EdmonJ ByrchoU for sondrey pcells by him provided 

^ li. s. d. 

wrought and brought into the office ; viz), 

Hand Candlestick^, viij xvj 

Fyne wier one pound; xij 

For fowre small puUeyes ; viij 

For whip lyne; iij 

For three greate puUeyes ; ix 

For sixe bodkins ; vj 

For mending of a small br*unch at S* 

Johns; vj 

For a lyne for the same braunche ; ... iiij 

For xxv". quarter of Englishe wier ; . . . xxv iij 

For vj". of basterd wier ; iiij 

For xxvj small braunches to hange 

lightf in the hall at wy ndesor ; v iiij 

For iij great braunches for the same 

purpose; vj 

For cariage of ij hamps to S* Johns ; viij 

For a dozen of single white plate; ... iij 

xuj ij llj 

John Diggf for sondrey pcells by him provided bought 
% brought into the office ; 

li» B. d, 

Billetf viij thowsand at x». the M; ... Ixx 

Coles iiij®*" loadf at xviij^ the load ; ... Ixxij 

Canvas one hundred % forty ells ; vij 

Bucrams vj peecf; xxx 

Sarcenet sent to the Courte of divlse 

cullors at vj*. viij**. thell, xxx ells ; x 


li. s. d. 

Three hampers to carry the stuff to 

BirchoUs; yj 

For ij ropes; iij viij 

xxvj j viij 

John Sherborne for sondry thingf by him provided puell chauu- 

and brought into the office ; vi3, delors per- 

il. 8. d. cells and 

BiUetf at Wjmdesor for the office and other neces- 

for the M" Chamber there, ij thow- saries 

sand at x*. the thousand ; xx 

Coales one load ; xviij 

Gotten candles at sondrey pricf aswell 
for the rehersalls as for the workf 
in the office and at the Courte, xv 
dozen; Iv 

Torches iij dozen at xiiij*. the dozen ; xlij 

Lynckf one dozen ; iiij 

Gloves viij dozen at vij*. the dozen ; Ivj 

Nayles T: tenterhook^ of divjse sortf ; ix ij 

For horsehier from Wyndesor to Lon- 
don in poste, and back agayne for 
my Lord Chamberleynes men ; ... vj viij 

Botehier from Richmond T: Barne 

Elmes to London Twice ; iij 

Billet^ at Richmond for the office and 
the M" Chamber there one thow- 
sand; x 

Coles there; vj 

5s. lOd. 6t. 4d. ^ 3B, 

Threed, Rushes, searing candles, 

13d- ^ 12d. 

paper, white shoes, glacmg at the 

3S. 4d. 2«. lad. 4«. 

Courte, bucram, bord, vicf ; xxvij vj 

Twoe wedges of Iron to be gilded and 

alock; iij 

A close stoole ; x 

• . • * ■ • . 

xnj X luj 


John Davis for sondrey pcells by him brought into the 
office; vi3. 

For bromes vj*. ob. Nayles, j*. ; candles v". xV*, ; 
pease one peck, vj*. searing candle, j**. ; ij". v^. ob. 

For cariage of stuff to M' Mulcasters ^ back agayne ; 

For carying of certen stuffe to Barnes Elmes ; xij*. 
For holly and Ivie at Wyndesor ; iiij*. 

For botehier for my self at Richmond ; j*. 

v». vj*. ob. 

Edward Kirkeham for sondrey pcells by him brought 
into the office and for money by hym otherwise dis- 
bursed, viS, 

For tape ij".; vj". ; browne threed, iij". q^t' yj". vj*. 
white threed, ij". vj". grene threed di". xvj*. xix». x*. 

Russet fustian xiij yardf at x*. the yard ; x". x*. 

Gold tyncell at ij". viij^. the yard, iiij®' yardf ; 

X". viij**. 

Sylv* tyncell at iij". the yard, iij yardf di ; x". vj*. 

For the hire of ij horses for him self T: his man to 
Wyndeso' and back agayne to attend the stuff of the 
Revells thith' caried ; xviij". 

For their ij horsemeate at Wyndeso' ; vj». 

For botehier to T: from Richmond ; iiij", 

Ixxix". X*. 

Edward Buggyn gent, for money by him disbursed ; 


Botehier and in rewardf at sondrey tymes during the 

work ; X". 

For sondrey patterns of maskf w^^ he procured to be 

drawed and brought into the office by the M" ap- 

pointem* ; lx». 



Edmond Tylney esquire for sondrey somes of money 
by him laid out ; viz), 

To diverse psons for payting by greate of cc. x yardf 
of Canvas at xij*^. the yard ; x". x". 

For xxj"« yardf of red and yeallowe Gotten ; xxiij". 

For the hire of iiij<* horses to Wyndesor at ij». the 
daie the peece for ij daies ; xvj». 

For the hire of three cartf to remove the store of the 
office to Wyndesor ; xx". 

For white and black cipres at iij«. iiij**. the yard, xv 
yard^ for the Ladies maske ; 1'. 

Geven in Reward to the boye that pronounced the 
speeche before the maske of the ladies ; x'. 

Geven in reward to M' Cardell for devising the daunce 
^ch jyjr Cardell came in w*^ ; xx». 

For the hire of iiij°' horses ij daies from Wyndesor 
to London at ij'. the daie a peece ; xvj". 

For horsemeate ; xij*. 

For three cart^ to remove the stuff of the office from 
Wyndeso' to London ; xx*. 

For the hire of iiij" horses from London to Richmond 
at Shrovetide one daye at ij». the daie a peece ; viij«. 

For the hire of one Carte to remove the stuff of the 
office from London to Richmond T: back againe; x". 

For the hire of iiij" horses from Richmond to London 
one daie at ij". the daye a peece ; viij». 

Formakeing of vj paire of buskins ; xij". 

For V yardf of grene cloth at viij". the yard ; xl«. 

For standishe ynck pap and other necessaries ; xx". 

xxiiij". XV". 

John Drawater for money by him disbursed; vi3, 

For a Reame of paper ; vj". viij**. 

For sixe quire of Royall pap ; vj". 

at. 4d. 12d.^ 6d. ^,^^ 

For a standishe, penknife, pynduste; inj". x^. 

Ss. M. 3d. 3s. 6d. 

For Counters, Inck, quills, botehire ; v". v**. 

xxij". xj«*. 






3s. 6d. 

William Bowie for sondrey pcells by him provided and 
brought into the office ; via , 

Sylver lace plated of copper, xiiij oz, di. at ij*. the 
08 ; xxix". 

Tassells and buttons of copper silv at ij». the oz) ij". 
xj oz di ; iiij". vij*. 

Bone lace brayded of copper silv' xxj oz di, j xliij*. 

Laid worke buttons of copper silv' at vj^. the dozen, 
xij dozen j vj». 

viij^. v". 

John Taylor for sondrey pcells by him brought into 
the office; vizi, 

Dubble quarters xlviij single quarters xxxiiij 

xxxij". vj**. 

as. 8d. 3s. 8d. 

Punchions iiij. Deales ij ; rafters v". ; 

3M. lOd. 6t.4d. 

Bordf cccc q>ter, and xx**« foote Joyces v Planckf iiij 

xl». viij**. 

7s. 6d. es. 4d. 

lumber xv foote. Inche horde ; xv*. x**. 

luj". xix«. mj^. 

Thomas Blagrave Esquire for money by hym disbursed 
and laid out for the newe flowring of a chamber (fallen 
downe) being pte of his owne lodging, newcasting of all 
the lead oV the same chamber, newe tymber and bordf 
under the same lead. And new makeing a large paire 
of staires w*^ a house about and over them into the 
leadf , and mending the other lead^ in many places^ viz), 

Somersij; Joist^ xiiij; Beamej. Entertice; 

XXX*. ix^. 
Bordf at sondrey prief the c fote viij*^ di ; liiij". 

8d. es. 9d. ^ 4S. ad. 

Half pace j ; single quarters xxxv. rafter vij paire; 

3s. 4d. 


Hook^ and hingf iiij paire ; lockf and staples ij ; 

V*. uij**. 

xs. Ixs. 

Nayles at vj*. the C 2000, lath nayles, 6000 ; xix». 


Lyme cc di. and iiij sackf , sand iij load, heare xiij 

vj». Tjd. 1x8. vHjd. 

bushells ; Tyles vj*^. Tyle pyns ; xxxv«. vj**. 


Brick to amend the harth, Furre poll, for the slaires, 

xs. Td. 131 

lath X bundle, painting washing and minting the chamber; 

• • • 

XXVJ». llj^. 

ISS. lU. 

Newe casting of vj^ and a quartern of lead | Soder 

xix". xxvj". 

Cariage T: recariage of lead T: tymb' ; ij». 

36s. 4S. 4s. 8^ 

Workemanship of Carpenters, Bricklaiers Tylers, 

8s. lOd. As. 6d. lOs. 6d. 

plaisterers, plumbers, and laborers ; Ixix*. vj^. 

xiiij". ij». V*. 

Dunstone Braye for workf done upon the hall T: office Plumbers 
of the Revellf ; percells 

Pipe lead to mend the M" conduite Ixxvj", at ij**. 
the li ; xij«. viij*. 

Sheete lead to make a spowte 305^^ at xiij'. the bun- 
dred ; xxxix*. viij*. 

Soder Ij", at vij^. the pound ; xxix». ix*. 

For workemanship of plumbers T: laborers ; xxxij*. iiij^. 

v^^ xiiij". v*^. 

The Gierke for his ordinarie grenecloth, paper, Inck, 
Quills, waxe, Counters, deskf , standishes, and Tooles for 
the makeing compiling and conserving of the Bookes, 
Billf , Plottf , Paternes, Modells T:c for and concernyng 
this office ; 

lxvj«. viij^. 

William Lizard for money by him laid out for son- paynters 
drey thingf by him bought and brought into this office ; percells for 
vi3. Paste bord, paper, and paste, white, sise, verte, J^® proper- 
Syneper, fyne gold, ptie gold, silv*", masticote, blewe 
Inde, Smalte blacke, vermylion, glewe, assedewe browne, 
Tynfoyle, and potf used and Imployed upon the pre- 
misses amounting unto ; iiij". vij». vj*. 


Edmond Tylney Esquire M' of the office being sente 
for to the Courte by Letter from M' Secretary dated the 
x*"* of Marche, 1582. To choose out a companie of 
players for her Ma*** for Money by him laid out ; vi3 ; 
For horshire to the courte and back agayne ; x". 

For his owne chardges his mens and horsemeate there 
ij daies ; x*. 

Sum* totlis of all the Emptions and Provisions cariagf , 
Rewardf , wages, and attendauncf w*^in the tyme afore- 
said : cclix". xix". iiij**. ob. 

Ed. Tyllney. 
Edwarde Buggyn. 
T. Blagrave. 
Edward Kirkham. 

Betwene the xiiij*^» of February 1582. Anno RR« Eliz), 
XXV*** (At w*^ tyme the workf and attendauncf for the 
tymes aforesaid did end) And the firste of November, 
1583. Annoc^ RR°« Elizl. preds xxv*<> the chardges of 
this office grewe at sondrey tymes by meanes of Airing, 
Repairing, brushing, spunging. Rubbing, sweeping, put- 
ting in order laying up and safe bestowing of garm**" 
vestures, disguysing^ propties and furniture of the same 
from tyme to tyme w*^in the tyme aforesaid as the neces- 
sity thereof at sondrey tymes required to keepe the same 
in Readines for her Ma*** service. The whole chardges 
whereof aswell for chardges as for other necesssaries 
herafter pticulerly ensueth; viz], 

Tailors and others workeing and attending the p'misses 
the firste at xx^. the daie, the reste at xij*^. ; 

vij". xnj«. mj*. 

dayes li. b. 

Officers the TheMaister; 20 iiij 

firste at iiij«. The clerke comptroller | 20 xl 

"^^ TheClerke; 30 xl 

TheYoman; 20 xl 


John Sherborne for fewell and other necessaries used 
at sondrey tymes in the said airring^, viz) . 

Coles xx*^*^ sackf ; xv". billet^ one thowsand; x". 
threed and tape of sondrey sortf ; vij». brushes and 
rushes; V. xxxvij-. 

Edmond Tylney Esqaire for money by him disbursed 
aswell about the makeing of Thaccompt to the Audito' 
of Thimpreste, and declaration of the same before the 
Lord Treasorer and S*" Walter Myldmey ; As also for the 
chardges of the privie seale, and for the paym* of the 
money and receipt of the same w**^ the certificat doth 
yearely amount unto above ; viij^*. 

Sum* of the chardgf laste aforesaid ; xxviij". x». iiij**. 
Sum* totalis of this whole booke ; 


ccuij viiy\ ix^. vnj^. ob. 

T. Blaffrave. Ed. Tyllney. 

Edward Buggyn. 
Edward Kirkham. 



[BOOK X.] 

Revellf 1584. Anno RR« Elizabethe ; xxvij^ 

Chrvstmas '^'^^ Charges of those tymes ; viz, betwene the laste 

Twelftyde dale of October 1584. Anno xxvj*® Kegni Regine Eliza- 

^deSd'''^ beth, and the of February 1584. Annoq, RR»« 

making Elizabethe pred xxvij" did rise aswell by meanes of at- 

choise of tending, making choise, reformyng and altering of such 

plaies. Anno , . ^ i. , i . .. 

RR* Eliza- plaies, Comodies, maskes and inventions as were pre- 

beth xxvij" pared, sett furth and psented before her Ma*^* at the 

tymes aforesaid. As also of wages workemanship, trans- 

lacons, attendauncf , wares delivered, Cariagf, Jorney- 

ing chardgf, and expencf, therunto belonging. The 

pticulers whereof together w*^ the pties waies to whom 

and wherfore the same is due hereafter ensueth ; vi3, 

A pastorall of Phillyda T: Choryii presented and en- 
acted before her Ma^® by her highnes servauntf on S* 
Stephens daie at night at Grenew*^** whereon was ym- 
ployed xxxviij yardf of BuflFyn for Shepherd^ coatf xxx**® 
ells of sarcenet for fowre matachyne sutes, one greate 
curteyne and scarfes for the nymphes, one mountayne 
and one greate cloth of Canvas, and yj peecf of bucram. 

The history of Agamemnon T: Ulisses presented and 
enacted before her Ma'*® by the Earle of Oxenford his 
boyes on S* Johns daie at night at Grenewiche. 

Dyvers feates of Actyvytie were shewed and pre- 
sented before her Ma"® on Neweyeares daie at night at 
Grenewiche by Symons and his fellowes whereon was 
ymployed the pages sute of oringe tawney tissued vellet, 


w*^^ they spoyled, xxiiij^' yardf of white cotten, a bat- 

lement, and ij Janes sutes of canvas, and iiij ells of 


The history of Felix T: Philiomena shewed and enacted 

before her highnes by her Ma*" servaunt^ on the son- 

daie next after neweyeares daie, at night at Grenewiche, Playes, 

whereon way ymploied one battlement T: a house of shewes and 

devises be- 
canvas. fore her 

An Invention called Fy ve playes in one, presen tedl highnes in 
enacted before her Ma**« on Twelfedaie at night in the aforesSd 
hall at Grenewiche by her highnes servauntf whereon vij ; viz., 
was ymploied a greate cloth and a battlement of canvas, 
and canvas for a well and a mounte, xv ells of sarcenet, 
ix yard^ of sullen cloth of gold purple. 

An Invention of three playes in one, prepared to have 
ben shewed before her highnes on Shrovesondaie at night, 
and to have ben enacted by her Ma*" servauntf at 
Somersett place. But the Queue came not abroad that 
night, yet was ymploied on the same one howse T: a 

An Antick Play T: a Comody shewed presented T: en- 
acted before her highnes on Shrovetuesdaie at night at 
Somerset place by her Ma*®' servauntf whereon was ym- 
ployed one house. 

Taylors and others working and attending the j^misses 
the firste at 20**. the day and as much the night the rest 
at xij**. xlv^. iij*. viij*^. 

The Porter John Dawncye ; Ixv*. 

Proptie makers at sondrey rates; xiiij". iiij*. 

Paynters at sondrey ratf the daie ; viz), iiij". ij". ij^, 

Wyerdrawers at sondrey ratf ; cf, iiij^. 


The Ofiycers 
at ij", the 
dale and as 
much the 
night in re- 
spect of their 
diet and ex- 





Carpenters at xvj^. the day ^ as much the nighte : 

cv". iiij*. 
Joynls at xvj*. the dale j xl". 

Plumbers at xvj*. the daie ; xvj«. 

dayes. nigbta. li. s. 

The Yeoman; 51 ..• 14 vj x 

The Gierke; 51 ... 14 vj x 

llie Gierke comptroller ; 51 ... 14 ...... vj x 

xix X 

The Maister for his attendaunce from the laste of Oc- 
tober 1584 untill Ashewednesdaie then next following 
aswell for the choise making of plaies as for his wag^ at 
Christmas, Twelftide and Shrovetide, conteyning in all 
cxvij dales and xiiij^° nightf at iiij'. the daie and as 
much the night ; xxvj". iiij». 

To one dore keper and lij other attendauntf for pte of 
the same tyme and during the rehersalls at xij^. the daie 
1 as much the night ; xiij". iiij". 

Emptions and Provisions* 

Wyllyam Stone for sondrey pcells by him delivered in 
the office ;*vi3, 

Buffin of Watchet cullor xxxviij yardf at iij». the 
yard ; cxiiij*. 

Sarcenet some of yeallowe, some greene, some of 
crymsen, some blewe *\ some white at vj", viij*. thell in 
all, 1 ells xvj". xiij". vij*. 

••II • •« ••••.! 

XXlj", VIJ". U1J°. 

Edmond ByrchoU for sondrey thingf by him provided, 
wrought and brought in this office; vi3, 

For xxiiij small braunches ; ciiij 

For iiij greate braunches; viij 

For xij bodkins; xij 


li. f, d. 

For xxxij". di of wier of sondrey sortf 

at xijd. the li. ; xxxij vj 

For Spanish needles ) iij 

For vj pullies; ij 

For foure lynes j iiij 

For hanging up of the pullies 5 xviij 

For cc of X*. nayles 3 xx 

For ij^. di of Assidue ; vij vj 

For iij vice candlestick^; xviij 

For vj stock candlestick^ ; xij 

For iij prickt candlestick^ ; vj 

For xviij plates; iij 

For a pipe for water; v 

For working of the wyer; x 

For cariage '\ recariage of the thingf 

aforesaid to Grenew*^^ and to SonSset 

place and back agayne; v 

xvij V 

John Taylor for sondrey thingf by him provided and Carpenters 
brought into the office ; vi3, percells 

li, I. d. 

For xxx doble quarters; xv 

For xvj rafters ; xvj 

For vj Joyses; vj 

For ij scantling peeces ; iij iiij 

For vj greate rafters ; viij 

For viij postes ; viij 

For cccc of bordf ; xxviij 

•••• •••* .••* 

nij uij nij 

George Gower for divls cuUors paste bordf and other Paynters 
pcells by him pvided and brought into the office ; viz), percells 


For cullors of all sortf ; xl 

For paste bordf greate and small ; ... xxvij 

ForOrcedewe; Ix 


li. s. d. 

For potf greate T: small Syse, glewe, 
needles, threed, fire, candles, trayshe 
nayle Ic xxiiij vj 

For botehier ; xviij 

• ■ • •• 

vij XllJ 

Propertie Wyllyam Lizard for cuUors and other tliingf by hiin 

makers per- brought into the office ; viz), 

cells 8 . d- 

For cullors of sundrey sortf ; xxxj 

For gold and silv ; xx ij 

ForOrcedewe; ij vj 

1 • • • • • • 

hij viij 

Cutlers per- John Newdyck for fyve vizars at iiij*. the peece by him 
cells provided and brought into the office ; xx*. 

Beauvis Tod for sondrey thingf by him brought into 
the office and wrought for the office; vizi, 

8. d. 

For ij daggers ; v 

For a scabard vj 

For making cleane of ij bladf ; iiij 

For making cleane of ij paire of hiltf 5 xvj 

vij ij 

Skynners Siraond Tuk for sondrey thingf by him bought, 

percells wrought, and brought into the office; viz), 

••. , ■• ^• 

For iij half furres of white pever ; ... xviij 

For working of them into a Cassock ; iij 

For Budge to make the spottf of a cas- 
sock; xij 

For making of the kyd skynne hose ; xviij 

For a lardge white lambe skynne for y* 

gotf head; iiij 

xxiij X 


Dunston Bray for sondrey thingf by him brought and Plumbers 
wrought in the office ; vi3, perceUs 

Cast pipes waymg, cxv". at ij<*. the 

pound; xix ij 

Soder xiiij", at vij^. the pound ; viij ij 

• • ••• • 


John Ogle for tliingf by him pvided and brought into Necessaryes 

the office; viz), 

•• d. 
For foure yeallowe heares for head at- 
tires for woemen ; xxvj viij 

For a pound of heare; xij 

xxvij viij 

John Digges for sondrey somes of money by him dis- 
bursed for things bought and brought into the office ; 


li. s. d. 

For clxxx ells of canvas at xij^. thell ix 

For wood and cole laid into the office ; 
at S* Johnes for rehersalls airingf It 
workf done ; , vij 

For iiij peec^ of buccram ; xviij 

For a standishe for thoffice; ij vj 

xvij vj 

Willyam Henning^ gent for money by him layed out 
for botehier to and from the Courte being then at 
Grenew*^^ Rewardf to workemen for expediffin and for 
victualls for them because they should not goe from their 
worke ; xx». 

John Sherborne for sondrey thingf by him pvided and 

money laid out ; viz), 


For fuell at the Court for the office and 

M". Chamb' there; Ix 



U. s. 

For torches and lynckf ; xl 

For Gotten candles of all sortf for the 
rehersallf and workf at St Johnes 
1 for the M" Chamb' and office at 
the Courte; Ixvj 

For lockf , keies, nayles^ hookes, ropes, 
and mending of the vices for the 
frames; xl 

For rushes for the great hall at S^ 
Johnes the M" Chamber 1 office at 
the Court; xxij 

For vj dozen of gloves; xlij 

For a close stoole ; x 

For a planck at Grenewiche; ij 

For cariagf by land T; by water T; bote- 

hier of and otherwise of Brrandf ; xxv 

XV vij 

John Drawater for money by him disbursed for a 
Realm of paper ; vj". viij**. for di Realm of royall paper, 
x*. for ynck, quillf , waxe, pinduste T; counters, vj". x*. 
for botehier at sondrey tymes. vj". viij*. xxx". ij**. 

Edward Kyrkham for money by him laid out, vi3, 

8. d. 

For three ells of three q^^ter cloth, at 

xij^. thell; iij 

For xxiiij yardf of white playne at x**. 

the yard; xx 

For iij". of threed of all cullers, at ij". 

viij**. the li. ; viij 

For a li. of tape; iij iiij 

For iiij®' dozen of lace of white Ht yeal- 

lowe at 16**. y* doz ; v iiij 

For ix yardf of welshe playne ; ix 

For an ell of hoUand ; ij vj 


8, d. 

For a peece of buccram ; iiij viij 

For more tape Incle 1 threed; viij 

For botehier to Ht from the court at son- 
drey tymes ; ix 

Ixxij X 

The Clarke for his ordinary greene cloth, paper Inck, 
quills, deske and for making, compiling and conserving 
of the bookes, bills, plotf , patornes, modellf T:c. for T: 
concernyng this office ; viz), Ixvj^. viij**. 

Edmond Tylney esquire M' of thoffice for sondrey 
somes of money by him disbursed; vizi, 

li. 8. d. 

Paid to Lizard, Tylor Ht the Carver for 

a plaster of parris, cley, paste bordf 

and other necessaries for pperty 

makers; xl 

For a dozen of great skynnesj vj 

For botehier Ht horshier at sondrey 

tymes during the service T: since in 

suyng for money ; xlv 

Reward^ to divlse psons at the Courte 

at the rehersalls there ; xx 

For fyve yardf of grene cloth ; xl*. stan- 

dishe Inck, paper sand T: quills ; xx». Ix 

For a quarter of deale bordf ; xxv 

To the feather maker for iiij«'^ garlandf 

of flowres; xxvj viij 

For buskins T: pumpes for nymphes T: 

shepherdf ; xxv 

For shepeherdf hattf ; xx 

..• ■• ..* 


Sum* to"« of the Emptions, provisions, cariagf , re- 



wardf , wages, and attendauncf w^^^in the tyme afore- 
said ; ccliij^. v». j*. 

Ed. Tyllney. 

T. Blagrave. 

Edward Kirkham. 

Betwene the xxv*** of February, 1684. Anno RR« Eli- 
zabeth 5 xxvij** (at w*^** tyme the workes and attendauncf 
for the tymes aforesaid did end) and the laste of October 
1585. Annoq^ RR* Elizl pred xxvij*>. The chardges of 
this ofEce grewe at sondrey tymes by meanes of aieringf 
amending^ , brushing, rubbing, spunging, sweeping, fold- 
ing, laying up, and safe bestowing of gannentf both for 
maskers \ players, disguising^ , propties and furniture of 
the same from tyme to tyme w**^in the tyme aforesaid as 
the necessity thereof at sondrey tymes required to keepe 
the same in readines for her Ma*** service. The chardges 
aswell for wages as for other necessaries hereafter ensueth; 


dayes li. ■. d. 

Thom»s Clatterboke at 20*. per die ; 20 ... xxxiij iiij 

John Tipsley at xij*. p die ; 20 ... xx 

John Davis at xij*. p die; 20 ... xx 

John Lucas at the like; 20 ... xx 

Willm Phillippes at the like; 20 ... xx 

Thom*s Rowkelidge at y« like ; ... 20 ... xx 

John Sherborne at the like ; 20 . . . xx 

John Daunsey at the like ; 20 ... xx 

.*• ......* 


The M' at iiij*. p diem ; 20 ... iiij 

The ClerkcomptroUer at ij*. ; 20... xl 

The Gierke at ij». p diem; 20 ... xl 

The yeoman at ij*. p diem; 20 ... xl 


John Sherborne for money laid out for necessairies used 


at sondrey tymes in the said aireingf ; viz], threed % 

tape of sondrey sortf j vij», 

for brushes rubbing brushes and Rushes ; vij". viij*. 

• • • • • • »jm 

xmj". vnj*. 
Edmond Tyhiey esquire for money by him disbursed 
and to be disbursed aswell about the makeing of the ac- 
compt to the Auditor of thimpreste and declara^n of the 
same before the L. Treasorer T; S' Walter Miidraey, as 
also for the chardgf of the privie seale order for the pay- 
ment of the money and receipt of the same w**^ the Cer- 
tificate doth yearely amounte unto above ; viij". 

Sum* of the chardgf laste aforesaid ; xxvij". viij*. 

Sum* To"« of this whole Booke ; cclxxx^^ xiij«. j*, 

Ed. Tyllney. 
T. Blagrave, 
Edward Kirkham. 




y* choysma- 
kinge of 
playes w**" 
the reform- 
inge of them 
Anno Reg. 

Reiiellf, 1587. Anno RR« Elizabeth, xxx^ 

The chardges of thos tymes, vi3, from the last of 
October, 1587 to the firste of November, 1688 did rise 
aswell by means Attending makinge choyse pusinge re- 
form! nge T; Alteringe of suche playes, comedies, maskes, 
and Inventions as were prepared set forthe T: presented 
before her Ma***. In the tymes beforesaid, as also of the 
wagis workmanship, translations, wares deliv'ed, careagis, 
Jornige chardgis T; expencis thereunto belonginge w* 
the Arringes brushing^ and salfFe kepinge of the robes 1 
other stuffe w*Mn the sayd office. The particulars where- 
of together w^ the parties names to whom T: wherefore 
the same is dewe hereafter, Insuethe ; viz) , 

Anno xxx° Reg. Regine 
The Queues Ma'*« beinge at Grenew*^^ ther were 
shewed presented and enacted before her highness be- 
twixte Christmas T: Shrovetid vij playes besides feattf 
of activitie, and other shewes by the childeren of Poles 
her Ma*«" owne servant^ T: the gentlemen of grayes In on 
whom was Imployed dy verse remantf of Clothe of goulde 
nt other stuffe oute of the Store. 

Tayllors T: others workinge T; attending the premeses 
during the foresayd tyme at xij^. the daye T; as muche 
the night. 


The Porter of S^ Johns Gatt. lxiij». 

dayes nights li, 8. 

The Yeoman of the Re veils ... 88 ... 14 v iiij The officers 

The Clarke, 28 .. 14 iiij iiij ^^f^f^ 

The Clarke eontroler 28 ... 14 iiij iiij dance du- 

Sm^xiij xij ringcChrist- 

mas and 
at ij'. the 
daye and as- 
much the 

The M' of the office for his attendance T; chardgis The M' of 

from the laste of October until Ashewedensdaye aswell f??.^. °^^f ^^ 

, , . '' iiij . y* daye. 

for choysmakinge T; reforminge of playes and Commedies 
as also for his and other attendant^ duringe Christmas 
\ Shrovetide, amontinge in all unto c.xvj dayes T: xiiij*^ 
nightf at iiij*. y« daye and asmuche the Night cometh 
to 5 xxvj". 

A dorekeper and iij other attendant^ aswell duringe 
the rehersalls as also for ther attendance at the Courte. 
In Christmas and Shrovetid at xij<^. the daye ; 

dayes nights li. s. 

William Cooke 5 116 ... 14 vj x 

Roger Chamber ; 116 ... 14 vj x 

Thomas Carlton J 116 ... 14 vj x 

Henry Cooke J 116 ... 14 vj x 

Edmond Burchall wierdrawer for wierworke \ branchis Wierdrawer 
in the hall at Grenewch, at Twelftid and Shrovetid by 
greate aswell for wares as workmanship ; xvij^. 

John Mildney carpenter for Tymber bordf and Carpente' 
workmanship, in mendinge and settinge upp of the 
howses by greate ; iij". 

Bartholomew Hix mercer for xxx ells of Sarssnett of Mercer 


Sundery coullers at vj". viij<*. the elle, deljrvered into the 
office ; X**. 

Edward Kirkham yeoman of the Bevells for diverse 
thingf by hiin disbursed, in service of the said office ; 

s. d. 

For xviij yerdf of Cotton ; xxij 

For vj pound of assedew ; xviij 

And for cuttinge of ij pound thereof; iij 

For vj dozen of pastebordf ; vj 

For ij yerdf of boukram ; ij vj 

Fo' gloves geven to the Quenes players to y* 

tumblers '\ children of Poles ; xxxvj 

For threide of diverse coullers; v 

Fo^ Inkle 5 •.. ij 

For caryinge of stuffi? from Grenew*** to Tower 

wharffe; ij mj 

For botehyer dyverse tymes duringe the said 

service; x 

Sm* xxxv". vj". x^. 

The Gierke Thomas Blagrave clerke of the said office demandeth 
allowance for a grene clothe^ standishe, Inke 1. paper ; 

uj". vj". V11J<^. 

And layd out for a pece of Canvas ; xxx". 

Edmond Tyllney esquier and M' of the said office for 
money by hym disbursed and allowance. In the said 
office ; viz. 

Inprimis Layde oute unto dyvers paynters for ther 
workes and coullers as well of the clothe for bowses as 
also for garneshinge of the branches, .in the hall, at 
Twelftid and Shrovetid. vij". 

Itm for canvas for the howse T: Tumblers ; I". 

Itih for Fewell bothe for the rehersalls of playes in y« 
greate halll for thearinge of the robes and other thingf 


in the office, as also for the M' lodginge % office, at the 
Courte, during the said service ; vj". 

Itm for lightf of all sortf , linkf and torches ; iij". vj». 

Itm for rushis aswell for strawinge of the greate hall, 
at S* Johns as also the office at the Courte ; x*. 

Itm for the M" greneclothe, standishe, Inke paper T; a 
close stoole ; iij^. x^. 

Itm for botehyer aswell for him selfe as for his men, 
sentt dyverse tymes in the service of the office from 
Grenew*^** to London T: for cariage of the stuflFe to T: 
froe; xK 

xxix". xij*. viij^. 

Daucey, Porter of S*. Jhons gatte for Candells T; Ian- The Porter 
teme duringe the rehersalls ; x". 

Chardgis of the office growinge at sunddrie tymes by 
meanes of Ayringf, mendinge, brushinge, spunging, 
layinge up and salffe kepinge the robes T; garment^ from 
tyme to tyme w*^in the tyme aforesaid as the necessitie 
thereof requirethe to kepe y« same in redines for her 
Ma**» service the chardgis whereof as well for wagis as 
for other necessaris hereafter insuethe ; 

dayes a. 

Thomas Clatterbouke : 20 xx 

John Davis at the leke ; 20 xx 

John Lucas; 20 xx 

William Hintt; 20 xx 

Willm PhiUipes ; 20 xx 

Willm Cooke; 20 xx 

Roger Chambers ; 20 xx 

John Dancie, porter of S* Johns ; 20 xx 

dayes. IL s« 

The M' ofthe office at iiij*. a daye; ... 20 iiij 

The Clarkecontroler at ij». a daye ; ... 20 ...... xl 


dayes s. 

The Clearke aty«leke rate; 20 xl 

The Yeoman at the leke rate 5 20 xl 

Edward Kerkham yeoma of the oiRce for money by 
him layde oute in the said ayringf, viz), threid, rub- 
binge brushes, rushis and bromes ; x^ 

Sm* xviij". X". 

Edmond Tyllney esquier for money by him to be dis- 
bursed about the makinge up of the Accoutte to the Au- 
ditor of the Imprest 1: declaration of the same before the 
Lord Treasorer T; S' Water Mildmey ; viij". 

Sm» xxvj^. x«. 


[BOOK XTI.] . 

Ano 1606. 

The Accompte of the Office of the 

Reuelles of this whole yeres 

Charge in An® 1604 : 

untell the last of 

Octobar 1605. 

The Chardges of thos times viz. betwine the last of 
Octobar 1604 : A® RR. Jacobi iij° untell the last of Oc- 
tobar 1605 : As welby raeanes of attendingf making 
choise pusinge and reforminge of Playes Showes T; In- 
ventions as wear prepared T: sett forthe and presented 
before the kingt^ ma**® att times afforsayde : As allso for 
workmen s wages The Officers bord wages Jorneying 
Chardges wares workmenship and carredges w^ other 
expences thereunto belonging, Besides flFiiel chandrey 
ware for the M" loding for the Rehersalls and Ayringf 
w*^ sutch leike ordinary AUowaunces. The perticu- 
lars whearof together w*^ the parties names to whom Ht 
whearfor the same is due hearafter ensueth vi3 , 

ThePlaiers. 1605. 

By the kings Hallamas Day being the first of Nouembar 
Ma"- plaiers. A play in the Banketinge house att Whithall 
called The Moor of Venis. 

By his Ma"* The Sunday ffoUowinge A Play of the 
plaiera Merry Wiues of Winsor. 


The PUyew. '^**!i!?**'i''.'^ 

' mayd the plaies. 

By his Ma*** On S*. Stiuens Night in the Hall A Play shaxberd. 
plaiers. ^j^ j^^^^. f^^ j^^^^.^ 

On S*. Jhons Night A Maske w**» musicke 
presented by the Erl of Penbrok the Lord 
Willowbie T; 6 Knights more of y* Court. 

By his Ma*" On Inosents Night The Plaie of Errors. Shaxberd. 

By the On Sunday flFoUowinge A plaie How to 

Queens Ma lame of a woman to wooe Hewood, 


TheBovesof On Newers Night A playe cauled: All By Georg 
theChapeU. pouelles Chapman 

By his Ma"* Betwin Newers Day and Twelfe day A 
plaiers. pj^y ^f ^o^^g Labours Lost. 

On Twelfe Night The Queens Ma*»» Maske 
of Moures w*» Aleven Laydies of honno' to ac- 
cupayney her ma*** w*'*' cam in great showes 
of devises w<^^ thay satt in w*** exselent mu- 

By his Ma**" On the 7 of January was played the play 
plaiers. ^f j^^^^ ^^^ g^^ 

By his Ma*** The 8 of January A play cauled Euery on 
P^ai^"- out of his Umor. 

By his Ma^ On Candelmas night A playe Euery one in 
plaiers. j^jg ^^^^ 

The Sunday flFoUowing A playe provided 
and discharged. 

By his Ma*** Qn Shrousunday A play of the Marchant Shaxberd, 
plaiers. ^ _. . 

^ of Venis 


The Plaiera. The Poets wch 

By his Ma* On Shroumonday A Tragidye of The Spa- ""^^ '^* p^«'- 
plaiers. ^j^j^^ ^j^^ . 

By his Ma*** On Shroutusday A play cauled The Mart- Shaxherd. 
players. chant of Venis againe cofhauded by the Kings 

Peter Wright wierdrawer askethe Allowaunce for 
Sundry things by him pvided Wrought and brought into 
y« Office w*^ y« wages for him selfe and his men for 
theire Attendances : 

li. 8. d. 

Imprimis : for mendinge of y« old 

Branches for a playe on Hallomas 

Night XXX 

For iij^*. of Ossidewe att ij". vj^. y« pound vij vj 

For Cuttinge of it att ij*. the pound ... vj 

For vj candell playts att iiij*^. a pece and 

vj candellstikes at ij^. the pece iij 

For viij greatt Branches to holde fiftin 

great lights apece att xl*. the pece ... xvj 
For viij smaler Branches att xK the pece iiij 
For viij round playtf to kepe y« great 

branches from burninge y® Roufe of y« 

Chamber att iij". iiij**. y® pece xxvj viij 

For viij". of Osidewe att ij". vj^. and for 

cutting of y« Ossidewe att ij*. y« pound xxxvj 

For vj Jacke Cordes to hange y« Branches 

att xvj**. y® pece viij 

For xij". of great wier to lengthen and 

mend the other wiers xij 

For huckes and pastbordf ij vj 

For xij Candelplaitf and xij Candel- 

stickf vj 

J^^®' For careinge of them to y« Court and 

parsells and back againe viij 



li. 8, d. 

Alowed to vj men attending the servis 

at Whithall on Hallomas day at ij". 

viij<i. y« day and night xvj 

To vj men on Christmas Eve to hange 

y* branches up att xvj*. the day apece viij 

To vj men on S* Stivens day att xvj<*. y« 

pece viij 

To vj men on S^ Johns day and y' night 

att ij". viij<^. apece xvj 

To iiij men on Childermas day and night 

at ij«. viij**. a pece x viij 

To vj men y* Sunday foUowinge att ij". 

viij*. day and night xvj 

To vj men on Newers day att xvj*, apece viij 

To vj men on Twelfe Eve, and Twelfe 

day xvj 

To iiij men on Monday and Tuesday fol- 

lowinge x viij 

To V men on Candelmas Eve to hang up 

y« Branches vj viij 

To V men on Candelmas for the day and 

the night att ij». viij*. apece xiij viij 

To iiij men on Shrovesunday att ij". 

viij*. y« day and night x viij 

To iiij men on Shrovemunday att xvj*. 

apece y* daye v iiij 

To vj men on Shrovetewsday att ij'. 

viij*. the day and night apece xvj 

On Ashwedensday to v men to take 

downe y® branches vj xvj ij 

Sm* XXXV xiij viij 

Stiuen Baile : In place of Groieme of the Revells de- 
mandeth AUowaunce of Wages for his Attendaunce du- 
ringe the tim afFour allowed att xx*. the day and as 
mouche by night vj^. xiij". iiij*. 


li. 8. d. 

AUso he askethe allowaunce for Boothier in 

Servis of y« offic att Severall times vj viij 

For mendinge the formes of y« OfEc and nayles ij 

For a locke and key for the nether dore xij 

For rushes for the office x 

For a locke key stapell huckf and hinges for 
the musike house atty® Court vj 

For lue and Bayes viij 

For xij Eles of Canvas for the Offic of the Re- 

veils for the Tiering house xv 

S*« •<• •••• ***j 
m^ vnj". xmj". vny. 

Richerd Prescot porter of S*. Johns de- The Porter 

maundeth for his attendaunce for y« Reher- 

sallf and Ayringf as hath bin allowed to y« 

former porters xij^. the day for 60 dayes in 

the yeare iij 

Furder he demaundeth for mendinge the locke 

of the backe gatt ij 

For a padlocke and bouUt for y« backe gaitt iij 

For mending the locke of the fouregatt ij 

For ij keyes for the same gayt » iij 

For turning the stones att the cuming into 

y« gaitt to a Mason xvj 

For the pavinge the Gaitt xij 

For mending the wicket iij iiij 

For iij lodes of Gravell ij vj 

Sm* Ixxviij*. 

Edmond Tillney M' of the Revells demandeth for his The M*^ of 
Bourd Wages T: his ordenary Allowaunces of Fuell ^ *^® Revells. 
Lightf for the servis of the Offic T; for his own Lodginge 
as hathe bin heartofore allowed as allso for his gren- 
clothe and money disbursed otherwise by him sence the 
last years accompt 


The M' of y« Edmond Tillney M' of the Revells demandeth for his 
Reveils owne Attendaunce % for 4 men from y* last of October 

1604 untill Ashwedensday next following as well for the 
Rehersalls ^ making choyse of playes T: showes T; re- 
formyng of them : As allso for his other attendaunces for 
M askes '\ Devises w*** wear presented before the king T; 
Queens Ma^* by the space of 104 dayes T; xvij*^ nightf 
together w*** iij dayes att Triumphe att Tilt amountinge 
in all to 124 dayes and nights himselfe att iiij*. ^ his 4 
men att xij*. apece per Diem ^ as mouch by night : And 
allso for the wages of himselfe 1, his iiij men att the 
same rayt attendinge xx^® dayes in the Somer time 
aboute y« Ay ringf and repay ringe of the Robes Garmentf 
% Stafes w*Hn the ofEce cumeth to Ivij", xij«. 

Layde out by the M' to the Prive Seall % Officers of 
the Recept att 2 severall times iiij". x*. 

Layde out for ordenary AUowaunce of fuell for y* 
M" lodging to be used att rehersalls ^ the ayring of the 
Robes 1 Stufes in y« Offic vij". x». 

Layde out for Chandry ware for Tortches and Lightf 
used att Rehersalls 1 for y« M' lodings iij". x". 

Layd out for Boothier ^ other chardges att divers times 
beinge sent for to y« Court for y® servis of y* Offic xxx", 

Dewe unto y« M' for his ordenary AUowaunce for his 
Grenclothe and standishe iij". 

To be payed unto the Auditor of the Imprest for his 
Travell % paines of himselfe Ht his Clarkf in taking of 
the Accoumpt and for the Ingrosing of it into partchment 
and declaring the same accompt before y* LordThresorer 
1 Chancelor of the Excheker as in fourmer Accomptf 
hath bin allowed v". 

Sm» iiij ij". xij«. 


Erlmond Pagenham Clark Coptroler of his Mat*» Re- The Clerk 
vellf demandeth Allowaunce for Board wages for his diet Comptroller 
as bathe bin accustomed in former times for his atten- 
daunce T: thoes other w«^ he imployeth in the ordenary 
servis of the Kings Ma^® att Hallomas, Christmas, Can- 
delmas ^ Shrovtide : As allso uppon other times of seve- 
rall servesses And allso for the Ayringf of the Robes, 
Garments T; Stufes w*'* remayneth in y« Office w^^'in the 
whole yeare cumeth xiij". vj». viij*. 

William Honyng : Clark of the Revells demandeth Clark of the 
the like Allowaunce for his Attendaunce for his Bourd- 1^®^®^^®- 
wages T: other Charges as bathe bin accustomed during 
y« time aflPoresayd* xiij". vj». viij**. 

Furdermore be demandeth as he is Clark of the Re- 
vellf for a Grenclothe deske paper T: Incke to take y« 
Billes And to make up the Bookes for y« Auditor And y« 
ledger booke for y« Offic iij". vj". viij». 

Edward Kirkham Yeoman of the Revellf demandeth Yeoman of 
allso the leke Allowaunce for his Board wages T: Atten- the Revells. 
daunces duringe the sayd servisses as bathe bin allowed 

xnj". vj». viip. 

Moreover be demandethe for things layd out for Thred, 

Tape, And Workmanship of shoes garments w<^^ weare 

sent to Oxford att the kingf Mat*«« being ther xx». 

Sum to'tal of the Emptions pvitions, Carreinges 

Wages T; Attendaunces of this yeare An® 

1605 clxxv^i. v». ij**. 

Ed: Tyllney W^. Honyng 

Ed: Pakenham Edward KirkJuim 



The Booke of the Reuells 

Ending the last day of October 
An« Dom : 1612. 

The Chardges of those times viz Betwene the last of 
October 1611 Ann® Reg Regis Jacobij Nono untill the 
first of Novembar 1612 As welby by meanes of the at- 
tendingf makinge choyse pusing and reforminge of 
Playes T; Inventions, as was presented and set forthe be- 
fore y« Kingf Ma^® in times aflTorsayd : As allso for work- 
mens wages. The Officers Bord wages, wares, workman- 
ship, carredges, and other Expences therto belonging: 
As Fuel and Chandrieware for the Master, T; for the 
Office, for Rehersallf and Ayring of Stufe and Garment^ 
w*^ such leike ordenarie AUowaunces as hathe bin ac- 
coustomed heartofore allowed. The pticuler whearof 
with the parties names to whome, T; wherfore y® same is 
dewe unto hearafter foloweth. 

The Names of the Playes and by what Cumpaney 
played them hearafter followethe ; As allso what Maskes 
and Triumphes att the Tilte were presented before the 
Kingf Ma**« in this year 1612. 

By the Kings Hallomas nyght was presented att Whithall before y* 
Players : Kingf Ma**« a play called the Tempest. 

The Kings The 5*^ of Nouember ; A play called y« winters nightf 

players : Tayle. 


On S* Stiuenes night A play called A King T; no King The Kings 
1 Ruing at y* Ring. P^^X^" • 

S^ John night A play called the City Gallant The Queens 

players : 

The Sunday followinge A play called the Almanak - The Princes 


On Neweres night A play called the Twines Tragedie The Kings 
and Ruing att the Ring P^^y^"- 

The Sunday following A play called Cupids Reueug The Chil- 

dem of 

Twelfe night The princes Mask performed by Gentel- This day 

men of his High — ^e King and 

Prince w*** 
diuer of his 
did run att 
y* Ring for a 
The Sunday followinge att Grinwidg before the Queen gy the 

and the Prince was playd the Siluer Aiedg: and y« Queens 
next night following Lucrecia. the^Kin^ 

Candelmas night A play called Tu Coque« By the 

Shroue Sunday : A play called The Noblman. By the 


Shroue Munday : A play called Himens Haliday By the 

Duck of 

Shroue Teuesday A play called the proud Mayds By the 

Tragedie Ladye Eli- 

On the 24* day of Marche beioge the Kings Ma*« 

day of his Entrie to the Croune of England was per- 
formed at y« Tilt A Triumphe 

p 2 


A Noat of what stufe w^ workmanshipe hath bine be- 
stowed one the Branches for the Kingf Ma**" Servis this 
yeare beginning the v*^ of November 1611 : by Richard 
Wier- Franckellen and Robert Wright w*'* other Sarvants in 

drawers BiU ^yhithall and the Bancketting house as followeth : 
For our selues 6 dayes apece in mending the 
Branches ^ garnishing them att xx^. the 

U. s. d. 

day apece 1 

Ite. 6 men 6 dayes 1; one night apece in mend* 

ing and gameshing the Branches att 18^. 

the day T; as mouch by night apece 8 8 

Ite 6 men on S* Stiuens day ^ night attending 

the Sarvis apece at 18**. the day T; as mouch 

by night 18 

Ite our selues one S* Johns day and night att 

xx<*. apece aday and as mouche by night... 6 

Workman- I^ one S* Johns day for 4 men day and y« 

ship and At- night att 8-. a pece 12 

Ite for our selues one Sunday following'attend- 

ing the Sarvis for the day T: night att 8*. 4**. 

a pece 6 8 

For 4 men the same day and night att 3'. the 

pece 12 

Ite our selues 5 dayes ^ one night apece in 

mending y« Branches aganiest newers day 

T; attending the Sarvis att 1». 8^. apece ... 1 
Ite 4 men 5 days 1 night apece in mending 

the Branches and attending att 18'*. the day 

T; 18<*. y« night apece 1 16 

Ite 6 men on Twelfth day and night att 3". 

y« day T; night apece 18 

Ite our selues on Candelmas day T: y* night 

att 3». 4<*. apece 6 8 

For 4 men the same day T: night att 3*. the 

pece 12 


U. I. d. 

lie 6 men for mending and garnishing the 
Branches against Shrousunday for 3 dayes 
apece att 18". aday apece •.,. 1 7 

For 6 men on Shrovtewsday for y« day T; night 

att3». y«pece 18 

Ite our selues on Ashwensday to take doune y^ 

Branches 8 4 

Ite 4 men the same day to take doune y^ 

Branches at 18*^. y* pece 6 

14 5 4 

For Twelue newe Branches maied of doble 

whit plat of the largest sort at xl'. the 

pece • 24 

For 8 great newe wier Rodf for hanging up 

the Branches att x". the Rod 4 

Ite 88^** of great wier to mend the ould wier 

Rodf and hanging the Branches att xij<^. the 

pound 1 18 

Ite !&*» of Small wier for y« Branches att 

xvj**, y« pound 114 

Ite 20i»» of Assidew cut into Tassells T; Fringe 

for the Branches att 3". 6^. the pound 3 10 

Ite 8^^ of Assidew cut very small for the 

Branches and pendants att v'. the pound. . . 2 
Ite for 9 doson of Staypells to strayne the Wierditiers 

wiers for the hanging up the Branches att ^^^^ ^^ 

ij"- y* dousen 18 

For 80 sliding pipes for the wiers att vj*^. y« 

pece 15 

For 10 dos of dobell playtf att vj the dosoun 8 
For 6 dos of pendantf for the Braunches in y* 

Bancketing house T; the hall att vj". y« dose 1 16 
Item 8 new puUyes for the Branches at iiij**, 

y * pece 2 8 



Ite 6 dos of Candellplatf at 8». y* doe 18 

lie for viij^ of Soder to mend the Branches 

at8<> 6 4 

Ite 6 dos of kandelstickf att ij«. the dos 12 

Ite 4 dos of lardg pastbordf to save the Col- 

loumes in the Bancketinghouse att S*. the 

dos 12 

It earring the Branches by watter ^ by land 

to Whithall and to the Bancketting house 10 

46 10 4 

Stiuen Bayle, In place of Grome T; Purvior for the 
OfHc of the Revellf demandethe Allouance for divers 
thingf by him disbursed % for his Attendaunc of his 
Servis as followethe 

li. 8. d. 

The Gromes Imprimis for Cariadg of Chayres Tabell *t 

^^ Stooles from the Offic to Whithall 1 6 

For to Great pannes to make fier 2 

For 4 Earthen pottf 1 6 Erthen Candelstikf 

for y« players.-., 1 9 

For Ivy Bayes T; Nayles Imployed att Seve- 

rall times 2 3 

For a Musik house dore in the hall 1; a doore 

for the Musik house in the Bancketing house 

w"» lockf 10 

For my boat hier imployed divers times T; car- 

reing backe y® Stufe 6 6 

Allso he demandeth as he hathe bin allowed 

for his Attendaunce and his Sarvis during 

the hoU years Sarvis in the Offic 6 19 4 

7 17 4 

The Yeo- A. Note of Charges layd out by the yeoman of his 

mans bill. Ma}^ Revellf viz. 


For a Cradell of Iron for his Ma**» Servis att ** 
. y® Court att sutch times as playes ar per- 
formed before his Ma*^« 3 10 

For a Courten of damep of 15 yardf att ij». 
y« yard T; a Curten Rod 2 

For a Tabell, 2 Formes, 1 4 Stooles for y« Re- 

hersalls att y« Offic 1 10 

For Andioms Tonges T; fier Shouell for y« 

Tiering Chamber 12 

For a Courten of Ta£^tie for the Musikhouse 

att y« Court 2 12 

For Thred, Cord, packthred. Brushes, lantern 
T; Boothier 1 

For A paynted Clothe T; Worke to the Mu- 
sike house and a property used att the 
Court 1 10 

12 4 

The Bill of the M' of the Reuells from 1611 1 1612. 

S' George Buc, knight M' of the Kingf Ma*«" Revellf 
demandeth Allowance for him selfe T; his 4 men from 
AUhollen Eve 161 1 untill T; for Ashwednesday follow- 
ing being the space of 118 days and for 20 nightf as 
allso for 14 dayes for his Attendances uppon the Run- 
ning att the Ring and att the Triumph in March and 
for 20 dayes in the Sumer for Ayring the Stufe and 
other sarvices w^^ cometh to (at viij". p die T; totidem 
pnoct 69". 4". 

Ite the M' demaudethe Allowance as hath bin accus- 
tomed for Fewell as well for his own lodging as for y« 
Ayringf of the stufe T; for y® Rehersallf of y« playes 8". 

Ite the sayd M' asketh for AUowaunce for Lightf , 
Torches and Chandrey War for the Sarvis aboue sayd as 
hathe ben accustomed 3". 


Ite the M' deraandeth Allowance for a grenclotli for 
a Standish paper 1 Inck as hath bin allowed S". 6". 8<^. 

He demandeth Allowance for Botehier ^ other charges 
of Attendance att Grenwich during the Abode of the 
Duke of Bulion ^ other Imbassadors in y« Sumer 

Ite the sayd M' asketh allowance of 5^^ for y* Auditor 
of the Imprest 5*^. 

Layd out by the sayd M' unto the Clarkf of his Ma**«" 
priue Seal l Signet for his Ma«» Warrant l^*. 18». 4^. 

Ite to M' Bingley for his Certificat 1 to his Ciark 1". 

Ite to M' Bingley for the Order 2»*. 

Ite to his Clarke !{)•. 

Ite to M' Warder for Entring the Orderf 10». 

Ite to S' Willfh Bowier for y« Recept of y* Money % to 
his Clarke 16". 

Ite the sayd M' d^mandethe Allowance for rent of 
his house w*^* the Auditors hathe warrant for 80". 

124". 8-. 4d. 

Allexander Stafford Clark comptroler of his Ma^ 
Revell^ demandeth Allowance for his Bordwages ^ diet 
as hath accustomed and his Attendance ^ those \9^^ he 
imployed in y« ordinarie Sarvis of the Kingf Ma**® from 
Hallomas untill Ashwednesday as allso for other extra- 
ordinarie attendances att y« Tilting % Shoes and for y« 
Ayringf of the Stufe T; garment^ in the Offic w**in this 
years imployment cumes to xiij". yj". viij''. 

William Honyng Clark of his Ma**» Revellf deraandeth 
Allowance for his Bordwages 1; for his Attendance w^ 
those w*^^ he imployed in y« ordinarie sarvis of his Ma*** 
from Hallomas till Ashwednesday T; other Servises w*^in 
the years attendance xiij". vj". viij**. 

Allso he demandeth as he is Clark of y* Revellf for a 


grencloth paper ynke T; other thingf therto belonging 
as his predessessors had before him to make y* Billf 
T: Bookf for y« Auditor T; a Ledger booke iij". vj". viij**. 
Willm Honyng Clark of y* Revellf demandethe in 
this Accoumpt for A Rent of his house of xv". a year 
w*** he was dispossessed of in S* Johns w<=^ the Auditors 
hath warrant fro the Lord Threseror T; the Chancellor of 
y^ Excheker to allowe of xv". 

Edward Kirkham yeoman of his Ma*«* Revellf de- 
mandeth the leeke allowance for his Bordwages % other 
Attendances of playes and Mask^ Tilting T; Ayring of 
the Stufe as is allowed unto y^ former officers aboue 
cumethe unto xiij". vj". viij^. 

AUso Edward Kirkham yeoman of y« Revellf de- 
mandethe Allowance of a Rent for his house of xv". by 
year to be passed in the years Accoumpt w*^** ther is 
warrant from y® lord Thresseror and the Chancellor of 
the Excheker to y* Auditors for xv". 

73" 6-. 8d. 

Sm* Total of the hole Chargf of this years Ac- 

coumpte ended the last of Octobar 1612 Truly 

examined amounteth unto cciiij". vii*. 

G. Buc. W^ Honyng 

A. Stafford, Edward Kirkham. 



Thomas Gyles for mony to him due, &c., p, 10.] *' It appears from the 
books of Sir Thomas Heneage, Treasurer of the Chamber to Queen Eliza- 
beth from 1 Nov., 1586 to 1 Nov., 1587> that Thomas Gyles was master of 
the children of St. Pa ul's School at that time." (Malone Shak, by Boswell, 
iii. 36d.) '' This supposition is probably mistaken. Thomas Gyles (or, as 
he spells his own name, Gylles) was a person whose trade it was to let out 
apparel for public and private entertainments ; and in the very year of which 
we are now speaking, 1571, he made a complaint in writing to Sir William 
Cecill (among whose papers it is found), that the Yeoman of the Queen's 
Revels injured his business and the Queens dresses by improperly, and for 
hire, allowing them to be taken out of the office in order to be worn at mar- 
riages, banquets, &c., in town and country." (Collier's Annals, i., 198). 

Narcissus showen on Twelfe day, p. 13.] " A play with this name is men- 
tioned by Hey wood in his * Apology.* " (Shak, Reprint, p. 56.) ** Art thou 
proud our scene presents thee with the fall of Phaeton ; Narcissus pining 
in the love of his shadow," &c. 

Heads of heare drest and tymmed, p. 18] Let me mention here once 
for all that, in the printing of these accounts, the original books have been 
followed to the very letter. Errors, such as tymmed for trymmed correct 
themselves, while they shew tlie general inaccuracy of the clerk-comptroller 
and his clerk. 

iij pair of Buskins for AUphonse, p. 22] s. e, for Alphonso Ferrabosco. 

Petrucio for his travell, &c., p. 23.] That is, I presume, Petruccio Ubal- 
dino, a Florentine, who was in the receipt of a yearly fee from Queen Eliza- 
beth of forty marks, as I learn from the accounts of the Treasurer of the 
Chamber. See also p. 140. 

The Banketting Howse made at White Hall for Thentertaynement of the 
seide Duke, p. 26] The Duke de Montmorency, Paule de Foix, and Ber- 
trand de Saligners arrived in this country as ambassadors " about the ninth 
of June, 1572." In Nicholl's Progresses mention is made " of a place " 
for the duke's entertainment, '' all breaded and deckt with flowers of the 
forrests, and also covered with canvas on the head.*' 

«22 NOTES. 

William Hunnys for Rozes, p. 2^] This is not the poet^ I believe, but 
another William Hunnys, who was ** Supervizor and Keper of the greate 
gardens and orchardes at Greenwich/' and whose name occurs very fre- 
quently in the accounts of the Treasurer of the Chamber. *^ A Hive full 
of Honey/' and " A Handfull of Honeysuckles" (the titles of two of Hunnys' 
works) seem to savour, however, not a little of the gardens at Greenwich. 
For Mukesters playe, p. 34.] t. e. Richard Mulcaster, the master of 
Merchant Tailors' School, and the author of '' Positions concerning the 
training up of Children." 4to. 1581. 

A tree of holly for the Dutton's play, p. 34.] '' Dutton was at the head of 
Lord Warwick's servants." (Collier's Annals, vol. i., p. 235.) 

A desk for farrants playe, p. 35.] Richard Ferrant, master of the chil- 
dren of Windsor. 

For Eldertons play, p. 42.] William Elderton, the ballad-maker, Delo- 
ney's predecessor. He was dead in 1592. 

Percius and Anthomiris, p. 68.] " Malone conjectured that this was an 
ignorant blunder of the person making out the accounts for Andromeda, 
and no doubt he was right." (Collier's Annalt ef the Stage, vol. i., p. 209.) 
See p. 35 and 42. 

The hall at Hampton Coorte, p. 70.] The hall now called Cardinal Wol- 
sey's Hall, but built by Henry VIII. after the death of the great cardinal. 
The History of Phedrastus and Phigon and Lucia together, p. 87-] " This 
is most likely the same piece that, in the account of the Revels of the pre- 
ceding year, we have seen named P[r]edor and Lucia, p. 51 ; perhaps neither 
was the correct title of the play." (Collier's Annals, voL i., p. 235.) 

Wheare my L. of Leicesters men showed theier matter of panecia, p. 87.] 
Query Philemon and Philecia, played at Hampton Court on Shrove Mun- 
daye night by the Erie of Leicester's men. See p. 68. 

To John Rosse for Long boordes for the stere of a clowde, p. 90J This bill 
of the property-maker is of the utmost importance in the history of our stage. 
I may mention here what 1 have never seen mentioned before, that the first 
local scene known to have been brought upon the stage in public or at court, 
was produced on the performance of Carew's masque, '' CoBlum Britamni- 
eum, at court, on the 18th Feb,, 1633. " In the lower part," he says, " was 
seen afarre off the prospect of Windsor Castell, the famous seat of the most 
Honourable Order of the Garter." "The Curtaine," Carew tells us, 
*' was watchet and a pale yellow in paines which flying up on the sudden, 
discovered the scene. " Among the Lansdowne MSS. (No. 1171) are 
few ground-plots, or profiles of scenes, by Inigo Jones, for the production 
of masques at the Masquing House at Whitehall. The first is a '* Pro- 
fyle of y^ scene when the scene doth wholly change as well on the sides, as 
at y' backe shutters, and when the side peices are made to change by run- 

NOTES. S523 

ning in groves." Pieces of clouds were made to come down^from the roof 
before the upper part of the side shutters ; clouds at the sides and clouds 
above were produced to make one sole heaven ; and an engine, with a 
capstan, placed under the stage to assist the deities in ascending and de- 
scending. The second is a '' Grouudplot of a scene where the side pieces 
of the scene do altogether change with the back shutters." These changes 
were four several times, and each change would appear to have run in a 
distinct groove. In other plans are booses for the nobility, and in one the 
situation of the music room is clear enough ; viz. at the side of the stage. 

Sabastians playe, p. 95.] That is, Sebastian Westcott, master of the 
children of Paul's. 

The historic of Error, p. 102.] *' We have distinct evidence of the existence 
of an old play called ' The Historic of Error,* which was acted at Hamp- 
ton Court on New Year's days, 1576-7. The same play, in all probability, 
was repeated at Windsor on Twelfth-Night, 1582-3, though, in the ac- 
counts of the master of the Revels, it is called " The Historie of Ferrar." 
(Collier's Shak,, vol. ii., p. 109.) 

The historye of the Cenofalls, p. 102.] The Cynocephali were a nation 
of India having the head of a dog. See Pliny, and Bulwer's ArtificicUl 
Changlingy p. 17. — Boswell. At p. 110, a payment occurs of ijs. to 
" The Mowldeman for a houndes heade mowlded for a CenofeU." 

The Historye of Titus and Gisippus, p. 114.] There were two stories 
of this " figure of perfect friendship" in verse before the play acted by the 
children of Paul's, one by William Walter, the other by Edward Lewicke. 
Mr. Collier conjectured that the play before us '' was perhaps con- 
structed of these materials," but has he not overlooked the fact that 
there was an old acted play of Titus and Gisippus, by Ralph Radclifie ? 
See FTarton's History, by Price, vol. iii., p. 213. 

A Comodie or Morrall devised on a Game of the Cards, p. 176.] " Then 
for comedies, to speake of a London comedie, how much good matter, yea 
and matter of state, is there in that Comedie cald the play of the Cards? 
in which it is showed, how foure Parasiticall knaues robbe the foure prin- 
cipall vocations of the Real me, videL the vocation of Souldiers, Schollers, 
Marchants, and Husbandmen. Of which Comedie I cannot forget the say- 
ing of a notable wise counsellor that is now dead (Sir Fraunces Walsing- 
hame*), who when some (to sing Placebo) aduised that it should be for- 
bidden, because it was somewhat too plaine, and indeed as the old saying 
is (sooth boord is no boord), yet he would haue it allowed, adding; it was 
fit that They which doe thai they should not, should heare that they would 
not" — A Brief Apologie of Poetrie by Sir John Harrington 1591. 

• Sir Francis died in April, 1590. 

824 NOTES. 

A Historie of Loue and Fortune^ p. 176.] Perhaps ^ The Rare Tri- 
umphs of Love and Fortune, Plaide before the Qiieenes most excellent 
Majestie 4^ 1589,*' a copy of which, believed to be unique, is among the 
treasures of the Bridgewater library. (See Collier's AnnaU, vol. i., p. 248, 
and vol. iii., p. 44.) 

A Historie of Ferrar, p. 177-] Probably an interlude, written by George 
Ferrers. See Warton's Hist, of Poetry, vol. iii., p. 212, and p. 293.— 
Bo8WCLL,iii., 406. '' Boswell not very happily conjectured that this ' His- 
torie of Ferrar' was some piece, by George Ferrers, as if it had been named 
after its author, who had been dead some years : the fact, no doubt, is, that 
the clerk who prepared the account merely wrote the title by his ear."*- 
(Collier's Shak., vol. ii., p. 109.) 

A Historie of Ariodante and Geneuora, p. 177*] " Nobody has observed 
upon the important fact, in connection with < Much Ado about Nothing,* 
that a ' History of Ariodante and Geneuora" was .played before Queen 
Elizabeth, by ' Mulcaster's children,' in 1582-3. How far Shakespeare 
might be indebted to this production we cannot at all determine ; but it is 
certain that the serious incidents he employed in his comedy had, at an 
early date, formed the subject of a dramatic representation." — (Collier's 
Shak,, vol. ii., p. 185.) 

Beinge sente for to the Courte by Letter from Mr Secretary, p. 187] Sir 
Francis Walsingham. *' Who hath not heard of Sir FraUcis Walsingbatn, 
an eminent Councellour in Queen Elizabeth's Time, famous for his wisdom 
in matters of State, and more for his piety in advancing the Grospel ? yet 
this was the man, that procured the Queen to entertain Players for her 
Servants ; and to give them Wages, as in a just vocation. And would he 
ever have done this, being so religious a man, if he had thought plays to be ' 
prophane ; being so great a statesman, if inconvenient to the state ? And now, 
methinks, I have said enough in defence of plays." — Theatrum Redivimim, 
or the Theatre Vindicated, 8fc., by Sir Richard Baker. 12mo. 1662. 

The Moor of Venis, p. 203.] Othello. We owe to Mr. Collier the dis- 
covery of an earlier notice of its performance than this. 

Mesur for Mesur, p. 204] " Malone conjectured, from certain allusions,, 
that ' Measure for Measure ' was written in 1603 ; and, if we suppose it to 
have been selected for performance at court on 26th Dec, 1604, on account 
of its popularity at the theatre after its production, his supposition will re- 
ceive some confirmation .... We may arrive pretty safely at the conclu- 
sion that * Measure for Measure' was written either at the close of 1603, or 
in the begiuning of 1604." — (Collier's Shak., vol. ii., p. 5.) The mention 
in the text is the firi^t, as ^et found, of Shakespeare's ** Measure for 

The Plaie of Errors, p. 204.] As ^ The Comedy of Errors" is in Meres* 


■} <*v|iqt j Slialtespeare'8 PInys, this notice of its perrormance at court is of no 
■ £'fiiirlfi«r use than to confute Malone's assertion that this comedy wan not 
''v^reviv^d after the acuessioa uf the Scottish mooarcb. It was not only re- 
TviTa^but revived, moreover, at court. 

;- rijw to larne of a woman to wooe, p. 204] Of this play, by Thomas 
$--'^yt Heytf Dod, we know nothing beyond this casual notice of ils perfonnaoee at 
1-t <ibut:t. Haynood was the most prolific playwright of his age. 
'-'V ' ^e Qiieeos Ma*** Maske of Moures, p. 204.] Jonsoa's first masque at 
~': Whtehallwas the masque of Blackness. The queen, it appears, gave 
',4 Toil^n Ilia order to make a masque of Moors, and the poet brought the 
' Nij^JU'.' o( Ptolemy and Solinus into his invention. The short account of 
, > the^sque by the clerk of llie Revels offers a curious contrast to Jonstn's 
' 't onrw'delightful description. 

mafry one in his Uroor, p. 304.] 
■ ,i;~. This Comoedie was first 

5 V"',, Acted,in the yeere 

■;. ' ''-., 1598. 

By the then L. Chamberlayne 
his Seruants. 
The principall Comeediai 

Ric. Bvrbnd^ 
I oh. Hemings 
Tho. Pope 
Chr. Beeston 
loh. Dvke. 

;.- .. Will Shakespear 

i;:; Avg. Philips. 

I ■.'/ .'', Hen, Condel 

p;.: WilLSlye 

'.":"** ■ -■ Wiil-Kempe 

■' • i With the allowance of the Master of BevelU. 

- „,i - Ejiery on out of his Umot p. 204.] 

■..^■'; ' •: This Coraicall Satyre was erst 

I ' . . .• ' acted in the yeere 

;,.■ j *,: 1599. 

y./ ( . . . - By the then Lord Chamberlaine 

i-T- I' , ■- ■ ~ . his Seruants. 

;iy^. The principall Comoedians were, 

_i\i.t' ■ Bic. Bvrbage I lob. Hemings 

~J*i*'l* '■"'■ Avg. Philips Hen. Condel. 

v'^ .' Wil. Sly I Tho. Pope 

•■. ■ With the allowance of the Master of Revels. 

S^V; .. . The Tempest, p. 210.] " Hallowmas nyght 1611" was the IstofNovem- 

:•}■-■ ' b^, 1611 i and as it was the custom of the age not to produce a play at 

J-. 'cQurt, " for his Ma" Regal disport and recreation," before it had been 

- dtadped with public approbation on a public stage, " The Tempest" was 

-.:■-■ "■ « 

226 NOTES. 


. 'V 


m all likelihood first produced at the Globe, in the summer of 1611. If this • •* 
is correct, what becomes of Mr. Hunter's position^ maintained with so much '* 
ingenuity and learning, that "The Tempest" of 1611 was the " Loves. v 

Labours Won," mentioned as Shakespeare*s by Meres, in 1598. Every* j^ 
fresh discovery of a fact about Shakespeare's plays proves that be was - • 1; 
distinguished earlier, and retired earlier, than his commentators and bio- •.• 
graphers have been hitherto willing to allow. 

The Winters Nights Tayle, p. 210.] On the 19th of August, 16^, Sir 
Henry Herbert allowed afresh, without a fee, " An olde playe called Win- 
ter's Tale, formerly allowed of by Sir Greorge Bucke, and likewyse bymee •" 
on Mr. Hemmings his worde that there was nothing profane added or re- ' '*•' 
formed, though the allowed booke was missinge." — Malone*sShak. by Bos. ■ :• 
iii., 229. Now, as Tylney, Buc's predecessor in oflSce, died in October, • 'Pj 
1610, '^ The Winter's Tale " must, without question, be assigned td some -« 


period subsequent to the date of Tylney's death. Dr. Forman, by Mr. Col- ' ' 

lier's shewing, saw " The Winter's Tale" played at the Globe, on the 16th *.' 

May, 1611 ; and we now know that it was played at court on the 5th No- ' * ] 
vember, 1611. • ^* 

A play called Cupids Reueng, p. 211.] By Beaumont and Fletcher, and | . Tj^' 
hitherto said to have been first acted in 1613. 

The City Gallant.— Tu Coque, p. 211.] " Greene's Tu 
Cittie Gallant, As it hath beene divers times acted by the 
jesties Servants, Written by Jo. Cooke, Gent." 4to. 1614 
in a note in his edition of " Dodsley's Old Plays," threw out a conjecture •■ . 
that this play, when originally produced, had some other title, until the ex- 'V : 
cellence of Green's performance, and his mode of delivering Tu Quoque, . 
gave it his name. '* It could scarcely be brought out," he adds, " in the ' 
first instance, under the appellation of * Green's Tu Quoque,' before it was i 
known how it would succeed, and how his acting would tell in the {tert of 
Bubble." That •' Tu Quoque " was first known as '' The City Gs4>ant," 
this account of Buc's proves beyond question. 

The Siluer Aiedg : and y® next night following Lucrecia, p. 21 L] '* The 
Silver Age" is by Thomas Heywood, who was also author of a play called - 
" The Rape of Lucrece," of which Mr. Collier mentions an edition in 1 608. . 

Himens Haliday, p. 211.] " Hymen's Holiday^^ or Cupid's Vagaries," t 
" an old play of Rowley's," was acted before the king and queen, on the '• 
16th December, 1633, and '♦ liked^" as Sir Henry Herbert tells us. 

The proud Mayds Tragedie, p. 211.] See Introduction, p. xl. 





Lady Barbara 


. 13 


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Aiax and (Jlisses . 

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CloridoD and Radiamanta 

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The Play of Cariclia* . 

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Play of Fortune . . 

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Timoclia at the Sege of Thebes 

by Alexander . . .62 
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The Historye of Titus & Gisip- 

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The play of Cutwell . . 120 
An Inventyon or playe of the 

three Systers of Mantua . 125 
An history of the Crewel tie of a 

Stepmother . . . ib. 

A Morrall of the marryage of 

Mynde and Measure . . ib. 
A Pastorell or historie of a 

Greeke Maide . . . ib. 
The historie of the Rape of the 

second Helene . . . ib. 
A Maske of Amasones & a 

Maske of Knights A Doble 

Maske . • ib., 135 

The history of the Knight in the 

Burn vug Rock , .142 

The historye of Loyaltie and 

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The history of murderousMichael 143 
A History of the Duke of Mil- 

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A History of the foure ^Qnn^9 

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The History of Cipio African . 165 
The history of Portio and De- 

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The History of the Soldau and 

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The History of Serpedon . t6. 

A Comodie called delig)ite . 1 Q7 
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A Comodie or Morrall devised 

on a Game of the Cards . 176 
A Comodie of Bewtie and bus- 

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Theagines & Chariclea. 




A Historie of Love and For- 
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A Maske of Ladies • 177 

A Historie of Ferrar [Error f] . ib, 
A historie of Telomo . ib. 

A Historie of Ariodaute and Ge- 

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An Invention called Fy ve playes 

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An Invention of three playes in 

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How to lame of a Woman to 

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Euery one in his Umor • ib, 

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. Of. 



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